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Mike Rogers @RepMikeRogers Howell, Michigan

Host of Something to Think About @WestwoodOne, @CNN contributor, @HudsonInstitute fellow, @APPSUSA founder. Former @HouseIntelComm chair @FBI agent @USarmy vet

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.@RepMikeRogers on EU refugee crisis, #isis propaganda & Aust following the U.S. into Syria #pmagenda (@ljayes)
Retweeted by Mike RogersWelcoming our guests including @MarkBinskin_CDF @1KristiRogers @RepMikeRogers Ambassador Berry to name a few
Retweeted by Mike RogersISIS is threatening our soldiers here at home. #STTA migrant crisis is a direct result of no action in Syria 4yrs ago. NOT taking action has consequences. First ISIS, now this.
#STTA has reached 500 episodes! Thanks for all your feedback & support. Listen here: sharing her story about engaging civilians in Iraq & her leadership that recognised her capabilities as part of the solution
Retweeted by Mike RogersMs Rogers talks about engaging young people in National Security #WiNS #NatSec
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LIVE on #Periscope: @APPSUSA national security forum with @JohnKasich in Southfield, MI
Retweeted by Mike RogersToday @APPSUSA is live at 1pm from my home state of Michigan with a national security forum featuring @JohnKasichEx-Rep. Mike Rogers’ group puts Michigan in presidential national security spotlight
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Even Vladimir Putin is being a bit cheesy these days. #STTA and insider traders working together for profit. #STTA’re proud of the people with the courage to wear the uniform. #STTA
Yesterday, I guest hosted the Mitch Albom Show on @WJRRadio. Listen to the show here:
.@APPSUSA is hosting @JohnKasich at national security forum in Southfield, Michigan on Aug 31. Get your tickets here:
This month the center of the political universe is in Iowa. #STTA analysis by @HudsonInstitute ’s @RepMikeRogers and @DavidSatter : Playing a Double Game With Islamic Terror
Retweeted by Mike RogersGov @JohnKasich will be on @wjrradio with @RepMikeRogers at 5:36PM EDT - Listen live:
Retweeted by Mike RogersTune in to @WJRradio. I am on guest hosting for Mitch Albom. Not in Michigan? Listen live here: ready to go live on @wjrradio at 5pm. Live here: minimum wage hikes on the horizon are leading to fewer jobs. #STTA will be guest hosting the Mitch Albom show on @WJRradio tonight from 5-7pm. Outside of Michigan, listen live here: fast and loose with classified material sends a dangerous message. #STTA
Wouldn’t it be a better solution to share cyber threat information in real time. #STTA dissidents say the government is even more aggressive since normalization. #STTA
Nearly 2.5 million people are victims of human sex trafficking. #STTA International voted to decriminalize the sex trade business. #STTA
We could all use a little break dancing #STTA is a brutal soul stealing business. #STTA come in all flavors #STTA you hear? The US Army plans to cut 40,000 soldiers #STTA
You have to worry about the state of American politics these days #STTA consequences of an Iranian deal are already rolling in... #STTA #IranDeal
LIVE on #Periscope: @APPSUSA national security forum with @JebBush in Rock Hill, SC
Retweeted by Mike RogersTune in to @APPSUSA for a livestream from South Carolina with @JebBush. #APPSForumToday at 11:30 a.m. @APPSUSA is livestreaming their South Carolina national security forum with @JebBush. #APPSForum
LIVE on #Periscope: @appsusa national security forum with @johnkasich
Retweeted by Mike RogersCongrats to @DanaBashCNN on being named Chief Political Correspondent! Will be great election coverage with her at the helm. cc: @CNNMy interview with @Newsmax_Media on "Something to Think About" and common sense solutions in Washington #STTA:
Follow @APPSUSA for links to our national security forums with @JohnKasich (Mon @5) and @JebBush (Tues @ 11:30) live on Periscope from SC.
My take on AQAP bombmaker's reemergence. Clip from @CNN​ here: Mike Rogers praises Rock Island Arsenal at outset of @APPSUSA forum in Davenport featuring @JebBush. #iacaucus
Retweeted by Mike RogersGreat crowd today in Davenport for our @JebBush #APPSForum cc: @RepMikeRogers @mattstrawn
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"You want to see what the world looks like without U.S. leadership, turn on your TV" former House intel committee chair Mike Rogers, in Iowa
Retweeted by Mike RogersOpening up today's #APPSForum with @JebBush in Davenport, Iowa. in now to @APPSUSA livestream of @JebBush Iowa forum. #APPSForumLIVE on #Periscope: @appsusa forum with @jebbush
Retweeted by Mike Rogers.@1KristiRogers & I getting ready for @APPSUSA forum with @JebBush. #APPSForum'Something to Think About With Mike Rogers' Hits 150-Station Milestone
Retweeted by Mike Rogers@APPSUSA will be livestreaming the @JebBush national security forum in Iowa today at 2pm CT.Connecting in one of my favorite summer cities, Chicago! En route to Davenport for an @APPSUSA forum w/@JebBush
Join me in Iowa for an @APPSUSA ntl security forum with @JebBush article from @nytimes When Phone Encryption Blocks Justice --
Something to Think About is airing on over 150 stations nationwide. Thanks for listening! Catch up here:
Not only do Russia and Iran not fear us, they do not respect us. And that, is dangerous.As leader of the Quds Force Soleimani has blood on his hands. The Quds Force contributed to the deaths of at least 500 US soldiers in Iraq.We should not underestimate what this means to our national security. A leading General in Iran told the world that the USA is irrelevant.Reports indicate Gen. Soleimani traveled to Russia despite a travel ban and U.N. Security Council resolutions barring him from leaving Iran.Ex-HPSCI chair Mike Rogers: "Not only do Russia and Iran not fear us, they do not respect us. And that, is dangerous." @QSuleimani @foxnews
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If you are looking for a more in-depth debate on national security during this 2016 #GOPDebate please join @APPSUSAStrong @realDonaldTrump @GovMikeHuckabee @RandPaul and @ScottWalker on the Iran deal. W/ @SenSchumer the bipartisan view is in opposition.Good question here on the Iran deal. Has come up at all of our 9 @APPSUSA national security forums #GOPDebate@benjaminwittes Keep them in the highly secure terrorist prison we already have that is not in our communities.Look forward to @JebBush @APPSUSA forums next week in Iowa and the week after in South Carolina to address these and other ?s in depth.@ChrisChristie was asked similar questions at an @APPSUSA forum last week in Manchester, NH. #GOPDebateThe first national security ? not for 20 min into the #GOPDebate. This is why I founded @APPSUSA Join us to drive the debate.Most important #GOPDebate question: If the Iran nuclear deal is in place, what tangible things would you do to hold Iran's feet to the fire?#GOPDebate question: Would you continue releasing prisoners from Guantanamo Bay?#GOPDebate question: Would you advocate for putting Ukraine or Georgia in NATO?#GOPDebate question: Would you approve defensive weapons going to Ukraine?#GOPDebate question: If the sequester remains in place, can we have a military that meets the national security threats facing America?#GOPDebate question: Is being present in Afghanistan in America's national security interests?These are the national security issues to watch for during tonight's @FoxNews #GOPDebate#GOPDebate question: What would you do to push China back in the South China Sea?Striking back against cyberattackers is a “loser” of a strategy and could subject companies to criminal charges.
@FBI is looking into the security of @HillaryClinton's email set up. I did a #STTA on the topic. Listen here: is the one piece of legislation that could help fix the U.S. cybersecurity weaknesses cc/@CIOonlineNow our own government is going to work against itself for God only knows how long, again... more via @FCWnow:
Will be on with @wolfblitzer at 6:00pm talking AQAP's call for lone wolf attacks. Let me know what you think of our discussion. @CNNTech companies are fighting their moral obligation to protect the safety of their communities. @RepMikeRogers @CNN
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.@RepMikeRogers: 85% of networks in US are private. #cyberattack
Retweeted by Mike RogersEnjoyed participating in today's @HudsonEvents #cyberattack panel Most of our financial system is under attack - New technologies are susceptible. #cyberattack
Retweeted by Mike Rogers.@RepMikeRogers: U.S. has had a "strategic erosion" in our dominance in cyber and space. #cyberattack
Retweeted by Mike RogersBeginning now: Launch of a new report on cyber-enabled economic terrorism. Watch our webcast #cyberattack
Retweeted by Mike RogersToday's econ #cyberattack panelists: @RepMikeRogers, @StevenChabinsky, #MichaelHsieh, #MarkTucker, #SamanthaRavich, @JCZarate1, @mdubowitz
Retweeted by Mike RogersGood to see fmr colleagues @susanwbrooks & @RepAnnaEshoo push bipartisan legislation in Strengthening Public Health Emergency Response Act
Watch my convo with @CNN @NewDay on the #MH370 intelligence assessment here:
Catch up with my @CBSNews @FaceTheNation interview on ISIS and the #IranDeal here: on #Periscope: APPS national security forum with @chrischristie in Manchester, NH #APPSForum
Retweeted by Mike RogersTune in now to @APPSUSA's livestream of their national security forum with @chrischristie #APPSForumFollow @APPSUSA to watch their livestream with @chrischristie for a national security forum from New Hampshire at noon today. #APPSForum
Follow @APPSUSA for a livestream from the @MarcoRubio event in South Carolina today at 10am #APPSForum
Turkey joins the fight against #ISIS: What you need to know w/ @RepMikeRogers &Fmr. Nat'l Security Advr. Tom Donilon
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. @RepMikeRogers answers: Yes, #ISIS is greater threat than #AlQaeda and is communicating with U.S. youth in U.S.
Retweeted by Mike RogersIn the @FaceTheNation green room, @RepMikeRogers and @TomDonilon watch @johndickerson interview @BobbyJindal.
Retweeted by Mike RogersTomorrow: @RepMikeRogers joins @FaceTheNation to discuss the latest against ISIS, US access to Turkish military bases
Retweeted by Mike RogersWhat impact will use of Turkey airbases have on #FightAgainstISIL? SUNDAY: We’ll hear from @RepMikeRogers & X NSA advisor Tom Donilon
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Watch @GovernorPerry live on Periscope! Follow @APPSUSA and check for the Periscope link...
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Will be joining @cnn @NewDay bright and early this morning at 8:10 a.m. discussing the attack in Chattanooga
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