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I'm so EXCITED to present to you my first solo single available right now on iTunes: https://t.co/KUi1IhAnxt

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@bringshereeback @hoodchick35th she's blocked now💙@hoodchick35th bitch with all that I'm still killing u!! The zoo called me & said their gorilla escaped!! How I'll take u ugly ass back
💙RT @itslaceylace: Love is a funny thing @TinyMajorMama @Kandi@dejloaf had the whole house #powerhouseNYC rocking tonight! Let A Nicca Try Me👑 #WTFYGDhttp://t.co/AOQddCyOz6💙😘RT @mrsltlayne: Lookin good! @TinyMajorMama HEY TINY...they ain't got your #paperwork ... http://t.co/y2WDb10ZLn💙RT @GabrielofSFPL: @TinyMajorMama chillin onstage #PowerhouseNYC@zonniqueallday1 @Star_OMG @TheRealOMGGirlz where is the pictuream Being Zonnique For Helloween This Years I love Zonnique I Wish I Can Meet Her 🎃🎃🌃🌃💀💀👀👀 @Star_OMG @TheRealOMGGirlz @TinyMajorMama
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisHas anyone tried @tinystequila?? It's one of @tinymajormama's… http://t.co/o29zaqkEzt
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisHas anyone tried @tinystequila?? It's one of @tinymajormama's #EntrepreneurialVentures #TinysLimelighthttp://t.co/lrZbdLGGUv
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisThat's why I 💙 u guys 😘RT @KaylaNechole007: @TinyMajorMama WE GOT YOUR BACK GIRL, WHEN YOU'RE HIGH WHEN YOU'RE LOW ❤💙u too famRT @mrLdavis: YESS @TinyMajorMama IS GOING IN! YES I LOVE YOU AUNTIE TINY LET THESE GIRLS HAVE IT!@JadoreDez@ONLY1BRAT miss u fam💙😘Awe damn it could be..Thx tho💙RT @New_Jack: @TinyMajorMama is that EP almost ready?! Cause we are waitingWowRT @stevieweevie71: @TinyMajorMama Tell @WendyWilliams to fuck herself! Check out my comedy spoof ... http://t.co/EN5PdGsbfe@shawnallen__ How is my life gonna get u a check? If u ain't making money while u sleep like me..u can stfu! That's the REAL!! Catch up!!Thank u💙RT @glooxo: did anyone hear @TinyMajorMama song? shit is fire!!! im loving it!@shawnallen__ u still talking?! No1 cares take this time u spending on me 2get like me! U can't do that sitting on yo ass! U 2far behind sirI love my ppl..thx for all the💙 I can't retweet all my great msgs but I'm catching some & also ... http://t.co/dgFiJYSwNXEveryone has a lot to say about @TinyMajorMama getting her eyes done last time I checked they don't pays her bills so stfu #FindSomeBusiness
Retweeted by Tameka Harris💙RT @thabestmomever: @TinyMajorMama You are the best, I love everything about you especially your confidence & strength! #ALittlePowerHouse😹💙RT @lataysimp: @TinyMajorMama , everybody tripping off tiny's new eyes....haters gonna be haters and ... http://t.co/JHkIUXOnvY💙RT @JUDIJTHEHOTTEST: boyyy i love @TinyMajorMama she don't let any one say no slick shit to her ...... ... http://t.co/g0Nou3cgYOIt's in several cities but online tints tequila.comRT @1UniquePassion: @TinyMajorMama Tameka, where do we buy "Tiny's Tequila"....?Love u more sis😘RT @1Tamarbraxton: Tiny and Shekinah have me rolling all the time love dem @TinyMajorMama @ThatShekinah 😂😂😘Yeah @VH1iNFO RT @LadiiRackz: Tiny: Tonight need to come back @VH1 @TinyMajorMamaGood afternoon RT @mossdorthy12: @TinyMajorMama good mornig ! Tiny could u please just say goodmorning ?WOKE UP LISTENING TO MY SEXY @TinyMajorMama DON'T SLEEP ON HER HER VOICE HIS A BEAST ON THIS TRACK 😍 U BOOP http://t.co/sNQVxUCql6
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisThank u💙RT @Panamama220: @TinyMajorMama I absolutely love your single!!! That song should be a national anthem for women!RT @moneymakinmarc: @TinyMajorMama I saw u on @GMA. No matter what u change outwardly, stay the same inside. ... http://t.co/iwmQy4lt3hThank u💙RT @Shaaskew288: @TinyMajorMama @GMA @Nightline I've watched it and you be to cute !!@shawnallen__ shut yo lame ass up! What u doing so great 4 someone 2give a damn about your thoughts or feelings? U see me don't u?! Wya doe@stevieweevie71 omfg this video tho😹😹😹@GMA i think @TinyMajorMama looks great w/the new look.I would def do it too! Her body=her business #SocialSquare other celebs done worse
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisPeople hating on @TinyMajorMama for eye surgery because it's dangerous but they are the same people that smoke and drink a 1500 cal coffee.
Retweeted by Tameka Harris@carolynwam @TinyMajorMama leave her tf alone....this is her life and she can choose wtf she want to do with it...worry about urself..
Retweeted by Tameka Harris💙RT @Mscartertho: Why are people so worried about @TinyMajorMama getting her eyes done? Just saw the #GMA segment and they look good!Bring Em Out Kids Night @AvaFratus @CallMeYL @Laced all in support of @Tip @TinyMajorMama foundation @FTLOOFofficial http://t.co/maZJugqSUs
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisRT @cottoncandi1Luv: #RT Check out @TinyMajorMama article in @XXL feat. her #BRANDS of #TINYSTEQUILA ... http://t.co/wwWyk5tmftWe on @therealtvshow right now time in with my bestie @TamarBraxtonHer & the whole beautiful cast👑 fun show!!Repost from tamarbraxtonher My sisters @tinymajormama thatshekinah cracks me UP on #thereal today on… http://t.co/wb2M9uAaAHMorning Twit Fam! Chx me out on @gma this morning at 8:15am #everywhere & 2nite on @Nightline at 12:35am. http://t.co/xPEjNQmMxW@Thiccassprinces @kaaymonet lol..thank u😘💙@TinyMajorMama Eyez is "EVERYTHING" #FreshLook #Bold&Beautiful who is @WendyWilliams 2 HATE didn't she get sum TITIES & still look MANLEY😴
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisRT @HadenElizabeth: @TinyMajorMama is the 💩 ! a great mom , wife & business woman! it's sucks that ... http://t.co/5tpwtQxoxBWay to go Tameka @TinyMajorMama your single shows you still have much talent,forget those haters I love your new color eyes.#mixedgirls
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisRT @Mr_Toussant: @TinyMajorMama folks stay hating on shit they shouldn't be concerned about. I salute you as ... http://t.co/NzXJt3Kz15@SexyPcr @WJTTPOWER94 @TheMsMagic that's what's up!! Thx💙With @TinyMajorMama sitting to support her man, @Tip talks about their relationship and his early days http://t.co/gFrXIwU0o3
Retweeted by Tameka Harris💙RT @ShePrissy1: I really admire @TinyMajorMama I hope her new look makes her feel more beautiful than ... http://t.co/TGrfw6FCJ5Xscape - Hold On i so love this song @kandi @tinymajormama #realsxcapefan #midnightlove http://t.co/hDGAIUvNDb
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisI love the humbled celebs who acknowledge fans @KendraWilkinson. @TinyMajorMama @Syleena_Johnson. @TraciBraxton @MonicaBrown to name a few ♥
Retweeted by Tameka Harris
😘💙 u!RT @kaaymonet: @TinyMajorMama I love you and your blue eyes 💙 idgaf if they was orange, green, or yellow you still the SHIT😍😘💋@TinyMajorMama @WendyWilliams I haven't seen her new eyes, but it's her body not yours, and Tiny way to stand up for your mixed heritage!!!
Retweeted by Tameka Harris💙RT @DQUEMUSIC: I been a fan of yours for years since Xscape so i gotta have ur back thanks for helping ... http://t.co/xxqkeKcupjRT @IamVictorious_B: This new drumline movie interesting or whatever,but @VH1 better still play family hustle ... http://t.co/RFJahIAhK7Thx😘RT @ShericeTramon: @TinyMajorMama @NETTA0281 Fuck the haters keep doing u.I love who u rAll 💙 bck😘RT @thabestmomever: @TinyMajorMama love you & your eye color! #HatersTheyMadThoRT @04eed64588a7412: @TinyMajorMama Girl c da BAD Bitch u r i know u "played da part up"(ur eyez) in da ... http://t.co/bbpAqjDPg7😘RT @Sheisaboss1: @WendyWilliams @TinyMajorMama really to be honest I love Tiny's eyes they are beautiful . She looks beautiful regardless.💙RT @Dalvin2900: @TinyMajorMama to yo haters say wtfygd keep doing sad songs , and songs that udgaf. U ... http://t.co/oQ2BEPwNLxRT @20babygirl65: @TinyMajorMama Girl loving the eyes I have some green ones I can't never get mine to show ... http://t.co/CHeK91UsMr💙😘RT @BradKindaComedy: It's @TinyMajorMama business. People really need to stay in their lane.●﹏●
“@NovaG2k23: Make sure Yall following my big sis @TinyMajorMama !! Them eyes look dope sis! Miss and love fam!”thx bae💙@TawanaJ_h8free @WendyWilliams this dummy must've forgot Ms.Piggy was a bad bitch with all the money & jewels & the man! Yeah I'm all that🙌Ok this is not real!! This did not come from us (The Harris's)I don't even know who created this page.… http://t.co/hG36dmGKHXMy Majorbaby don't need no filter he looking just like a celebrity I know!! For celebrity day at… http://t.co/MFzL2mIr3i
“@NETTA0281: @TinyMajorMama bottom line is the love out weigh the hate!!! keeping shinning on them hating hoes!!!”all 💙bck😘“@NETTA0281: @_OleBluEyez @TinyMajorMama Who are you to judge Tho?? You have your ears pierced!!! You wasn't born that way!!! Stop judging”“@LadiiRackz: @TinyMajorMama who do I have to go off on I don't play about my role model” lol don't get em this time 😘😘it's light work😹😹@WendyWilliams @TinyMajorMama T she looks damn good! We all do something (wigs, makeup, eyelashes, implants) some have more risk tho
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisI am a lesbian.but i will always crush on @troubleman31!!!! He is my #mcm and his wife @TinyMajorMama is my #wcw @TheRealDaytime
Retweeted by Tameka Harris@_OleBluEyez good for u!!!!!!#Repost from @msnikkirich *THE NIKKI RICH SHOW LIVE* @tinymajormama SHOUTS OUT THE NIKKI RICH SHOW… http://t.co/N105e4UmJf
Retweeted by Tameka Harris@_OleBluEyez u can't be serious! Don't come at me with that dumb ass shit pls!!RT @thebrianryan: The eyes just like your boobs is still apart of your body. @WendyWilliams work it ... http://t.co/JFCtNjBdFjBitch plsRT @iJazzy1: @SandraRose @TinyMajorMama the self hate is soo real😉RT @NinJTurner: @NETTA0281 @TinyMajorMama It looks good. She is part white, but Blacks want to embrace ... http://t.co/UYvh1Et2EMThxRT @GilesLawanda: @TinyMajorMama @GilesLawanda love your new color eyes work b**ch 😍😍@TawanaJ_h8free @WendyWilliams what should they say when they look at their white grandmother face everyday! Where I came frm hoe!!💙RT @GabrielleJoffie: I like @tinymajormama new eye color. I don't think it's self hatred at all. ... http://t.co/31X73VnEDfRT @itsme_janjan: Seriously king is like a little man... I wish grown men wud have qualities like king... he ... http://t.co/hJjNjIb2h7Lol yes he doesRT @MarieTeka: @TinyMajorMama and @Tip, y'all can't say my baby don't look like Major:)) http://t.co/vGgRsvCIuIYour song is nice baeRT @taurusdolly: @TinyMajorMama please tell me what you think of this song I wrote ! http://t.co/fI8lErIhx6💙u bckRT @taurusdolly: cannot stop listening to @TinyMajorMama #wtfygd amazing ! love her ! <3@EliseB_Suarez @WendyWilliams just hope u make it to see him..& stop worrying about me! I'm highly favored can't u tell?!!RT @brighterbay: @WendyWilliams @TinyMajorMama Industry pro here, Iris implant not "eyeball ... http://t.co/BS8OqRmtM6💙RT @MrTeoArias: @WendyWilliams the last time i checked, they were @TinyMajorMama 's eyes, not mine@MMzblk2u u must of thought I gave a fuck😹😹😹 besides hoe I am half white! Fuck your thoughts & how u feel!! Pay my bills😏 of stfu@hoodchick35th this all my hair big baboon looking bitch💙RT @adoraboone: @TinyMajorMama I luv u Tiny, I been a fan since I was 11.. I was at ur hubby listening ... http://t.co/ESrHx7lstSThank u..im loving em too💙RT @dmccraw205comca: @TinyMajorMama They hating but I LOVE YOUR 👀.Thank u❤️RT @PsychedelicFrog: Love this song @TinyMajorMama make more ! http://t.co/yaTO2Db9KIThis the type of ignorance that makes me comment on posts I'd usually pass up. (Im the last comment) @TinyMajorMama http://t.co/9FPNWArpnG
Retweeted by Tameka Harris😉RT @618_btownrep: What's the big deal 😕 ok @TinyMajorMama changed her eye color..bitches do it ... http://t.co/3uu9g9nNtwThx bae😘💙RT @Ms_NikkiBaddAss: @TinyMajorMama I love you so much like your my idol seriously and I admire everything you do@RainingLipstick @Tip pls I didn't do shit for him boo he love me like I am!! U can't tell?! He still here & he ain't chained fr! & nose? NoThx❤️RT @eboney_ebby9786: @TinyMajorMama ..Girllllll I'm feeling the new look.. U look so freaking pretty!!! http://t.co/KlOojQBViW
Screaming Happy Birthday to my beautiful lil sis @toyawright I know u remember these days when… http://t.co/rdixhwlgkB
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