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Tristan Kromer @TriKro San Francisco, CA, USA

#leanstartup coach, Innovation Ecoystem designer, T-shaped * generalist. No ninjas or rockstars please. I run @leancircle and http://t.co/fkme93DVMK

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RT @Ghatikesh: "Why they make such Valuable Companies, and how to Harness them" http://t.co/5XZhsoFq28 #prodmgmt #startup by @EricJorgensonFor those in Europe - New post: "Lean Startup Interns Needed!" http://t.co/kt6tSJOJ1P
Living is my form of art. ~Theresa
Retweeted by Tristan KromerFor those in Asia - New post: "Lean Startup Interns Needed!" http://t.co/R6KbYcD4p6How Startups Should Get Their First 1000 Customers http://t.co/dHZJvIK2xM by @danmartell #Custdev #LeanStartup@jg2009 Thanks for the tweet Jose!Lean Startup Interns Needed! http://t.co/ugHSF8jteJWhat topics should I cover at the @leancircle July UnConference? http://t.co/HR2jdVoQ3a #leanstartup #lscsfSaaS Pricing: Our Big Free Plan Mistake http://t.co/DUCAQj43zg by @dnevogt #SaaS #Startup #FreemiumRT @thepressfarm: 6 Tips for Successfully Splitting Equity in #Startup #leanstartup #growthhacking http://t.co/wtgTGftZQA by @DrewAHendricks@tendayiviki Thanks for tweeting, how was the penguin example? Understandable?@sgraykowski Thanks for tweeting!@KevinLupowitz Thanks for sharing Kevin!@cassieboorn Thanks for the tweet Cassie!@elvinturner Thanks for sharing Elvin!@wokier Thanks for sharing Francois!Penguins can't fly http://t.co/5gns3vK2z9 via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan KromerNew post: "Lean Startup Interns Needed!" http://t.co/cTHs7gFOx1Lean Startup Interns Needed! http://t.co/MvJfscdkfC http://t.co/Px8eYH1fpTRT @leanstartup: Test your idea with customers before building anything, without product #LeanStartup http://t.co/4Dtvn68Z7x by @dainalinton
More Than a Lemonade Stand: How 12 Year Olds Learn to Launch Lean Startups (EdSurge News) - http://t.co/uGyBvgTo0ASuccess Metric vs. Fail Condition – To the Pain! by @TriKro Daily Best in #startup http://t.co/7R2ZOTby2l
Retweeted by Tristan KromerFor those in Asia, New blog post: "Success Metric vs. Fail Condition - To the Pain!" http://t.co/ntymuCxaSB…on-to-the-pain/ #leanstartupGating Innovation http://t.co/KaSayRLKMQ by @jimbabb #LeanStartup #Innovation"If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done." —Bruce Lee via @momentumdash@aravis89 Totally concur. Fortunately, we do get input on whether or not the business model is viable. @opatan @davidjblandWhen just starting, our biggest challenge is not to build a #MVP , but to identify our own assumptions. http://t.co/7eqZB96K9w via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@_anuroop_ Thanks for sharing Anuroop!In two weeks -> @leancircle July UnConf http://t.co/GnQO9TServ #leanstartup #lscsf cc @sammcafee @davidjbland16 Product Things I Learned at Imgur http://t.co/40AuVqeUu7 by @gerstenzang #ProdmgmtEarly bird tix end Monday! July @LeanCircleSF UnConference http://t.co/KS0B9NQASv #lscsf #leanstartup cc @ericries @hnshah @laurakleinI'll be there. Who is going to the next @LeanCircle UnConference? http://t.co/KGY373mExh #leanstartup #lscsf cc @scottsambucciRT @leanstartup: The most effective hypotheses ones are usually quantitative. #LeanStartup http://t.co/PccTjd6DLi by @merxausNew blog post by @trikro: "Success Metric vs. Fail Condition - To the Pain!" http://t.co/10xq5IuS2P…on-to-the-pain/ #leanstartup
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@fiqus Thanks for tweeting Raf!@hgieldanowski Thank you for sharing Hardy. Are you also at Swisscom?@amicel Thanks as always for sharing Ronan!@a_faga Thanks for sharing Alexander!@amicel @brouhaha Then again, perhaps all flying is falling over a longer time interval.@amicel @brouhaha I'm not sure that's flying so much as falling over a longer time interval.@oceanician Please feel free@prokinetic Thanks for sharing Stephen!@ralph_ohr Thanks for reading and sharing Ralph!RT @opatan: 7 things I’ve learned about Lean Startup http://t.co/TeaKsDKOzC by @davidjbland #LeanStartupFor those in Europe, New blog post: "Success Metric vs. Fail Condition - To the Pain!" http://t.co/HUhv7DjUlG…on-to-the-pain/ #leanstartup
@MoyeBirte Thanks for sharing Birte! Say hi to Alex for me!@basav Thanks for the tweet Basav!@KyMorrow Thanks for sharing Kyle!New blog post: "Success Metric vs. Fail Condition - To the Pain!" http://t.co/jM7lj2DFn7…on-to-the-pain/ #leanstartup@oceanician Thanks for sharing Ian! Say hi to Ben and Manuel for me!Set a #Fail Condition instead of a #Success Metric http://t.co/5CyE7PPpts @TriKro #startup #leanstartup
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@aclear16 Thanks for the tweet Andrew!@zeddicus_z I'm writing as fast as I can this month!@Trep_Ed Thanks as always Doan!Stop trying to validate your ideas, invalidate them instead! http://t.co/3RD5F1i3sk via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@verapijl Thanks for the tweet Vera!@alisfny Thanks for the tweet Farooq!Building a Growth Model for Your Company http://t.co/vootqN0FH8 by @mccannatron #GrowthToyota - “If you always ask for success, then people will lie." http://t.co/zww6bzZ0h0 #lean #leanstartup by @kbjanderson
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@FastMikie Thanks for sharing Michael!@ToreRasmussen Thank you Tore!@sammcafee Thanks Sam!What questions should we ask at the @leancircle July UnConf http://t.co/SeroFUU8ec #leanstartup #lscsf@fjperex Thanks for sharing Javier!@TradeEsprit Thanks for the tweet!@StartLabsRS thanks guys!Penguins can't fly http://t.co/NRYue9noiO via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan KromerDo You Speak Devtools? http://t.co/LobWBfMPvD by @DecodingVC #ProdmgmtSuccess Metric vs. Fail Condition - To the Pain! - http://t.co/uf3jO5h7t4@ilen Thanks for the tweet Ilen!RT @Techdept: @thedankirby wrote this piece: Transform your charity with Silicon Valley fundamentals http://t.co/htztFSmHbs #leanstartup@RamliJohn Thanks for sharing Ramli! Haven't heard from you in a while, how's it going?@mounirzok Thanks for the tweet Mounir!@leanplc You might also be interested in this related follow up I just posted: http://t.co/Sw6v3OTG9u cc: @tendayiviki @pearsonGreat stuff from @TriKro this morning @pearson #leanstartup #runningexperiments http://t.co/UR9sqImMbH
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@leanplc Haha! That looks like @tendayiviki and my blog post. Do you want the slides instead? @pearsonSuccess Metric vs. Fail Condition – To the Pain! http://t.co/Sw6v3OTG9u http://t.co/IwMbLT4CqFI'm thinking about doing a statistics workshop at @leancircle July UnConf. Yes? No? http://t.co/sa69fPUWKk #leanstartup #lscsfRT @leanstartup: #LeanStartup helps entrepreneurs to focus on product/market fit vs blindly executing @sgblank http://t.co/zA389XeDDR
“Which Experiment Should We Run?” – 8 minute video by TriKro http://t.co/n7vyKJ2rjR
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer9 Lessons I Learned From Working with Hundreds of Startup Founders http://t.co/jR9IxezZ8I by @basprass #LeanStartup #Startups@rhappe If TV is to be believe...roll around in it.@letterpress_se Except actors, dancers, and musicians. Personally I don't mind those.One week left for early bird tix to the @leancircle July UnConf http://t.co/EAWMeqgUD8 #leanstartup #lscsfPODCAST: PETER MERHOLZ TALKS PRODUCT DESIGN http://t.co/5L6CKfCgV1 by @destraynor #ProdmgmtRT @thepressfarm: How to hire the best talent for a startup http://t.co/HeVTyJTmz6 #growthhacking #leanstartup by Ian@2standandstare Thanks for the tweet Samantha! Forgot all about that one!Saw this and thought it was awesome National Endowment for Open Source by @TriKro http://t.co/T61djbdEhi via @trikro http://t.co/PE9nryt7Z2
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@SE_Helsinki Thanks for sharing!Assumptions should be challenged with research. Hypotheses should be tested with an experiment. http://t.co/sixNVhBxV5 via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan KromerRT @bhamrick: Starting from scratch with product / market fit — validate the idea pre-MVP http://t.co/FDU5VgBPLI by @alexbeletsky #prodmgmt
No, I said I want some chocolate *Ganache* http://t.co/KD3iRGXUE3
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@ReidWalley cool! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for tweeting Reid!Diggin the *Convert Assumptions into Hypotheses* example. Assumption vs. Hypothesis - To the Death! http://t.co/t09YZLvKP0 via @trikro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@AllanCaeg awesome Allan! Lmk if you post some and I'll tweet it!Thanks for the insightful #leanstartup Office Hours, @TriKro ! Plus I'm inspired to do the same. http://t.co/ZIVejl9Ole
Retweeted by Tristan KromerWhen just starting, our biggest challenge is not to build an MVP, but to identify our own assumptions. http://t.co/kWLG9LwTdS via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@ghanikolli Thanks for sharing Ghani!However, by far the best and most accurate Dilbert comment on strategy, ever ... has to be this one - http://t.co/BMpjXkaXoo
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@celsojrnet Thanks for sharing Celso!
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