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Jennifer™ @OpenBookJen Charleston, WV

And I feel quite foolish sometimes when I pray, but my thoughts are all I got so I try to make 'em brave. And I know...I know...it's gonna be a good day. #Hello

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar underwent quadruple coronary bypass surgery on April 16 http://t.co/7d488FybN1
Retweeted by Jennifer™You guys. I found heaven. @ Taylor Books https://t.co/EciGxnJxdJAl fresco. @ Black Sheep Burrito and Brews at The Brewery https://t.co/QBwC4VAjH0@dustbury *Also known as "faith." :-)@uncletypewriter Look at you, gorgeous. xo@dustbury Me, too. It will. We've reached that tipping point where @FIAofGKV needs and deserves full-time attention. It's going to be great.So excited. This organization is ready. It's time! Icing on the cake? @FIAofGKV officially turns one on the same day. May 1st, here we come.Two weeks from today, I'm stepping out of the comfort zone of my day job and taking a leap of faith toward running @FIAofGKV full-time.The poor aren't the only victims of crippling poverty http://t.co/fg3e2wjy5y http://t.co/MwVcUJt2rj
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@katemats No worries. Targeted social media is good. Just gotta be a little careful with it. :-) I do like your notebook. Good luck!@katemats You already tweeted me this twice. Your product is nice. Your social media marketing is spammy. No offense.Gratitude is an opener of locked-up blessings. http://t.co/wgdPAGoqfj
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Why syntax matters https://t.co/hPLRsYitiG (h/t @BuzzFeedAndrew)
Retweeted by Jennifer™WV girl! :-) https://t.co/5YKcgOgEuZThe ridiculousness of pack journalism, in 1 picture https://t.co/0BPF4tGDrZ
Retweeted by Jennifer™@iboudreau Right?!It's amazing how much work you cannot do when the Internet shuts down.US soul singer Percy Sledge, famed for his song When a Man Loves a Woman, has died aged 73 http://t.co/ihBom505rW http://t.co/uqaWLbikT0
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@pnuts_mama I had no idea. I feel so sheltered. :-(@pnuts_mama WHAT?! Is it on?!Um. 'Scuse me? https://t.co/AYC9X7ljGA@KatieHellerWV Welcome to the struggle of my life. REAL, IT IS.A speechless @adamlevine ... and rightfully so. #TheVoiceMan, I love this kid. #Imagine #Sawyer #TheVoice@mrsmediocrity Whoa! Good for you!!!!! https://t.co/j7tFPAUqcd
Retweeted by Jennifer™I am waiting to be impressed by someone with real solutions to real issues. Meaning no need to pay attention for another year or so, really.Not a fan of many of Rubio's political positions, but then, I'm not a fan of many of Hillary's, either. This is a quandary election for me.America's new prom king & queen. Marco definitely wins the "most photogenic better half" portion of our competition. https://t.co/2CF77EyzW11944: The NYT discovers pizza http://t.co/FZYS67nVro http://t.co/d8tYsoRoMk
Retweeted by Jennifer™First porch sittin' evening of the season, I do believe. It's been a gorgeous day.So it's Fleetwood Mac vs. the Black-Eyed Peas? We're doomed, 'Merica. https://t.co/L5NHEPvjWkAlways remember - when a politicians lips are moving they're most likely feeding you complete bullshit
Retweeted by Jennifer™@smhyde LOLWell, then. Good luck to you, sir, but I don't have time for you, either. #IdiotCharleston Democratic candidate for mayor says he's too busy for debate. http://t.co/l7P1U3S6uo
Retweeted by Jennifer™Swap out your extra plants or seeds during the Go Green Seed and Plant Exchange at Dunbar Branch, April 20-25. http://t.co/Vr1rnm73hh
Retweeted by Jennifer™As Rubio joins 2016 race, here was our look at voters' early impressions of the candidates http://t.co/CTfPEw9YbZ http://t.co/33prepgw1U
Retweeted by Jennifer™Nothing like hitting the ground running to make your Monday morning miseries disappear!
@dustbury I feel...refurbished. LOLSteaks going on the grill, kicky new pink shoes going in the closet, and me? Going for a twilight walk soon. :-)What a fabulous day! More like this one, please! #ILoveSunshine #ShortTimeLongTime.@AP So he didn't so much "fall" into the pit as "was dropped" into it. That's criminal.Israel removes solar panels from a Palestinian village in the West Bank. It was their only source of electricity http://t.co/2PrAYSjP8h
Retweeted by Jennifer™30 minutes and counting until I can break outta here and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL day!!On SNL, Darrell Hammond returned as Bill Clinton for Hillary’s campaign announcement--WATCH: http://t.co/VyUdISOkr8 http://t.co/AB1V3M40EA
Retweeted by Jennifer™Love her or hate her, one thing is sure: nobody can make the GOP do the freak out dance like Hillary can.
@wv_power No worries! Thanks for the reply. Love the idea of a real Beer Festival in Charley West!On Loving.. http://t.co/EXsPfWie1j
Retweeted by Jennifer™'''''''' ''''''' '''''' '''' '''''''''! 🌈 #Coachella
Retweeted by Jennifer™@Tarburator @mlkub7 The Company Stores are awesome! How long does this event go on? I just got back from Home Show...worth coming over?Anybody know how long Brewfest lasts today? Is it worth going over now? I can't find hours listed anywhere! @wv_power@ESPN_Burnside Pittsburgh!If you're at the #WVHomeShow come see me! Booth is hard to miss... #50ShadesOfPurple #EndAlz http://t.co/kBD3Uj6T0LWhat's not to love? @ Downtown Charleston Historic District https://t.co/Yy1KWDAfjq@MeaganShelton Couldn't agree more! :-)Riding my bike to town for a coffee and some errands this afternoon. Then on to the Civic Center for my Home Show shift. Thanks, sunshine!The Saints may have "Come Marching In" last July, but @HerdFB is "Thundering In" @The_Greenbrier today. #BEHERD http://t.co/annr8h8G0b
Retweeted by Jennifer™Feeling much better, thank goodness. Full day on tap, including a gig at the WV Home Show later this afternoon. I'll be at the purple booth..@Nike passes the golf torch with an emotional ad starring @McIlroyRory and @TigerWoods: http://t.co/lfWWJ7f2xk http://t.co/4qkN4G1eNj
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Like crossing monkey bars. http://t.co/yxtMpcDMkr
Retweeted by Jennifer™In the long term, credibility isn't everything. It's the ONLY THING. It's precious. Guard it with every fiber of your integrity."Being a real leader requires you to own your mistakes, not mean-girl your way out of them." SO true! Real pitfall for some women, I think.@cgoodwoman @RobertSBoone @BarackObama I'm a proud member.The world's best swim up bars. A gallery. http://t.co/1Ij6B7ifH8 http://t.co/aAj3P2rcDG
Retweeted by Jennifer™Whoever tweeted that Mr. Rogers video that left me sobbing like a baby in a puddle of my own tears...I don't like you very much right now.POTUS leaving Jamaica (photo credit: official White House photographer petesouza) #jamaica https://t.co/4qekftyPAd
Retweeted by Jennifer™@takeme2keywest Then I am going with bug.@smhyde Thank you!How do you know if you have a bug or ate something bad?Ugh. Husband cooked pizza for office breakfast and the smell is KILLING ME. Not what you want to wake up to after a long night of puking. :(
Week something : Workday. https://t.co/EBzuCjVBlQ
Air Force One wheels down Kingston, Jamaica
Retweeted by Jennifer™@bitmapped Excuses. LOL@bitmapped #Blasphemy@pnuts_mama "You need to come." LOLJack Nicklaus thrills the crowd at Masters Par 3 contest with a hole-in-one http://t.co/A4MFOElGmd http://t.co/5wE38oDqa1
Retweeted by Jennifer™Am grocery shopping with thw lovely Rosie the Riveter front row left. :-) I have the greatest "job." http://t.co/L819IItubU10 Meaningful Literary Moments That Were Lost In Translation: http://t.co/JappZKgj4Y @listverse
Retweeted by Jennifer™@fritzb43 It's the rare soul indeed who can resist the siren call of collective righteousness. Hello to you.Know the point of your life | 37days http://t.co/0PBCOnX50C
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In other news, Marilyn Manson eats at Denny's, so either the world's vastly more or not nearly as whacked out as we all thought. #Hope@BradMcElhinny Wish it were different. Your resources are valuable to me! Or should be, right? Web interface: build it and they will come.@BradMcElhinny I hear you. Just saying I only subscribe to paper on wknds and don't visit website unless I have to because of those things.@BradMcElhinny I am saying I would love nothing more than to bookmark my local paper and visit it before USA Today and all the rest.Went to @TaylorBooksWV tonight and bought 3 new books because they were 60% OFF WHAT THE HECK. I CANNOT NOT BUY BOOKS THAT CHEAP.@BradMcElhinny Fresh! Clickable! Exciting! And that's all I'll say about that. But I imagine I'm not alone in my opinion on the matter.@BradMcElhinny Looks, feels, and flows like bad cookie cutter model. It's icky and old looking. Look at this: http://t.co/o6BhjJ9lKX@BradMcElhinny That's your problem. LOLIf someone isn't being beastly toward a person/thing/principle we hold dear, unleash the brazen social media kraken, Katy bar the door.Isn't it funny that we collectively shame bullies in the real world but circle the wagons in support of bully-ish behavior on social media?@BradMcElhinny HA. Yes. And if it isn't, you're the man who can make it so. ;-)@BradMcElhinny I'm sorry to be so blunt. But it's true. And we have some incredibly talented local folks who could fix that for you.@BradMcElhinny Yes. And pure aesthetics. They are graphically offensive.@BradMcElhinny Also: is "dailies'" a word?@BradMcElhinny Can I be honest? I find our local dailies' website painful to peruse. I would gravitate naturally to my news there if not so.Give it UP for Kimberly! Linda Perry should be so proud. What a tribute of a performance. #TheVoicePlayoffs@johnsonr Beautiful."What the bloody hell is this?" http://t.co/wdPn0cYi8d http://t.co/O2Eq9fALXk
Retweeted by Jennifer™OMG. This is a blast. Lemon Up! Earth Born! Tickle deodorant! I used, and loved, them all. http://t.co/fhpbw59vmV
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