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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and whiskey. Does not believe in Santa.

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@sepinwall Wynn, because Bronn and Mike probably kill each other@lafergs maybe it's a drone gained sentience, and just enjoying the outdoors for the first time. CHAPPIE BRINGS YOUR PIZZAI also ship me and Kim. (That’s how shipping works, right?) #BetterCallSaulMore TV catchup Monday’s #BetterCallSaul was astonishing.YES “@SethMacFarlane: RT @dyountmusic: @sethmacfarlane Status on Cosmos Season 2? // Outlook is very good.”Also, every time I hear “Finn Polmar” I think those syllables can’t possibly go together can they?Catching up on #TheGoodWife How delightful is Marissa? (Not really a question. She’s very delightful)@laci2517 yeah he was a loon (but who knows what more ancient founders were like?) plus hard to ingrain something new in culture now w/o ?sSometimes when I say, "Get me a salad" I mean, "Get me fried chicken and a whole cake. Plus: Candy."
Retweeted by Shan@laci2517 belief wise it’s no sillier to me. But they ARE more interested in fleecing their believers and abusing adherents@laci2517 I’ve tried several but to an outsider they all seem rather implausible@laci2517 that’s kinda true about all of ‘em though, isn’t it?@hollye83 I can see that. Now I avidly watch both (though probably enjoy TO a bit more).@hollye83 Also, I LOVE The Originals. The storyline and the show.@hollye83 It's been a hoot to watch them in context now. (Still haven't done much of S1, though)@hollye83 It's actually been fun. I started the show in S4 live, so dove back into selected early eps via Netflix to get a feel for it.@hollye83 One of your tweets put me on a total S2-3 rewatch binge. So...thanks?@saalon There is no detente. Only "over." And victory.@saalon Hopefully, there is no TP "over/under" conflict, because that shit is irreconcilableBEFORE MIDNIGHT (WITH A HOMICIDAL ROBOT)Julie Delpy and Linda Cardellini, huh? Awesome, and intriguing...#AvengersAgeOfUltron@saalon EVERYTHING provokes such an overreaction. And twitter (or the medium) probably amplifies that to ridiculous ends@saalon +playing in garment bags. I lived that! But now people clutch their pearls and adopt victimhood and point fingers.@saalon maybe it's a generational thing. For example, I watch MAD MEN and laugh about no seat belts and parents smoking and+@saalon +nonsense. And indicative of "thought policing" culture that so irritates me.@saalon Oh, I know. Some of those "jokes" were just awful. And some responses were measured. But most of the reactions were such hysterical+And as always...https://t.co/c7ACzkmkKs+isn’t going to bring about the apocalypse or the downfall of civilization.Every utterance that offends your delicate sensibilities and doesn’t swaddle you in a blanky+For fuck’s sake, people, whatever happened to “eh, not for me” and ignoring things?But losing your mind over art? And words? And jokes? And tweets?Want to get “outraged?” Look at the news and pick a meaningful target. There are PLENTY.+that wants to grab the pitchforks, rend garments and dial the outrage up to 11 every second of every day.But what was spot on about Patton’s rant is that we’ve become a culture of narcissistic, perpetually “victimized” whiny babies+I did read the new host’s “jokes” and tweets and found them kinda hacky and unfunny.I don’t watch the The Daily Show and don’t give a shit who the host is.Omg this, from @pattonoswalt http://t.co/1Nq0N9gq2z
Retweeted by ShanImagine how much funnier Richard Pryor would have been if he'd had think pieces and blogs to guide him.
Retweeted by ShanAnd I’m slowly moving off my white hot hate for Cisco. But sweet jumping follicles get to a great clips and cut that fucking mopThat #TheFlash was a lot of fun. With a great preview at the end to boot.
This final season of #Justified is a damn marvel. One great episode after another.
Retweeted by ShanA really good #AgentsOfSHIELD down, now #Justified and then #TheFlash and #iZombie Tuesdays, man. Awesome.This really could, and should, be a daily tweet at this point https://t.co/c7ACzkmkKs@saalon I think it was Jello, so probably@saalon And it originally had an "o" title, too. (Not sure on the reasoning, though)@lafergs that had a pretty good cast. And concept. But the execution? Oof.@DerfelMacklin With a joint, Sigourney Weaver and a werewolf?@saalon @artincircles I'm reading these words but don't really understand them@saalon @artincircles This is like that dress all over again. (Which was blue and bronze, BTW). :)@saalon @artincircles That is perplexing. There are no bad performances on the show@saalon Damn you. Now I'm going to be sad about Terriers again for a few hours@saalon yeah, I'm happy. Pleasantly surprised, since it doesn't get tons of viewers, nor (inexplicably) the awards attention it deserves@saalon you need to fix that, pronto. :D Really, one of the best shows on TVэто здорово! RT @moryan: #TheAmericans has been renewed for a fourth season. Hooray! 🗽🇨🇳🇺🇸💯🔥👨@poniewozik Yes.
@1Lcampesino the interface and functionality on my roku is laughably badFans self “@HistoryInPics: Vivien Leigh, 1937. http://t.co/KtUIcYKzaC@jowrotethis if it starts playing Mission Impossible or Top Gun…dun, dun, DUNJust put peanuts in a glass from a bar I used to go to all the time w/an ex. She’s passed away, sadly. Now filled with sadness. And peanuts
@saalon when the opinions aren't the exact same as mine. 😁@saalon yeah, I guess I should suppose all tweets include a silent “…for me” because good/bad declarations drive me crazy.@saalon + about reality shows, Bravo, religion, vegetarians, hip hop, whiners, being “on” line, fruit desserts, folding fitted sheets….@saalon I just try not to spend too much bandwidth on things that bother or annoy me. Or else my whole feed would unhinged ranting+@saalon since you’re a new follow, maybe that’s part of it too. I just don’t get trolling.@saalon Fear the Reaper (oh wait. That was canceled. Maybe they had the wrong title)@saalon @artincircles but you are getting your steak at Applebee’s (CBS) and not your local bistro. It’s a miracle TGW & POI do what they do@artincircles @saalon and honestly, I probably want the show y’all want. I want a Root, Illyria, Fred and Peyton Reed super friends show 😁@saalon @artincircles +watching something I don’t enjoy. It would exhaust me to keep expecting it to be something it can't@saalon @artincircles To me that’s like eating a steak and asking why it’s meaty. That’s its form and nature! But I don’t understand+@artincircles @saalon +just enjoy em for what they are. Retail is different than boutique for me.@artincircles @saalon I guess it’s just a question of expectations. I watch a lot of procedurals. POIS does it better than most. So I +@artincircles @saalon no, because I’ve watched TV all my life. If this was 8 eps on HBO I’d be pissed about wasted potential.@saalon @artincircles my attitude, as it is with most things, comes from STRIPES: “lighten up, Francis”@saalon @artincircles + to produce. So it will have characters that aren’t always central to the mythos. And standalones. And clunkers.@saalon @artincircles show me a tight, everyone pleasing, no case of the week, 20+ ep hourlong on CBS. You can’t. It’s not possible to+@artincircles @saalon no it’s not. But you will drive yourself insane “willing” it to be something structurally that it’s not@artincircles @saalon you must not watch many procedurals. 😄@saalon @artincircles y’all are never gonna be happy. You want a 10-13 ep cable show starring Amy Acker from a 20+ ep CBS procedural@DerfelMacklin it’s a lot of fun with my interesting performances and good twists in the mythos@stephsmith I start to roll my eyes, then think how I am about college football. (Still turn on mute filters though)http://t.co/NPTNxFWjf8
Retweeted by Shan@jowrotethis 😄 her brother Fox Mulder passed a couple of years ago. Next addition to the fam might be Mal, Raylan, or Tyrion@jowrotethis this is Willow Rosenberg http://t.co/zFldxHWYDtHalf an hour getting beaten up by Smarter Image massage chair will remind you that we are nowhere close to a good sex robot.
Retweeted by Shan@jowrotethis I know! Just recorded the pre-season podcast yesterday, and making my way through blu commentaries@UnpluggedCrazy absolutely. Any genre, give me some rules and stick to em and then give me good characters and I’m along for the ride@UnpluggedCrazy yep. Movie continuity + time travel shenanigans = recipe for aggravation but it’s real damn fun so \_(ツ)_/¯Rewatching #XMenDaysOfFuturePast. Kitty having that power makes no sense, but more Ellen Page is always good.
Well, that was a really fun second season of #BlackSails BIG leap from S1.I may have just declared war on Kentucky. It was all kind of a blur.
Retweeted by ShanReading preseason #Braves previews. How do you add yourself to a suicide watch list?Some hashtags are just too annoying to engage with.when i was a kid i thought having an upstairs meant you were rich, but now i know it's when you have an extra bathroom just for pooping.
Retweeted by ShanMichelle MacLaren gives good commentary. #GameOfThrones #Oathkeeper
“Breaker of Chains” time. #GameOfThrones@TVandDinners you haven’t seen it? Strap in. It’s all terrible nonsense. (Probably insulting to nonsense)Someday I'm going to go on a "Blu-ray loading" killing spree. No jury will convict meYou know what doesn’t get enough praise? MCU end credits. Beautiful design.@saalon that’s a bingo@patman23 thanks man. Recording ep 1 in the AM!
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