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Jennifer™ @OpenBookJen Charleston, WV

And I feel quite foolish sometimes when I pray, but my thoughts are all I got so I try to make 'em brave. And I know...I know...it's gonna be a good day. #Hello

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Have you been naughty or nice? #BetterBeHonest @ North Pole http://t.co/bBxHini4McSo. Stinkin. Adorable. @ Davis & Henley's House http://t.co/HV8FmDXOlvGrandpa Drew is a rock star, saving a beloved Christmas tradition! @ Davis & Henley's House http://t.co/zemMvqctFQGoo! @ Davis & Henley's House http://t.co/ENig271CbYLer it go, already. @ Davis & Henley's House http://t.co/a3bmJT4HE8Christmas Eve breakfast. @ Davis & Henley's House http://t.co/SIyBxn2wiO
Hello, Christmas! http://t.co/pACotEpiRXOrange peel chicken for Workmas, and lo!, a new Christmas Eve Eve tradition is born. @ Alzheimer's… http://t.co/3BaLgFpzwyOrange chicken and brown rice. I think this should be a new Christmas Eve Eve tradition. #YummdillyiciousNew study published in The Lancet is 1st "to reveal the success of an Ebola vaccine in an African population" http://t.co/lABRkn6fR8
Retweeted by Jennifer™Tonight, I'll be snuggling grandbabies. Merry Christmas Eve Eve to me!
I'm going in. Need anything? @ Charleston Town Center http://t.co/2Ztm5cW589Whenever I want to quit Twitter, I realise that I need at least one thing in life to be deeply ashamed of. And then I stay.
Retweeted by Jennifer™You can leave your hat on.JUST IN: Singer Joe Cocker dies at age 70, agent confirms to CBS News http://t.co/MkqVJ4VsKt http://t.co/RW31X40x5e
Retweeted by Jennifer™Pope Francis: Merry Christmas, you power-hungry hypocrites http://t.co/7ao79Eksg8 || Love it! And it fits American politics just as well.
Jake has had his Christmas bath. Bring on the egg nog! http://t.co/S9nDLkNKnw
Considering a tweet about NYC? Maybe take 15 minutes to think about it first. We'll all be here when you get back and the story will be too.
Retweeted by Jennifer™Surreal. Prayers for the entire NYPD family.The juxtaposition between Huggins' enthusiastic comments about being in NYC to play bball with the rest of the tweets from NYC...My Chin Chin is delicious! @ Celsius http://t.co/pq8rzGcv7R
Ho Ho Dee Ho Ho Ho! http://t.co/fT9vEKnJMFThe four basic religions (via @elvo86 ) http://t.co/F8FBcKLpZz
Retweeted by Jennifer™@robertgp421 Yeah, I know. Won't be here Christmas to enjoy it, anyway. LOLOne just said to me: "When we put this epoxy down, we may need to crack a window, 'cause it's got a really loud smell." Okay, then.Guys are here from NC to install my counter tops. AT LAST. My kitchen might actually be finished by Christmas! ALLELUIA!@NatalieTennant: Have questions on charities before giving this holiday season? Contact WV Secretary of State charities div. at 304-558-6000
Retweeted by Jennifer™@stevenadamswv @taykuy Can you guarantee my small business some profits? 'Cause that'd be a SWEET deal!
Oh, yeah. #TheGoodStuff @ Kin Ship Goods http://t.co/LTtD9RI3FT@MtnLaurel You, too! We need to get together soon!Nothing says, "It's Christmas!" quite like Bob Dylan singing Winter Wonderland.
14-year-old boy cleared of murder 70 years after being executed http://t.co/O3VwPut1oJ http://t.co/4jSDKOTFJD
Retweeted by Jennifer™I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. http://t.co/7O3gTEGiM4
Retweeted by Jennifer™
Brothers On C-SPAN Divided By Politics, United In Mortification By Mom's Call http://t.co/uRI2rjf0K8
Retweeted by Jennifer™He's using the grandbabies against me. LOLTrying to convince my husband he needs to take me to see 'In the Woods' on Christmas day. :-)Good News You May Have Missed in 2014 from @billgates. http://t.co/ujGlspMjHw
Retweeted by Jennifer™Peanuts Dance = Christmas! https://t.co/jYolwIQ427
Retweeted by Jennifer™Real deal gummus. #Yummus @ Aladdin Restaurant http://t.co/gyEsbCCEEW
Trump. Cruz. Paul. I think I hear the clown car warming up. C'mon, GOP. You can do better.@BeckyHigginsLLC If I place an order tonight with the free shipping option, will it get here before Christmas?This is a keeper. || 20 Quotes From Children’s Books Every Adult Should Know http://t.co/eK5s0TlOdb via @encurious@afarerkind @Candace07 @LaurenLMcGill I've gained 4 pounds 13 ounces just reading this exchange. :-(@robertgp421 Agreed. :-) And also, thank you. <3My daughter makes the best Christmas cards. And babies. :-) http://t.co/mWRIJVePgiMy 2014 Photo of Year: Lazy Bears Rip Apart Straw Man. The perfect metaphor for Twitter. (Reuters Stringer) http://t.co/PhSLZ1tcHZ
Retweeted by Jennifer™Smile more on Monday mornings. It'll take the edge off of everyone's day. #BeTheSolutionMondays are a self-fulfilling prophecy. They suck because people's Monday morning attitudes suck because Mondays suck and so on and so on.
Fabulous piece about a great guy and a wonderful place to call home, via @JamesFallows and @TheAtlantic http://t.co/bMKOMyw8ECHow exciting is it that NPR's @MorningEdition is revving up a book club?! Just in time for Winter break! #MorningReads
Retweeted by Jennifer™So timely: Elie Wiesel's 1986 Nobel acceptance speech on human rights and our shared duty in ending injustice http://t.co/4lyhOHpvid
Retweeted by Jennifer™#IWantMyKitchenBackWe are cooking at home tonight for the first time in since Dec. 1st. Granted, it's burgers on the grill, but IT'S HOME COOKED BURGERS.@mocarbe When she lived in DC, my daughter was a huge @BikerBarre fan. She misses it!@pnuts_mama Yes.@pnuts_mama It's distilled wine. High alcohol content. Maker of warm fuzzies.@pnuts_mama Besides delicious?Jake wishes you a very merry Christmas. @ Waggmore Manor http://t.co/DL3b3tGcDxWouldn't it be lovely if there were a big ol' plate of french toast w/ bacon waiting on me when I get back this morning? Yes. Yes, it would.@akorengold The unforgivable part is that leave for your opponent!I want to sleep in but can't. Unless you want tio teach my class for me this morning.
I hope that you read this, and click the first link in the article to read, too. || A Shooter, His Victim and Race http://t.co/qagt27Mc8d@SeeJennDo Ha! Ice cream with whipped cream on top makes everything better. :-)Christmas shopping is hard. @ Charleston Town Center http://t.co/gCKR4yoYfQMaking Christmas Eve boxes for the grandbabies. I am more excited that is probably appropriate. :-D@toddgunter Yes! Park Place.Saw #BirdmanMovie last night. Rather amazing, all around. Every performance was stunning.
"Dad, what was America like in 2014?" MT @brianstelter: A cable news banner for the ages. http://t.co/8Ggbo54SHn
Retweeted by Jennifer™In the richest country in the world, nearly 1 in 6 Americans go to bed hungry http://t.co/98Ej8qDbhT http://t.co/2BDWYomDPN
Retweeted by Jennifer™He will always be my forever Pope for this. || Pope Francis Says He Believes In Doggie Heaven http://t.co/7lFHtKhIbU1930s LinkedIn Profile http://t.co/RLNbviOPdj
Retweeted by Jennifer™Most of you know and accept that about it, and for that I am grateful. <3 :-)I just sent an email to 549 of my closest friends, because when passionate about a cause, the fact that I may annoy you matters not one bit.
Serial announces finale date http://t.co/5kKWGFx85J
Retweeted by Jennifer™First two ornaments on the tree: Hilton Head lighthouse and astronaut from Houston. It has been a fun… http://t.co/Bfy2fPA8Wl<3 || This Year’s Best Actors in 9 Kisses http://t.co/UUjJVIu5Vn'Footloose' is on. I'm watching it. First time. OMG, how horrible. LOLMalala to world leaders: "Do better" on human rights http://t.co/2r5XmoWSKj
Retweeted by Jennifer™<3 #WVU || Talley family to accept $150,000 raised by supporters of the Bills legend http://t.co/84RTKuOYntIn case you missed it. “@JTSimpson63: “How to Escape the Age of Mediocrity” by @umairh https://t.co/QYztFh2KIB
Retweeted by Jennifer™@Kimberle And they have two children!
Fill your heart with what's important, and be done with all the rest..
Retweeted by Jennifer™Denise Huxtable is married to Khal Drago and my head just exploded.On the phone with a lady who hasn't taken a breath in 18 minutes. :-( She clearly needed to talk to someone.Fun Fact: I can still sing every single note of Paula Abdul's 'Straight Up' without missing a beat. So. There's that. Bye buh bye bye ...Paid a visit to Rand University today. Wasn't brave enough to take a selfie in the cool kid's spot. @… http://t.co/S4Ak4WHmPr
19 secrets of UPS drivers: http://t.co/IEeLVk8rM3 (this was a really fun one to write!)
Retweeted by Jennifer™Best. Episode. Ever. Merry Christmas #AboutABoy!Hells yeah! This is *my* town! @CharlestonWV || Hip, Historic...Almost Heaven Charleston, West Virginia: http://t.co/4qn4E25D2nThe Town Where High Tech Meets a 1950s Lifestyle http://t.co/aGwtG4Vx5A via @theatlantic@DIsrael Wondrous. Wunderbar. <3"They look like they're waiting on a bus." I love this stupid, wonderful show. #AboutABoyFBI files charges against president Of company behind West Virginia chemical spill http://t.co/IOqydN2juU http://t.co/H51no56Tyo
Retweeted by Jennifer™@happyappalachy @Lorithebrave On Being is good, too.Jake the Dog is engrossed in #RudolphTheRedNosedReindeer. It's so cute!Cracker Barrel is stocking stuffer heaven. #TheMoreYouKnow@IyanlaVanzant That seems backwards. But I love the concept.Watch this very inspiring video about the Green Bank telescope. Love where you live ! http://t.co/OKHhw7AB2t
Retweeted by Jennifer™@pnuts_mama My deepest sympathies.
Forty Portraits in Forty Years http://t.co/1ndOO2lX78 || This is beautiful.
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