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Rita J. King @RitaJKing NYC / Isola d'Ischia

Co-Director of Science House. Futurist, strategist, designer.

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A black hole the size of 12 billion suns has been discovered in ancient space: http://t.co/m4ziAkg7pl
This is the best reason why a newspaper has ever withheld a source's identity http://t.co/RbRuaTe66c http://t.co/BAxdfAi5Ql
Retweeted by Rita J. KingParents who engage in hours of loud, non-stop shushing on planes are significantly more irritating than their crying babies.@JackMarshall @foodbeast that does sound *very* EXCLUSIVE.@Tim_OConnell @TaxiGourmet can't wait to read!
Thanks for the @donorschoose gift card, @LinkedIn! It was fun to pick the teachers and projects.I also learned why Danny Thomas founded St. Jude and it's pretty staggering. http://t.co/kZZPYXsLJOThings I learned in Memphis today: 1. Elvis supported St. Jude. 2. Side dishes that come in skillets are full meals. http://t.co/Kd44GoUdq7@KatWithSword I will fantasize about them all day. Also, waffles with whipped marshmallow peanut butter and bananas!I can't believe I resisted both the cannoli pancakes and the Elvis waffles for breakfast. #memphis
@BiIIMurray @brendanjcahill preach@BethWaldron Satin IslandI haven't finished reading yet, but I can't remember the last time a book went straight through the cosmos and into my brain like this.As an ethnographer who works on corporate culture and writes fiction, I'd love Satin Island anyway. But the writing is *beyond* masterful.
Unicorn from my mother & skeleton at the typewriter from my father. Sums up my artistic temperament. http://t.co/BGM2XSUdclOne more scene from my @sketchbkproject before shipping. http://t.co/hreq8kjNYDShipping my @sketchbkproject off. I will miss it! http://t.co/4DXINkh8DuIf our sons were treated like our daughters http://t.co/Sh9jaUOCCS http://t.co/O4feH5exGu
Retweeted by Rita J. King@Dove @twitter I'd love to know what you mean by "negative." Thanks @alexislloyd.
This is going to be good. Three dozen more to go. http://t.co/3YFH5FqA12#nyc snow globe http://t.co/awyTlSU5tp@sarawinge Some of them are truly hilarious.
I am not good at this! “@sarawinge: Quiz: North Korean Slogan or TED Talk Sound Bite? http://t.co/Nsbb0ETyNY@briolson funniest RT spree yet@NancyHightower definitely, yes :)My new hologram windows are exceeding expectations with rainbows, night and day. http://t.co/WDgH1NLS93The birth of the artificial womb and the hidden factors influencing fetal development: http://t.co/ZUaYeOjcFm cc @alexismadrigal
@ShockOfFlair I just spent a couple of pleasant weeks in Florida but I imagine that living there permanently would be different.@ShockOfFlair I'm always writing something :) happy for it to be tweets with you.@ShockOfFlair no book about Mystery Jars, I let the jars speak for themselves@ShockOfFlair I know that courtyard. I'm not in Italy now although I am presently working on my notes about my Italian life!@ShockOfFlair *Oviedo@ShockOfFlair I love Oveido.@typesfast is that your address?Remembering how I once loved writing long letters on beautiful stationary and mailing out a decorated stack of envelopes.@jakesilverstein @tanehisicoates A staggeringly beautiful piece of writing on so many levels.@AvatarAcid @RichardGarriott @DavidRWatson2 @pickover and everything else too. Over and over. Not sure it's *that* straightforward.For Valentine's Day, I got my husband a private lesson from a chess master, Asa Hoffmann. http://t.co/vMTFeOAv8r@italymondo Mille grazie! Calling now.@italymondo ciao! I need your help. I emailed you...A gorgeous piece by @oliversacks about his life & death. A reminder to live with passion while we are here. http://t.co/0JUiW8Lcz7@Tim_OConnell like a hungry cat through a snowbank.@Tim_OConnell that's okay, it's not like somebody can't sleep while she waits to hear about the fate of her latest draft. xo@Tim_OConnell but I'm going to say somebody threw that cat through a deliberately crafted hole.@Tim_OConnell I must admit that snowcat is bananas@holmesdm @JackMarshall @boylerob I have general stats about followers of my influencer posts. Very interesting data. Hugely global.@JackMarshall @boylerob @holmesdm Traffic within the site is also great. I write for @LinkedIn and I've had over a million reads.
Newly discovered ruby sea dragon! ---> http://t.co/6VyoMDm0POMy brilliant friend @heather_berlin has a new show, Science Goes to the Movies. Check it out: http://t.co/wkonsVekgZBusiness development is so much fun when you love the business you're developing. Thank you @ScienceHouse and @CultureInst!@whitehouseostp @dpatil Absolutely thrilling news! Congratulations to you and to everyone else who will will benefit from this arrangement.@mayaj welcome to @LinkedIn!@nytimes @nytopinion As the child of a combat vet with PTSD, I can attest that the horror gets passed on in myriad ways.@RichardGarriott @DavidRWatson2 @pickover "the ability to act at one's own discretion" is far more complex than it sounds.
"Artist have to be warrior." http://t.co/oiW3LLH8zH@YatWriter awwww love it@RichardGarriott @DavidRWatson2 @pickover elective effort is that something else, in my view.@RichardGarriott @DavidRWatson2 @pickover ...yes, I believe something else is required to make *meaning* from within Heisenberg's theorem...@RichardGarriott @DavidRWatson2 @pickover If unpredictability means that I have the free will to choose cake for dinner, lucky me. But...@RichardGarriott @DavidRWatson2 @pickover many illusions are quite persistent...@DavidRWatson2 @RichardGarriott @pickover my meaning may not translate in so few characters.@DavidRWatson2 @RichardGarriott @pickover sometimes I think we really mean "surprising, elective discipline" when we say "free will."@RichardGarriott @DavidRWatson2 @pickover individuals to varying degrees can struggle against some psychological programming. But, physics.Maybe my favorite Culture Map exercise ever. @sciencehouse @CultureInst http://t.co/T9QMtjhioJWe've been using the same conference call number for four years, so, that's four years of the same hold music.
Scary and unbelievable: taps in São Paulo, world's 7th most populous city, are running dry due to drought: http://t.co/wAXAGwQzL2
Retweeted by Rita J. King@BrianLehrer What about an obscure fact about a known president? Lincoln was the only president with a patent!The Algorithmic CEO in @FortuneMagazine. Math and the IoT with @GE at the top of the pack: http://t.co/bLhB8rKkUw
Can't wait to see who @WeizmannScience has brought on board. Thanks @weizmanninst! http://t.co/X7gSyqZUSyI've been writing non-stop today and it feels good.Brunch at Science House. http://t.co/MguV5bNunN@Gothamist Twelve day murderless streak.The letters of Germain: 1st woman to significantly contribute to #math research. http://t.co/T2lLlHrqfl #ScienceLove http://t.co/GY1V4yv6cb
Retweeted by Rita J. King@pickover :)"So, does free will exist?" (thanks @RitaJKing) http://t.co/NHKCf85LqB
Retweeted by Rita J. King
Beating heart Empire State Building is romantic and beautiful! http://t.co/07nzcX4Ok1
@JohnEMichel do you have a link to the story you can share? 22 a day! So sad.A letter from me to @OliverUberti, in a language we created together. http://t.co/gPAPKIO4CTThe constant dance between myth-making and truth. @brainpicker on David Carr: http://t.co/QDIIc7ykHxImagine healing your brain using your own #immunesystem http://t.co/0RnbGY1psu @CuriosityReview @WeizmannInst
Retweeted by Rita J. King@marshallk Do you want me to respond as Rita J. King or Rita J. King Voice?The *cover* of Forbes contains an unmarked native ad: http://t.co/C2YSTiuELh via @marshallk@EconBizFin What is a woman known by?What is the helmet of a spacesuit called, @RichardGarriott? Also, I have your Zombie Plants.Remembering David Carr: Here are 1,776 NYT pieces penned by David Carr. http://t.co/azGzyTQkpa http://t.co/jjSESPxWKd
Retweeted by Rita J. King@MissMMcCarthy Let's do something fun together soon
Happy Lincoln's Birthday! He's the only president who had a patent, and his son, Robert Todd Lincoln, originally built Science House.Do Something With Your Jellybeans! https://t.co/kHP24K6KmF #inspiration@manoushz @jameshamblin @katlwells I love it!Imagine a 20-minute cancer treatment using light and lasers, with no side effects. This is why I love @WeizmannScience and @WeizmannInst."@WeizmannScience is the only place I know that's totally follow-your-own curiosity." Marshall Levin, speaking about new cancer treatments.Check it out! @TheAtlantic came to @ScienceHouse to "get bored in the Imagination Room" http://t.co/mvVRYeDVVINearly 14 billion years after the Big Bang, this adorable creature emerged. http://t.co/EUjjN9vwxW
It was a great pleasure to meet with @jendziura to learn more about @GetBullish today.Love this! Violinist does all the sound effects for Super Mario Bros http://t.co/NLvgMSQbD8 PS. I can save the princess.I love this @Summer_Ash astronomer hologram! https://t.co/OTy4jXCC5E @SciEntEx you rock!
Can't tell from this @nytimes article whether Brian Williams lied or exaggerated. Same thing? http://t.co/q9bhAYF3jc@charlesaraujo same here.@charlesaraujo @jpalinkas Thanks so much for the invitation. I am exponentially excited about the possibilities.@flavorwire my favorite is ch. 17 p. 246 the unbearable bittersweet melancHoly
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