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A sideways look at cycling: printed whenever it's ready, perfect-bound, ad-free and full of freedom, friendship and adventure.

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Loneliness of the long distance cyclist: snippet from the 1st Boneshakercast, taking a sideways look at cycling: http://t.co/V1A5ddgDj1Totally agree, @KrisJamesFoster & well done @Chris_Boardman for getting that brilliant film seen by more people #cycling #spaceforcyclistsI think anyone who complains/thinks of objection for more cycling must also come up with alternative that offers same benefits. Sound fair?
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@wraitht77 Only clogged because you have cars there. Was the same in NL: http://t.co/l9Xo0S3aIE @Chris_Boardman http://t.co/KRIwkbgcyZ
Retweeted by Boneshaker MagazineI challenge ANYONE to watch just 45sec of this & tell my why the F@£K we wouldn't want this in the UK. https://t.co/2JW6z5UXIm #bloodboiling
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@yycfoldingcycle @boneshakermag @tweetymike @gazza_d @BBCRadio4 just check. Actually 109 killed. 6 children. http://t.co/o5RjCXoBNP
Retweeted by Boneshaker MagazineNew magazines just in from @boneshakermag and @noonmagazine_
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So good to hear @Chris_Boardman talk sense on #youandyours. Cars & obesity are the real dangers, not #cyclingGood clarification, @littleinkwell still, 19,000 killed or injured puts toddler vid in perspective @yycfoldingcycle @tweetymike @BBCRadio4You're right, @johnstevenson_x but what @SpinCycleMag said might help. A total re-think of roads & attitudes is what we really need#youandyours. Licence Cyclists? No. Introducing the continental 'strict liability' law will allow cyclists to safely ride on the road.
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@tweetymike @gazza_d @BBCRadio4 19,000 cyclists killed in 2013 &BBC wants to overexpose one incident w/a cyclist to support hate propaganda?
Retweeted by Boneshaker MagazineHear, hear @tweetymike https://t.co/CbWJ1HqqVY
Nice pic @Ideas_on_Paper - @LikeTheWindMag is definitely a favourite here: Ride last night, run this morning, ride this afternoon... #print
Wheelchair users and mums with prams? Get in the road! Antisocial parking in King st. BS5 @ASPEaston http://t.co/0IjmrT13czGet off the pavement! Flagrant disregard for others on Hinton Rd BS5. @ASPEaston #Bristol http://t.co/nT0eeGHOOf@ASPEaston King St BS5, as an example. A 5min stroll found dozens like this. Action planned? #antisocial #parking http://t.co/am6w1P3F4TTRAVEL WRITERS: Don’t miss @BradtGuides @IndyTravel travel-writing #competition 2015! http://t.co/O7M1xriiFE http://t.co/FOZBzPZsiv
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@carltonreid At risk from staircases. Proven to be much more dangerous than cyclists. @BBCR4 #youandyours@ASPEaston @ASPLockleaze @StolenBikesBris @ChrisC_CFC PS, please can we get involved in Community Speed Watch in Easton/Greenbank?@ASPEaston @ASPLockleaze @StolenBikesBris @ChrisC_CFC 2/2 Routine flouting of 20mph limit on Stapleton Rd, Robertson Rd, Emlyn Rd etc@ASPEaston @ASPLockleaze @StolenBikesBris @ChrisC_CFC 1/2 Plenty: parking in bike lane on St. Marks Rd, pavement parking on Hinton Rd...@Mintsports Road tax doesn't exist -was abolished in 1937. Read the facts here: http://t.co/lYn3ZfnMcl @carltonreid
Call for #communities to help transform #Bristol #streets. Apply now: http://t.co/kxoxbKRILZ @Bristol_2015 http://t.co/x4DxP7bRBo
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@bristoltraffic @ASPolice But I am always baffled why video evidence doesn't seem to be effective in furthering prosecution in more cases...@bristoltraffic Well, @ASPolice 's CI Andy Bennett did say they're launching a system for reporting near misses 1/2@bristoltraffic I'll have to forward that on to @BristolCouncil - await their response with interest. #cycling #BristolDraft 2 (WIP) of that @ASPolice #cycling leaflet. They're looking for feedback... #Bristol #cyclesafe http://t.co/9p6PfiPoZg"I'm all about changing the culture of policing cycling" says CI Andy Bennett of @ASPolice #Bristol #cycling http://t.co/fHioxJNd9X
@boneshakermag @artcrank any of your viewers interested in a bike print sale? http://t.co/q51DNoWwqp http://t.co/KfoIh4z2i6
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@pencilrobot @ARTCRANK Only one way to find out - and that's with a friendly retweet...@chapeaubike @MadCycleLaneMCR Well, our friends at @Newsstand_UK certainly are speedy and reliable! http://t.co/uk7GOJQjK2
@boneshakermag prove you don't need to travel far to have an adventure. Great article in issue 13 #TravelTuesday http://t.co/GvcncGzuu7
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@dmdutch @MadCycleLaneMCR just waiting on an order from @HOME_mcr & @magmabooks - sounds like their customers are too!
Woo! @boneshakermag is here and this issue has tall bikes, pool bikes & cool bikes (Arctic Mountain biking that is!) http://t.co/4UNU16jvzK
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@louiestrychnine @jeremydeller @bristolmuseum Yes! English Magic=superb. Took my 6-yr-old son and 70-something ma-in-law & all loved it...a good day for cyclists http://t.co/48ESl26f5H
Retweeted by Boneshaker MagazineToday's pick blends design, cycling and maps from @boneshakermag issue 9 --> http://t.co/ZKXOhSUy9r #dailyinspiration http://t.co/6mk0PniYRR
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@om4c @ltmuseumshop They are! https://t.co/p8WywRsjXGBristol Grand Prix is in the British Cycling Calendar: https://t.co/mMvGyDo3SE Enter here: http://t.co/gtWWHckxhn Spaces still available...
Retweeted by Boneshaker MagazineLove it. Thanks for that @om4c - hadn't seen those...Art & underground rebellion: A glimpse at a Boneshaker from years gone by http://t.co/gHJzSaUIgl #cycling #London http://t.co/JX5o6ThxVo
Jeremy Clarkson in today’s Sunday Times: “You don’t need a car. Not these days.” #peakcar http://t.co/4RgZtT3l6i http://t.co/FEMJnzKQSa
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New @boneshakermag in stock @Future_Cycles St Martin's Arcade. Excellent news. https://t.co/Y4MLNYujrQ
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One for @Conservatives from @StanleyDonwood at #Bristol Festival of Print by @LetterpressColl @Centrespacegallery http://t.co/g1SaEUIa05@pedalyschmedaly Thank YOU! Happy reading / happy riding. Have a lovely weekend...Don't sleep folks, this is going to sell out fast! http://t.co/faToTPB80h http://t.co/2ae2c1GJ67
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@bris_cycle_fest Tickets already bagged for Jaws... #Bristol #cycling #sharks@NewForestUK @roadcc Additions: exceeding speed limits, using mobiles, pavement parking, passing too close, checking mirrors @ASPoliceAnother great place to find @boneshakermag: @newsfromnowhere bookshop in #Liverpool http://t.co/lMDI2h3bBE http://t.co/QbXTt0TPvh
Thanks so much for all your #pavementparking photos! Pls keep them coming! 650 photos already uploaded! http://t.co/9Crf7Maw3f
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@CCSteV @bristoltraffic @pmmikes @ASPolice @ASPBrisCentre certainly looks like 'wanton and furious' driving to me.Thanks for response @ASPolice - understand you have a challenging job to do. Look forward to productive dialogue in future @David_on_a_bike@ASPLockleaze and well done, keep up the good work, etc :)@ASPLockleaze pls ask yr colleagues at @ASPEaston to do same in Easton - pavement parking is endemic here! @StolenBikesBris @ChrisC_CFC Ta!Top work, @David_on_a_bike - let's hope they actually turn up! @WilliamNB @Defy_Rider @AlternativeDfT @ASPolice@ChrisC_CFC I'd be interested to hear @ASPolice response to that point...
@KilianIdsinga I expect the excellent @magculture would like to hear about @LetsExploreMag too, if you've not already been in contact #printNope, @KilianIdsinga I didn't know that. Looking forward to seeing @LetsExploreMag and that newsletter too... http://t.co/a1aOWmJU61@bristol247 can I get an RT for my film shot in #Bristol? http://t.co/6xKKeSPLI3
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@rotparicolev @ASPolice In many places it is - lots of pavements are designated, legal shared spaces.Local police caution against 'wanton & furious cycling' in leaflets handed out in #Bristol yesterday #cycling #what? http://t.co/CAvjkz7YXEPortada de la edición #16 de @boneshakermag que en pocos días pondremos a disposición en Uruguay y Argentina. http://t.co/Tm91gzUv43
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine£2.5k fine! Hope @ASPolice will be handing a motoring equivalent of this to every mobile-using driver, too #cycling http://t.co/n2SJnwYb0C
Fabulous independent magazines, all in one beautiful digital home @READBUGapp http://t.co/iqDNsBbj8e #magazines http://t.co/4CgYc98M7OJust did my post-run stretches to @boneshakermag's new podcast, and didn't want it to end! http://t.co/VAYoEaJoLU http://t.co/fxcTb0fXnP
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Ride. Surf. Repeat. Tom Powell shows us life on the road with a surfboard in tow #bs16 https://t.co/axEsZ1kb76 http://t.co/5mNUJs7nq1
@readlagom @VNAmagazine @wonderlandmag @hopandbarley @_BROWNBOOK @boneshakermag http://t.co/90goxv7iZ0
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine#ff @Ideas_on_Paper @boneshakermag @pickmeuplondon @dgquarterly @AstridStavro @VisualEditions @iamkennyward @AvauntMagazine @five_books
Retweeted by Boneshaker MagazineHi Twitter! New print for sale, for #Nepal Earthquake Relief so please RT if you can! #Raiders http://t.co/w2JpUfrE8I http://t.co/nQf3Z0RXlt
Retweeted by Boneshaker MagazineA few thoughts from @CTC_Cyclists on the election and what's next for #cycling after #VoteBike https://t.co/WnhyzLjDkP #GE2015
Retweeted by Boneshaker MagazineHi @benhillsdon - Yes @AntenneBooks should be shipping a consignment to @Athenaeum any day now!Cars rule the roads. But not all the time...1st lil' chunk of the @boneshakermag podcast: https://t.co/S6ammc1u3a #cycling #podcast
Also great to hook up with @BikeLoungeLeic & @jonhamilton19 - inspiring stuff all round. Thanks again to Alex at @Ideas_on_PaperAn honour to talk alongside @magculture at @Raw_Print last night & great to see #Nottingham's best mag shop @Ideas_on_Paper #print #designCheers @louiestrychnine - we'll make the next one bigger! @ArnolfiniArts
@Raw_Print returns tonight at @thelacehouse 6-9pm with @magCulture & @MikeBoneshaker http://t.co/2gdiQyGR1j #CQEnter http://t.co/7MXS8QVazQ
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@CQNottm @Raw_Print @thelacehouse @magculture @boneshakermag @Hockley @SecWed http://t.co/tBquBvLIwN
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine'The Spotify for magazines' @READBUGapp is now live, (yes @boneshakermag is up there). Free trials available: http://t.co/iqDNsBbj8eHot from the studio, the first of hopefully many #podcasts via the glorious @boneshakermag https://t.co/zwE9gbGoeq #cycling #arts #culture
Retweeted by Boneshaker MagazineOur #FollowersTop5 in April > Great covers by @CalSunday & @boneshakermag http://t.co/Oa8nkO30i7
Retweeted by Boneshaker MagazineLooking forward to @Raw_Print tonight in Nottingham 6-9pm @boneshakermag @magculture @Ideas_on_Paper .... https://t.co/hHySCFgTCb
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Our favourite bike read @boneshakermag has started a podcast! Bring your ears here: http://t.co/tN02rq9dxu
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@boneshakermag @Raw_Print http://t.co/Zrr7BBVl5l
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@stewartainslie @StuartWhitehead just released issue #16 - now beginning to think about 17...Glowing feedback from our Boneshaker #16 cover illustrator Derek Ballard aka @iamconduit – photo https://t.co/zr8tFTndST cc @boneshakermag
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@StuartWhitehead @stewartainslie Glad you're enjoying it! Tweets like that are a tailwind for @boneshakermag moraleTickets on sale for next month's @Raw_Print event online at http://t.co/FI1rPC3LRz or @Ideas_on_Paper. Guests @magculture & @boneshakermag
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@betterbybike I've signed up, dnloaded app, recorded 2 rides this a.m. but both have now disappeared from 'My Tracks' #frustrating #cycling
@boneshakermag caps are lovingly made in Italy - 'Che figata’ :) http://t.co/KVi9ZJNnKL #handmadecycling http://t.co/YutOOTvfbW
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@boneshakermag Enjoying a ride through the audio soundscape of the new Boneshaker podcast. Brringg Brringg ! http://t.co/774PVpEkur
Retweeted by Boneshaker Magazine@boneshakermag challenging and changing perspectives on cycling, it’s great to have you with #Readbug
Retweeted by Boneshaker MagazineAce new film from our pal @Al_Humphreys https://t.co/ty8oLaIV7C #microadventure #mtb #adventureWhat are you up to next Wed? This: http://t.co/JZYkI1XBn0 @boneshakermag will be there, alongside #print luminary @magculture. Ulp! #designThe lovely @paper_smiths have nominated Boneshaker as their #MagoftheMoment – thanks guys! https://t.co/trQxq0fdh7 http://t.co/TKc29QjJbW
Retweeted by Boneshaker MagazineOur #MagoftheMoment is @boneshakermag, dedicated to the love of bikes and cycling. http://t.co/2nw6AAH2rd
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@RftS_Bristol @jenkatan http://t.co/pljN41mSHSCelebrate some of the best print has to offer at our next event 6th May with @boneshakermag and Jeremy Leslie from @magculture !
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My article was published in @boneshakermag! Following Edward Thomas In Pursuit of Spring with music and song. http://t.co/N99LpEh0He
Retweeted by Boneshaker MagazineThanks @boneshakermag for letting me get involved once again! This issues a cracker! #cycling #design #print http://t.co/OJdkseFoA9
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