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Accepting that I'm more of a nerd than I thought, one piece of technology at a time.

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@sara_scrimshaw @wedgex @JosephScrimshaw I saw that, too. I love it!I love seeing everyone's view of the sunset in L.A. tonight. Thanks for sharing!My entire yard is glowing. Pretty sunset is pretty! http://t.co/Quu9zf2B9AAmazing sunset in Los Angeles right now! http://t.co/tEPWOr4WKqLOS ANGELES GO LOOK AT THE SUNSET!A 3 hour appointment, 6 shots of Novocain, 3 Advil as a parting gift, and 1 uncomfortable girl means 2 shots of something for dinner.Holy fuck, they weren't kidding when they said "Here, take these 3 Advil. You're gonna need it when the Novocain wears off." #ToothHurty@hollyamos22 @TiffanysTweets Yes please :-)@SiToots Yummy!@bonniegrrl @CNET @wilw OMG RAD!!@TiffanysTweets @wilw He told me he saw you and you asked if I was with him. Not today but let's get together soon!@Suhaila YAY!@paulandstorm @wilw *toot toot*@wilw Whoa, buddy. The kids can hear us. Let's not make it awkward.@wilw Dude. You're totally sexting me on Twitter.My dental appointment was at 12:30 which is 2:30 in the Midwest so I totally win. TOOTH HURTY, CARL!! #fingerpistolsI'm on round two with the endodontist to re-do an old root canal done incorrectly so now there's infection in there to remove. EWWWWW.Getting my roots done. #girlytweet http://t.co/8c3J6aGE31@paulandstorm It was!@sirwheaton @lcbusta GOD SHE'S CUTE.@BadAstronomer @JeriLRyan @tweetsoutloud HEY!@BadAstronomer @JeriLRyan @tweetsoutloud Are you implying that I'm chatty, Phil?@paulandstorm That pumpkin tells a different story, my friend.@BigChris77 @JeriLRyan HAHA!Halloween #throwbackthursday when I carved a pumpkin to look like Alfred Hitchcock & @wilw STILL managed to photobomb http://t.co/OGn8MK6PJ5Halloween #throwbackthursday to the time I put a spooky decoration in an unlikely place to scare @wilw. http://t.co/ehMceNONWcHalloween #throwbackthursday to the time I made pumpkins to look like @paulandstorm. http://t.co/mBeZHxBT4KIt's Halloween #throwbackthursday! I once carved pumpkins to look like Charlie Brown. http://t.co/7Yf1uiO4V9This is awesome. http://t.co/xxVhHCynQ6
@RedPenOfDoom @TheBloggess @Veronica Andrew, a crafty girl can do amazing things in a pinch. I'm a wiz with safety pins AND bobby pins.@TheBloggess @Veronica Funny. I would have hot glue gunned that thing but hey, a staple gun works in a pinch.Oh my god, COOL and EW. “@doctorow: Knit brain hats http://t.co/PkNATRRprD http://t.co/pVMpeaWttj@PodStalker YAY!!@mikeyface SO GOOD.@AnikoTevvit I just do the best I can in the time frame that's manageable for me and anyone that helps me. :-)You should probably know that @mikeyface's secret chili recipe paired w/ Trader Joe's pumpkin cornbread is HOLY BALLS SO AMAZING EAT IT ALL.@AnikoTevvit It's so much work to package them up and ship them that it's too much to do for several months. :-)@CSSRMolly PERFECT.@Suhaila Nope! I saw yours in the pile that went out yesterday. Thanks for your support!@ChocoBetty I don't remember exactly but I saw it a few times on labels. YAY!The calendars aren't available anymore. I did the fundraiser for the whole month of September only. 😀It's pretty cool to know a thing I made is being delivered all over the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K., Germany and Hong Kong. Yay, pets!I can only fit a few hundred packaged up calendars at a time in my car so two more trips this week and they'll all be on their way!The post office may have been unhelpful to me in sending off my rescue pet calendars, but apparently they're delivering them quickly. Yay!@dragonkellman YAY!!Manufacturers really missed the opportunity to call them "tampoons." Jesus, people. GET IT TOGETHER. #genius@WilWheatons_Cat @MarloweWheaton Sshh...you'll give away her secret identity...@peculiarlyRene So cute. :-)@NathanFillion Looks like some one got [sunglasses] burned. #YEEEAAAAAHHHI LOVE THIS. "@JeriLRyan: Ha! ;-) http://t.co/enKzvZXFkL /via @cdoak75Seamus was so excited to go for a ride but judging by his face, he somehow knew it was to go to the vet. Poor guy!@okvalleygyrl SO much easier. :-)Are you going for a ride? I LIKE RIDES. http://t.co/Tsuzz3Iph6@JeriLRyan DOH! Well, now I know why it was so quiet around here. ;-)YAY!! BLOG: "With This Ring..." http://t.co/wHT5heoZMc@LunaWheaton @LenPeralta Riley is the blonde, silly. You've got the top hat on and the sinister look between Seamus and Marlowe.@SupportBones @LenPeralta @wilw Wil wanted to name Seamus Batman but I didn't want to so he insisted Seamus be Batman in Len's drawing. :-)@LenPeralta Happy birthday, Len. :-)For @LenPeralta's birthday today, all he wants is to commission art for you! Makes a great holiday gift! http://t.co/B1lbDlOUX1
Still laughing.@nsheather It was very hard work but he loves it so it's worth it. Anything worth doing well is hard work.@lartist Wil played games 12 hours a day for weeks before and during TableTop filming and then played games in his down time, so.....Listening to Wil watch an edited episode of the new season of TableTop makes me really happy. All that hard work but so much fun for him.@BackpackingDad I am not one for compliments. Makes me SUPER uncomfortable so I deleted what people thought was me wanting compliments. NOPEDelete delete deleteDon't compliment. I was being silly. Now it's awkward.@stupid_idea Poor guy!@cavaticat *burp*Search that led someone to my blog: "sexy married housewife online dot com" That. Is. Awesome.@cavaticat Oh, yes he will. Basically, it's replaying like a vine video in my head which is the reason I keep laughing about it.He can tell you what it is. It's too glorious to tell on my own.An hour after the fact and I am STILL laughing at the most hysterical thing I think Wil has done in the almost 19 years I've known him.DAMMIT. These exist. http://t.co/Vd5zr3XmZE@NancySauriol Still waiting. :-)Gotta love the guy who checks in, goes out to breakfast, misses hearing his name called but insists on being seen now because he's back. O_oMan to receptionist: "When will we been seen by doctor?" R: "We called your name but you weren't here." M: "Oh, we went out to breakfast."@Kiltmancomics Rawr!@joshacagan It DOES exist! HA!My thoughts as I climbed into our attic "I do NOT want to hit my head so I'm going to stand up and look where I'm g" *hits head* FUUUUUU....GREAT idea! RT @DrJaneChi: I LOVE this. We Borrowed A Shelter Dog To Go Hiking. You Can -- And Totally Should -- Too http://t.co/4QQXtp3tS3"
Retweeted by Anne Witchon@jeffsaporito I don't think many go to my site either. Just writing a thing for the sake of writing it is worth it. :-)@jeffsaporito Oh god that is AWESOME.I hoped this day would come. Today is that day. BLOG: "The Chosen One" http://t.co/w8tdrIkeod@MaraWritesStuff I read that yesterday. Such a great idea!
Buddy hour. http://t.co/S2Cz5Q7pf8@mattprimeau OMG YUM!@lkhiggi It's by far one of my favorite beers that @StoneBrewingCo has made. SO YUMMY.@clockwork_ctr That's sweet of you to offer but they don't want to take media mail because it's too many items. North Hollywood P.O. for me!The PRECIOUSSSSSS.... http://t.co/bICVAZHsZ7All I gotta say is, fuck @CYBERPOWERPC. Worst company I've ever had the misfortune of working with.
Retweeted by Anne WitchonBut you know what? Thanks to your support, our rescue pet calendar raised $27,062 for @PasadenaHumane which makes me beyond happy.So, my son helped me lug a few hundred of them to the post office today and I will get the rest out this week. One. Car load. At. A. Time.But then when I went to schedule a pickup for the hundreds of calendars, http://t.co/qojXp4mQ6k doesn't do pick up of media mail items. BOOOI had to wait until Wil had time to help me, but we figured out the http://t.co/qojXp4mQ6k thing for our rescue pet calendars. Woohoo!Halloween Safety Tips for Pets http://t.co/GKEmgdx6ut http://t.co/QWkufaJ0P3
Retweeted by Anne Witchon@Caribosa Ha! All that stuff in the aisle and you spot my purse. ;-)These are not one size fits all. http://t.co/hNpGO546mV@julie_nard Perfect!*Impatiently spends months trying to grow out bangs only to be frustrated by them one Monday morning and chops them back to original length*@kate_m22 @metalupis That's happened to me twice recently. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE.
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