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Andrew Zimmern @andrewzimmern Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Chef, Writer, Traveler, TV Host // Watch @BizarreFoods Mon @ 9pm E/P on @TravelChannel // Order my latest book here: http://t.co/DshowFfGTr

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This http://t.co/CB1DxdPtJvi love cool stuff…here's another one of my MUSTS for bags/totes etc all handmade to order. http://t.co/1vysn2JJ82Tonight join @allensalkin & I in #StPaul for a chat about his awesome book about Food Network. Get tickets: http://t.co/UgTaAuvmnzThe Best Gyro & Souvlaki in Athens http://t.co/vjlYAqbf4g http://t.co/VbjcaylFZhJoin me in conversation @eater right now. http://t.co/35OhUwKIuz#TBT to when #food was respected. @drsanjaygupta @andrewzimmern @DrDavidKatz @BillWeirCNN http://t.co/guHuBlqHao
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernGreat press leading up to tonight's show @stpauljcc with @andrewzimmern by @RedCurrentApp http://t.co/uOSrpkj4Ci @pennyschumacher
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern.@youngchef2 on how to prep for an event like @COCHON555: http://t.co/ljBQbdsh3KWhere to splurge in #Athens: http://t.co/GBiOPGVaWu
.@andrewzimmern will be hanging out in the @Eater forum tomorrow, ready to answer your questions http://t.co/Yaio4gH0Ki
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernAnthony Bourdain Wants to Be Remembered as ‘Not Such a Bad Bastard After All’ http://t.co/3CutX1vswP
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernSpotlight on #Minneapolis' @youngchef2: http://t.co/ljBQbdsh3K http://t.co/nTogNGvS9V.@picky_foodie's #Paris recommendations: http://t.co/beYFvlVDAG http://t.co/bHVF1W1i11#SUSDinner4NYC will feature an art auction with work by Ernst Haas, David LaChapelle, James Rosenquist and more! @andrewzimmern @susincnyc
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernFinally at my Whole Foods. Now I can stop bugging HCF to send direct! @ Whole Foods Market Edina https://t.co/fQIuN3o38URead Al's OpEd in @mashable: We can make Thursday's #netneutrality vote "a lasting win for the American people" http://t.co/12UU2awr2g
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernA throwback to one of our favorite interviews with friend of the show, @tferriss: http://t.co/agc6DzS9Mn #goforkyourselfIf you love FOOD, TV and BOOKS Come see us tomorrow night. Live in St Paul. https://t.co/IXJe7h4P5G Rumor mongering as wellPearl Rice Balls with Ginger-Sesame Sauce: http://t.co/VQRmkUfLXA #recipeEnter for a chance to judge @Cochon555 in #Minneapolis alongside yours truly: http://t.co/POyqk3sayo http://t.co/ZbeXtVGiBJA new baseball stadium, safari park & ski area. What's hot in #Minnesota travel. http://t.co/wu8Zy8ttgw #OnlyinMN #sp http://t.co/sxrRlBsT2p
Raw cookie dough and walnuts RT @DavidJoy_Author: @andrewzimmern mentioned five foods he hated on (cont) http://t.co/45oBLYLC29LEGO @biggayicecream Micro Figure. Can't tell if that's Doug or @bryanpetroff in there @ Indian… https://t.co/017PnWpsHJSomeone is 10 @ Indian Hills, Edina MN https://t.co/4gwgsP4nio@firstwefeast @Bourdain I have a huge new list of Ktown places on my website@DULCE_VIDA is now poured at 3 @Empellon locales in NYC! Enjoy a El Chambovaca at Empellón Al Pastor! @andrewzimmern http://t.co/YFKzOmoQWl
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernSo, first the raw, now the cooked. #Crispygarlicshortribs, recipe @andrewzimmern via @foodandwine.… https://t.co/TySQaakJhs
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernVote for Minneapolis! http://t.co/4trwvxxgjd cc: @perennialplate @PizzeriaLola @GlamDollDonuts @surlybrewing @andrewzimmern
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernHey Twin Cities... Come see us LIVE tomorrow https://t.co/IXJe7h4P5GCome and get one @andrewzimmern! #kalesalad 👌#lunchmenu #dinnermenu #kale #keepitsimple #happybellyhttps://t.co/mltlZTIssz
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThe one and only @AndrewZimmern will answer your questions LIVE on Eater this Thursday: http://t.co/tnfXMEUrFX http://t.co/HAm6w3knsH
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern#Minneapolis' best chefs compete in @Cochon555 to promote heritage breed pigs: http://t.co/bD05WJVcAX http://t.co/oVbyPgOKVvHome of arguably #Boston’s best burger http://t.co/mRwQczQDYs @AldenHarlow
Perhaps O'Reilly mistakes the certitude of his No Spin Zone for fact, but we don't have to. My NPR column: http://t.co/9hVt1Fk5e1
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernIt's a different show IN ADDITION to other one RT @G_ella_718: @andrewzimmern why oh why are ur (cont) http://t.co/y5rj3fxTfOThese vests are the best #travel tool in my go-to bag http://t.co/RiLahTDz4H http://t.co/8YCHQSGe5qI love playing the @andrewzimmern drinking game watching @BizarreFoods - today's marathon gave me liver failure #Minerally #Earthy #Hammered
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernWhat taco do the people want? @Guerrillatacos in running for @tablespoon's Munchies awards, hosted by @andrewzimmern http://t.co/UF5tuVHqLp
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernHuge thanks to all the Munchies participants and especially my pals Pat Martin, Mark Rosati and Franklin Becker. What a great event@andrewdeci What!?!?,???,???!!!#Podcast: @tferriss talks about rapid learning, his approach to cooking & why hunting changes lives: http://t.co/agc6DzS9MnHuge love to my whole team. Asher, Madeleine, and Jen all sleeping on the plane and these jokers all… http://t.co/lFspezsPibThe best travel destinations for food foraging http://t.co/x88fH9vDYL http://t.co/0gNToNa2yXLove @DanBarber's #foodwaste pop-up idea, w/ guest chefs @Mariobatali @alex_raij & @dannybowien #ChangeFood http://t.co/kM2ZZB2ojt
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernWe were rooting for JL last night. Congrats. Great seeing you at lunch RT @chrissyteigen: the Oscar goes to SHAHS http://t.co/BGsgy1LecNI want to star as you in the biopic RT @longdrivesouth: Mexicanos, the new Kings of Hollywood.Today marks 70 years since this iconic photo was taken. This is the inside story behind it: http://t.co/pPLpGJCdEm http://t.co/onYCoIASER
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@shakeshack serving last year's winning burger from #burgerbash at @andrewzimmern #BestOfTheMunchies event.Delicious! http://t.co/s2sdbBDjvc
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@effylopezlomas You have to follow me so I can DM youCured meats, provolone & tangy olive-and-tomato relish. What's not to like? http://t.co/BDBAis07rG #recipeMussels Fra Diavolo #recipe http://t.co/83KhCVnh2F http://t.co/psQhGFzpDx
Thx to @cream_it ! You guys are the best in the biz. #munchies #sobewff @ South Beach http://t.co/yjoblI4zdU@Duff_Goldman We love you brother. Thx for the support ..@Chef_ChrisJones @hamptoncreek So amazing to have you all at this amazing event. Groundbreaking #change ... And fun.Thx @andrecarmellini for an amazing dinner after #themunchies at The Dutch Miami @ South Beach http://t.co/vr6NsWlmqoThx Lee for an incredible weekend #sobewff http://t.co/WttORoqR3dFrom the stage. Record attendance for any event at #sobewff . the #munchies was amazing Thx to all of… http://t.co/mcRUcjkG10Check out @andrewzimmern getting the #BestOfTheMunchies at the #SOBEWFF #FoodLovesMusic @fiu_sobewff @Lee_Schrager http://t.co/5eRAE7faRj
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@CarylChinn @FoodBank_Prez @Lee_Schrager Wish I had seen you CC!!!Buy tickets to the culinary competition of the year & you can win a seat at the judge’s table: http://t.co/POyqk3sayo http://t.co/qRHABJKpkJOur friend @chefmschwartz's top picks for #Miami http://t.co/oDEJuZEwpF http://t.co/CaQIEP9ZlNCome to MUNCHIES tonite! RT @fabioviviani: @andrewzimmern hey buddy ! Join me for a drink today at @SienaMiami if you get a chance !!My new kitty @ Jungle Island http://t.co/dVhZ9DkjKLPinch me @ Jungle Island http://t.co/NnHhrrXYM5This is real. Baby snow tiger cub, baby gibbon, and my chimp. Best day of my life @ Jungle Island http://t.co/ul8Du82pQVBaby Kangaroo @ Jungle Island http://t.co/rydIiTh0CtWore this today. Won it in a pick up game. @ Star Island, Miami Beach, Billionaire Homes http://t.co/uaVYPcOXbBLove ya big fella RT @RobertIrvine: The man himself Andrew Zimmern and I at jungle island . Amazing guy 👊👏😀 http://t.co/NQ3Ip2hyPaBye bye #SOBEWFF some of my fave moments @barbutonyc @andrewzimmern @alexstupak @evianwater @alexatala http://t.co/b9UaJssLOQ
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernSo awesome meeting and having the chance to introduce the brilliant Andrew Zimmern (@andrewzimmern) to… http://t.co/DiWhz5UWui
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernAndrew Zimmern making brain tacos. @andrewzimmern #sobewff #jungleisland #goya #goyakidzkitchenhttp://t.co/5N3BMZrQoC
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@andrewzimmern making some calf brain tacos for the kids. #SOBEWFF #FunandFit http://t.co/6Z4D9Agz7V
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernI love this Cumin-Crusted Goat Leg #recipe: http://t.co/so9OqCSM7IGood AM! #SOBEWFF continues 2day w @RobertIrvine @andrewzimmern @ChefToddEnglish @ChefAdrianne @reedalexander Fun&Fit http://t.co/bKdoTiFlSp
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern
chefjoseandres and the Zimmerns with the father of modern Spanish cuisine Juan Mari Arzak ... @ South… http://t.co/zM7YNiaIpCAutistic people using the hashtag #AutismSpeaks10 as a way to combat negative messaging. That's real leadership...Feast of the 7 Beasts #Meatopia #SOBEWFF #SoMuchMeat http://t.co/2dFJumgWc7
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@streetgourmetla @munchies Feel better Guillermo. I am flying in chicken soup!!!Thx to YOU! RT @TheChowfather: Big Thanks to @andrewzimmern for curating cooking killer #CobayaMiami @ the #sobewff http://t.co/AiDLKzUpa1Done RT @BBQsnob: @andrewzimmern Hit me up when you get to Austin in April. I need to show you a few BBQ joints during Food & Wine Fest.Make a Jewish nonna proud: @AndrewZimmern's crispy carciofi alla guidia @CobayaMiami #SOBEWFF https://t.co/LvgmWQuqVE
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThank you sir RT @frodnesor: knockout dish - @AndrewZimmern grilled abalone w black bean sauce, (cont) http://t.co/YTTNUklQXMGreat to see you all!! RT @gzchef: 10 mins to demo take off! @andrewzimmern @rachelray @Bethenny (cont) http://t.co/Wyf9m6QceM.@andrewzimmern talks food waste, foreign oil dependency & calls 4 big companies 2 help solve food problem. @SoBeWFF http://t.co/U2wqFnh5Ok
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@TheTuscanGun @chefludo @emeril @marcuscooks Love you guys...A Jew a Frenchman a Portuguese an Italian and an Ethiopian Swede walk into a bar... #SOBEWFF @ South… http://t.co/VjYKPfH4mQ#Recipe: Flex Your Mex Chicken Wings http://t.co/tKhUauPujJ http://t.co/VhV0Uq8XAwThe greatest of all time. My buddy scottsbbq in full effect. @ Miami Beach Boardwalk http://t.co/0hTZSB4bUsPart of my relaxation series at #sobewff ... The great Robert Irvine all tuckered out ...… http://t.co/UFgv36mXcR@brookette @alexthomopoulos I need this picture sent to me pronto as a poster! I really do have… http://t.co/DG5dBp6mH6@jimnnicksbbq is the KING of Meatopia with their Feast Of The 7 Beasts #sobewff #amazinghttp://t.co/efA8Qasu9j#Recipe: Pearl Rice Balls with Ginger-Sesame Sauce http://t.co/VQRmkUfLXAA throwback to one of our favorite interviews with friend of the show, @tferriss: http://t.co/agc6DzS9Mn #goforkyourself
Truth RT @alexthomopoulos: In kitchen with these 2 ding dongs. @andrewzimmern offalchris #sobewff #cobayadinner http://t.co/IDbnFisGygNice take! RT @alexthomopoulos: Behind the scenes at #sobewff #cobayadinner offalchris @andrewzimmern http://t.co/pDuV6w9ZRU@mgfd_mia salad of the day. Help yourself to the fixings bar @ Jorge M. Perez Art Museum of Miami-Dade… http://t.co/522DXnYQYpZimmern Sayet Schwartz at Cobaya @mgfd_mia @ Jorge M. Perez Art Museum of Miami-Dade County http://t.co/xFVIOQ55ALHoly moly.... Dinner you HAVE to be at tonight offalchris @chefmschwartz @mgfd_mia @ Pérez Art Museum… http://t.co/gcS07Xbd5j#GQmagazine Best New Restos gets it right with my pal @ChezPim's @kinkhao on the list. So happy for her and her amazing team
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