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If I have an idea and I don't do it, it leaves a little residue in my brain - Stefan Sagmeister #WDCD15 http://t.co/JXDYzsWFYJ
Retweeted by Andra Iacob@dstitch yes I have are u around for a while longer?@dstitch were you seriously in the same workshop as me and you also won! Seems like we are sisters shame on the Brazilians :)Thank you @WhatDesignCanDo had an amazing day. great speakers and lots of fun too!@sagmeisterwalsh the elephant really has its own agenda #consciousvsunconscious #WDCD15Just a tiny bit of a # Schwarzenegger feeling right now @WhatDesignCanDoFloating cinema by Ole Scheeren that's something I wish I could be on a boring weekend #WDCD15 #architecture@BompasandParr thanks for the banana Confetti it kept me going :)@casinclair would really like to talk to you #greatmindsthinkalike? #MiddleEast #wdcd15'Scale is bullshit' - @casinclair #WDCD15Will periscope my talk in 20 minutes (12.50) about designing for the last billion. Link via my Twitter @casinclair
Retweeted by Andra IacobFood should have love in it - @TheGoodEgg_ that's what my mom always said #WDCD15 💗@WhatDesignCanDo @BompasandParr Epic experience! #WDCD15 http://t.co/UFicfCfyJa
Retweeted by Andra IacobRisky business. @BompasandParr #WDCD15 #jelly #food #cloud #experience #senses http://t.co/VeV5b5ETCW
Retweeted by Andra IacobCynthia Shanmugalingam: Food has a lot to offer. It animates our cities & we fall in love when eating it. It's not just about money #WDCD15
Retweeted by Andra IacobAre they going to serve naked sushi on stage #WDCD15?Pickalicious #gurcinchandelier here at @WhatDesignCanDo #WDCD15 http://t.co/DaC5p2CK2iPrototyping and feedback #differentsidesofsamecoin let's understand and use this #WDCD15Inspiring morning #WDCD15! #Sensorial #Experience #BrazilianDesign http://t.co/PadUo5ePvo
Retweeted by Andra IacobOn stage now: An interview with Johan Karlsson, Shaun Scales and Jonathan Spampinato of the @Better_Shelter project #WDCD15 #refugee
Retweeted by Andra IacobSecond part we start with better shelter @WhatDesignCanDo http://t.co/BMLKv2Yf8ICesare Peeren: We do not need to dig up anything more. We can reuse what exists. I am creating the tools to make that possible. #WDCD15
Retweeted by Andra IacobIn nature nothing gets wasted.. But we are a weird species we waste almost everything - #biglesson #WDCD15 #upcycleOn stage now: @Superusestudios architect Césare Peeren on turning waste into quality designs #WDCD15 #waste #architecture
Retweeted by Andra Iacob#brokenhearted me neither they don't know who they are missing in their lives https://t.co/kKA9w4Lek1Materials have stories and tell you what they want to be - recurring theme so far here @WhatDesignCanDo love that #design #listen#WDCD15 Campana brothers are you willing to adopt me? #question #iknowimtoooldbutwhocares http://t.co/Nh91MiIgVzCampana brothers gave me an idea for my old toys & stuffed animals #design #WDCD15"The material tells us what it wants to be." – Campana Brothers #products #craft #WDCD15 http://t.co/rKy4yeyRrn
Retweeted by Andra IacobLa creatividad para construir a partir de la precariedad es una fuente de inspiración para #CampanaBrothers #WDCD15 http://t.co/qFnKtWQGNw
Retweeted by Andra IacobCampana brothers from Brazil wish they were my brothers #WDCD15 #lovethemIs house of wolf still open? #question #WDCD15What Design Can Do 2015, livestream #WDCD15 http://t.co/c8C6sos8iF
Retweeted by Andra IacobSound is so powerful it can change your visual experience - #amazed #WDCD15 #spraycansAll senses are intertwined we should use them all when designing - #WDCD15Shine bright & yellow Richard Vd Laken on the 5th anniversary of @WhatDesignCanDo #WDCD15 http://t.co/g1hpgsAgVtStarting this morning @WhatDesignCanDo #WDCD15 #rappinmorning http://t.co/f9KK03zCJz
Excited about tomorrow #WDCD15 @WhatDesignCanDo :) 😎🎆"Facebook isn't the biggest social network. Food is. It connects 7 billion people !" #WDCD
Retweeted by Andra Iacob@boohoo_cshelp Is it normal that an order of 19 may is still processing today?
The kick-off #DisruptMusic @Sakiatweets with @innoventuresLLC we look forward to the teams being back next week http://t.co/6p8TCufxoU
Retweeted by Andra Iacob@boohoo_cshelp I don't have other codes.. I now also added another dress from the holiday shop and nothing still the same error@boohoo_cshelp Netherlands@boohoo_cshelp using holiday and the message is 'coupon code not valid' http://t.co/aqHNkt0lpK@boohoo_cshelp why is the discount code not working it says 35% if you use holiday... Not working #fail@boohoo why is your coupon discount code not working #fail.. I tried it several times. Pls explain
@vonStrum @amisboersma @ArthurSteiner @GloryvilleAM aha well you know that early in the morning we all look at least 20yrs older ;)@vonStrum @amisboersma @ArthurSteiner where was this?#word https://t.co/swWHS7M5n6@JandinoAsporaat dit vind jij vast ook heel #lief #alleenmaarliefde gast voor je nieuwe show? (cc: @amisboersma) http://t.co/AxjKkJqNot@lieffestival deze dame moet echt aanwezig zijn #lief @amisboersma #festivalliefde http://t.co/lNkKeYKqnZ
@Valenprimo hey will you join at #DisruptMusic in Cairo end of this month?
@FateneBH yep yep we all want to ;)@christinepetre was at #DisruptGames read her piece here http://t.co/6lJQNhIazY via @WamdaME
Retweeted by Andra Iacob
Literally and figuratively a more positive sound from #Baghdad #Iraq http://t.co/iETl6F6Au9 #music4peace
Very proud https://t.co/RnOuueJprb
@Aixelafef thank you for your hospitality and see you soon
One team showing their app to the jury #DisruptGames #finalverdict #pitching http://t.co/ngws4FSTHb
Retweeted by Andra IacobPitching at #DisruptGames event at @Cogite_TN #Tunisia #Entreprenuership http://t.co/VvgkhB0pBf
Retweeted by Andra IacobI'm too happy for this experience and so proud of all the teams of #disruptgames ! I gonna miss you guys :)
Retweeted by Andra IacobEverything is starting now #finalverdict #DisruptGames http://t.co/nfaL6LqhAE
Retweeted by Andra Iacob#DisruptGames everyone in their suit & tie for today pitches here @Cogite_TN http://t.co/6JUrYLLRB1
Retweeted by Andra IacobWondering what has been going on #disruptgames read the lastest blog here http://t.co/bYFC1FMVsu cc: @Cogite_TN @hivosorg @DutchCulture
Retweeted by Andra Iacob@Aixelafef you can be all you want to be and more :)
Life time value #disruptgames #games # life_is_a_game
Retweeted by Andra IacobSecond day start with some storytelling games with our participants #DisruptGames #training #entrepreneurs http://t.co/nh6YJ3JYVz
Retweeted by Andra IacobGetting ready for second day at #DisruptGames about to dig into #BMC and game methodology with @SultanWalid http://t.co/pBJDTB9l93
Retweeted by Andra Iacob
From @MonkeyBizTweetz Dimme telling about applied games #rulesthatteach #DisruptGames (cc: @DutchCulture @hivos) http://t.co/mwvTnmCRhJ
Retweeted by Andra IacobWalid from DigitalManiaStudio speaking about his experience in developing games #DisruptGames http://t.co/7it5KE73zW
Retweeted by Andra IacobToday we start with #disruptgames in #Tunis with amazing young Tunisians working on #seriousgames #gamesforimpact with @Cogite_TN
Tunis so far #coworking #banks #healthyfood #lake #happy excited for #DisruptGames with @Cogite_TN @FateneBH @nayzek http://t.co/tvjQfs9tDV@MennovL @lhamerlinck is er nog een plekje op de lijst voor een oud collega voor coming #startupfriday :)Disrupting games next week in #Tunisia with @Cogite_TN amazing mentors and participants http://t.co/8TbeFrwkVs
Retweeted by Andra Iacob
#disruptmusic https://t.co/rCJ3xeGk3j
@NS_online ja bedankt daar heb ik nu even niets aan. Dus jullie sturen mij nu gratis een anonieme ov chipkaart ter compensatie? bedankt!@NS_online ik betaal netjes mijn abonnement geld en nu betaal ik volle pond. Is dat eerlijk? Wil mijn geld graag terug! #ovchipfail@NS_online ik heb ov chipk daar heb ik recht op meereiskorting. het bestaat dat je eenmalig gasten krijgt die geen ov chipkaart hebben 1/2@NS_online waarom kan ik niet meereiskorting kaartje kopen bij de automaat zonder ov chipkaart voor medepassagiers?Great read http://t.co/G5ChN1xDan #art #MiddleEast #goingagainststereotypes
Excited about this :) https://t.co/yRkh3vMWtx
Who were the winners of the ideas track @MITEFarab #MITinKuwait ?
Yesterday during #Disruptdesign @Dawawinebeirut #socialdesign #entrepreneurs #training #Beirut #Lebanon http://t.co/0OdsIWrfIo
Retweeted by Andra Iacob
Day 2 of #Disruptdesign with @WhatDesignCanDo own Ricard Vd Laken #training #Beirut http://t.co/t4uqm9JftT
Retweeted by Andra Iacob
Introducing our first mentor today at #disruptdesign A Dublin native and Amsterdam resident, Paul Hughes comes... http://t.co/mUB1biO4BC
Retweeted by Andra Iacob
@halafrangie @MITEFarab is this really not going to happen anymore..? Any hope left for the teams?
@halafrangie @MITEFarab hopefully this inshallah has some visas with it cause it will feel devastating for sure@halafrangie @MITEFarab will it be resolved... Major loss if it cannot be resolved on time they worked so hard #visafail
Did we mention #Disruptdesign is going to be very special amazing participants #mentors #jury more to come.. @BeirutDW @Zoomaal @MENADesign
Retweeted by Andra Iacob@KLM I just dm-ed you.. The flight is at 18h tomorrow perhaps that's why?@KLM just checked in a flight for Tarom tomorrow but could not change the meal to vegetarian can u help?
@BeriShalmashi check dit http://t.co/3kah9gTE6cPlease share @MesopotAya http://t.co/ifz9eKrUpZ@muna0808 @nawres102 @Orpheus1 this is great totally sharing
@tedxcarthage good luck to the entire team @nayzek @FateneBH shine bright like the diamonds you are #love #Tunisia #TEDx
Yes @Faiayounan you are almost there :) #crowdfunding http://t.co/R0BMWBgivf
Did you know #DisruptGames is coming to #Tunisia register now! http://t.co/0fCAAV9KJG #seriousgaming #training with @Cogite_TN
Retweeted by Andra IacobA very good video & thinking of the people of # Yemen @maktbi @melaghil http://t.co/YPqsQQ7eMX #supportyemen@Valenprimo amazing piece! http://t.co/qbaKVE2C05
Do you know any good NGOs working on #sustainable design in automotive and/or aerospace industry? Let me know! Looking for cool projects.
Retweeted by Andra IacobThat time you went shopping and you had to buy new socks just cause the ones you had on were soaking wet #DutchSpring rain rain and rain
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