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Tristan Kromer @TriKro San Francisco, CA, USA

#leanstartup, #custdev, #RoR, banjo, questions, tao, #bmgen, irony, #UX, unstealthy, T-shaped * generalist. No ninjas or rockstars please. I run @leancircle.

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Don't play #Chess at a #Poker game by @TriKro - Nice quote Tristan :) http://t.co/k4VYS4wX9F #Quora #Smart #Rich #Intelligence #IQ #EQ
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@frmuses thanks Fardeen!UXPA – The State of UX http://t.co/HeVkVknDJu by @BenHolliday #UXDesignRT @agreatpm: Replacing The User Story With The Job Story http://t.co/EOq428svic by @alanklement #prodmgmt http://t.co/bVG4j4M5f5RT @agreatpm: The Only Thing that Matters: Product-Market Fit http://t.co/wgYJHpTUVk by @pmarca #prodmgmt http://t.co/XUorrdL451
Let it be known that @TriKro has mad blue tape skills #innovationcatalyst http://t.co/GMWAYqYa
Retweeted by Tristan KromerOn MVPs, Gluing Things Together, and $270 Flights to South Africa http://t.co/TPCAGGV46q by @ZacharyCohn #LeanStartupContent-First Design http://t.co/HtQNgeRrK8 by @steph_hay #LeanUX #DesignRT @Mid0: How Emotion Drives Customer Action in Startup Marketing http://t.co/o6Ts3okL9h #ux #prodmgmt by @kobiefullerRT @FashNerd: #FashionTech #Crowdfunding That Didn’t Make It, But Should’ve! http://t.co/PXxgUjV7yq #StartUps #LeanStartup
Introducing the Lean Product Development Framework http://t.co/5TWBsw84BF by @kuncheria #LeanStartup@mcdgo Thanks for the tweet Michael!If you're adopting lean, you need to understand this flow: Inspiration, Application, Practice. http://t.co/L4nhiIwPwS via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer“Help! Is there a Cardiothoracic Surgeon in the room?” http://t.co/HXLfhGfjrb by @jmspool #UXRT @semanticwill: When Lean is confused w/ #LeanStartup, u get this: Lean Doesn’t Always Create Best Products http://t.co/dVgoQk6MKr @jkolkoRT @thepressfarm: 8 Merits of Bootstrapping for Startups http://t.co/NMDdRCoaJm #Bootstrap #Leanstartup #Growthhacking by Ian
@elvinturner I don't remember saying that, but I'll take it!"If we only focus on this year’s revenues, we’ll have last year’s best product." Tristan Kromer @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer"Change is the essence of life; be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become." —Reinhold NiebuhrIs Your Product Team Really Lean? http://t.co/sVBsjfSfSU by @jaymelone #LeanStartupThe Most Important Advice I Could Give You About Unicorns http://t.co/tOytKjlXXQ by @msuster #Startup #EntrepreneurRT @brantcooper: 4 Seeds for Planting Lean Startup in the Enterprise, feat @ericries #leanstartup @MovesTheNeedle http://t.co/nUFPIavFOfRT @thepressfarm: 6 Tips on Creating the Best Elevator Pitch to Interest Investors http://t.co/OQgqfgILBr #growthhacking #leanstartup by Ian
From Idea to Prototype in 6 Weeks http://t.co/xaAITUCLAS by @kennethhellem #LeanStartupHow to Launch a Start-Up When You Only Have 99 Dollars http://t.co/bBp0rNpqBn by @zackkanter #Startup #LeanStartupRT @AlexOsterwalder: “Innovation amateurs talk good ideas; innovation experts talk testable hypotheses.” http://t.co/J7PPghCIC2 #leanstartupRT @redBorder_net: How one entrepreneur applied the lean startup method to hardware http://t.co/qNhINRnpCL #IoT #leanstartup by @ttaulli
Long-term Impact of Badging http://t.co/st1ZTHdjWe by @jwegan_com #LeanUXRT @BusModInc: Why and how organizations around the world adopt the business model canvas http://t.co/4hjCxCxx6v #bmgen by @patrickpijlRT @dscofield: Innovation Shouldn’t Be Career Suicide http://t.co/JuUfH2fmnH via @strategyzer #bmgen #VPDesign by @kaviguppta
How startup founders deal with overwhelming demands on their time http://t.co/apUvRe5nSc#leanstartup job interview. Makes total sense. http://t.co/CzTiLvxUKm
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer5 Reasons You Need to Watch Real People Use Your App http://t.co/AANG7NfDbi by @michelletaute #Custdev #LeanUXRT @aha_io: The Role of the Product Manager vs. the Product Owner http://t.co/8eAL77nkyx #prodmgmt by @bdehaaff http://t.co/kI6uEFTrmJRT @sjohnson717: Format of your product requirements is less important than what you communicate @ttorres http://t.co/VaGKao5OcU #prodmgmt
@chaseevanchase I have my calendar open here: http://t.co/TarIPtnCMzNovelty is not Innovation http://t.co/SABePLixA8 by @witty_name #LeanStartup #InnovationRT @pivotservices: What (exactly) is Agile? A lesson in history from the good folks @blossom #prodmgmt http://t.co/YMyJNbNSb0 by @gclapsRT @brainmates: Difference between a Project Manager vs Product Manager http://t.co/w75rZMF8z8 #prodmgmt by @nickcoster via @brainmates
@chaseevanchase you lost me. What?3 Steps to Finding Product/Market Fit http://t.co/pJKrRovBh0 by @dantmurphy #LeanStartupHacking Company Culture http://t.co/rrwoiTbh7Q by @pedramkeyani #LeanStartup #StartupsRT @RichMironov: Astonishing Financial Benefits of Improving #prodmgmt Effectiveness http://t.co/SDw6nOEyEq via @nilsieFor those in Europe - New guest post: Playing Lean – Interview with Simen Fure Jørgensen http://t.co/2Cju9OE86uRT @aritanninen: Common Agile Practice Isn’t for Startups http://t.co/Soh281ktcB by @JeffPatton. #agile #leanstartup #custdev
An interview with yours truly about Playing Lean http://t.co/TWDEN2MZhK via @trikro
Retweeted by Tristan KromerFor those in Asia - New guest post: Playing Lean – Interview with Simen Fure Jørgensen http://t.co/taCm9juAGgHope Is Not a Launch Strategy http://t.co/AyClpIRVIe by @zackkanter #ProdmgmtThe Shopping Shortcut: How to Design for Your Customer’s Mindset http://t.co/CPgoWlatXF by @mmargolis #CustdevRT @mtrigo: Peter Thiel Is Wrong About Lean Startups http://t.co/9DIXn3TIsd #leanstartup #custdev by @dankaplanLarge Companies Are Not Startups... by @tendayiviki http://t.co/lCieIlVyLlNew guest post: Playing Lean – Interview with Simen Fure Jørgensen http://t.co/sCRn9D99gqRT @custdev: See What’s Missing: Careful Observation Key To Success http://t.co/TWb5QHW6LR #custdev by @skmurphy
What Type of Lean #Startup Experiment Should I Run? http://t.co/kQVDPKumzO via @TriKro http://t.co/yXbfxbhNY4
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@jonmertz Thanks for the tweet Jon!SaaS Sales: Make Them Buy AND Use Your Product http://t.co/PboJ9Ucz4l by @Steli #ProdmgmtCan You Run Multiple A/B Tests at the Same Time? http://t.co/EiQCtVr18f by @peeplaja #UserTestingRT @AlexOsterwalder: Practice the art of great #leanstartup interviews http://t.co/bR0zNDVNec & MVPs http://t.co/BB10YJ94Do @strategyzerRT @ashmaurya: Scaling Flow in a #LeanStartup http://t.co/O9U6F2cND9
Peter Thiel is Right about Lean Startup http://t.co/Z0iYcwOkZG by @alexryan #LeanStartupThe Ultimate Guide to Unlocking Mobile Growth http://t.co/UxN6wUDbdO by @alexaustin #GrowthHackingRT @Mixergy: Eric Ries Wants to Stop Customers from Hating (or worse, ignoring) Your Product! #leanstartup http://t.co/xyxgemlTCD @ericriesRT @thepressfarm: 10 Most Important Habits of Successful Startup Entrepreneurs http://t.co/VGg2I1Igpc #growthhacking #leanstartup by Ian
Capitalism vs. lock in http://t.co/1663TTWbHM by @ThisIsSethsBlogRT @pivotservices: Empathy is what makes great Products | Couldn't agree more @albertwenger #prodmgmt http://t.co/hkOJsLwEdiRT @kesslerhk: You're confusing problem and solution and it's killing your startup. Here's the fix http://t.co/I8tbUnktCB #custdev @spikelab
Valuation As A Scorecard http://t.co/1UFg1vccdf by @fredwilsonRT @PLOTTIFY: #CustDev Tip: 3 things you should never ever ask in a #UX Usability test @theuserbrain http://t.co/edyVfLZoSP @stefanroesslerRT @SteveArnold5: Getting feedback from customers when security is an issue http://t.co/Ro3tX0vJSD #LeanStartup via @ericries
Applying Product Thinking to Process Improvement http://t.co/JedcnSKMtQ by @jboogie #LeanUXRT @Caufrier: 4 Innovation Strategies From Big Companies That Act Like Startups (FC) #LeanStartup http://t.co/cJptvC6KBk by @sorenkaplanRT @thepressfarm: Use These 7 Customer Feedback Methods To Boost Startup Growth #growthhacking #startup http://t.co/CGJLL2vOxe @RobWormley
User Experience for Product Designers http://t.co/KGVRQmvJbE by @paulhershey #LeanUX #UXDesignTake a Team Approach to Product Delivery http://t.co/wgUdGXffKj by @ttorres #ProdmgmtRT @thepressfarm: Best Methods for Validating your MVP #leanstartup #growthhacking #UX http://t.co/02itPqWVDZ - Christopher Bank @TheNextWebRT @JessieRyde: Kate Spade Reinvents Retail As A #leanstartup : #product #service or #marketing? http://t.co/0IrK0sVdSj by @ctrlzee
How to Attract the RIGHT Users to Your Startup http://t.co/CFNJpLn9pa by @danielwnz via @collecto_io #LeanStartupUX Designers: Why are we Wasting Time? http://t.co/vuNbDSQtMc by @benmelb #LeanUXRT @vashishthask: "The Future of Software World?" by @vashishthask on @LinkedIn http://t.co/FFG3RIX1X6 #startups #technology #leanstartupRT @MAK3it: "Why would a corporation go off brand?" Cuz otherwise its impossible to be lean http://t.co/w36xZDEsMY #leanstartup @davidjbland
Why Product Management isn't Like Lean Startup for Most http://t.co/7kJQgYjA6Z by @pivotservices #LeanStartupHow We Accelerated Growth with Product Onboarding http://t.co/qSREcqpe6C by @mostlyjason #LeanStartup #GrowthRT @WayraDE: READ | Turn your company into a billion-dollar business http://t.co/0Tqc9aqfuu #startups #wayraeurope #leanstartup by @invokerRT @paradigmrpa: Save Money by Building a Virtual Team for your #Startup http://t.co/4jf8Qom8jO #entrepreneur #leanstartup @MurrayNewlands
Why ‘Build, Measure, Learn’ isn’t Just Throwing Things Against The Wall to See If They Work http://t.co/lPCVbbbnKR by @sgblank #LeanStartupWhich Is A More Efficient Way To Build A SaaS Startup - Bottoms Up Or Top Down? http://t.co/TAPRr63f0k by @ttunguz #GrowthRT @thepressfarm: How Shopify Grew 10X in 3Yrs, Ways to Achieve Similar Results #growthacking #leanstartup http://t.co/TBwKs5F4x6 @neilpatelRT @strategyzer: To build a proper MVP you shouldn't actually build at all.. Learn more http://t.co/DntgyF5eqa by @bensongarner #leanstartup
Visual Portfolio Management: Collaboratively Aligning Your Company http://t.co/cwCmuDwhjP by @markusandrezak #LeanDesign #LeanUXRT @pivotservices: No one needs your Product! | Accept this and you will sell more says @jasonlk #prodmgmt http://t.co/QcX6vXntHq @saastr@veranotinto thanks Tinto!great lean 101 in 5 min by @TriKro http://t.co/wUhZ8dDAvA
Retweeted by Tristan KromerRT @dshiao: Why Listening To Your Users Is The Key To Startup Success http://t.co/0gC24awVGK by @sineadmacmanus via @Rouse #prodmgmt #cmgr
Building Great Products Through Anarchy http://t.co/aYsW1gNsKX by @aj_ux #LeanUXRT @pivotservices: 6 things to keep in mind to retain users | Thnx @testlio #prodmgmt http://t.co/87WKrO9qSz by @anhthu_le179RT @rcauvin: 4 types of #custdev questions: clarifying, adjoining, funneling, and elevating http://t.co/6aPkHLhsRo #leanstartup @tpohlmann
How 13 Successful Companies Fought For Their First Customers http://t.co/EGR3gJkPib by Melissa Tsang via @ReferralCandy #Custdev #StartupsRT @mfishbein: The Art and Science of The Minimum Viable Product http://t.co/7nJxavMBDi #custdevRT @custdev: How One Startup Figured Out What Could Really Help Deaf People http://t.co/RJIWCGLAQw #custdev by @sgblank
Build a Growth Machine Like Andy Johns http://t.co/hsrGitc7cn by @LaurenRobBass #Growth #GrowthHacking
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