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FUCK MY FUCKING LIFEAlmost 3am and I'm still awake 😧 😳
Conversation Killer
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶When u already fucked up but u hear someone say shots
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@tashareign its ridic
I have a #Latina problem lol 😍😍😍😍@Abella_Danger @KissaSins wait there's nice hotels in the Valley? LolSitting here waiting patiently for Jenny to call like a good boy 😼 😻
Can it stop being 100° in the Valley plz?@deenasozio @jennyysoliss *ignored* 😳 😢@deenasozio @jennyysoliss damn no way that's Deena@AlexiaVosse stupid boys... On behalf of all men I'm sorry for his stupidity.RT if you dont pull out of the pussy 💦💦💦
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶Hate waking up feeling so blah every morning@MissDaniDaniels that's so amazing u play and r good it sounds like!!! Wish I could play with u!!! 👍 ⛳Ciroc Obama has made my day! 😆
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@PlaymateKhloe i have to agree with u K. Sorry @StefaniexKnight 😍😍😍😍@TESOnline excuse me why is their no update about why the game is down???
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@kj_fetishmodel this is so mean 😍😍😍😍Nothing worse than emotional drunk girls
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@PlaymateKhloe @playmateOlga @PlayboyMX done!@AugustAmesxxx yanno what's crazy? You look absolutely amazing in the first pic then in the second u look beautiful again! Ur #Blessed 😍😍😍@tashareign would do anything for u@PlaymateKhloe
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@Erica_Boyle awwwwwwwwww he looks kinda sad in the bottom pic@MimeFreak @LilveronicaR @Arch_Angel_XXX fuck yes
FML@Geeantoniou gotchuSo looks like everyone had nightmares last night and wants new nikes. Morning y'all.@Geeantoniou 💵💵💵💵💵💵I took a page out of the book of @madflavor and actually called some close friends today just to see how they were. Very rewarding!
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶I should prob get to bed@Ms_HeartAttack you are tf did I make so much food in not even hungry...@greyings @Ms_HeartAttack @YouTube this shit is toooooooo funny@Ms_HeartAttack sub sub sub sub
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@jennyysoliss 😳😳😳😳'm crying
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶Knocked this dude out with a boat fam😂😂
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶Donald Trump thought Ronda Rousey was a fan of him and this was her reaction😂😂😂
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@xxxRiley wait what
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶When you get asked to do a celebrity shot in beer pong
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@kj_fetishmodel
Cooking some ribs rn... Gonna be a good nite
@xxxRiley hope they pay u...
@tashareign 😍😍😍😍@tashareign its nice seeing u every day I must say. Hey u never wrote me back either.👀
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶I drive past this everyday @tashareign ❤❤❤ @DPxxx @PornStarLust it's not the first time they did this. Sorry babe that sucks.Another female wastes my time. Awesome.Wow legit almost got played lol caught you. Thank god I found out.
How I often make most life decisions... 👍
I said I wanna go to the gym... She said that position is called the sexual frog
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Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@kj_fetishmodel @MARSHAXXXMAY holy fuck keep talking plzzzz@tashareign that's scary
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Retweet #JenSelterFollowBack
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶@tashareign hahaha selfies but no hug? Smh....even those we prob live close I bet I'd never see ya anyways.@tashareign I hope one day I run into u in the Valley and I can hug u and take a Selfie lolGod damn it can u wb I'm fn obsessed 😍
@deenasozio don't fail@kj_fetishmodel you are such a bad girl I swear u make me so happy 24/7@GinaChanTV make me 😈@tashareign haha shouldn't be too hard. I'm sure there's other requirements to this as well.@TweetKissKara all u need is HBO Go to watch season 5 of @GameOfThrones 😆@DeepDirty @Abella_Danger love the Danger Girl comics series!!!! Oh and Abella....but she no like MEEEEE lol@Abella_Danger @karleegreyxxx you had that fuck me now look@karleegreyxxx @Abella_Danger her face look after made me ridic hard hahah@kj_fetishmodel what kinda slutty things did you do in HS and what year did you graduate?@polinaOH happy birthday you gorgeous female!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍@kj_fetishmodel @DPxxx you are fucking perfect
It's way too fn hot in the #LBC & in #LA county rn@kj_fetishmodel this is amazing I wish u could teach more girls to be like u lol@kj_fetishmodel how much lol jk jk jk don't hurt me I jk I wuv uIf the only thing you have going for you is you look good & you have no manners, education, or personality then u should reevaluate life.#FirelightLighting demo. #VisualStorytelling2 alexbuono #TheGroupHopper lol 😆 @ Los Angeles Marriott… workshop in Burbank for the day. Excited for alexbuono 🙌🙌 @ Los Angeles Marriott…'t sleep so u just made 10 different ringtones to wake up to do in not cranky in the morning.Love the pics but is that one dude really lifting weights in sandals? @kj_fetishmodel @nigel_dictator 😆 damn who is that??@littlesexbuddha @DavaFoxx it's not for attention it's so people who support them stop and weed out the awful "porn stars"
@DavaFoxx @littlesexbuddha CALL HER OUT! CALL HER OUT! CALL HER OUT!
@DavaFoxx @nyjets 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂@hollyrandall wow all that and a bag of chips lol don't be sad too long 😆@JanessaBrazil @Misty_Gates eye-catching and WOWZA@InMelRosePlace @LexiVixi both y'all gorgeous!!!! 😍😍😍😍I'm too busy loving my life!!! ☺️❤️🌍
Retweeted by © ® € € ¶Love when I think to myself "damn I need more tees" & then one of my favorite sites is having a huge sale!@Madison420Ivy NO LIQUID???? HOW WILL U LIVE????? 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢@XNicoleAnistonX I bought a rice cooker...I love lifeeeeee lol@madelynxmonroe which one? The OC fair ends this weekend I think@hollyrandall that's ridic and as a member of the Male species I am sorry on that idiots behalf. You're gorgeous and have talent!@Erica_Boyle #Princess 👑
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