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early investor @twitter, venture capitalist, photographer, optimist & making a life with @laurensabet & our three kiddies

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My friend and super talented @chrisozer is having an open studio tomorrow in Brooklyn. So cool. πŸ‘πŸ»βœ¨ https://t.co/nAbxvXzZ6L@JohnnyPatience thanks ☺️She starts drivers education next week & I'm freaking out a little. http://t.co/NVNpppflVf #leica #film http://t.co/bGqx70wWj8@tweetsbylucio that why i switched to spotify. disorienting user interface at first but speedy quick and feels good now
@robgo @usv and they get in early, are actively involved and don't spray and pray@calitalieh very cool. wish i was there@mcsheffrey yeah, it was a tough call but i'm happy with the switch.@petehalvorsen @chet_faker i'm so jealous. i'm buying tickets for his show here in MayCurrent status http://t.co/3U56bJZPQw@josepmora76 we weren't investors in the company. i'm just a happy customer & thrilled to see more success in the creative community & NYCA heartfelt congrats to Etsy, their community, the NYC startup community & our friends at USV. https://t.co/q1a2qgVz3o@JohnnyPatience love it. So much character and soul in that photograph
@dens oof@Joi very cool@permundum @RichardPhotoLab wow. Beautiful!New Twitter home page looks hot https://t.co/c6QbYZ7ESh (disclosure: I'm a shareholder & will be one forever)@ivanmakarov beautiful Ivan@rabois @JackGavigan @om @rakeshlobster @mdudas why the hate. I don't get this thread much?@irace @ziba_r @pearapps @GabeOtte @coultonvento @JacksonDeane congrats team. Looking great.@yuriymanchik so awesome
@dafrankel @helloalfred_ thx sir.@jdeplater magicalOur portfolio company @HelloAlfred_ has a new round of capital and some awesome new investors. http://t.co/qfPnVnrjQBCurrent status http://t.co/803VLyb1vQ@pketron scary. hope you are okay
@elizestrydom beautifulA young pup with an old soul http://t.co/Hy8Z6Hj75U #leica #film http://t.co/4sUzBd6vCX@johnnypatience thanks. i try not to mix politics and tweets. but still ;)Are democrats anti-business? http://t.co/LRVMJ2qAZE@sethrestaino @cindyloughridge @smoothdude beautiful photographs
@WeldonCreative thanks so much!@chinaschau @PureCityCycles sounds like fun!Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn http://t.co/KbSye3atxa #leica #BelieveInFilm http://t.co/0gK6cTpQO8@msquinn totally awesome. congrats.@andyspencer360 😊
@JohnnyPatience stunning@kaigradert Its a lengthy compared to digital. I take the photos. I ship them to the lab. Then then it's a 10 day turnaround from the lab@kaigradert I love it there@pedromoreno thanks. It is truly such a special place@JohnnyPatience @thatcliffguy @cohen @hellomoneal me too!Some photographs from a morning at Bernal Heights with @thatcliffguy @cohen @hellomoneal and Preston http://t.co/Iyo304dYjv
@codypriebe wow, gorgeous.@johnolilly let's hang together next time. We can do a live video broadcast as we subway around the city 😊@johnolilly subway!@atlephoto thanks!@billmccarroll thanks so much Bill@jakobfoto thanks!@johnnypatience thanks for your inspiration to shoot more tri-x. its' absolutely my favorite 35mm film@onabags thanks so much. i'm beyond grateful to the kind folks at @RichardPhotoLab@anildash :)@hughcartoons aw, adorable.@shawnroller totally crazyMy little girl is 16 today. I can't believe it. Happy birthday, Sophia. β€πŸŽ‰βœ¨ http://t.co/LfFDbUiIVg@om thx man. There is something about b&w film that feels so good@jdeplater it's going to be a lot of fun!@chrisozer thx my friend. great seeing you last week!@jdeplater too kind. Means a lot coming from you. Can't wait to see your photos.Taking more b&w film portraits of great people in my life http://t.co/02i1nW7Bsx @hellomoneal @om @JessGBeck @MsSapone @chrisozer #leica@JohnnyPatience love it@JohnnyPatience 😊 (btw this photo I took from inside a restaurant and handheld at 1/60. The Hassy is such a joy).@nabeel πŸ‘Šβœ¨
@gruber @om got any favorite blogs that cover the yankees? i'm ready for this season even though I miss the captain#NowPlaying β™« I Should Live in Salt – The National http://t.co/qNf9dL3eoT@codypriebe @twheat thanks so much!@carljonas wow, beautifulEvening light, San Francisco. http://t.co/tFtG6nxSrR #Hasselblad #believeinfilm http://t.co/pZxUpb0FSu"Punk rock isn’t something you grow out of… Punk rock is an attitude & the essence of that attitude is β€˜give us some truth'" ~ Joe Strummer
@permundum @Twheat thanks!@JohnnyPatience @Twheat thanks 😊@JohnnyPatience @HelloChrisMoore @cindyloughridge @sethrestaino I would have said @bennie but he's now in LA!@jbminn super cool@jbminn thanks!Bernal Heights, SF with @Twheat http://t.co/XaOrRcKdah #hasselblad #believeinfilm http://t.co/tGCZr3h42F@aseidman ordering now!The only emoji iOS 8.3 is missing http://t.co/BZcv0EPqE8
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@jjacobs22 you know what I think :)@swopes so awesomeA 1940s San Fransisco street http://t.co/xXxVbIP2ip
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet
@jfleming701 beautiful@JohnnyPatience wonderful to see you! Safe travels and look forward to seeing you soon.@ricfulop breaks my heart
LIVE on #Periscope: James working on a new magic trick https://t.co/xWQoUae168@petehalvorsen beautiful Pete.(new post) Opportunities lost in a sea of growth rounds http://t.co/lMbbSve7rB@JohnnyPatience a good excuse for one last beignet!@JohnnyPatience Bummer. So sorry to hear that. Safe travels.
"You save more water by not eating a pound of meat than you do by not showering for six months." http://t.co/wrHGI4mQ3y
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@JPQ very much soCurrent status http://t.co/JP3iTAxJQN
@JCHeidi adorableLIVE on #Periscope: Making Easter eggs with @jamessabet https://t.co/x9xPkyjNGJThe gratitude jar - http://t.co/LksmE9pw19 http://t.co/QQvr30TPTK
@Stammy buzzkillBeautiful and heartfelt piece by a beautiful man: @om writes about the loss of his company. A must read: http://t.co/Up5yE7HAKV
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet
Awesome Aaron! πŸ‘Š https://t.co/gv60TxEm0f@cindyloughridge such a lovely portrait@MeredithFrost @AstroSamantha wow. Love it.@cindyloughridge agreed!Reasons why I like @fredwilson's blog so much: he's a friend & a blogger that keeps it real. Perfect example today http://t.co/QtqbW4FmTWStand together http://t.co/wWWo6hQgvY
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