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If you take anything I say on Twitter seriously, you have too much time on your hands. NEON ALIENS ATE MY HOMEWORK available wherever books are sold.

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"@ImSpankyHayes: My nigga @nickcannon 4ever https://t.co/uboIzmHwG8" yes sir!#KCA style. @NickCannon rocking #McQueen, #PaulSmith and his own Nick Cannon ties, @LouboutinWorldhttps://t.co/ueap5kfo3a
Retweeted by Nick CannonCan't wait!!! kehlanimusic #YSBH #TsunamiMob #Ncredible If you ain't heard about her, then you ain't… https://t.co/DN8xynvFed
The Chairman is here! #KidsChoice #Ncredible Repost hollywoodreporter https://t.co/qXLGH8Lhcw.@NickCannon and @chrisrock look like they're having a great time already at #KidsChoiceAwards http://t.co/fKooPaV3r5 http://t.co/J0CdJQXpq8
Retweeted by Nick Cannon.@chrisrock, @NickCannon, @joshgad, & @KevinJames hit up the #KidsChoiceAwards! See the photos http://t.co/ebvFkt87VN http://t.co/yrLsV5B5Hb
Retweeted by Nick CannonWow, @ShawnMendes proooobably shouldn't have trusted @NickCannon. #slimed #KCA http://t.co/xlcdGYejlK
Retweeted by Nick Cannonless than 30 minutes away! Tune in to the #KCA TONIGHT at 8/7 on @NickelodeonTV! http://t.co/R98fAPL8KY@darealamberrose We just getting started! #Ncredible #TheTakeOver #HowToBeABadBitch https://t.co/sDDA8GFmlx
Debuting my new girl group tonight at the Kid Choice awards pre-party xo_iq #MakeItPop @Erikathamhttps://t.co/EzHwffumaZ#FreshPrince https://t.co/Jd6O4JvC76Tune in to the #KCA TOMORROW NIGHT at 8/7 on @NickelodeonTV! http://t.co/iy9WxziAlk
You!!!!! #Neon https://t.co/HNhUkd1uc2#TBT Movie Star status! We back at it! #Ncredible https://t.co/6mfSDFH2JI"Really??" #NotPressed The face I make when someone wants my attention and makes a dumbass statement… https://t.co/Qltaqk1fK4
Back in NYC on that superstar grind with the #Ncredible kehlanimusic in the lab cookin up more of her… https://t.co/uZkXTmVGKo
@danceja trying to get right for this movie with my OG killerbean_blazers_jamaica We in Kingston!!… https://t.co/BMaGTdKMRO
Take a picture... it lasts longer!!! #HereYouGo #ClearPic #Ncredible https://t.co/WebHaxoBDvMy DNA! Its like someone pulled this directly out of my brain... https://t.co/1gNDzlhjE1
Putting in Work in Kingston Jamaica with my All Star Squad killerbean @raddyrich876 danceja #Moviehttps://t.co/dgpqYU7d3H
#AGT season 10! We get younger every year!!! @nbcagt https://t.co/1juelUNVgvWhat are shoes if you don't have the right socks?! @micaelaerlanger https://t.co/oCCVffaWexOn my @LouboutinWorld rock! Which ones? #Fly #Ncredible #Fashion https://t.co/A4AgDvDWK0Enjoy this reading from @NickCannon. #WorldPoetryDay See the rest of the interview here: http://t.co/tMPehQRzdj https://t.co/swPtP41hPB
Retweeted by Nick Cannon.@NickCannon-produced ‘Make It Pop’ is like #Glee with K-Pop—watch a preview: http://t.co/x2CEAVnhbs http://t.co/C2qev5y1eJ
Retweeted by Nick Cannon#Ncredible #UnderDog #SpiritualFood https://t.co/DtUFPEmCWQ
Robert De Niro and @NickCannon are among the guests at Geena Davis' Bentonville Film Festival https://t.co/08Zu155JyJ http://t.co/lAkLetX8kt
Retweeted by Nick CannonSo exited to be a part of @BvilleFilmFest! #BeOurBFF http://t.co/eC8gXBzO0s http://t.co/mjYu4P3mpqThank you @NickCannon for all the amazing support you've shown to @StMarysKidsNY- NY's sickest kids. We love you! http://t.co/Pj5bxj5Ci8
Retweeted by Nick CannonMEET THE AUTHOR: Nick Cannon http://t.co/gJQ1Romstf.@NickCannon started with love letters before he wrote poems. http://t.co/i5RXWaqCc5 https://t.co/Ld1ez4S6oK
Retweeted by Nick CannonWatch Nick Cannon Do a Dramatic Poetry Reading from New Children's Book http://t.co/2FFgZEv8iK via @EssenceMag#AGT Day 2 #Focused https://t.co/4VADYaMdCl
#TBT American Son. We killed it at Sundance with this on! Back on my film grind! https://t.co/Nv7TL9elOyNick Cannon Beatboxes for Freestyle-Rapping Kid from St. Mary's Children's Hospital http://t.co/zR0EThI3ra via @extratv"@OfficialYonni: Yonni - Snapchat ft @LeonThomas x @EricBellinger x @Aroc x @RayvenJustice...: https://t.co/MQCgoiwyhBYonni - Snapchat ft @LeonThomas x @EricBellinger x @Aroc x @RayvenJustice...: https://t.co/vbn2emQ0mw #something2remember GOIN UP!!!
Retweeted by Nick CannonYo check out this heater!!! Yonni - Snapchat ft Leon Thomas x Eric Bellinger x Aroc x Rayven Justice...: https://t.co/MQCgoiwyhB#Ncredible #NeonAliensAteMyHomework https://t.co/PIzNtJcXr2While they're trying to count my money... I'm counting my blessings #Humbled #Work #TabloidsLie https://t.co/iJwtzGUb4SNew cover I shot of my brother @nickcannon for @urban_ink_mag. #NickCannon #pepwilliams #tattoo #backtattoo http://t.co/Z0WTAWWkGx
Retweeted by Nick Cannonnew issue of @urban_ink_mag out now! cover story by @kath3000 http://t.co/Q5u1Qg72zmMoney has absolutely nothing to do with happiness! #PayAttention https://t.co/1617gem4QP@PeterHoare @midnight Thanks! Isn't technology great!!
@nickcannon says he's no longer single and #dating me-- I'm totally okay with this:) Catch it tonight on @etalkCTV http://t.co/jZvhzO9hIt
Retweeted by Nick Cannon#BeBold https://t.co/ZhIvTquu3ODope cupcakes with my Instagram post on them! https://t.co/nZ9U3zlfQyPeace out Canada! Until next time aye! https://t.co/x461nqz6FNThe choice is yours... https://t.co/ZR34BJjlMJI dare you to get this one wrong! http://t.co/5OPhZknJQ6Can you envision Greatness? #Ncredible #OfAllTime #Ali https://t.co/rdRFFoEvnK#Blessed #Ncredible https://t.co/n40BePoZdBHow I celebrated St. Patrick's Day! #ChocolateCity #BlackIrish LOL https://t.co/yhXWcdbz0R
Watch the First Music Vid From Nick Cannon's K-Pop Show 'Make It Pop' via @fusetv http://t.co/bQTDwPD6W3@Stmaryskidsny kid Demetrius is hanging on the marquee of @HardRockCafeNYC with @NickCannon and @ajcalloway http://t.co/SBZeNi2VKO
Retweeted by Nick CannonSmile!!! #NeonAliensAteMyHomework https://t.co/uq9JR70jCwLate Night Fitting #NY I'm serious about this Fashion sh!t #Ncredible #Sleepy #AboutToGoColorBlindhttps://t.co/eloChWaI7I
Don't let the slim suits and the spectales fool ya!! Clark Kent is still Superman! #Ncrediblehttps://t.co/sLtAqjxfG4Had a great in store podcast at the soho Apple Store in NY. Thanks to @scholastichttps://t.co/jfSmmC3jYVHonored and inspired to meet Atiba Clarke aka @tiibabiba He shared with me his power book he authored… https://t.co/lnk7n2yBUZ#NickCannon presenting #NeonAliensAteMyHomework at Apple Soho. http://t.co/X5ZPeO8XCyNYC: Catch Nick LIVE tonight talking about his new @Scholastic poetry book at the Apple SoHo store. Reserve a spot at http://t.co/vCUD2IDy8xWe're excited @NickCannon is launching his new children's book #neonaliens today at St. Mary's http://t.co/UlOjq2ozlF
Retweeted by Nick Cannon"@LilLadyMP: @NickCannon my #mcm all day! And you looked super adorable on The View this morning." Well Thank youHonored to have my Poetry presented to St. Mary's Children's Hospital! #Wordsmithhttps://t.co/5mDd2xKqW9Nick sharing selections from #NeonAliensAteMyHomework with his friends at @StMarysKidsNY http://t.co/9JB2yXuaWGWhat was @NickCannon doing on @TheView today? #WildNOut! The show returns this summer on @MTV2. http://t.co/ZGnz6iQhUw
Retweeted by Nick CannonHow we do @thejakegore #Wildnout https://t.co/ZmjGFrCiV2Can we talk about this crew for a minute? ✌️@NickCannon #TheView http://t.co/8o7QpJVhox
Retweeted by Nick Cannon@AprilAprizzay well thank you anyway!"@tokarz_danielle: Seeing @NickCannon on @TheView today made my morning!! What a stunner! 😍" Thank you"@MizzSarai86: @NickCannon You looked amazing on the view today!! I need me one of those Wildn out beanies!!" Ha! Thanks. I got you!"@shemarpowell2: @NickCannon you were absolutely stunning today on @TheView 💯👍 love the look #AlwaysNeat" thank you very much"@XMelDNY: Dam @NickCannon looking Good on the View 😍" Thank you!@traceysparkles thank you very much for your support. Hope your son loves the book!@NickCannon Can you be any more adorable? Love your look today: the suit...big ole' tie...fun specs. Can't wait to get your book for my son!
Retweeted by Nick Cannon"@daisygirl721: I love @NickCannon he's so darn cute and love his style. I did pick the RIGHT day to turn the view on." Thank youLet's go https://t.co/PGwiGOByrCNYC: Catch me LIVE tonight talking about my new @Scholastic poetry book at the Apple SoHo store. Reserve a spot at http://t.co/vCUD2IDy8xTune in! @NickCannon's on @theview to talk about his new #poetry #book! http://t.co/Io7t6CNLTR
Retweeted by Nick Cannontune in to @TheView now! #NeonAliensAteMyHomework @ScholasticFly morning, on my way into gma #Ncredible #Hustle #Author #NeonAliensAteMyHomework https://t.co/Uyha4oT1ue"Writing is the essence of everything I do" - @NickCannon to @RobinRoberts #TakeNotesKids
Retweeted by Nick Cannontune in to @GMA now to catch #NickCannon talking about his new @Scholastic book and more! http://t.co/owhFHYCO1lHere's looking at you kid! #PreTatts #Ncredible https://t.co/CQ0yZ3vA7y"If the shoe fits, Stanky Leg in that Sh!t" https://t.co/TfLkPOEl3k#TrustNone #BeCarefulOutHereMyNinja https://t.co/8EFeAlF2NA
In the lab wit @Tpain cookin!! #Ncredible #NappyBoy #NYC https://t.co/Vd25cksFBJWatch Nick on @TheView live tomorrow to talk about his new @Scholastic children’s book “Neon Aliens Ate My Homework and Other Poems.”Who wanna roll? #Ncredible https://t.co/tIrGaKYMR0#Mood https://t.co/xqfKggHrhTNikki Z's Hot 20 #Dancehall #Reggae (3/9-3/13) http://t.co/QTrzYCcB6W #9 "Sexy Gyal" @KreeshaTurner @TOKjamaica @thedjbuddha @NickCannon
Retweeted by Nick CannonWe're catching up with @NickCannon tomorrow on @TheView! Tweet us questions for Nick using #TheView http://t.co/dcOw4Rbq46
Retweeted by Nick Cannoncatch Nick on @goodmorningamerica tomorrow to talk about his new @scholastic book, “Neon Aliens Ate My Homework”! http://t.co/Xv9hBiMHHkDamn, that's too bad... But like I always say, "What Others think about me is none of My business" https://t.co/Cx4zqRUCIM#RealTalk https://t.co/bELYC3mTe0Y'all ain't ready! #Ncredible #Reset #Focused #TakeOverTime #HeGotThatLookInHisEye https://t.co/Gh3SD5XFtzWe had Atlantic City lit!! borgataac https://t.co/dUAGe1pmJy
#TacoMeat 😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/CPntRwEl4kJust touched down at Teterboro! Atlantic City Tonight! Let's get it!!! https://t.co/aAxrBh34qs
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