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adams madams @adamsmadams Vegas & Southern California

I'm a Madam dedicated to Adam. My Adam Lambert Fan Place.

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Just helped my GF make her Halloween costume for work at a casino, sooo cute
@LoriAndJava I didn't, I will go look, I'm sure it was fun@LoriAndJava OMG, that was awesome, we need that out here, we have a bad problem too@LoriAndJava I want to see vid of this & what was it forSo the hardest things to do with this pinched nerve is trying on clothes & driving a car, ughhhAuditioning for a commercial in Korea, sounds awesome but I'm not feeling hopeful on this one
Wow, shoot was less than 2 hours, woo hooCool, I"m doing an 80's theme shoot tonight, I got the perfect outfit :)gonna be lazy and watch movies all day :)
@Cali2KC was hoping since I showed up that I could reschedule, but they were so mean & made me stay@Cali2KC Somehow I made itSo excited to really sleep in tomorrow@LoriAndJava Right & some people slacked & got same, so not fair@LoriAndJava Too many peoples hands in the cash registers & tip jars that we got screwed, tips r split with whole festivalPicked up my money for Life is Beautiful, totally got shafted for the amount of hours & how much pain I'm in :(Just got cut from Jury Duty, woo hoo!@LoriAndJava They prob think I'm just some hungover chick, if they only knew, when this gets bad, it's so painful, on top of no sleep@LoriAndJava I have a pinched nerve, hurts so bad, every time I move it sends shocks through arm & neck, ughhh@LoriAndJava Said, I have no problem doing my Duty but in my condition, I'm not gonna be very useful, they don't care@LoriAndJava So pissed, showed up cause I had to, hoping I could reschedule cause I'm in a lot of pain, they said No, I could go to jail (c)Now I'm on courthouses Shit list 4 trying 2 go over the commissioners head, so gonna get punished but they should have some compassion hereTook a sleeping pill a couple hours ago cause I forgot I had Jury Duty today, I don't know how I made it here, someone please shoot me o_0@HannaBec Oh God, this sucks, will not be able to function on 3 hours of sleep & I just took a pill to sleep, please shoot meOMG, I forgot I had jury duty tomorrow at 8am, what happens if I don't go?WTH, that's not a tan, it's dirt, gotta luv outdoor music festivals 0_oCan't believe I'm home before 2am, so gonna sleep in tomorrow
Foo Fighters!!!!@Morgan_Dancer Ur right in the middle though when bands start, pretty coolSoundcheck day 3 Life is Beautiful http://t.co/eaATwTVxCW@MalsDoxy & we love surprises. :)Catching up on all the Halloween pix :)Can't believe how sore my legs are, couldn't even sleep & now another 15 hours on my feet, shoot meJust finished day 2 of Life is Beautiful, few hours at home & I will be right back here
@BUSYBEE8 Right, so much here in Vegas@316pisces It's being pooled & we will get our tips on Monday, but it should be good plus good salaryListening to Lionel Ritchie SoundcheckSeriously worked non-stop for 16 hours, no wonder I was dizzy today@Isolde_13 We better, has to be split & won't get til monSo exhausted, can't even function, & 2 more days if this. O_o
@Isolde_13 Excited, should be funOur bar is so VIP, that it isn't even made yet, so I get to chill@saraplusadamm Yay!I don't know how I got the best position for concert but I'm at a comp bar at Main stage, woo hoo!Can't believe I'm heading to Life is Beautiful this early, gonna be a long day
@nattyreckless I just got out of shower too, I have so much to do to get ready for Life is B, gotta B there at 9am :( @Isolde_13@nattyreckless I'm seriously so hungover, ughhh @Isolde_13@Isolde_13 Don't think so @nattyrecklessI only have one thing to do today and I can't even get that done@Isolde_13 I don't think there were any crazy details @nattyreckless@nattyreckless Double ouch @Isolde_13
Time for a Disco Nap@LoriAndJava Hoping I will be able to take my break when they perform@negativeneil Just a graphic design school (IADT), but the web & coding was def not enough, now wanna learn more that side@negativeneil Jealous, I didn't learn much at my school @devbootcampWatching @vintagetrouble vids right now, getting ready for an awesome show on Saturday at @lifeisbeautiful@nattyreckless @Isolde_13 woo hoo, I posted the event flyer on my FBHope my girls are still coming out tonight @Isolde_13 @nattyreckless Don't worry, wont be a late nite@tinydolly Only thing that sucked, is that it didn't save in order, totally all mixed up now, but at least I got them@tinydolly It took a day to gather all pix, then U click again & it saved it to my computer@tinydolly go to ur twitpic page & it will tell U how, think U go to settings & at bottom of page, click download@tinydolly Did U download your @twitpic pics, I did and it was real easy, think you only got a couple more days til it's gone
@MiKEMUNiCH U were awesome on @TheEllenShow - Hopefully u will be back to predict the Super Bowl :)Yay, just found some cute dresses at Rent The Runway, luv this concept@becca112971 :)@becca112971 Thanx sweetie but I want to look fabulous, ha haHeading to Rent the Runway, want to look fabulous for my next appearance :)It's either no work or multiple things come in at once, C'mon
@MomDuck Thanx, hoping I will get to see some of the concert too :)Just got my work details for Life is Beautiful, gonna be long hours but should be fun :)@montepittman He may be with police, might be details he's gotta sort out (maybe there's something shady going on) @WaterNai@montepittman I saw something on that today, glad they found him & hopefully OK @WaterNai@WaterNai Oh just saw past tweets @montepittman@WaterNai what happened @montepittman@HannaBec OK, I checked 10pm here too@ricky_martin Yep, that was Hot!!! I mean Mucho Caliente!!!!@HannaBec R U serious, is that on tonite@Morgan_Dancer yikes, that's not fun@HannaBec Yeah, that's what dr said, & that my body just doesn't like meds but he didn't want to do another type of med@Morgan_Dancer yeah, my roomie is deathly allergic too@HannaBec Penicillin, for a weekUghh, this medicine but dentist says to keep taking it@saforaglambert No, that was after last years ATT concert in LA @Isolde_13@saforaglambert Luv this pic, that's my girl @Isolde_13
@adamsmadams Thanx, U know me & confetti@panameragirl \m/@HannaBec Aww thanks :)Fun with concert confetti http://t.co/y9QWixkTuIVIP at Sammy Hagar last nite, so fun http://t.co/jgp3WEZnOt@Isolde_13 what do U need saving from, ha ha@Isolde_13 Looked it up, sounds kinda gross@Isolde_13 Sounds intresting@Isolde_13 R u gonna try & go@Isolde_13 that's what I'm hoping :)@LoriAndJava I will@Isolde_13 Yes both nights, they have me in the VIP, whoop! Little scared though, need to brush up on my drinksWatching a transgender show on MSNBC, so fascinating & informativeAnother crazy nite. #80's
I can't drive 55 http://t.co/Ib718oZSKDThis was from last @sammyhagar concert from onstage, awesome times, we got to do the Encore with him & Michael http://t.co/86comI0OYII love dwntwn Vegas, so much crazy Shit to see
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