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living the dream on SportsCenter at 9am.. husband, father, Temple grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed Tastykakes, wish they built Wawas in CT..

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@RfrankToo appreciate ya. Back tomorrow.@eventernatalie unfortunately I can't do it on NFL Mondays. That's my busy time of year. Good luck with it. Go Owls!@eventernatalie hi Natalie.. When is the event and where?@DavidAmber no doubt. Still can't believe what they did.
Walked out of an elevator and bumped into one of the heroes from the Paris attack - Anthony Sadler. Only in New York. -1st Indian American ESPN anchor kicks off #ascend2015 discussing agile bold and innovative leaders
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@AmySwartzz holding my breath every snap.We'll be doing a slow release of our new @UnderArmour uniforms leading up to kickoff. Your first peek.. #TeamUA
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiPlayers, coaches, GMs have come and gone there, one thing has been consistently the same. pressure to get the 2nd right... And, it's really good that suit today...whooooooo 🔥@SSpakeESPN I'll be there sporting cherry and white. Ready to watch history.@RobTitoMoore @TempleOwls @MikeTrimWPTV @CStewartWPTV @RSteinWPTV I can't wait to see what happens on the field.
Final out of 2 no-hitters since 1900: Chase Utley, Jason Bartlett, Phil Nevin, Hank Aaron, Harvey Kuenn, Hank Bauer, Ted Williams, Del Pratt
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiJake Arrietta first no-no gets him to win 17. The last Cubs pitcher with 17 wins before September 1 was Jon Lieber in 2001.In 9 games w the Dodgers, Chase Utley has been on the wrong end of 2 no hitters. This is weird.Term student-athlete gets me every time. Do they call the trombone player student-musician? And the art major student-artist? Student-chef?
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiIf you think I'm suggesting RG3 would start in Philly, you're not following. It's about reviving a career, look at Sanchez.If Washington decides to get rid of RG3, he should give Chip a call. Fascinated what he could do to turn his career around. New environment.ESPN Anchor @KNegandhiESPN is up next with @joestaszak975 to talk about the Eagles and Sam Bradford's performance last night!
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiBig time respect for Santa Cruz and Mares. Neither one backed down for 12 rounds. #PBConESPN
This fight has lived up to its "slugfest" hype.Santa Cruz-Mares have landed more punches in the first 15 seconds than the entire May-Pac fight.Kenjon Barner has done everything possible to make the Eagles.Curious to see what LoB thinks of him by mid season. RT @LRiddickESPN: Don't see it with Cary Williams. Never have.@D_Stro it's good. Go get a 6 pack.@jon_ard thanks.@jon_ard check my last tweet.@Andy_Williams16 Eagles and Sam will need it. Enjoying it while we can.Sam Bradford sure looks comfortable. Accuracy is on point. Offense humming on all cylinders.It's only preseason. Wow! It's only preseason. Did you see that?! It's only preseason. Holy! It's only preseason.They look good! It's only..Put Bradford on ice until the regular season. That is enough. #Eagles
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiA sac fly w the runner on 2nd in the big leagues? Yes it can be done when the CF has no idea of the situation. @big_tah47 good stuff right here.
Yup. Life in the Trop. RT @TrevorSikkema: This might be the most comically strange #sports vine I've ever seen Washington-RG3 saga is a mess. Both sides need a clean break. A fine for a dirty dorm room was entertained? This is ridiculous. to have @CP3 on @SportsCenter this morning sharing his NOLA experience 10 years after Hurricane Katrina thanks KevinWho wins in a battle between a lion and a jaguar? @damienwoody went jaguar.
Found this new display @espn today - the 2015 College football playoff bracket made out of legos. I want in. The league looks awesome.@JosinaAnderson congrats JoJo! Awesome newsThe legend of Chocolate Thunder. time it will be @ESPNDari.. Chocolate Thunder. Darryl Dawkins was an original. You will be missed, safe travels back to planet Lovetron.Excellent look at the current state of the Phillies by @jcrasnick. Finally there is hope!! I will be there.College football is a week away!
@GeorgeAtallah congrats!!!! Beautiful family.@Sri_Raman well played.@robfiesler25 thanks RobLooking forward to this film on Friday. Gator fans- Danny is new to Twitter. Follow @dannywuerffel great Danny Wuerffel now on SportsCenter. His #SECStoried debuts on @SECNetwork Tues, 9p ET.
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhieverybody in this TV business understands what the local life is about.. my heart breaks for the victims, the families and @WDBJ7 newsroomTalking #Packers in the next hour on @SportsCenter with @KNegandhiESPN
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi
Thanks @KNegandhiESPN for letting me describe Nats despair and my journey to Taylor Swift on @SportsCenter
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@reesewaters @SportsCenter great to have you on board. At least Kendrick is on one track.Since the "non-trade", the Mets Wilmer Flories is batting .343 in 20 games..
I'll never forget watching how he handled it. Prayers for his wife and 2 kids. Rest in peace Justin Wilson.While Kanaan and Helio got the fans attention at the table, Justin stood out... he came across as a bright guy who loved his job..In May, @jaymee and I had the chance to sit near Justin Wilson during an autograph session before the Indy 500... (continue....)@TylerKepner a special day for Von Hayes.Just awful news. Man. Praying for his family and the IndyCar community.' throws come w a buzzing sound. Rockets.That will shutdown the speculation. RT @caplannfl: #Eagles and Kendricks agreed to a 4-yr, $29 m extension with $16.4m guaranteed@ESPNRobertSmith I call our youngest monk. It's the best. Your oldest has gotten so big. Hope you're ok dad.Great benefit concert @liltunechi is having on August 28th in NOLA marking the 10 yr anniversary of Hurricane Katrina<<peaks at 401K.... wondering who lost a $1 bet and what happened to Clarence Beeks>>Both are not in good places right now. @LilTunechi Damn. I did.@kace_kacy yes I did. Major fail.Serena Williams has played 50 matches in 2015...and she has won 48 of them
@AshleyFoxESPN there are a few combustible moments. You know it's gonna explode in the season finale.@JadeMcCarthy the pics are great. Man to man defense is a whole new ballgame but nothing better. Congrats!This season of Ray Donovan has been tremendous.Chip does a good job at hiding things. have a fantasy draft before the 3rd preseason game.
@josephmavor I've seen enough from both players careers.If Bradford plays 12-16 games, Eagles are fighting for homefield in NFC. If Sanchez starts 6 games, they'll struggle to make the playoffs.@jamma789 as excited as I am scared of a Bradford injury.Last week the WRs stood out. Tonight it's the RBs. Part of Chip's overall goal: Versatility. Nightmare game planning for defenses each week.It's preseason but Chip found a way to get Murray, Sproles and Matthews touches that resulted in a long TD drive. O has so much potential.@longhornlady01 it's scary.Sam Bradford wanted to get hit. Not like that. But... Got it out of the wayExcellent play by Nolan Carroll.As I will every game of his Eagles career, I will hold my breath until Sam Bradford's day is done. It begins tonight.These 3 Americans are the true definition of heroes. WATCH! Pro or Mac Air?
Fiers faced 30 batters in his no hitter. He threw 19 first pitch strikes.@RoFloESPN of 2016.134th pitch = 90 mph. Wow. Congrats to Mike Fiers.Maclin is the perfect guy to help Charles and Kelce in an Andy Reid-Alex Smith offense.@awhitney23 he looks very good. Just scored a TD.@THISguy214 and the hits are coming in the middle of the field.Jeremy Maclin taking some big hits vs. the Seahawks D.I would've bought these guys a cold refreshing beverage if I was there. Always Phillies. just smacked me in the face seeing him in the LA lid. to officially have you on board Sheil. A fantastic addition to ESPN
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