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Resisting tyranny, one tweet at a time. Tweets do not meet government regulations.

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People waste their time on *everything*. Except what's *really* important. #CommonCore #StopCommonCore http://t.co/CKQ3ZiNuoO@rabid_sanity @ResistTyranny FCC rules won't kick in until after 2016 election. If Dems lose that goes away.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyWe installed #Vine a few days ago, using “ResistTyranny” as the name.“I don't know - or care - why they're dead.” @HillaryClinton http://t.co/3yGVBMA2Pj #Benghazi #BenghaziCoverUp“@Tseefeldt72: @ResistTyranny Thanks saw the date and thought it was just breaking” We're just kidding! #DontMessWithTexas@ResistTyranny Patriot ALERT! What is happening in TEXAS? Please spread the News – Thanks so much! http://t.co/UKklsN7rzq
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@Tseefeldt72 It happened so long ago that it's old news. 😕Why have 34 members of Congress said they'll skip a speech by the leader of the free world? http://t.co/09cHWJyHiZ http://t.co/qGMYyxP3Ih@LeeannWright4 It's disturbing, isn't it? So much of what we hear about - the really BIG stuff - is all done by white collar criminals.#Truth...the real criminals http://t.co/lrNeGwF0Uh
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny O is going to chop the hell out of Twitter when he bans conservatives from Tweeting.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThe Internet still works, but it has a new owner. Barack Hussein #Obama: http://t.co/axAPpOqLyc #NetNeutrality http://t.co/CSYQ9nnUxvHow I did on Twitter this week: 99 New Followers, 753 Mentions, 1.62M Mention Reach. How'd your week go? via http://t.co/aqkxPIxkicIf only he was vetted. If only we had a curious media. If only we had an opposition party. #WakeUpAmerica
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny its about content management & then tv content censorship.. 1st amend. stuff. BO wipes his ass on the Constitution daily.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyWhat does Barack Hussein #Obama want with my internet? #NoNetNeutrailty http://t.co/PDdRAqcWKWWatch @BenShapiro explain how they first came for the Jews: #Israel #ISIS http://t.co/3mZQYXScMm@ResistTyranny #NoNetNeutrality Lord help us.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny @GenesSmile ..and we STILL keep him alive and give him constitutional tights he has sworn to abolish and destroy!
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny LMAO we here in Appalachia are locked and loaded. Come get some.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny“@enragedtaco: @ResistTyranny do we really?” Unless something changes. What does he have to do? Murder someone on the news??@ResistTyranny 1st FREE SPEECH & now Right to BEAR ARMS! Its Time 2 organize, make a stand, and take the fight to DC! http://t.co/sxiNIcV1F4
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyAnd I thought the dress debate couldn't get any stupider. Thanks @NinaTurner #nerdland https://t.co/Qd9hQN31To
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny MAJ Hassan: well educated, good job, promoted, good retirement, yet still a violent murderous piece of SoA mohammedan scum!
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@Trishcuit We think they have a “gentlemen's agreement,” except they forgot to make sure he was a gentleman. #Obama@ResistTyranny The question is: WHY MUST WE ENDURE 2 MORE YEARS! #Congress needs to IMPEACH this traitorous Manchurian Candidate NOW!
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyWe still have two years of this egomaniac. TWO YEARS. #Obama http://t.co/zXlHW83S3F#ISIS is real. They're serious. And they're coming. To KILL you: http://t.co/oePwG8G31o #muslim #islam #taqiyya http://t.co/YhGfQN6fINHaving a good job makes no difference to islamic extremists: #islam #muslim http://t.co/DLyiA8CAjr“Last-minute changes?” The Internet was fine for thirty years: http://t.co/opHcO86yGz #NoNetNeutrality #Obama http://t.co/lZGLzTRCPG
@BethMSH_ You're right! Shame on us for getting that wrong.@ResistTyranny Americans should answer 1st to the Constitution and the government should answer 2nd to the PEOPLE! WE are THEIR BOSS!
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThe world right now 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyNationalization of production: America’s slow march to socialism is picking up pace http://t.co/s44gxVvgAR via @AllenWest
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyFrom 29 million on food stamps down to only 46 million in just 6 years! #FlashbackFriday http://t.co/XreJziRS3Z
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyWho knows how much longer we'll be able to cuss at these assholes on the internet? HEY WASHINGTON!--> http://t.co/aBvjWAwExC
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyWe won't welcome #illegal #aliens as new citizens. Because they aren't. #immigration http://t.co/iUeD5apK5JMinnesota: Somali refugees stressing state’s welfare programs, becoming haven for Islamic terrorists http://t.co/k3KGSjigGl #FAIL
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@Letters4America @ResistTyranny Sadly, many see the Constitution as a hindrance to their agenda rather than protection of individual rights.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyI guess we can finally expect liberal outrage when ISIS starts tossing gays off buildings IN SAN FRANCISCO
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyPoliticians lie & cheat & come & go & Americas are divided. But for our own security WE SHOULD 1st ALL BE UNITED BEHIND THE US CONSTITUTION!
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyInternet regs? If it's so evil, and you have a copy, PUT IT ONLINE: http://t.co/Vy7VctgTSJ #NoNetNeutrality #FCC http://t.co/mpyFpmtUfBLeonard Nimoy, Spock of “Star Trek”, dies at 83: http://t.co/Q82J4SqHxz@gunpolicy @ResistTyranny we need to hurry up and disarm so we can work on jobs before Isis shows up
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny - Thx ! I really appreciate the compliment !
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny Thanks. Love yours, too! #ResistTyranny
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@CultureKill Love your tweets! Keep up the great work!Exposed Again -> Obama's Dislike Of #Jews & Love Of #Islamic Terrorists! http://t.co/N41RYsUjvA Susan Rice #tcot http://t.co/yuvpsJddkg
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@kfobbs Love your tweets, man! A breath of fresh air...@carolinagirl63 Love your tweets!CPAC attendees plan to walk out on Jeb Bush http://t.co/h5p1XWPQal via @washtimes
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny‘Jihadi John’ Islamic State Beheader is Named – Will Obama Take Him Out? #JihadiJohn #Jihadi http://t.co/RLrwkBCEqL http://t.co/sJiMv36C14
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyI can't build a website, so I took over the interwebs! #Obama #ObamaCare #NetNeutrality http://t.co/o0wWMMOjJhYou can watch #CPAC2015 Live here. http://t.co/uYpcbd2xY1 #tcot #ocra
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThe Conservagirl Daily is out! http://t.co/IB5sqMRcHN Stories via @ResistTyranny @Mar4L @Sky_Max
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyWhy? Because of *government* control? @BDKoz @LadySandersfarm http://t.co/v1y37AEdqK@LadySandersfarm @ResistTyranny Projections are that your internet broadband cost will rise about $8 a month.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@LadySandersfarm You said it better than we could! @gobudleyI'm visiting Today's Top Picks at http://t.co/C7BWuivhfQ via @gobudley Visit here, you won't be sorry! #tcot #RedNationRising
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyBURY THE ATF: We need 92,000 more pro-gun Americans to oppose the #ATFammoban before March 15! Please RT if you agree http://t.co/9i4hRcPCY2
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyDictator. One who rules without constraint by rule of law, constitution, or organized opposition. #tcot #ocra http://t.co/c6kKwlI36n
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyRIP the Internet as we knew it. Enter the Internet as progressives want it. Another sad day for America under 0bama.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThis is COMMUNISM. #NetNeutrality http://t.co/kIgRiOTH4Z
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyI guess Separation of Church & State doesnt count here - Islamic vocabulary lesson in Common Core standards http://t.co/fQkuka2zMC #PJNet
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyAmericans should remember to answer first to the Constitution, and second to the government. #Obama http://t.co/krzp8N7fddThanks, @gobudley! You're a true patriot! @BoboFromTexas @dmcgowen1776 @JohnFromCranber @TeaPartyNevada @redbrasco @stuntbrainYou're on http://t.co/IerXmVPQAm @BoboFromTexas @ResistTyranny @dmcgowen1776 @JohnFromCranber @TeaPartyNevada @redbrasco @stuntbrain
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny I believe this to be true, if you agree, follow me as I will you, 2 stand against this THING together http://t.co/PwIf4d5Yv2
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Brotherhood ..... http://t.co/wftqqhnNxB
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#JamesWoods..explaining who pulls the puppets strings.... http://t.co/M1km2DEHtG
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyFCC's Tom Wheeler excited for Net Neutrality. A solution that won’t work to a problem that doesn’t exist. @AjitPaiFCC http://t.co/35VdYruvJH
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyNew followers, let's dream of the chance to do THIS! #Obama http://t.co/UXAYikUfSH#Obama dares @GOP - “Have a vote on whether what I’m doing is legal. I will veto:” http://t.co/dF1feCiPdJ http://t.co/JvSzn1XA6a#TSA issues “secret warning” on catastrophic threat to aviation. While they stick with grandmas and kids: http://t.co/mYbOPZQUR0 #travel@ResistTyranny got to be kidding. I'd pull the bus up, load up, transport to the nearest airport.They do not honor our laws, want to repl.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny NO NO NO NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!! STOP TRYING TO CHANGE EVERYTHING ABOUT OUR COUNTRY ! Just stop it !!!!
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyMooch #Obama to propose “National Hug a Muslim Day.” To REPLACE Columbus Day: http://t.co/yEyu5zbwCm http://t.co/sGQiKVAFL9#NetNeutrality is the same as #AffordableCareAct. Nothing could be further from the truth. #NoNetNeutrality http://t.co/elrVvYquffFixed it for you. RT @TheDemocrats: RT if you agree. http://t.co/alHFXUkDni
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny Tea party! Why must it be two partys only? There are other options out there. Change is coming.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#FCC approves sweeping Internet regulation plan, #Obama accused of meddling: http://t.co/KoubH1IUXv http://t.co/P02YeYoyd9“@Ledamaae: Dear Repubs.. Just go home. You aren't doing one bit of good. Just stop pretending like there's hope.”Meet the unelected 'Internet Death Panel' #NetNeutrality http://t.co/qkNILTlgcQ
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny The GOP keeps thinking moderation will win over Obama. When has that EVER happened?
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny They want to show that they are willing to work with administration. No! Stop it! #Congress
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyWhy do #Republicans not understand yet? Give #Obama NOTHING: http://t.co/4GkIRtlF8A #LorettaLynch http://t.co/Ixhvwgm604@SuePalmers @ResistTyranny So often, GOP simply wants its version of control instead of a reduction of control.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyWe are NOT stupid. http://t.co/B5TiEMx4Ie@SuePalmers @ResistTyranny @newsgli ... All "Statists" want to Steal The People's Power. Some, like #GOP, are just less open or adept.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny By idiots, I mean they aren't INCAPABLE of being part of enemy's plan. Idiocy & betrayal ..2 diff definitions. @newsgli
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyLink of the day! Most popular link among people I follow is http://t.co/epT04xd8lu by @ResistTyranny
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@SuePalmers GOP not idiots? You could have fooled us. @newsgli@newsgli @ResistTyranny Yes, but concern is: there is collusion. The GOP isn't a group of idiots. They are colluding w/opposition/enemy
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@AjitPaiFCC So, now what can do? Wait?Meet the Department of the Internet! We'll be handling the Internet you love, but at the speed of government. https://t.co/xDIjKdpete
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny“.@Gelz68: @suzost @tedcruz @ResistTyranny Because Google is in bed with 0bama” #tcot
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny The hilarity is the number of Prog-tards who think Obama is a champion of Free Speech despite all evidence to the contrary
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyHave lost all ideas. That Obama still in office what are they thinking. @ResistTyranny
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyIt's too late now. Your internet is being managed by the #Obama regime and their minions. http://t.co/DzqtUHuEsk@tedcruz @ResistTyranny I would like to know why we can’t read the bill and yet Google had access to it and they changed part of the bill?
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