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Baymax not in store stores yet. Sigh, online only. No new xmas fist bump friend.All Hail King Julien is now on @NetflixUK. Will it be your kids' favourite TV show this Christmas? Our review: http://t.co/LUlFambgbU
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@blinkbox Mr. Knifejog's Wacky Weekend?@ArrowFilmsVideo Chris Klein Yay!@moulder5000 Drone delivery, it's the modern stork TM@moulder5000 For when you Benjamin Button?@MrCamW Crackoinuana?@Mullane45 *hears memory of father* 'Ya can't ride the night bus all the way to Essex, not now, not never never neeeeeeee-veeeeeer'@Mullane45 One thing: Get there. Two thing: Get home immediately otherwise you're fucked.@moulder5000 He magiced up a fake one using old spells but it wore off over time.@moulder5000 Blame JK Rowling, she wrote it.@moulder5000 scraped off on the sides?@Mullane45 11pm start is the excuse.@moulder5000 Will it explain his lack of nose?@moulder5000 Oh man, this is the straw that breaks the camel's back, we must find a cure for the cold post-haste!@moulder5000 Say you'll go left and walk right and see if the cold goes the other way.@moulder5000 Gulp. Worst time to get it, maybe long enough to get rid by xmas but not too soon to have a fun week build up.I can't believe the Graun did a Blind Date between two people called Adam and Joe and didn't title it BLINDA DATA! http://t.co/8wm1MlMa1q
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@The_Shiznit @BFI Wait until you see the Ashton Kutcher biopic KUBRiCKThere's a UK version of Drunk History coming up. Good luck finding people as big as Terry Crews to use over here.@JoeCunningham14 Oh lordy.@TheChewDefense Check youtube for Nathan Barely, a show he and Chris Morris made, he's a game/tv journo so he does opinion shows. Also ytube@JoeCunningham14 Almost done now?@TheChewDefense And besides one are all written by Charlie Brooker.
@JoeCunningham14 Oh I am glad I am unemployed and low down the food chain.@JoeCunningham14 Yeeeeeeeesus@stephencarlin Hysterical film. So pulpy.@Haydonsmovies Find this girl!This spot was uploaded seconds ago on Sony's official page, with quite a discordant title. https://t.co/6YEaOX7VN5 http://t.co/uK03QhoGHk
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@NordlingAICN Abso Lutely@ColinHartUK The Millenium Bug was actually considered a problem in Jar Jar's code that spread.@TheCraigHunter Just threaten them and they'll back down.@TheCraigHunter Scripts written by people who have been committed.What other films will be pulled due to threats from fictional characters twitter? Oh please do keep rehashing the format.Well #Serial season 2 is looking good so far. http://t.co/AejdoWXonJTapped Out's servers are down. North Korea did it, damnit, they blew it up!@NathanaelSmith You sat there going "Hang on, what's he doing? He must have seen the cameras, he knows this is 2014 right?"@Zack_Parks Nice one. Now to start life truly.@mant_a_tangi Probably not on your radar but New York life hack, there's a secret Christmas tree at Rockefeller plaza.@Zack_Parks Mega congrats there.@scallyg Brill-ant.Online copy of the programme from the British Comedy Awards 2014. http://t.co/OsrYBPVscK check out page 63
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@edmoore Lots of noise, yelling, swearing and violence isn't Christmassy? What kind of family get-togethers do you have?Now Google has pulled their maps from release... http://t.co/I4hnAtY7Hb@BrianWCollins He got wind of a lack of marmalade at the junket and had his people call their people and cancelled.Time for a Christmas 3D classic with Patton Oswalt and Thomas Lennon. #Wafflebot@androoshaw Wait until you see her in Inherent Vice as Waitress without her head in frame!Last night on #TCGS I was allowed to mention we're close to making the jump to cable. Here's a few words on that - http://t.co/dnc72PsDeV
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@MrMatthewAllen Complaining.@ScottAukerman @cgozali @mradamscott Mini pod with an ep of Zero Minis@ericszyszka @WHMPodcast @TheAVClub Tell that to Bob Hoskins.@The_Shiznit Michael Buerk. He will sort this out.@DeusExCinema Jerry Lewis shoulda done SNL for that film, ah man.Netflix appears to have been taken over by PeeWee Herman in all territories.@Jack_Ayers "Who's A Good Boy? The Real Story Of Man's Best Friend"@olly_richards @JoeCunningham14 Annie isn't canned.@AliPlumb "This Year Buy A Ticket"@squat_betty What a miserable bunch of twats, hope you at least get a little something under the mistletow.@CSkinner Was psyched for Equalizer and Tombstones. Still not seen. Wondering when/if I ever will now.@CSkinner Annoying. First one I won't be seeing on the big screen, regretted seeing cut 2 at a screening. Face touch of death.TAKEN 3 cut for UK audiences. If there was any chance that you were going to watch it, don't watch it now.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@Filmhouse Technical problem being Maggie Smith was smiling in one shot?@androoshaw @ThePlaylist Yes.@jackkirby That's why they shortened this film to (We Are) Godzilla (You Are Japan)@TVMcGee @jayharrington3 Don't sign up for anything at the Veridian Dynamics booth.@Slippery_Jack Took me out of the trailer completely. Boo-urns. Nice one.I am down for Bill like nobody's business. That's one great trailer.Xmas has come early, head to @digitalspy for the exclusive reveal of the #billthefilm trailer. In cinemas 27th March http://t.co/B0yYz69izw
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@androoshaw Hey, that's my Francine damnit.@stuarthazeldine @EFDFilms But isn't it fun to judge films based on heavilly compressed images/sound mixes?@Kasaar Love it.@Kasaar We can all say "My man" though, right?Not a fan of the N WORD on social media. I'm all about Monica now. http://t.co/24CllwdwYH
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@The_Shiznit http://t.co/Z0eMB8dtAz@montimer All kids are technically cunt kids, unless they're test tube babies.@montimer If there's a price debate go 2D or, really not at all. But 3D is great in it.@brendonconnelly It's Thursday 18th December 2014, Kim Jong Un is the president and Adam Sandler is still working.@jaykayell_ Sarah Koenig is a pseudonym for Gillian Flynn right?The encapsulation of an AV Club comments section. http://t.co/Be7zUSPNys@Guitargalchina The Voices for the win.This blogger thinks last night's Black Mirror was the start of a three-part series, will be very disappointed. http://t.co/3nMmlVUAvN
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@brendonconnelly This tweeter thinks Black Mirror aired last night, will be very disorientated to lose a day.@moulder5000 @montimer @chelleajohnson Wearing one santa hat like I'm a Chili Pepper.@maverick99sback No, no, the good one, the Oscar one.@chelleajohnson @moulder5000 @montimer Wear what we like? Clothing optional?@FilmDivider "My name's Bryan Mills and I'm here to say, it's fun to rap in a Taken way"@TillyTweets https://t.co/kxSxGaDJKf@Mullane45 He has a best friend called Tugger who is a boat.Today is the last day to submit your top ten films of 2014 to @HeyUGuys for their annual bloggers' poll. Details - http://t.co/zmv3R0ldRf
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@SDCain Maybe if you bought a computer rather than inventing an internet machine. Next year's birthday present.Once you're done with #Serial why not listen to a podcast with a conclusion every week? https://t.co/VtAmJLPXwb @LMAMPod@TheGMcConnachie @RobGirvan Wish I knew, out of loop there but heard no one talk about it yet so maybe no?@TheGMcConnachie @RobGirvan Their inability to understand humour may be why they don't care about a film like this.@TheGMcConnachie @RobGirvan So many folk.@NathanaelSmith http://t.co/BFKDmsEyYb@TomLinay Only one way. http://t.co/1fpoMIEJvU@DrGMLaTulippe For a second I thought that was a Dvd-based role playing board game and got VERY excited.@JamesGunn Have Disney bought the Fast Franchise yet? Dual role for Vinny D in the future?@MarieMJS Seth Rogen is a cuddly bear of fun. I'm so happy he started directing, and sad we won't see round 2 for a lot longer.@MarieMJS I like you and respect you but you are wrong and Rogen is god and truly gospel is this tweet and full stop here. There. Everywhere
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