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State of the Union @CNNsotu Washington, D.C.

From the staff of CNN's State of the Union with Candy Crowley (@crowleyCNN). Watch Sundays at 9a & 12p ET on @CNN.

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Humorous to sentimental- members of Congress share holiday stories- from a murderous elf ornament to a yr w/o Santa. http://t.co/ewB50uLyQg
Thank you @chucktodd @bobschieffer @FoxNewsSunday @GStephanopoulos @wolfblitzer @DanaBashCNN @Andy & @CraigyFerg http://t.co/u4GhFzywtn
Retweeted by State of the UnionSalute to Candy: @chucktodd @bobschieffer @FoxNewsSunday @GStephanopoulos @wolfblitzer @DanaBashCNN @Andy @CraigyFerg http://t.co/7mXpuo2mVeIt was an honor to join Candy @crowleyCNN for her last @CNNsotu show - she is a true professional I greatly admire!
Retweeted by State of the Union.@crowleyCNN says goodbye to @cnnsotu after 27 years at @CNN. http://t.co/R3Q3jMBFNhWatching Candy @crowleyCNN say farewell to CNN http://t.co/oVtHdaZPIw
Retweeted by State of the UnionMiss any part of the show? Tune in at noon EST for @crowleyCNN interview with @BarackObama Only on #CNN.@crowleyCNN signs off from #cnn. The staff here on the show says: thank you Candy..@Andy live now on @cnn Tribute to #candycrowleyThat's a wrap for our last panel on #sotu Up next: a retrospective on @crowleyCNN and her 27 years of amazing journalism on @cnn..@SenRandPaul and @marcorubio battle over #Cuba What does this early sparring mean for the @GOP 2016?Future director: Bret Jackman watches his grandmother @crowleyCNN from control room during "CandyGram's" final show. http://t.co/Yfh2PbpzVq
Retweeted by State of the UnionMissed @crowleyCNN's interview with Pres. Obama? Watch it on http://t.co/mJt5gcOFun or again on @CNNsotu at 12pm ET http://t.co/AjfQ73Z4uJ
Retweeted by State of the UnionImportant interview with the president on Candy Crowley's last show on @CNN http://t.co/DLQEvV4XtSCandy's last panel with her favorites: @donnabrazile @newtgingrich @amyewalter @Locs_n_Laughs @crowleyCNN http://t.co/D6BgZHme4r
Retweeted by State of the Union.@JebBush gets the GOP candidate race really started this week. Our panel weighs in @Locs_n_Laughs @amyewalter @newtgingrich @donnabrazile"Congratulations on an extraordinary career. You will be missed," says Pres. Obama to @CrowleyCNN #CNNSotu http://t.co/yeLk5GKVlm
Retweeted by State of the UnionIt's #CandyCrowley with her last panel segment on the show with @amyewalter @Locs_n_Laughs @donnabrazile & @newtgingrich.@SenJohnMcCain says new @WhiteHouse policy on #Cuba rewards repression. How do you think the U.S. should engage Havana?Obama denies being "rolled" by Russia's Putin, says "he's no chess master" http://t.co/aV4LzsWkhK
Retweeted by State of the UnionMessage to #moscow from @BarackObama : You can't mess with the #USA and I'm not being "rolled" by Putin. Only on CNN http://t.co/Fe9RdUxqFP#Obama to @crowleyCNN -- We're not going to be intimidated http://t.co/3b7RmrPzEkThe president promises he's going to do "everything I can" to close #Gitmo @BarackObama tells @crowleyCNN exclusively on @cnnIs President @BarackObama making the right call? Watch the full interview now on @CNNsotu: http://t.co/L6mXQcXoQE http://t.co/jJnP6H3LTz
Retweeted by State of the Union.@BarackObama discusses race relations with @crowleyCNN The president says: "I assume the best rather than the worst in others."#Cuba isolation hasn't worked @BarackObama tells @crowleyCNN Do you think re-opening U.S. Cuban relations is a good idea?.@BarackObama says #Putin has not “rolled me or the United States of America.” #CNNsotu @crowleyCNNHack on #Sony was an act of "cyber vandalism" @BarackObama tells @crowleyCNN in an Exclusive interview only on @CNN.@BarackObama says he would have called movie theater chains if he had been contacted by Sony. #TheInterviewOur exclusive interview with President Obama starts now with @crowleyCNN
President @BarackObama will have more to say when he talks to @crowleyCNN this Sunday at 9am ET on @CNNsotu on @CNN http://t.co/4vNPlyMLXJ
President .@BarackObama joins @crowleyCNN for an exclusive interview. Sunday 9aET on @cnnsotu @cnn http://t.co/yH2MeaItsZDon't miss @crowleyCNN's last show and her exclusive interview with President @BarackObama. Sunday at 9aET on @CNNsotu
.@RepCummings shares a heartwarming Christmas memory. Learn the meaning of the season: http://t.co/BjKqg1T79Q.@SenBobCasey just don't serve him oyster stew this Christmas! http://t.co/BjKqg1T79Q.@amyklobuchar offers a harrowing tale of a Christmas tree dropping off the car and then..... oh my..@VoteMarsha tells @cnn: You have to have TWO Christmas trees. How do you decorate for the holidays?.@RepKinzinger don't send him any elf themed holiday presents.Mother called and she said, "Paint my dogs." #GeorgeBush on his new role as a painter, his parents, and legacy now on @CNN.@GeorgeHWBush is "joyful" says his son in an exclusive interview with @crowleyCNN now on @CNN focusing on http://t.co/CS0nbCD7ai#GeorgeBush defends @cia over allegations of torture - only on @CNNIt's #Halftime for @crowleyCNN on @CNN #SOTU. Up next: a love story. #GeorgeBush on @GeorgeHWBushHas the U.S. lost the high ground following release of the #TortureReport ? @RepPeteKing says absolutely not. What do you think?.@TheDemocrats didn't stand for anything in 2014 Elections says @MassGovernor.Do you think the Dem. Party is more @SenWarren or @MarkWarner?#ICantBreathe movement needs to be listened to says @MassGovernor He says he tried to reach out to #Boston demonstrators on Saturday.Any doubt in your mind that @HillaryClinton will run for president? @SenSchumer predicts she will run and win. Will she or won't she?.@NancyPelosi is disappointed in the president, but @SenSchumer insists the @HouseDemocrats will act together in 2015.The differences between Dems are small versus the "huge chasm" between the @Senate_GOPs says @SenSchumer Do you agree?.@dscc @SenSchumer now on with @crowleyCNN says we saw the "soul of the republican party" debated on the @SenateFloor this weekend. @CNNThanks to @CNNsotu exposing @RepKinzinger "demon elf comes to kill me on Christmas Eve" story, I'll never look at him the same.
Retweeted by State of the Union.@RepCummings teaches us all the true meaning of the holidays on #CNNSOTU.@RepKinzinger - scary elves @SenBobCasey - doesn't like oyster stew @amyklobuchar stuffs a Christmas tree in the trunk Up next on @CNNAdvice for aspiring artist: "NEVER PAINT YOUR WIFE OR YOUR MOTHER!" says #GeorgeBush @GWBLibrary NOW on @CNN.@billclinton and @GeorgeHWBush are #FF says #GeorgeBush.@GeorgeHWBush is reflective now says his son #GeorgeBush Exclusively now on @CNN#GeorgeBush remarks on @CIA torture allegations exclusively on @CNN #TortureReportA U.S. @usairforce interrogator tells @crowleyCNN "interrogation does not require force." Live now on @CNN #TortureReport.@CIA did an "excellent job" says @RepPeteKing live now on @CNNsotu @CNN #TortureReport.@RepPeteKing this #TortureReport is a "self inflicted wound" by @SenFeinstein and "the media." "We have to stop the self loathing.".@RepPeteKing on #TortureReport live with @crowleyCNN now on @cnn What is torture?Most people aren't buying 100% of either party says @MassGovernor @GOP @TheDemocrats.@MassGovernor laments that Dems didn't "stand for anything" and that's why they had such large losses in #2014. NOW on @CNN.@BostonGlobe Saturday demonstrations important says @DevalPatrick on @cnn now. What will come out of the the #BlackLivesMatter movement?.@MassGovernor live now on @CNN discussing #BlackLivesMatter Is this a moment or a movement?.@SenSchumer says @SenWarren is no @tedcruz "She's not looking to shutdown the government" to get what she wants. Only on @CNNsotu @CNN9aET: @SenSchumer joins @crowleyCNN on @CNNsotu.
Asked whether he agrees with Obama goal of "degrading and defeating" ISIS George W. Bush tells Candy "absolutely." #cnnsotu
Retweeted by State of the UnionGeorge W Bush: "I'm introducing @GeorgeHWBush to our country in a way no one's ever known him...It's a love story." http://t.co/gKqelaYzZbShould we pay ransoms to terrorists for kidnapped Americans? @HouseIntelComm @RepMikeRogers on @cnnsotu http://t.co/vmuUVrvxNy.@RepMikeRogers: Torture report release is a “terrible idea” & “will cause violence and deaths” http://t.co/6QAsLLwy7d @cnnsotuA big thanks to our @CNNsotu interns. @FollowingAlida & @olivebison625 in the control room on their last day. http://t.co/Uj3pWZJ8cbHonestly, it's not THAT hard to tell them apart. @secretarycastro @joaquincastrotx http://t.co/yIZulvS3dX
Retweeted by State of the Union.@JoaquinCastrotx says he's hopeful a Republican House and Senate will pass their version of immigration reform. #cnnsotu.@SecretaryCastro says communities of color in urban areas have trust issues with police police. #cnnsotuThe Castro brothers join @cnnsotu for an exclusive joint interview. @secretarycastro & @joaquincastrotx http://t.co/QDIt9HK3BPGeorge W. Bush on what would happen if brother Jeb runs against Hillary Clinton in 2016: "I think he'd beat her." #cnnsotuGeorge W. Bush tells @crowleyCNN his brother Jeb "knows I want him to run" for president.George W. Bush says brother Jeb "not rushing" into running for president. #cnnsotuPresident George W. Bush says President Obama's goal to degrade and defeat #ISIS a "good goal." #cnnsotuPresident #43 says #41 is teaching us to grow old gracefully. #cnnsotuPresident George W. Bush admits his new bestselling book about his dad is not objective. Says it's handbook about fatherhood. #cnnsotu.@RepMikeRogers wishes @crowleyCNN good luck and calls her a "tough interview." #cnnsotu.@RepMikeRogers defends House Intel panel's Benghazi report. Says the facts speaks for themselves. #cnnsotuOutgoing House Intel Committee Chairman@RepMikeRogers says failed rescue attempt in Yemen was unfortunate but the right decision. #cnnsot.crowleycnn and @repmikerogers chat before today's show. #cnnsotu http://t.co/o6L2z3tSop.@crowleyCNN’s exclusive w/fmr President George W Bush on his father @GeorgeHWBush, @JebBush, @HillaryClinton, politics & more –9aETChair of the @HouseIntelComm, @RepMikeRogers joins @crowleyCNN to discuss the hostages killed in Yemen - 9aET on @cnnsotuA new political dynasty from Texas. @SecretaryCastro & @JoaquinCastrotx in a rare joint interview on @CNNsotu. 9aET on @cnn.@crowleyCNN’s exclusive w/fmr President George W Bush on his father @GeorgeHWBush, @JebBush, @HillaryClinton, politics & more –9aET on @cnnPresident @BarackObama makes an unscheduled hospital visit. @crowleyCNN talks to @drsanjaygupta live at 9aET on @CNNsotu.George W Bush on whether he thinks brother @JebBush should run for president. http://t.co/BZv3JBIkEP & more of conversation at 9aET on @cnn
Chair of the @HouseIntelComm, @RepMikeRogers joins @crowleyCNN to discuss the hostages killed in Yemen - 9aET on @cnnsotu.@SecretaryCastro & @JoaquinCastrotx - in their first live network interview since Julian joined the Obama Administration. 9aET on @cnnsotuGeorge W. Bush says brother @JebBush would beat “sister-in-law” @hillaryclinton in 2016 match-up. http://t.co/kik8dz7pFy 9aET on @cnnsotuGeorge W. Bush: @HillaryClinton is like my sister-in-law. http://t.co/kik8dz7pFy to @crowleyCNN on @cnnsotuThe legacy of George W Bush http://t.co/Mvb8VXpqzq @CNNsotu
Police chiefs from around the country on view from the blue. @ChiefMalikAziz @JamesECraig @mcpnews & @BernardKerik http://t.co/jaTfp3g2DW#BreakingNews: #Ferguson Mayor holds news conference - LIVE now on @cnn @CNNsotuRichard Norton Smith @ProfDBrinkley @peterbakernyt & @ktumulty w/historical context on Obama's ranking among his presidential peers @CNNsotuFormer NYPD comish @BernardKerik says Ferguson police should have gotten Darren Wilson's account of encourter with Michael Brown much sooner
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