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@blueredandgold good guy. Gave him a good tip. 👍My waiter had an Apple Watch. He was very proud of it.Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Shiekspale is beautiful https://t.co/oaq9nxbjG0@kjaymiller these exist!?Senate Blocks Patriot Act Extension http://t.co/accosK33gH
Retweeted by Brian S HallI was gonna go to bed, but if @RandPaul keeps objecting to McConnell's motion to extend the PATRIOT Act, I'm gonna need a cold shower first
Retweeted by Brian S HallIt's a slippery slope http://t.co/H184SwVxhq
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Hey @POTUS #ff @Prince3EG http://t.co/DEoIxXX21j
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@haymoose that is great@haymoose he was so great. But was in his prime probably 40 years ago. Old.@haymoose awesome mix tapeGold gold or fakey Chinese gold? https://t.co/ImF7LWwuDEFish and chips for us Americans. Cheers. (@ Watervue Restaurant in Manly, NSW) https://t.co/o3XHKQg6n0
Retweeted by Brian S HallWith actors like Chris Pratt mocking the "perpetually offended" like this, we've changed the culture, #GamerGate. :) http://t.co/FbxprOiG4T
Retweeted by Brian S HallSo glad they caught the skum who killed that family in DC. Gonna lock him up till he rots.Will trade all wearables for socks that don't fall down.@RobTiffany good dinnerSteve Jobs is the new Elon Musk.I was called a rape apologist and a rape denialist. And all I could think was: seems pointless to be both.Snake X-ray http://t.co/iRoKMhqt0I
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@ZacharyJeans haWhat's the long-term strategy behind LinkedIn making their website as ugly and confusing as possible?How the Rise of the International Middle Class Will Drive Our Tech Growth https://t.co/NJoamlQr60Court documents: DC mansion killing suspect did not act alone http://t.co/EqtVebRtGj @PamelaBrownCNN reports #TheLead http://t.co/2UjYSgIIZs
Retweeted by Brian S Hallwoah https://t.co/XtEn0pr8zPI think I've read "now Skype for Business" about 100 times this week. Let's just full stop stop calling it Lync.How do you find out how many photos you have in Mac Photos? (Yes, I realize this seems like it should be simple to know.)This is an official portrait for astronaut Leland Melvin. Also, his handle is @Astro_Flow. I'm in awe. http://t.co/KHWVo94mZO
Retweeted by Brian S HallWhen the hummus is a little bit fizzy, you've got two days to finish it.@africlubguy @YouTube and those outfits! i forgot about that.@africlubguy wish I had seen them at their peak. Big crowds. Their great voices. Amazing horn section.Amazing story. https://t.co/InEst6D5vI@africlubguy such a good song@Akula niceArrival of EK 412 from DBX to SYD. (@ Sydney international Airport ( Sahara Grill )) https://t.co/Lft4HZ2L9O http://t.co/zl2GKAcsIz
Retweeted by Brian S HallI feel like Earth Wind and Fire aren't appreciated enough. They were great.More ma po less tofu, please.ME: So, Clamato isn't an STD? HIM: No, it's reconstituted tomato juice concentrate & clam broth. ME: ... HIM: ... ME: That's not an STD?
Retweeted by Brian S HallYoung Saudis, Bound by Conservative Strictures, Find Freedom on Their Phones, via @nytimes http://t.co/N4OLmaD6La
Retweeted by Brian S HallThree day weekend! http://t.co/ZZqWLdjq1k
Retweeted by Brian S HallMental Ironman Challenge: curating your influences to be diverse/open/pluralistic in the face of persuaders trying to own your whole mind
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@dennisdlambert that's dumbTed Cruz answers gay rights question << omg a politician dropping hard truth. love love love this. http://t.co/pVUmVSpdRI“There’s really only one small thing I would suggest Apple change” http://t.co/qHblebsrjzI am thrilled to join the Samsara team! Industrial sensors as lever for a better, more efficient real world. http://t.co/M70zT9bNJP
Retweeted by Brian S HallAdriana Lima Just Didn’t Feel Like Wearing A Whole Dress Last Night, Okay? [PHOTOS] http://t.co/tD4cQJKuru
Retweeted by Brian S HallDuggar connection to GOP is @Politico top story. Bill Clinton's sex slave island connection is non-story. Democrats sure got it good...
Retweeted by Brian S HallWell, thank goodness the Times is putting the screws to Hillary. https://t.co/Z9GDuwsQin
Retweeted by Brian S HallCalifornia in 2060? https://t.co/8e6Z8YQ2WD@evankirstel lol@evankirstel awesome!@markhachman ah. hadn't seen that. i agree -- seems to be a core thrust for today's microsoft. i also think a big SF presence matters.The difference between Josh Duggar and @LenaDunham is that Duggar didn't write a book bragging about molesting children.
Retweeted by Brian S HallTalking bout can't afford car repairs but look at my new Apple Watch
Retweeted by Brian S HallI still think this happens Microsoft gains massive 'Silicon Valley' area presence Rules the 'productivity' cloud. https://t.co/SBDjnOe6uiI thought that Farhad article was weak but damn he got the VCs panties in a bunch. https://t.co/SbuaMYRaqV"Can Mozilla Halt Firefox’s Slide and Break Up the Mobile Internet Duopoly?" http://t.co/B1wiGwF4Ab
Retweeted by Brian S HallThe Funniest Car Names (The Isuzu Light Dump) http://t.co/JsZtsN0KBW http://t.co/PvYgmHuByY
Retweeted by Brian S Hall"You can't just declare yourself a member of the tribe!" -- Elizabeth Warren https://t.co/5FKIKEny5E
Retweeted by Brian S HallDC Quadruple Murder Suspect Arrested http://t.co/RCVnZwgVab
Retweeted by Brian S HallFeminist Enemy Number One | The Weekly Standard http://t.co/s1E4ccDrFsTheresa May wants TV programs to be scanned beforehand for "extremist content" The UK has called environmentalists, Green MPs "extremists"
Retweeted by Brian S HallNever be afraid to post your work on twitter. Worst case scenario is you suck and everyone hates you.
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@ThornileyJames dang. Probably so.First person born in the 21st century who will never use email?@seetu now I have to. That sounds so good.If you put leftover naan in the toaster after drinking too much you can fool yourself into thinking it's a pop tart.we already have many many nuclear bombs pointed at ourselves. we're fine on the whole wiping out humanity bit. https://t.co/IzBSu7ddUGI don't understand waze http://t.co/PcJoDJNgHZ
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Reviews are broken http://t.co/9ckVy0O5rKThe young lady with the talking horse in that commercial. Yeah. Her. Damn.@ElissaBeth we all are 👿🚶I wanted to mock that lame Farhad column but then saw he's got all the VCs crying and stammering so good for him.Shout out to the top 5 kinds of fevers, dance, cat scratch, Saturday Night, jungle, and for the flavor of a Pringle.
Retweeted by Brian S HallGrown man not knowing the problems of early withdrawal https://t.co/H7oVrbjWWT@ElissaBeth @BBW_BFF lolI need to get these but for Christians. https://t.co/MqVvhF7IomI can save you an email: The answer to the question "Do you want to write a complex, provocative essay for us, for free?" is no! Thanks.
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@DaQuantumFro cept the cloud@AshleyEsqueda thanks@AshleyEsqueda fwiw my story "Love in the Time of Caller ID" is about a guy who uses a crowdsourced smartphone app to contact aliens.@timdehring your headline, not mine ;-)@alex ugh. Portland traffic is like San Francisco traffic only its Portland.Burn Your Dead http://t.co/4NOmLw3s33 My story on driverless cars, screens everywhere, public shaming and life extension.“There’s really only one small thing I would suggest Apple change” http://t.co/qHblebsrjzGov Brown knows its stupid. But, his party gets their campaign money from these massive works projects that kickback https://t.co/z0GzSXuYEw@rkrishnakumar pundits havent7 years into Obama and tiny minds trying to blame George W.The Surface-ication of the iPad continues. Exactly as I predicted. This is a smart move by Apple.One great thing about getting older. I want to do what's right for people and not what makes me feel like I'm a good, caring person.Hillary's one actual job in her very long life was Secretary of State. Take a look at the Middle East following her tenure.Convinced late 80s Genesis was just those three guys saying lets see if America will buy this shit. Epic trolls.Say "Hello World" to the maker boards. My latest @InfoWorld column after a weekend at #makerfaire: http://t.co/OGMNyZVzTh
Retweeted by Brian S HallThe arc of the tech universe is long, but it bends towards commodity/utility
Retweeted by Brian S Hall“There’s really only one small thing I would suggest Apple change” http://t.co/qHblebaQs1I believe in coyotes and time as an abstract...@BadAstronomer I saw a squirrel fall off a phone wire going over the street. He landed on his head and then ran in circles until he died.
Retweeted by Brian S Hallomg mf-ing little kids https://t.co/idGDlqC2I8ICYMI Soldier dies in police custody screaming: I'm choking on my blood http://t.co/yyhkpYaUoM Warning - tough to see http://t.co/L1vONoBS4d
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