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State of the Union @CNNsotu Washington, D.C.

From the staff of CNN's State of the Union with Candy Crowley (@crowleyCNN). Watch Sundays at 9a & 12p ET on @CNN.

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In today's #SOTUscoop: the Ottawa shootings; #Ebola in the U.S.; and the girls who wanted to join #ISIS. http://t.co/0hrR1kuhnn #cnnsotu
.@NIH's Dr. Fauci says @SenTedCruz's charge that gov't doctors are using WH talking points is ridiculous. http://t.co/G5QZqM8ix3 #cnnsotu
Retweeted by State of the Union.@SenTedCruz says @NIH & @CDC doctors & experts against #Ebola travel ban are just repeating WH talking pts. http://t.co/lenIesp3cb #cnnsotu
Retweeted by State of the UnionAbout that clipboard man... @NIH's Dr Fauci on #Ebola fact, fiction & fears. http://t.co/kowlzWhUzT @CNNsotu
Retweeted by State of the Union.@ananavarro: 2 odd guys running for FL gov-1 w/no political acumen & 1 has psychological addiction to a fan http://t.co/FdMciIVR8g #cnnsotu.@pennyleedc says overwhelmingly negative campaign message from Republicans is because don't have anything substantive to offer voters.@KevinMaddenDC says Rand Paul on right track in trying reach out of African American voters. #cnnsotu#SOTU panelist @ananavarro dismisses #Fangate - Floridians, let’s look at the results of each of them when they were governor” #cnnsotu.@Locs_n_Laughs says midterm campaign turning into one that's all about fear. #cnnsotu.@ananavarro says Ebola threat is having an impact on politics. Also why President Obama appointed an #Ebola czar. #cnnsotu.@NIH's Dr. Fauci calls appointment of Ron Klain as #Ebola czar "a good idea." #cnnsotu.@NIH’s Dr. Fauci says Nina Pham is doing fine “her condition is fair… she’s resting…I hope to walk out of the hospital with her.”.@NIH Dr. Fauci: airport screenings are “another layer of being on the right track” to prevent #Ebola in the U.S. #cnnsotu.@NIH's Dr. Fauci says he’s felt no political pressure from the Obama administration on how the @NIH handles #Ebola #cnnsotu ..@SenTedCruz says lame duck Congress should not vote on Obama's new attorney general nominee. #cnnsotu.@SenTedCruz: Far more likely Republicans will retake the Senate and retire @SenReid as majority leader #cnnsotu@SenTedCruz: WH is not acting to protect our southern borders from #Ebola.#cnnsotu.@SenTedCruz says U.S. doesn't need an Ebola czar. It needs Pres. Obama to lead on the issue. #cnnsotu.@SenTedCruz says that the doctors and the experts who oppose a travel ban are repeating Obama admin.'s talking points. #cnnsotu.@SenTedCruz: the Obama White House is digging in and not listening to the voices of common sense in response to Ebola threat #cnnsotuFL governor’s race heats up over a fan. We’ll talk to @Locs_n_Laughs @pennyleedc @KevinMaddenDC @ananavarro at 12P ET on @cnnsotuObama’s #Ebola problem. We’ll talk to our panel: @Locs_n_Laughs @pennyleedc @KevinMaddenDC @ananavarro – 12P ET on @cnnsotuWould an #Ebola travel ban work for the U.S.? @SenTedCruz says yes, @NIH’s Dr. Fauci says no – they’re both on @cnnsotu at 12P ETEbola in America. Is enough being done to stop the spread of the virus? @SenTedCruz & @NIH’s Dr. Anthony Fauci on @cnnsotu – 12P ET.Dr. Anthony Fauci on #Ebola patient at @NIH: Nina Pham is doing fine. In stable condition. #cnnsotuNOW: @Locs_n_Laughs @pennyleedc @KevinMaddenDC @ananavarro http://t.co/LW4tKdBL54Obama’s #Ebola problem. We’ll talk to our panel: @Locs_n_Laughs @pennyleedc @KevinMaddenDC @ananavarro #cnnsotu.@NIH’s Dr. Anthony Fauci tells @crowleyCNN no other #Ebola infections as of now other than Nina Pham and Amber Vinson #cnnsotuReunited and it feels so good. So happy to be w/@Locs_n_Laughs @CNNsotu. Missing donlemon. http://t.co/odJETINmA1
Retweeted by State of the UnionNIH's Dr. Anthony Fauci is up next on @cnnsotu to talk about #Ebola. http://t.co/vzgH798DyvDr. Fauci about to be live on @CNNsotu with @crowleyCNN answering the latest questions on #Ebola http://t.co/zE1IKrmyjQ
Retweeted by State of the Union.@SenTedCruz : We can't afford mistakes on #Ebola. http://t.co/9pqa4qwSnJ #cnnsotu.@SenTedCruz: #Ebola may come through the southern border. on @CNNsotu
FL governor’s race heats up over a fan. We’ll talk to @Locs_n_Laughs @pennyleedc @KevinMaddenDC @ananavarro at 9aET on @cnnsotuIs a travel ban the answer to spread of #Ebola in US? @SenTedCruz says yes, @NIH’s Dr. Fauci says no – they’re both on @cnnsotu at 9aET.“President should have demonstrated real leadership to protect American citizens” @SenTedCruz to @crowleyCNN http://t.co/pACUXG5iMK #Ebola
SUNDAY exclusive: @SenTedCruz on the #Ebola crisis & what he says we should be doing to combat it. 9amET on @CNNsotu. http://t.co/j4AXbygwkb
We're watching @BravoWWHL w/@crowleyCNN & @danecook. #WWHL http://t.co/SMjXQN44lPYa'll, turn on @BravoWWHL cuz @CNNsotu 's Candy @crowleyCNN is on with @Andy & Dane Cook! #wwhl
Retweeted by State of the UnionThis is a good combo! @crowleyCNN & @DaneCook are gonna shake it up on #WWHL http://t.co/Q5qZ3dLPtz
Retweeted by State of the UnionAre you as excited as we are for @crowleyCNN on @BravoWWHL w/@Andy? It's only minutes away. Watch at 11pmET on Bravo. #WWHLEveryone says @andy hosts best, most fun show so why did invite make me queasy? Said yes anyway. #WWHL tonite w/@DaneCook & @jonsteinberg
Retweeted by State of the UnionIt could be months before the #Ebola outbreak is under control, according to @WHO. http://t.co/XimZZnn0cf #cnnsotu http://t.co/w9pMOZnJpaBy December there could be as many as 10,000 cases of #Ebola per week, says the @WHO. http://t.co/VifA7liHGR #cnnsotuWhich @CNN anchor to do you jam out like? Travel like? Take the quiz & find out: http://t.co/6txcryUgVG. #CNNRootsMazel! Check out Candy @CrowleyCNN, @DaneCook & @JonSteinberg tonight on @BravoWWHL w/@AndyAre you a Blitzer, a Berman or a Crowley? Which @CNN anchor are you? Take the quiz: http://t.co/hlZ4iBCSfC. #CNNRoots http://t.co/YFbCVESBmO
.@SenSanders says although #ISIS is a dangerous group, U.S. cannot and should not shoulder the burder of fight against terrorist group..@SenSanders says American people are getting "sick and tired" of countries in the Middle East not taking the lead in fighting terrorism.@SenJohnMcCain says U.S. must go after ISIS and Syria's Bashar al-Assad simultaneously if military campaign is to be successful. #cnnsotu.@SenJohnMcCain: #ISIS has adjusted to airstrikes. #cnnsotu.@SenJohnMcCain says U.S. strategy against #ISIS is not working. #cnnsotuIs U.S. doing enough to stop #ISIS? We'll ask @SenJohnMcCain & @SenSanders on @cnnsotu.2nd #Ebola patient came into contact with Thomas Eric Duncan during his second visit to hospital #cnnsotu.@elizcohencnn says 2nd #Ebola patient is a female nurse. #cnnsotuLatest at 9aET on @cnnsotu. RT @cnnbrk: Health care worker in Dallas tests positive for #Ebola after a preliminary test, hospital said.Health worker at U.S. hospital where patient died of Ebola tests positive for virus in preliminary test -- officials: http://t.co/0xcpxvsdHV
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Will discuss situation in #Kobani Sunday @CNNsotu from #Phoenix
Retweeted by State of the UnionTomorrow morning at 9amET Sen. Sanders will be on @CNN's @CNNsotu talking with @CrowleyCNN.
Retweeted by State of the UnionAre we doing enough to stop #ISIS. We'll ask @SenJohnMcCain & @SenSanders on @cnnsotu - 9aET on @cnn.
Control of the Senate hangs in the balance - we'll talk to the DNC & RNC chairs - @DWStweets & @Reince - Sunday at 9aET on @CNNsotu#WHO says the #Ebola outbreak has claimed over 4,000 lives, 233 of which are health workers. http://t.co/gb6K5RATmw #cnnsotu
The U.S. is stepping up efforts to prevent an outbreak of the #Ebola in America. http://t.co/AMIdjaIM3L #cnnsotu
#Obama to hit the campaign trail with Dem candidates, low approval ratings and all. http://t.co/Sun9ZSxn6u #cnnsotuWacky Kansas senate race. http://t.co/Sun9ZSxn6u #cnnsotu #SOTUscoop#Ebola patient in the U.S. dies. http://t.co/Sun9ZSxn6u #cnnsotu #Scoop
ATTN WHT HSE :free advice from been-there-done-that-quartet http://t.co/pRcYmCZxRb
Retweeted by State of the Union#cnnsotu web extra: 4 former W.H. chiefs of staff offer advice for Obama. http://t.co/UCrtv9LCUi.@DrFriedenCDC: Experimental drug for treating #Ebola not being used on Dallas patient.Dr. David Lakey of the Texas Health Dept.: No new cases of #Ebola diagnosed. #cnnsotuAre U.S. boots on the ground needed to destroy ISIS? @crowleyCNN asks @SenJackReed on #cnnsotu@GrahamBlog talks U.S. strategy against #ISIS coming upon #sotu.@DrFriedenCDC says Ebola patient has taken a toll for the worse but still hoping for his recovery. #cnnsotuAdvice for Obama from 4 former #WHChiefsofStaff on #cnnsotu at 12pET. #cnnsotu http://t.co/UguJc8BYp9Fmr Obama Chief of Staff Bill Daley says his fmr boss not disengaged. "I mean look at the guy he looks like hell" compared to 5 years ago.Former Bush WH Chief of Staff Andy Card: Obama is a product of the legislative process but has been absent from it during his presidency.Ken Duberstein says Obama can probably get more done with a #GOP Senate and House. #chiefsofstaff #cnnsotuAndy Card's advice to Obama: Be where you are welcome and not where you are not. #chiefsofstaff #cnnsotuFormer Obama White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley says despite his low poll numbers, president can still help in midterms with the Dem baseFormer Clinton White House Chief of Staff Mack McLarty: "If baseball can be played in October anything is possible. Hope springs eternal."Former Reagan White House Chief of Staff Ken Duberstein says Reagan "cleaned house" and got fresh voices to advise him in his last two yearsFormer Bush White House Chief of Staff says Obama must show more leadership and emotion in his last two years in office #cnnsotuManaging crises. 4 fmr. @WhiteHouse chiefs weigh in on the Obama presidency on #cnnsotu.@SenJackReed says most effective way to fight #ISIS is using U.S. air power with Iraqi ground troops #cnnsotu.@SenJackReed tells @crowleyCNN current situation in Iraq probably would have happened even if U.S. troops were on the ground. #cnnsotuJoining @crowleyCNN on @CNNsotu this morning to talk about efforts to keep the American people safe & stop #ISIS & #Ebola.
Retweeted by State of the Union.@GrahamBlog says he's nowhere near running for president in 2016: all in for the Senate. #cnnsotu.@GrahamBlog: Obama's "incompetent decisions" in Iraq and Syria led to the rise of #ISIS. #cnnsotu.@GrahamBlog: Mr. President level with the American people. We need U.S. boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria. #cnnsotu.@GrahamBlog commends Obama's effort to combat #Ebola in Africa. #cnnsotu.@GrahamBlog says the strategy of aerial bombardment to destroy #ISIL won't work. #cnnsotu.@DrFriedenCDC: #Ebola is spreading so fast in West Africa that it is hard to keep. #cnnsotu.@DrFriedenCDC says there is concern about a couple of family members who had direct contact with #Ebola patient..@DrFriedenCDC:As of now the man in Dallas is the only person in the the U.S. diagnosed with #Ebola. #cnnsotuWho’s to blame for growing ISIS threat? Join the conversation 9aET on @cnnsotu w/Sen @GrahamBlog & @SenJackReed.Ebola at home. Is the US prepared? @DrFriedenCDC & Dr. Frohna join us 9aET on @cnnsotu. @cnn http://t.co/sOBFOmCyyhManaging crises. 4 fmr. @WhiteHouse chiefs - Daley, Card, McLarty and Duberstein - on the Obama presidency - 9aET on @cnn. @cnnsotuThe rapid rise of #ISIS. Who or what is responsible? Sen @GrahamBlog & @SenJackReed discuss 9aET on @cnn.@cnnsotu
#Ebola hits home. Are we ready? @DrFriedenCDC & Dr. Frohna join us 9aET on @cnnsotu. @cnn http://t.co/sOBFOmCyyh
Our panel http://t.co/MiWHHYiNWs give you a bit more in our online only extra!
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