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Rita J. King @RitaJKing NYC / Isola d'Ischia

Co-Director of Science House. Futurist, strategist, designer.

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@ianpjohnson @nilerodgers that is adorable.At Science House just now: "What they want is for their robots to talk to our robots."The future state always morphs over time.My apprentice is back at Science House working on his robot. http://t.co/mefNHhRbWr
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Retweeted by Rita J. KingWhen you pine for the chance to read a particular book with *total* focus for such a long time that the sight of it nearly hurtsArguably this should have already been a shared goal but I hope @banjo might bring it into sharp focus..@banjo makes me feel like we should focus on making sure the right things trend.@BenedictEvans What part of social is tough? How to do it? The constant rise of new platforms? Mindset? Fitting in? Connecting?5 tips for interviewing someone you care about, using @StoryCorps’ new app: http://t.co/iN76H9TpG4 http://t.co/p2NDvEYbhF
Retweeted by Rita J. KingA nice piece in @TheAtlantic covering my PhD work on time perception & the prefrontal cortex http://t.co/VAqZlazWLv http://t.co/E9o8NpPzz5
Retweeted by Rita J. King@heather_berlin @TheAtlantic You brilliant person xoxox@oliveruberti @826michigan done!
Congratulations, brilliant @curiousoctopus! http://t.co/gkwdz999mh thanks @Joi :)@chelseagsummers @nytimes I swear I thought of you after I sent that tweet and nearly deleted it.@PRNewswire I would love to talk to someone about this program.Innovation Series: The Rising Costs of Invention by @jbell_masterson @KauffmanFDN http://t.co/yvStveVElA #growthology
Retweeted by Rita J. KingHere's our kind of scrap! http://t.co/p8ZGx3Or8B cc @pomeranian99 @ritajking http://t.co/RYeWwe85or
Retweeted by Rita J. King@pmarca I should add that I quoted you repeatedly while we were bivouacking in the Imagination Room for days on end.@pmarca I'm planning to write about it to help others understand how to think about the options and outcomes.@pmarca We are having this very conversation over one of our new Science House portfolio companies.@pmarca by non-VC investors you mean private equity companies, not angel investors, right?I loved being interviewed about my screenshots by @pomeranian99 for @WIRED: http://t.co/KTLUjxj8qwI love the little handmade soaps from my mother too much to use them. https://t.co/l9ZcDKm9dJ
Monday afternoon hologram break. https://t.co/zPlSev2CfJ|LIVE NOW| Monday Afternoon Hologram Break #meerkat http://t.co/bHEQHRELwi@alexismadrigal If fully automated luxury communism means we can have machines giving us sponge baths when we're old, sign me up.
|LIVE NOW| Sunday Night #meerkat http://t.co/LSANdHWn91Beautiful timelapse of moon and Venus in tonight's sky by Nitish Thakur in India. http://t.co/Dd8vK9ztpw http://t.co/FNdGMEiZYH
Retweeted by Rita J. King@waltmossberg @carmeldea looking forward to your work!We @ScienceHouse miss you already, @SagmeisterSimon! What a week!7 Quotes That Help Explain Why Elon Musk Is Such a Hot Shot http://t.co/uRWaK18a1z http://t.co/PfhwSOWWvO
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I love entrepreneurs who are so good at math and business that the laws of physics are the main limiting factor. #ScienceHouse
An artist named Pietro Antorini surprised me with this painting! https://t.co/VYGK2kSdMjYessssss chocolate bunnies https://t.co/9FpgJaSn3cTHERE ONLY ONE WAY TO KNOW THE FUTURE. MAKE IT YOURSELF.
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@Grady_Booch @pmarca Grady, you know I won't rest until I have a fembot to house my consciousness.@Grady_Booch how close are you to the big island?@Grady_Booch PS. I might come visit soon.@Grady_Booch @pmarca I think the paranoia about homicidal strong AI stems from our own lack of moral authority but, hey."The groom almost died when he was dancing on an elephant and the drone swooped in to get the video and the elephant freaked out."My apprentice is making a robot @sciencehouse today. http://t.co/ehlQDxgweEWe @ScienceHouse are so excited for the arrival of @CultureInst today! Working on Culture Map all week: http://t.co/7SwuLVvLyb
Personally, I've *always* been impressed with Paffendorf's zeal: http://t.co/xlgDrtYNUP (@WELLO, I just saw this xo).@JoyceCarolOates last tweet relevant to our conversation yesterday...@JoyceCarolOates: “@Reddy: What you study in college matters much more than where you went: http://t.co/q8uvaELnfI http://t.co/uaCD1ovq6u@Tim_OConnell is #DNBHL the Lost if the Internet?
@JoyceCarolOates PS. I just last night read an interesting passage in Rollo May's The Courage to Create in which you are mentioned.@JoyceCarolOates I'm not too worried about the future for smart people in privileged positions with access to resources. They will be okay.@JoyceCarolOates I agree. Stanford is in a league of its own with few peers. Very few people have access to that level of education.@JoyceCarolOates treating the humanities and science as two separate inquiries is part of the reason why universities are losing relevance.@JoyceCarolOates as a student of art and science: humanities courses looking to explore "why" could benefit from adding scientific literacy.@JoyceCarolOates Education is a necessity, but how people are being educated is changing.@JoyceCarolOates Necessary for *what* is a better question. Depends on goals of the individual/society and relevance of specific education.Hopped-up Large Hadron Collider poised to venture into the realm of exotic #physics http://t.co/rO82s7XvLo #science http://t.co/pILfeU2U6v
Retweeted by Rita J. KingI'm going to delete MixBooth from my phone now that I freaked out my husband and best friend by showing what they look like mixed together.
@pmarca @peterwsinger "go to" fight it? Ground war and manned aircraft is *so* last century.#eventprofs If you missed our Open House @ScienceHouse yesterday but want to be invited to the next one, please let me know. #meetingsOpen House at Science House was a huge hit! And I have a new apprentice :) https://t.co/1SmqKECN37For Pi Day: A Reminiscence on “The Death of Proof”* http://t.co/oO66wjhi9N
Retweeted by Rita J. King@sree Tom and Dorothy came over yesterday. I love them!!
@waltmossberg @brendanjcahill imagine how powerful it might be to hear @BarackObama read some of the truly revelatory thoughts of Americans.
@Tim_OConnell @EW @paolobacigalupi @kendricklamar @Twinshadow @AAKnopf rockstarsRainbows at Science House. https://t.co/cNBMY64ptLThe #emptymet tour with @sree, in pictures: http://t.co/IFRPhLgMu9@cetesse is @chronicle saying the top trend is related to worker retention or retention of knowledge?@cetesse: http://t.co/5QopGNOmYi
I am loving every second of this #emptymet tour led by @sree. http://t.co/G4lZF71XbX#emptymet with the fabulous sreenet @metmuseum. https://t.co/R6nB7psS3Q
@metmuseum @sree can't wait for #emptymet tomorrow!
On Yuri Gagarin's birthday, a piece @zeabarker and I created for @TheAtlantic a couple of years ago: http://t.co/dm1YNucXgk #space"Western culture often hides death, and thus also cheats us of life." Yes, @zeynep. Yes, @AdamsLisa. Yes, all of us.Another by @zeynep, on @adamslisa. First @zeynep made me sweat, then she made me cry, and we haven't even met. https://t.co/OFcEO3VzTXTake @zeynep's advice and go get your sweat on. A few times a week. Feels so good. https://t.co/rqmsWRE0PNAt least the $10k #AppleWatch is gold. Here's a watch with a PINK RUBBER STRAP on sale from $17k: http://t.co/LlTGh8Afdk@alexismadrigal @JPBarlow Second Life came closer to prana than anything else I've ever experienced on the Internet.@davidkwong yes!@davidkwong USD. From a kiwi. A lemon, whatever. You know it, I know it.@davidkwong I've seen money come out of a kiwi in my own hands when you're around. I need more proof.@davidkwong What's happening here?!"Play doesn't have to die when you start working."My beloved friend and collaborator @oliveruberti: http://t.co/Jy7icp4rYj@oliveruberti re: play. That's almost exactly what I wrote in my chapter on education last night.@markwallace I keep my browsers heavily tabbed.I love The Reconstructionists project by @lisacongdon and @Brainpicker. http://t.co/cicKjHQCVi
Cat carousel, Bryant Park, NYC. http://t.co/PRNCEG00Do@pomeranian99 @GretchenAMcC @bgzimmer love it!
@BullCon2015 @GetBullish congratulations!This is what hologram windows do to walls. https://t.co/CB2J7V23BqHologram windows in my studio just illuminated the page on my lap. https://t.co/bFIIN4aeuoHappy Creative Weekend, everybody!
Me: "This white and gold bag really complements the Mystery Jars." James: "That bag is blue and black." http://t.co/4nf0P3iJdj@MyOwnVelouria @manojalpa infinite rather than finite games...@SavvyAuntie @jeffsussman @WeizmannInst I love the line about being the mother or father of ideas and creating legacy.
@iStock @big_thought @LinkedIn already working on it!@cetesse “@derrickharris: IBM acquires deep learning startup AlchemyAPI https://t.co/qTqJb7aFk1 < good acquisition to boost Watson”Best chair in history of cosmos https://t.co/S54PGP5eiGBack to back @ftrain @robinsloane @moorehn @scottwesterfeld http://t.co/4zb6XO6nVL
Does your team need the best venue in NYC for offsites or focus groups? Come to Science House! http://t.co/7rK5DEUY6s #eventprofs
@MollyRingwald The ten year old me would have screamed her head off at being in the room with *both* of you. The current me feels same.@blprnt @warrenellis Practice here at Science House please.
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