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Fred Beukema @beukema Minneapolis, MN

Struct Eng, Improv, husband/dad. || You may think that you crave true love, but it is not a game for cowards. Neither is Scrabble. - Onion horoscopes

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@TPM Legit question: is there any non-descrimination law with respect to the performing of any religious ceremony? I'm not aware of any.@thorazos You have got to be fucking kidding me.Southern church fires by the numbers: -7 fires -5 states -6 black churches -3 called arson -3 likely accidents -1 ? http://t.co/4rOg7IKBKB
Retweeted by Fred Beukema"Why do people believe myths about the Confederacy? Because our textbooks and monuments are wrong." http://t.co/bUUo8YmUME
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@Kevin_Bjorn Where? #smelltourism@MyLittleBloggie Is there any reporting out there on what's going on, for us bystanders?@sepinwall I humbly submit 33.Happy Annual Mayfly Die-Off, Union Depot. #hasitbeenayearalready http://t.co/hC6AICS9bi@RobinKimball https://t.co/0Rrh8MZHex@MyLittleBloggie @dbrauer Nah, I bet Soucheray knows where the one remaining full service station in his part of town is.The more people tweeting the same the better. This isn't a dumb internet joke, this is #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches. Exposure is EVERYTHING
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaIf I was a black mom, I'd be afraid to take my kids to church right now. That's the definition of terror. That's the point of terrorism.
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@fivemanjob ...but she's forgotten which phone number I mean by "call my parents".@fivemanjob She's got loads of clever and pithy responses, but the varying responses to the same input are v frustrating. GIGO, I guess...@fivemanjob ARS, where are they hiding the 7th Gen iPod Classic? :(@fivemanjob Hey @taylorswift13, you seem to have pull w/ Apple -- please see the above & ask them to fix iTunes/bring back iPod Classic? Thx@fivemanjob This is seriously annoying. Is there any history of them being responsive to complaint?@fivemanjob JFC. I'm still devastated they killed iPod Classic, & afraid for when mine needs replacing. Old iTunes/iPod: simple, worked.@fivemanjob Brought to you by the geniuses behind iTunes 11.0 and later.@fivemanjob I find it takes me minutes to start playing the bottommost episode of the podcast, as the scroll automatically bounces up 1/4".Previously: Moondance. I dub them the Gentle Boomer Band.Really didn’t expect the soft rock combo at Mears Park to bust out Colors of the Wind.@section_sign Feel like Kasich has made noises in this direction. Wonder if he'll claim that spot.@bravenewgrrrl Clearly you should be honored. #connoisseurship
"You cannot get to me with hatred and oppression and violence. I come against you in the name of God.This flag comes down today." #FreeBree
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaI know they're busy, but boy howdy, we would love to have @KarlTowns & @Tyusjones06 visit Show X for Celebrity Armando Night. You guys in?
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@thegynomite Wanted: Automatic re-up when the 5th-from-last check in the pad is processed, plus the ability to manually reorder earlier.@dbrauer Neat little project. How thick are the new slabs?@dbrauer You’re a far brave soul than I. What’s your application and pour dimensions?@dbrauer sheeting to cover it. Can pick a colleague’s brain tomorrow. (2/2)@dbrauer A liquid curing/sealing compound that plays well w/ the color seems to be the way to go. Wet cure can be dicey without special (1/)
Public unions? Hell no! Pro bono right wing attorneys who'll defend your right to deny others their rights? That's the free market!
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@dbrauer Yes! Wet cure the hell out of it.@dbrauer Have you any idea who in the shit LA Nik is? I’ve none.Only in America http://t.co/bLRwKNdIUn
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Even the skywriting guy is on drugs. Big peals of laughter in the lot when we saw him fuck up the peace sign http://t.co/NKh9D3BRhN
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaJust think of all the $$$ white gay men will be able to devote to protecting trans women of color from violence now that marriage is legal!
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaWelp http://t.co/UfnxfRNIde
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaThere needs to be more coverage on the rash of church burnings that have happened in the past week.
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaThe fact that ANYONE can claim the US Civil War had "nothing to do with slavery" is a testament to the inadequacy of our public schools.
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There are millions of people who (wrongly) think the North started the war, that it wasn't about slavery, and that Bobby Lee was a swell guy
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@Mobute @Greenspeak only if we keep Daylight Saving, ditch Standard.Yikes, Ted Cruz. Yikes. http://t.co/s9SKsd0cjZ
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaBut what if it started in btf2's 2015 and then Marty Jr screws something up in 85, then ends up in our 2015. https://t.co/Pn9qefxdzc
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@jayrosen_nyu Knowing CNN, someone there made one showing every state where religious liberty was trounced by judicial fiat.Scalia's next dissent will consist of him singing "Daisy" over and over while he slowly winds down into nothingness.
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaThis really is @sullydish at his best http://t.co/G0kjAoTElx
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaRIP Originalists. And yes, Jefferson was far from perfect, but this stands. http://t.co/e9qWd6dTnZ
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@section_sign Did you catch the Roberts bit saying gay couple have "lost forever" the opportunity to find democratic acceptance?You know how you get stuck on a boss you can't beat & then 1 morning, when you least expect it, you just do? That's what America did today.
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaScalia's intemperance is more harmful for the conservative cause than he or the people who agree with him seem to realize.
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaThis is what #MarriageEquaility looks like. I know, I know. Western civilization is crumbling. http://t.co/tjkmrXYXwC
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaWhether any belief is sincere or not sincere has zero bearing on whether or not it reflects prejudice https://t.co/MEb5kbqY90
Retweeted by Fred Beukema~SCOTUS is the only presidential issue that really matters~
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaA classmate on FB just reminded me that June 26, 2003 was the Lawrence v. Texas decision. JUNE 26 IS GAY LAW NERD DAY PASS IT ON. #OGWedding
Retweeted by Fred Beukemapretty sure when reagan picked kennedy he didn't imagine he was naming the justice who would write the opinion legalizing same-sex marriage
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaThis is a piece of writing. http://t.co/tlDKhd03HF
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaWhen Obama took office, same-sex marriage was only legal in two states.
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaI'ma be really real here on Twitter dot com for a moment. My marriage is the most important thing, the most valuable endeavor in my life.
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaI tell ya, the 14th amendment is the greatest goddamn thing
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaLove. "My mom is shopping in a supermarket, wearing a full hijab..." http://t.co/yYGBtNiWaH
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@section_sign I wonder if they have my new address. Sigh. Maybe should answer their next call.@section_sign For real, again?@johnmoe Also an ad for the Peanuts movie -- some of the store decorations have Woodstock on 'em.*Pops and locks up the the voting booth.* MY ONLY VOTING ISSUE IN THE GENERAL ELECTION ARE SCOTUS APPOINTMENTS *Does the robot and leaves*
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaRT @T_dot_Lee_PhD: Basically. RT @ClotureClub The West Wing right now... #SCOTUS http://t.co/fRG90SWpbt
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaThis is a crushing defeat for shitty legal arguments.
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@AdamSerwer As a longtime @sullydish reader, I initially parsed "Butters" as signifying Sen. Lindsay Graham. Was very confused."all your guns have gotten gay married" http://t.co/Fkly097RUz
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@tanehisicoates The ultimate in left activism is detecting ways in which others' accomplishments are [sudden shouting] NOT THE REAL ISSUE.
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaNice that MSP has an economic Deus Ex Machina to swoop in and goose floundering development.@tanehisicoates Folks need to learn the phrase “insufficient but necessary.”If you get good *value* for your tax dollar, that's better than cheap government with crap services and poor quality of life.
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@section_sign Is it Fiasco?Dear Millennials, moisturize your neck. Something happens to it in your 40s and it's not pretty. Moisturizing sooner would help. Love, GenX
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaAwkward: http://t.co/xTx7dUEjsz http://t.co/3Y6SIsr9DT
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaCalifornia judge tosses out infamous "kill-all-gays" ballot proposal http://t.co/57jQRLmYZF http://t.co/G33KJUNph0
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@MyLittleBloggie Even the relatively-busy Walgreens is only calling out "I.C.3" at a few select rush times.We'll give you a pass on THIS one, South Carolina. http://t.co/Sn7oK2tUtW
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@TonyHorwitz @tanehisicoates Not unlike the poor voting for low top marginal tax rates. What’s the matter w/ Kansas, indeed?
"Calhoun didn't mistreat anybody," Soucheray says. Hey, look up Choctaw, Cherokee, Creek, Chicasaw, and Seminole, Mr. History.
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@MyLittleBloggie Well okay, Bob.The confederate flag shirts shipped in 1865 to barefoot kids in Guatemala that had CIVIL WAR CHAMPS on them should have been the last ones.
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@MyLittleBloggie The bond hearing judge revealed in a Fox interview afterwards that he had encouraged it of the families.Done discussing renaming Lk Calhoun w/ white folks who think their childhood beach memories trump public honoring of historically awful ppl.
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaI think we can all be thankful that this Confederate flag business has come up well away from college sports season.imagine a moral universe in which being accused of rejecting of the symbols of a racist slave empire is an insult
Retweeted by Fred Beukema😣 http://t.co/1SA9G8btYk
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@fivemanjob What?! So the baby-faced young guy in a 1996 photo from his Wikipedia article was 41?Legally there's no reason you can't rename Lake Calhoun to Lake Prince.
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@MtACast 2/2 -- those are some scrappy little ghost kids."If nobody points out to black people they're being treated badly, and what to do about it, they wouldn't even notice." - the NRO, I guess.
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaWhat's missing from the coverage of Southwest LRT's latest woes? Puppets. @ChooChooBobShow & @MPRnews will fix that. http://t.co/HFbn37jgLI
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaLetter in Strib assails Charleston victims' families for forgiving shooter. It's like a giant of page of "stupid" today.
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaI have complicated feelings about the work of James Horner, but when he was good, he was great. https://t.co/HAdM885Kcp
@tanehisicoates am I wrong for thinking the Cornerstone Speech should absolutely 100% be part of the canon in high school american history?
Retweeted by Fred Beukemamust be weird to be Scott Walker. Your only immutable belief is "fuck the poors" and everything else is just testing the waters.
Retweeted by Fred BeukemaI'm sorry I do. Hard to hit say "this is what you should do," and then hit people when they do it. https://t.co/FzxlKt9U28
Retweeted by Fred Beukema@SaraJBenincasa And not even *use* it, but refer to it as the object of a verb clause!@tanehisicoates Our media needs to learn the linguist's distinction between USE and MENTION of a word.
Retweeted by Fred Beukema
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