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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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@EDinCali not true Ed. Most of Hilary's base is well aware of blumenthal http://t.co/o0u4JO0MBf
Retweeted by Ed @DWCDroneGuy the truth is whatever they decide it will be@EDinCali now if he cheats on his wife or marries his boyfriend, he's a lock for president
Retweeted by Ed Populism is the "new and improved" word for the Left. Democrats>Liberals>Progressives>Populists all go from Socialism to Marxism @EDinCali
Retweeted by Ed @USAwhole Really? Let's do a mqñ on the street interview and find out...most of them don't know who biden isDem base don't even know who he is-MSNBC: New Hillary Emails Show Blumenthal ‘Had Much Greater Role’ than Believed https://t.co/HuZrtIfhE1As corrupt as it gets-MSNBC: Fmr. IRS Lawyer in Charge of Lerner’s E-mails Now Heads Clinton Email Production https://t.co/0WxB8u0b6RSo what will you do?-NBC: New E-mails ‘Leave Little Doubt’ Obama Admin Knew of Hillary Personal E-mail https://t.co/oUiIJl0j4dAl Sharpton: Bernie Sanders Stands for ‘Popularism’ AKA: "Free Stuff"-https://t.co/V1XMREsPR9"If it bleeds, it leads"-Loesch on Church Fires: I Question Media Motivation for ‘Irresponsibly Running Headlines’ https://t.co/waG8oz9YR2A Yugo in every garage-Matthews: Bernie Sanders ‘Makes People Happy’ https://t.co/42kWBu6DZ7Colorful analogy-Stein: Trump ‘Throwing Grenades’ into the GOP Field to See ‘Who Will Jump on Them’ https://t.co/PNsQkZzqrIPerhaps, but he is a lifelong govt guy-Maine Gov. on Christie: ‘He Doesn’t Sugar-Coat Anything; He Tells the Truth’ https://t.co/1HOKKWYbxcSorry that they got caught....no apologizes excepted! https://t.co/iRNt0UicAj
Retweeted by Ed @mimi_cms6846 He was a swift boater..... according to legend thrice decorated, his jester sang@pscully1812 It wouldn't hurt us so much if our country hadn't been turned into a welfare state magnet for political purposesQuicker than a .223? Witness of Washington Navy Yard Lockdown: Evacuation Was Much Quicker than in 2013 https://t.co/tsqba4tUjsMika to Tony Blinken: ‘At What Point Does Overtime’ in Iran Talks ‘Look Desperate?’ https://t.co/K1cDkAot0tWhy we have corrupt leaders-‘Man-on-the-Street Interviews: Americans Don’t Know Why We Celebrate 4th of July https://t.co/pMwLPVoAEoAs if they don't gouge enough-Whole Foods CEOs Apologize for ‘Overcharging’ Customers https://t.co/FtxAUZAQKC"Land of the free stuff"-Geraldo Rivera: ‘I’m Still Cheered ... Everybody Wants To Be an American’ https://t.co/TokxdDLXfBKrauthammer: Reagan Defeated the Soviets, Obama Capitulated to Iran, Cuba https://t.co/xCSOshcvDWThat ought to get him the dem nomination-Martin O’Malley Plays Acoustic Guitar to Campaign Supporters https://t.co/rWEjxgi7NIThe world feels the knife plunge deeper-Kerry on Iran Talks: ‘We Are Making Progress’ https://t.co/qYKv1F1VWnReleased in SF the Sanctuary City-Father of Woman Murdered by Illegal Deported Five Times: ‘Just a Young Woman’ https://t.co/HLjN72pNH8Between Free Riders/Cart Pullers-Greeks Take to the Streets for Dueling Rallies That Reflect a Divided Nation http://t.co/GiaktGCHBO@ImCh1quita It's a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there@HungarianFalcon A Pope once said "kill them all and let God sort them out" after decades of atrocities and barbarism“All of us here are not going to turn the other cheek while you shoot us.” Read more at http://t.co/AkmQBl7pngSo true---The left wants America to turn into europe@shadowop @NWLegalEagle Do they officially celebrate 4th of July in Oregon?@NWLegalEagle @EDinCali seems they own cake bakeries as well.
Retweeted by Ed @HungarianFalcon Ever vigillantShocking New Study Reveals Just How Many Muslims Support ISIS (And It’s Frightening) http://t.co/CvaMXulclg'Star Trek' clown Calls Supreme Court Justice Thomas A 'clown in blackface' via @sharethis40 savages have left Ireland to join ISIS http://t.co/FCJouNF39cIn Oregon, the state still owns all retail liquor, but will open the doors on private retail marijuana establishments on October 1.
Retweeted by Ed There are good reasons to oppose the Islamist and their utopian visions. But this is no reason to tolerate bloodthirsty secular tyrants.
Retweeted by Ed
@megynkelly @krauthammer Sorry Barack, you’re just the JV team. Not even close! http://t.co/LRJOYQqDOL
Retweeted by Ed SyrianArchbshp saidISIS committing Christ.Genocide acrossME&last Christ.speakChrist's Aramaic.WHY ignored byWEST?<~Whoa2 USA/Dems&GOP!#ccot
Retweeted by Ed This 95-year-old Catholic couple died in each other's arms http://t.co/zxDmC94nhd
Retweeted by Ed @braveinnyc wth are you talking about? Incoherent nonsenseHeads always seem to roll whenever the Religion of Peace meets the Religion of Turn the Other CheekYemen's Houthi militia kill 31 civilians in Aden, wound 100 more #Yemen http://t.co/iNxl7elL2b http://t.co/zqyV0U0yNz
Retweeted by Ed Shocking New Study Reveals Just How Many Muslims Support ISIS (And It&#8217;s Frightening) http://t.co/CvaMXulclg@RahsaanBall I just tweeted it with the link and exactly who and why they said itCDC Official Calls Obama 'Worst President,' 'Amateur,' 'Marxist' - Tea Party News http://t.co/g92RWeWouN@RahsaanBall read the article it is a result of a foia requestLegal Experts: NYC Mayor Action Against Trump ‘Not the American Way’ http://t.co/iWUIDrrWXU via @dailycallerCDC Official Calls Obama ‘Worst President,’ ‘Amateur,’ ‘Marxist’ –After An Email To Hillary, Company Directed By Ambassador Joe Wilson Was Awarded Africa Contract http://t.co/fYAIyL80q9 via @dailycallerCHA-CHING: First 'Gay Divorce' Firm Opens In Philadelphia ⋆ Doug Giles ⋆ #ClashDaily http://t.co/w3E1lEPI4f via @Doug_GilesState Silences Bakers Who Refused to Make Cake for Lesbian Couple, Fines Them $135K http://t.co/w4bjF9G2fo via @kelseyjharkness @DailySignal
Justice dept subpoenas airlines emails to see if they are price fixing....they will hire IRS lawyer and claim servers were wiped cleanBREAKING: New Jobs Report Just Out &#8211; Here&#8217;s The Ugly Truth Obama Doesn&#8217;t Want You To See http://t.co/EoncWUJ98a@RianAlden little boxes?... I've only been sober when visitingCoulter’s ¡Adios America!: How Democrats Plan To Make the GOP Disappear | Human Events http://t.co/8ZauicsW9SLet's see if they can get this one right: Supreme Court to Consider Ending Forced Public-Sector Union Dues http://t.co/Knj412If1N #SCOTUS
Retweeted by Ed Calls it like it is-Karl Rove Savages Obama’s ‘Insane’ Cuba Speech: ‘Designed to Prop up’ Castros https://t.co/O71fVXG0exHarris mentions the unmentionable-Harris Faulkner: I Want to Know What Obama Admin Knows About ‘Friendly Sid’ https://t.co/4mx8cHdNE4John F Kerry on Elapsed Timeline for Iran Talks: ‘We Have Our Own Sense of Deadline’ https://t.co/Rqb7BiI5Dg"Watch the Shiny object"-Obama: ‘Everybody Who Has Health Insurance Benefited’ from ObamaCare https://t.co/NSKHkZVnZS@rwmccrory Big BrotherismYou can keep your doctor! Truly! https://t.co/ybp6iZNIJD
Retweeted by Ed @weizbad He's over handled@RianAlden Oh that's right, Oregon was long ago Californicated@EDinCali I am, in my living room. Oregon doesn't celebrate July 4th. It's coded racism. ;)
Retweeted by Ed @KeyWestAuthor According to obama...You sir are a liar@EDinCali My insurance premium TRIPLED, and they threw in a $6K deductible. That's what happened to private insurance cause of Ocare.
Retweeted by Ed @RianAlden You should be anxiously attending 4th of July celebrations"Not My Fault"-Obama Tells Man Who Can’t Afford Insurance that Tennessee Should Fix His Problem https://t.co/Sc1UFwoKKIDon't Believe Your Own Lying eyes-‘Not True’: Obama Counters Tenn. Woman Upset About Skyrocketing Premiums https://t.co/WjDXPP0cBnJake Throws turd in the WH Punchbowl-CNN’s Tapper to Psaki: Will Cuba Return American Fugitives to Face Justice? https://t.co/wBQe1AqjKAAnxiety over political hacks in charge of our security-NBC: Heightened Anxiety over Fourth of July Terror Threat https://t.co/JWJllvnSwrRick Perry: Secure Border, then We Can Talk About Immigration Reform https://t.co/1IPpgQ0uoB@LivingHappierAf @JoeWMiller It's a commentary on how low we have sunk as a society...parental guidance has been usurped by govt nanniesTrump needs to speak softly without saying anything like the standard presidential candidates we get before he will get msm acceptanceIt's only vandalism, now moooove on-FBI Investigating 11 Attacks on San Francisco-Area Internet Lines http://t.co/EnpnwlxPJ3 via @joewmiller"Useful Idiots"-No Truce With the Left http://t.co/ZRuGOMzzaQ via @joewmillerFruit of obama-6th Graders Can’t Get a Coke at School, but Can Get Birth Control http://t.co/ZUXpw1i2jX via @joewmillerRemoving a Dead Tree With Binary Explosives and a .50 BMG - Bearing Arms http://t.co/7zmMfEUDuWDisturbing: This Black Professor’s Disgusting Comment About White People Reportedly Got Her Fired http://t.co/WlAXGyzSW9Will we have a Greek style day of reckoning?-Unions OPENLY Steal From Children's Education—Govt Schools Promote Theft http://t.co/ApGMFBPukH"The democrat way"-American Workers Subsidizing Unions With Tax Dollars, which in turn go to democrats-http://t.co/JAxDTnaAZHNY's Best & Brightest-Editorial: Bill de Blasio baits Andrew Cuomo http://t.co/S0J8QlVkfvobmas peace dividend-Russia Reviewing Legality Of Baltics' Independence From Soviet Union http://t.co/grFdbjLAVX
Even Bill Gates dismisses solar and wind energy: 'Can’t do the job… cost beyond astronomical.' http://t.co/bx9Py4DRyl
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Thanks! Please also follow @KevinPriceLive and the independent news site @USDailyReview!
Retweeted by Ed @cmdorsey did you mean facts?Clinton can’t use a fax machine (and other lessons from State Dept. email dump) | http://t.co/vNJmnEY3MhBecause of you, kids like Chloe have hope at St. Jude. Please donate today: http://t.co/1aj5v4JO2L http://t.co/zRxun1Fc6w
Retweeted by Ed Planning a road trip this summer? Red Cross has you covered with 6 easy safety tips. http://t.co/iWJweV7tIa http://t.co/N4GolRRkWf
Retweeted by Ed The #EnergySavingsSuperstar contest is now open for a chance to win up to $10,000 in #Lennox equipment. Enter here: http://t.co/iNGY9d7lyq
Retweeted by Ed Cut fiber optic cables/a water reservoir destroyed and fire season fast approaching...are jihadists waging war on California? #catcotThere would be no need for artificial govt mandated minimum wage boosts if American citizens & legal immigrants were the only workforceWhat a quartet designed to insult our intelligence the Chicago way: john kirby, jen psaki, marie harf & josh "earnest"Mark Steyn at the 10th ICCC—The Fraudulent Hockey Stick: http://t.co/IMo6ub0rfq (via) @MarkSteynOnline http://t.co/Uc2fmOAVFz
Retweeted by Ed Troubling --> Outage in Sacramento, Rocklin result of 'coordinated attack' http://t.co/paAUoico6e via @kcranews @edincali @hipechik
Retweeted by Ed #Egypt Army Statement / at least 100 terrorists killed, 17 soldiers killed, 13 injured, Special forces still scanning t/area. #SheikhZuweid
Retweeted by Ed Don’t Believe the Unemployment Rate http://t.co/YmTxFrnWPb via @po_st
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