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Jane McGonigal @avantgame San Francisco

*The opposite of play isn't work. It's depression.* Get my new book SUPERBETTER! (it's powered by the science of games.) http://t.co/tN8dShLIIW

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I just backed No Thank You, Evil! a Game of Make-Believe for Families on @Kickstarter http://t.co/ZlWRcqkCeC
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@leverus Massively multiplayer scrabble. You will be awesome at it. 5 PM Saturday at #BookCon! http://t.co/GqW8jMjyywJust FYI The Magicians e-book is currently $2.99 across all formats: Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Google, Kobo etc.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@randfish you're awesome :)@JaneFriedman oh my gosh your followers are very cynical about young people wanting to write books! Wow! (Reading their replies)Great to see #BuzzBooks2015 featured author @avantgame talking about Super Better at #BEA15. Read an excerpt here: http://t.co/i8LHa93vVO
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalAs a non-gamer, I was skeptical about @avantgame session. I was wrong. Her presentation was terrific. Very inspiring. #DigiBook15 #BEA15
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalLive from #IDPF #BEA15 - a great morning of speakers and looking forward to @avantgame, author of SuperBetter, coming this fall!
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal
@quephird thank you 😍So I did that interview on a Ferris wheel.... I think I did ok considering the difficulty setting :) http://t.co/RPocmzyqdd@kellymcgonigal I hope it's also genes!! Haha!!Wow! how did that happen? awesome. :) ONly second time I have ever trended anywhere. https://t.co/NeaeEOQUNY@sebblandizzi @avantgame SuperBetter establishes the power of games better than any other game out there. I super ❤ Jane.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@GabrielleMade that settles it I am never wearing any other shoes on stage again :)Take a second to fully appreciate @avantgame's SUPERSTAR DISCO SHOES. Love it! #C2MTL http://t.co/MvUkOpXrZm
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalYES!!! https://t.co/BZ6iRcIbh3Great shoes and brillant speech @avantgame! #C2MTL #MontrealRocks https://t.co/krMIAaI0xl
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalWhat I really need now is a photo from my talk to see how my glitter shoes looked on stage. Seriously. Help #C2MTL friends??? :)oh yeah and I'm superexcited to talk about PLANETARY DEFENSE which I bet is not something you were expecting me to talk about #C2MTL !!!@Gregor_Ash @C2MTL @SuperBetter awesome!!!Superexcited to take the stage at #C2MTL in the next hour! I'm feeling so creative and inspired by the art galleries and immersive spaces.@Gregor_Ash @C2MTL no gamification today, just games :)
@G33kGrrly I am definitely reserving right to not do it.!!.. it depends on how fast it's moving :)@G33kGrrly hahahahaha well played :)@dangolding Well, that's amazing :) congratulations!!!!!@kellymcgonigal also you have to look at the tweet I just retweeted about the jeopardy contestant. total synchronicity :)@kellymcgonigal THERE IS AN ACTUAL WARNING ON THE TICKET SITE: "There will be boots in your face." I swear.@kellymcgonigal i am so excited. I hope Billy Porter is not on vacation or on his show off. we are going to get kicked in the face lol :)@kellymcgonigal WE HAVE STAGE LICKING SEATS FOR KINKY BOOTS!!!!!!! Front row center orchestra. \o/ \o/ \o/ It will be crazy.This Jeopardy contestant is my new hero. http://t.co/9FhrHWtdXg
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@avantgame That's just demented.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@avantgame !!!
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@warrenellis right?!?!?What the what?!? I dare you to find the crazy on my itinerary that I just noticed. Uh people I don't like heights...😶 http://t.co/av1MSJf5DV@kokasexton yes it's only weird to me when I am recognized with no makeup and my hair in a bun lol "how can you see through my disguise!!?"@kokasexton high five! And if there is wifi on this flight we can offer real time tag team witty commentary 😄@kokasexton oh! Are we on the same flight then? :)I think I just had a @avantgame sighting in SFO. I'll play video games for the next few hours in celebration.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@kokasexton ha!! Where are you off to today?Paused for a year, @buenothebear's QUEST ATTACK Twitter adventure game resumed tonight! Catch up here: https://t.co/xV9CEmjF1D
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalMaybe @AndreAgassi and I can watch @TennisChannel everywhere streaming the French Open live in the Green Room :) http://t.co/TKzYZUaEl8On my way to Montreal for #C2! I get sixth billing for my keynote after fellow keynoters Alec Baldwin, Chelsea Clinton, Andre Agassi :)
Thanks to @avantgame and @marksandlin for the inspiration for this Confirmation Sunday Sermon. https://t.co/rTs876kji3
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@mkyriacou awesome! thank you for the tipPeople who regularly play computer games score significantly higher in reasoning and short-term memory tests http://t.co/U9fCgLO99kImportant new suicide research http://t.co/9Wk2uYnY6u@ecegrad \o/@ammonite he does have a favorable draw!!In our family we celebrate Roland Garros opening day by giving each other new tennis shoes, playing tennis, + watching tennis for 8 hours :)@Jinthelife @gregeverything It will definitely improve over the next few months, and the website also works great in the meantime :)happy Roland Garros day!!! who are you rooting for this year?
Coffee affects introverts and extroverts differently: http://t.co/K7asASX8hW http://t.co/zoh8BBkoYo
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalhttp://t.co/CWgvPtA2Dt
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@brainyisnewsexy @penguinpress yes! You can preorder it now!,,@tyfn genius:)@tomcoates @owenblacker they should take away half of swedens' points for that idiotic statement@owenblacker @tomcoates ooooh they just yelled at them for politics@tomcoates I missed all the performances (except for last year's winner and the kid) but the voting is mesmerizing@tomcoates that is superhelpful background!!@tomcoates yes and Greek for Cypress :)@jgots @bigthink @bigthinkagain awesome!! who do I email :)@tomcoates also is it like corrupt?!?@tomcoates I read about it every year and know all about the winners of last few years but could never figure out how to follow live!!OMG THIS IS AMAZING why have I never watched Eurovision before all the pomp and circumstance it's AMAZING!!! go serbia!!@daphne_mir Julia does an amazing job with it!!Great weather for reading SuperBetter outside! @avantgame #saturdayreads http://t.co/vvVyUcrX32
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@JustDanDaley ah I just heard YouTube streams it!!!@avantgame It's live on youtube right now :)
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@nwhiteway oh!!!! Well awesome :)@JustDanDaley how?!?! Is it streaming for US viewers online? I have never been able to get it beforeamerica during eurovision http://t.co/BuCkAmW4C2
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalI love seeing all the Eurovision tweets in my feed and as every year resolve to watch it someday.@bigthink it's time to record a new one with you!! New book out this fall, massive new science of games for post traumatic growth!@TranquillityIW @kellymcgonigal good memory!!!@kellymcgonigal effect? If things are relatively easy for you, you empathize less? Not that popularity is a panacea!!!@kellymcgonigal AND THUNDERSTORMS!!! One one thousand.... Two one thousand...@Lianne_R @Tourneytopia that would be a shock considering her 2015 so far!!@sfillner from @kellymcgonigal actually the other McGonigal :)
@davehogg I think it's conceivable if Sock gets hot he could take out Nadal, really depends on what happens with Nadal, we'll see!!@davehogg I at least tried to give I gave players like Sock and Muguruza and Baczinksy little runs before they smack up against top players@davehogg everyone at the top is playing so consistently now it's hard to have interesting brackets, but...@davehogg that makes me smile!!!@davehogg did you see any of the match again Sharapova at Indian Wells that she was sobbing during and then Fabio showed up and she won?! <3@davehogg it's so nice that my professional awesome sports journalist friend looked at my bracket :) :) :) :) :) :)@davehogg oh yeah. and he is in the cutest tennis romance ever :) :) :) <3 PennettaPlay with me, tennis fans! :) My entry for Jane and kIyash's Racquet Bracket :: French Open WTA http://t.co/HfvZhU5Zzz @Tourneytopia@kateshindle congratulations, Kate! what a tremendous achievement -- you will do great things.My entry for Jane and Kiyash's Racquet Bracket :: French Open ATP http://t.co/i7oRjQBGKh @Tourneytopia@TiroLabs and I am recording it this time!!!! 😆@TiroLabs September 15 I think same day as hardback'@spb273 thank you :) :) :) SuperBetter players do a lot of good too :) :) :)Saudi women finally get to drive, but only in a videogame (from the Wall Street Journal, an important @G4C story!) http://t.co/29t92IvpgiI'm speaking about the future of books (and games!) at #IDPF #DigiBook15 Conference at BookExpoAmerica 27-28 May. http://t.co/64QPw6kftV
@TheRealGregX @kellymcgonigal ha! well said :)@samgavin5 @kellymcgonigal oh awesome!! i didn't know that aired today!I hereby apologize to @kellymcgonigal for turning her into an electromagnetic superhero without asking first :) (see previous tweet)I AM HOPELESSLY GEEKY. Also this image is a hint to something happening on May 31 in NYC @kellymcgonigal #TheBookCon http://t.co/8QeOuC5m3k@davehogg I am a menace to society these days!!!@davehogg you don't even want to know. I was going to pick up kiyash's new laptop from the Mac store which I killed spilling water on it :)@reneepadgham ha! awesome!! yes that is our life motto :) :) :) came in handy today!!!
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