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@adamhopelies Well, Feast brings the charm back to the breed.@stephencarlin Not what I meant.@stephencarlin Then Supernatural IN bed. Right, right?@sansastarc Large groups of people are just a lot of small groups of friends together. It sucks when you're the one loner. Always the way.@malcolmbarrett Where he actually puts on the weight mid-shoot to become Momma?Analeigh Tipton is free, huzzahs! @JoeCunningham14@FrankieDaWriter Saw the Kline too recently but all others yes. Not seen Get On Up for ages, loved that.St. Vincent's a pretty superb dramedy. Could have easily watched for a lot longer. Great world creation/character work.@kakapojayne Swearing and smoking... It's no Keanu, underrated flick that.@FrankieDaWriter Darn tootin'.@FrankieDaWriter Congrats. Always a lovely feeling, even moreso in the days of dying print.@202chicago That's the Selma Blair biopic right?@iamnotwaynegale I've not watched on Netflix for over a year. #SickBurn@EoinMason I feel sad that I wasn't first on your text list. *hides dictaphone*Secret pic: @VDOOZER prepping @sztyks for season two of #Undateable. http://t.co/dkXj3r2xpg
Retweeted by Andrew JonesFinished Gilmore Girls S1 and straight into St. Vincent, McCarthy night in casa de Jones.St. Vincent is on Netflix (France) already. FYI.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones‘Entourage’ Movie, Release Date moved up http://t.co/DcNXF2tnC5
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@movie_mad Poor folk. Well, it's a living.@AntBit It is hell.@movie_mad How were the end credits?@FilmFan1971 Oh deary me.@Big_Pants You can apply now and might still, not like there's too much demand anyway.@Big_Pants Quite excited for Get On Up round 2.@Big_Pants I am. Sometimes you just want to treasure the day you had no life left in you. Your lowest ebb.@Big_Pants Ooh, Byker, Grove!@Big_Pants But, the cinematic delights of two of the Chums dream team.@Big_Pants Why not?@retroramblings That they call it the greatest TV comedy is also wrong. A full page of errors and blunders.@danowen79 They don't impersonate as much as playfully create.@danowen79 Someone like Paul F. Tompkins will start with a basic sound-alike voice, but then find a version of that person that works funny.@danowen79 Impressionists can be great, he's a character comedian, his voices are a foundation for absurdism.@Beggar_So Calender Kid'll be a big coup for sweeps.@AntBit And then your adventure begins.@AntBit Drink 5 colas in 5 minutes, that'll make something happen.@AntBit Start drinking and no one will feel weird at all.Ooh, The Congress has been added to Netflix Germany!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@rosstmiller Possibly for Heiroglyph, and off Fox's want list.@rosstmiller Hieroglyph didn't even get to film more episodes I don't think. No idea why.MC Awesome Welles.@rosstmiller Before being broadcast the new Krysten Ritter show was axed. Just like that Dane Cook show two years ago.@charliemcdowell Take THAT, The One I Love.AMC now owns 49.9% of BBC America http://t.co/ysJQLPsHLu (via @VODProfessional)
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@FMUK Also lyric sites.@jamie_graham9 I know, Tone Loc just is amazing at holding it together, but wastes time.What if Halloween 3 was recreated in an episode of Gotham?In Bond 24 James fights for Queen and country, but also under the banner of ethics in games journalism.Does anyone happen to know of anyone in need of some editing work being done? Offering my services for free.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@RachelKoz Fraid not. Sorry :(@dukemedia_uk He has Cloud Atlas money to help him out.@dukemedia_uk "From Prostitutes To Prostates" Hugh Grant's memoir in 10 years time, right?@Geniusbastard Have fun with that.@RobGirvan The soundtrack is just gonna be laughing clowns, the happiest noise on Earth.@RobGirvan Meanwhile I'm making a film through a lens cap.
@TylerScruggs The Rocker.@GuyLodge Is the lowest option "all my books are tweets"? Because I fear this is a number for some folk.@iamnotwaynegale Exactly. Paranormal thrillers, less horror. Also funny as fuck. With the murders. Cos they dumbs. So dumbs.@iamnotwaynegale I do Piranha 3D and Final Destination, Trick 'R Treat and comedy horrors. My Halloween usually involves Simpsons.@moulder5000 A digital-hobo, we carry a shopping trolly from site to site.Cavemensch. Have at it, Hollywood.@moulder5000 I envy you so much. I've always wanted to project my shit onto walls, I have to live on monitors and screens. Like a caveman.@studio_gal I hope a rocket takes off at the end of this countdown as well, unless your temp work is a rocket scientist, cos if it crashes..@iamnotwaynegale I'm with you on all of that stuff.@mocfilms Shia LaBeouf in Nymphomaniac.@mattglasby A commentary, perchance, by millenials who have no idea what it is? Or the soundtrack of Repossesed to play over the film?@RiffTrax I got no springs, to hold me down: https://t.co/Uw3S0JE13o@adlow76 @robbiereviews 'in imdb'? That's gotta be the best and worst movie if it were adapted.@TheChewDefense @TheAVClub Nope, ends with a 45-minute battle scene, you read the title. Ends with it. That is the final part. Nothing more.@TheChewDefense @TheAVClub They've got to GET to the battle, and if it's a long one, there's a lot of walkers and talkers.@Mullane45 Namely that you clipped your hole? Well, it is Friday night.@TheAVClub No credits, no epilogue, last man/orc to hit the ground, then lights up in the cinema?@VDOOZER And every time you smell, it seems like toast is burning.@iFlicks @DavidHughesTwit I'm lost, neither have appeared in Selfie yet, so how can anything else be your new favourite show?@JosephKahn Ahh, the days of Vince Vaughn, how we miss them.@adamhopelies That's the most compelling argument to make me sit and finally watch it. Well played.@adamhopelies Not seen Mario Bros however, is it good fun bad or a bit more on the tedious side? I always assumed goofy.@adamhopelies I overheard on twitter the other week, a shame, my first viewing was on the big screen a few years ago. A blast.@adamhopelies There's always sexual assault. What is wrong with people? Why do they have to ruin a perfectly fine He Man movie reputation?@adamhopelies Not that there's anything wrong with that.@DisneyPixar Humanity is destroyed, machines roam across the Earth, collecting scrap. Sometimes they race one another. #Pixar140orLessJust in case you missed the real villainy of Ultron: https://t.co/MVG85dIGzQ #AvengersAgeOfUltron@MovieEvangelist @CineworldBurySt That's my tempo.All you fuckin idiots talkin bout Renee Zellweger, let's not forget who made the REAL transformation. http://t.co/WaAgt7FJic
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@samdodgin Sad comedy? Oh boy. I'm now just combining word concepts together, sorry.@scottEweinberg You have combined two of the best animated films of the year in one, it makes the entire century.@samdodgin Is this a competition where you fuck standing up, or one for stand up comedy? Either way, I know I'd place last.@brendonconnelly Your handshake is surprisingly violent.@eddyrose13 Nature is beautiful. This deserves an Attenborough voice over.http://t.co/AXGTULc1Lv
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@PatrickDane The Squid And The Whale of internet articles then?@brendonconnelly @adlow76 How does this read so threatening? It's a nice sentence, but something seems very...foreboding within it.@Beggar_So Except in instances when you must outrun a crazed psychotic knife-wielding villain, surely?@jaykayell_ It's easier than getting down on an escalator. No place to bust a move.@PatrickDane @EoinMason Very much.@EoinMason "Well, it's a swan"Chucklevision but sent in Germany 1937-43.@EoinMason It is made for us to applaud every appearance. And we do.@natalieholt1982 Ribena is blackcurrent-flavoured though.@natalieholt1982 We have none in the house. Not a solitary banana.Surviving on Ribena, rich teas and chicken nuggets all week has made my mind feel all weirdy. The long con for a low level acid trip?
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