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I'm a Madam dedicated to Adam. My Adam Lambert Fan Place.

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Hangin with my girls at the bar & live music http://t.co/dOyJJVsSrR@saraplusadamm Yep, April, Planet HollywoodOMG, @ladygaga & Tony Bennett coming back to Vegas, woo hooGF moved, now time to get ready for happy hour, whoop!Gonna go help my friend move, how does she think she's gonna do it alone
Watching a magic show on syfy, too funny I acted on a similar show, now the show is ruined for me :(Woah, TRHW of Bev Hills just got real@LoriAndJava I know@LoriAndJava Yeah we filmed before they aired last years season finale@LoriAndJava Not sure, assumed the 1st episode but the people don't even look familiarThese people don't look familiar at allLet's see if I see myself on Hell's Kitchen tonightGotta love Adam's cheesy side@AlliCrain I know but he's in good hands now, place is gonna find him a homeGonna hit the neighborhood again for lost dog signs but think this poor guy was abandonedSeriously, more rain here in Vegas@WaterNai Wow, 98, that's amazing :)
@WaterNai He's gonna be 93 this month, hoping he get some strength so we can celebrate it, he always has a big party@WaterNai Thanx, were waiting to C if he can go home, he doesn't want to 2 B in hospice in his last days, which I know will make him happy@Isolde_13 Just when I thought things were going good@Isolde_13 Bout ready to Bitch slap life right now, ha ha@Isolde_13 Thanks, Yeah, & I'm broke & I'm gonna have to pay 4 Dad's plane ticket, Everything is piling up right now, Ughh@Isolde_13 Drove area couple times 2day, hoping 2 C lost dog signs, gonna look again 2morrow, have no time 4 a dog & I'm only 1 here all day@Isolde_13 She kept those cats in the garage 4 at least a month, did nothing to help find home, then finally dropped them off at shelter@SisterMerryMary It already is a zoo here @LoriAndJava@SisterMerryMary The cats were already pissed & freaking out about the dog @LoriAndJava@LoriAndJava Place I took him too, already posted his info, trimmed nails, gave him shots & even named him@LoriAndJava Main thing was to save it from the cold, rain & cars yesterday, not keep it 4 who know how long@LoriAndJava Yeah & now she took them all down since the dog is not here, makes no sense, so I will have 2 put new ones upMy roomie's mad at me 4 taking Dog 2 caring vet who's finding dog a home. She wanted to keep it in a crate for who knows how long here, Errr@Rebecca0313 Thanks, more worried about my Dad, he's really shakin up@shadou_fan Thank U, I'm sad & not sad, I know he's lived a full life & all his family is gonna be with him :)@HannaBec Totally, just sad that he's so independent and he fell, there's not much they can do right now :(My poor Grandpa, I almost want to laugh at what he does to himself, he's such a fighter at 92 years oldHate bad news, gotta help my Dad out to Cali, my Grandfater is not doing well & we need to say our Good byes, Not fun, but he's a fighter@DarynD No, & nails were so long, guess no one has really cared for him, but he's really sweet@DarynD Found a place that will help find owner, then fix & find it a home if need be@madnessinmotion Sorry so short, how was last band @Isolde_13
@DarynD Oh, good idea, not sure what secret but I will check for specific markings@DarynD Gonna put more signs up, call some shelters & c if anyone reported him missing & my friend works with no kill rescues 4 help@DarynD It's our cats collar so we can put a leash on him to take him out@DarynD Yep, yeah upset that he wasn't fixed & had no tag, poor guy has been out in rain tooWhat!? someone just said Steven Tyler is at my work, too bad I'm not there@Dragonfly194 Yeah, we r gonna take him to vet & see in the am@bmoschetti Yeah, he's sweet & well taken care of, so I know someone is missing him@Rebecca0313 I am the animal whisperer, ha haSo the lost puppy wasn't the neighbors but he's sleeping on roomies lap, too cute http://t.co/bBXtHVaV1K@BeachbabyShel Aww thanks :)@BeachbabyShel It was quite the adventure, he's scared but happy to be out of rainWe just wrangled a lost puppy from the rain, think it's a neighbors but they r not home :(@Wraith_SM Me too, Sorry, the other girls wanted to leave, but 1st time seeing u guys & it was really good @SeptmbrMourning@AvaJazlyn The girls didn't want to stay, sorry, would've hung out though for sure :) @LoriAndJava@AvaJazlyn U was starting to 2nd guess if I had ur right twitter handle, ha ha @LoriAndJava@LoriAndJava We left right after band played so didn't get to stay & talk, quick wave@LoriAndJava maybe it wasn't her, might've gotten her confused with someone else, twitter name fail, ha ha @AvaJazlyn@AvaJazlyn Sorry we didn't get to chat, we left after show, good to see yaCool show tonite, awesome stage presence @SeptmbrMourning http://t.co/PBahFhXpeZ
Were at the same place we saw @Evolovetheband though @Isolde_13 @DaveEVOLOVE@shadou_fan Yes they have someone else tonite :(@shadou_fan They r just staring & no Mother F'n @TommyJoeRatliff but we r here to support either way :) but@Isolde_13@Isolde_13 That was awesome!!!!Wahhh wahhh wahhh, and our consolation prize pleaseI can barely move, trying to get myself together@BUSYBEE8 OMG, that was u, I saw that video, lucky Bitch@SisterMerryMary What!? When!? Where!? @BUSYBEE8 @josirose@BUSYBEE8 What?! U went to Germany, now I hate U @josiroseI can't even believe the craziest right now@316pisces Those that witnessed that night were special, God bless usI'm with Angels & Devils right now & it's hard 4 me to contain myself, Bitch that got us fired is here #dagers@BUSYBEE8 U know me to well
@316pisces What!? Really!? Those shows were awesome, 1st was monumental for sure@Cali2KC Table at club for friends Bday but we r pre partying nowI'm hitting the Vegas strip with some friends@shadou_fan Hopefully get some good pix for ya@shadou_fan YepVegas girls r ready for some @SeptmbrMourning tomorrow I & of course @TommyJoeRatliff • Let us know if u need anything while U R here@SisterMerryMary Hopefully @Isolde_13@QueenWillRock Wish it was Rock in Rio Las Vegas too :) @Queen @adamlambert
@WaterNai Now there's Llamas 0_o @LoriAndJava@LoriAndJava Oh, strange, I C Wht/gold, maybe it's a color blindness thing@LoriAndJava So don't get it, why is that dress news worthy@LoriAndJava I guess not, what am I missing? @Isolde_13@Isolde_13 Huh?! Am I missing somethingChildren of Fate, The Reapers will be descending upon Las Vegas this Saturday, February 28th at… https://t.co/vITEV7skKD
Retweeted by adams madams@CrisJanLim Now u can really look into people's souls, ha ha
Damn union jobs, it's great when u have seniority, sux when u don't & other peeps can still Ur work, ErrrWorking on my taxes, not fun :(@BUSYBEE8 I have a hollow leg :)@BUSYBEE8 Right! Ha ha, as I'm waiting for a bacon wrapped pizza at Little CaesarsWe had a peanut party during the concert too @BUSYBEE8 http://t.co/ppVG3NuvOu@BUSYBEE8 I don't know, but I got enough for everyoneI keep finding @SouthwestAir peanut bags in my purse from the Vegas @Imaginedragons concert, ha ha@madnessinmotion Just DM'd U @Isolde_13@madnessinmotion Yes, plan on meetin up if I get out of work at a decent time, wont know til later today. Some shifts end at 2am @Isolde_13@madnessinmotion I think I have to work, but plan on going after my shift :) @Isolde_13
@TommyJoeRatliff Nothing wrong with a "little" penis convo, no pun intended, ha ha @montepittman @SweetKirabella @ewnicorn@montepittman Very cool you were able to go :)
Those about to rock Las Vegas@OutlandoGirl amazing nite, Thanx 4 the set list @Imaginedragons http://t.co/qbCv7kbMDRImagine dragons right now http://t.co/QsVmfBSGHs
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