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Paladar La Guarida #havana #cuba @ La Guarida https://t.co/Bov517cFTR
@carolinedclark head spinningThis place has been sitting here for 60 years waiting for Don Draper to show up and order a mojito.… https://t.co/TFVaXuvciBOne of the locals in Viñales. #cuba #catstagram #catsofinstagram @ Viñales Valley https://t.co/ZQ4RWwlTtuI'd never heard of the geologic formations known as 'mogotes' -- the remnants of a massive limestone… https://t.co/eBdYEPmOS7Last night's insane #sunset as seen from our hotel's pool deck #havana #cuba #sunsetporn @ Hotel… https://t.co/blzTdfWVhw
We took a day trip to Valle de Viñales, which is the kind of place where you'd expect to run into a… https://t.co/KgyzumqfvaThis was candid, I swear. #cuba @ Finca la Joya https://t.co/J5op8u5cs1Havana Vieja yesterday. #havana #cuba @ Old Havana https://t.co/isoMEAjmh7
@MerchiseMeetup Thanks for the message from you guys - I'm going to try to make it on Saturday. Will know tomorrow whether I can!The part of me that loves corny pop-culture references (so, OK, all of me) was very disappointed to… https://t.co/eKqmUJEzLtYou can apply for a charter tourist visa to Cuba, or you can do what I do and follow @caro's Instagrams from there: https://t.co/pHq85J4npy
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyAfternoon stroll in the old city. #havana #cuba @ Habana Vieja https://t.co/0D5lG8mMx6Typical corner house in Vedado. #havana #cuba @ Vedado https://t.co/LOIn5cZuhmIn case you aren't following me on Instagram, be it known that it's full of old cars in Cuba this week: http://t.co/j4rPnU24o0In case anyone has a crippling fear of vintage automobiles and requires a trigger warning, let this… https://t.co/nJcDLU0XQiErnest Hemingway's wife built him a four-story tower on his estate outside Havana so that he'd write… https://t.co/SSfUGftGYoA look inside the home housing the "With friends like you..." art show last night. The interiors of… https://t.co/qCKj0mY0EQ
Incredible first night in Havana at the opening of the "With friends like you..." art exhibit in… https://t.co/HChcPN3O4NLate afternoon stroll along the Malecón in Vedado. #havana #cuba @ Malecón, Havana https://t.co/WDnONKpTeg@sogrady @coreygilmore HA! No, only one week. And worse internet service here.Passing the José Martí Memorial on the drive into Havana. @ José Martí Memorial https://t.co/ItPNr4GJOyHaving my first mojito in Cuba and FREAKING OUT over how good the rum is. Yes, it is 10:30am.@kanes yupConfirmed: We are in Cuba. @ Havana https://t.co/GSUmau5hg9#laterswarm. Hola Cuba! (@ Aeropuerto Internacional José Martí (HAV) in Ciudad de La Habana, La Habana) https://t.co/7Y0yPHrPHl@farrahbostic thank you!As we ugly Americans say, #STOKED. @ Miami International Airport - MIA https://t.co/TPpC2xpJHuMIA > HAV ✈️ (@ Miami International Airport (MIA) - @iflymia in Miami, FL w/ @mbaratz) https://t.co/6fyLr4vlBO
Don’s at a yoga retreat. All of your brackets are busted. #MadMenFinale #MadMen
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@needcaffeine thanks :)Revisit @deepfocus’ "Mad Men Yourself” for the memories. http://t.co/KaqcldZdwb http://t.co/HaSk8NfX9i
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyDon't tempt me! I have to switch from pants to shorts right now! Because it's hot out! @ Soho Beach… https://t.co/PJcAfcVoCW@ecachette Our relationship runs deeper than Twitter. I forgive you.Aaron Schock, is that you? https://t.co/MhfSz9BqPL@rowingwolf7 it's about the same as always, right? now that many teams have done away with separate frosh boats? was usually 1V/JV/3V, 1F/2FA guy at @sbhmiami complimented my @soulcycle #turnitup20 hoodie. Turns out he's longtime Soul instructor @zackheld. Small world!@nerdist Jimmy HoffaHere's to those copywriters who have resisted using 'here's to those' in an advert.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyVacation Instagram starts right here right now. @ Soho Beach House, Miami https://t.co/1K2sYNiASR@DanielleMorrill Dig Inn is awesome. Super fast healthy lunches, locations are all convenient to where a lot of New Yorkers work.Just in time for brunch. (@ Soho Beach House - @sbhmiami in Miami Beach, FL) https://t.co/WqO4NTZBVTI'm at Miami International Airport (MIA) - @iflymia in Miami, FL https://t.co/bhx2VnUCgPDying of jealousy over here. https://t.co/blzbRmu0CgHarvard is always looking for an opportunity to cheat https://t.co/J5scKRRDgp@Aerocles "DAD YOU ARE EMBARRASSING ME AND I AM NOT EVEN BORN YET"@Aerocles your kid is already the person who takes the mic away from bad karaoke singers at barsHitting refresh on @rowingwolf7's Twitter feed for Eastern Sprints results while I'm on a plane to Miami. Go @TigerHeavies @TigerLights!Scene outside of JFK at 6am. Mostly empty taxi line. 20+ people on the phone attempting to identify their Uber among a sea of Toyota Camrys.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthySo this is basically an article about how there are no women left for Prince Harry #waitwhat https://t.co/s40l5VFyYK#adventureawaits @ Newark Liberty International Airport https://t.co/PibMvZMQKpEWR > MIA (@ Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) in Newark, NJ) https://t.co/M6Dba5X4Ub@veryjackie I never have. Can you let me know how it is???
Attending my 1st bachelorette party in nearly 10 yrs. Remind me - do I jump out of the cake in a naughty cop costume before or after dinner?
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyOr as I call it, Saturday. https://t.co/YWxfky9dPzCaterpillar robbed Ted Cruz. #caturday #cashcats #russianblue #catstagram #catsofinstagramhttps://t.co/eClR2AEzdNTop Story: Anthropologists Discover Ancient Greek Super PAC That Helped Shape First Democracy http://t.co/qnthXKAGxk http://t.co/QRp8zuHqqa
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy“[S]ometimes a Rolling Stone gathers no verifiable facts” —@edhelms at UVA’s commencement https://t.co/3ZyNaLdEga http://t.co/CbOlGzFUHK
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy#thegoodolddays https://t.co/TIaM1EiB5d
Obligatory selfie in my hard-earned @soulcycle #turnitup20 hoodie https://t.co/HZFy7Pwfoggonna go ahead and say if you're angry about the portrayal of women in Mad Max you are probably bad at sex
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI guess it's saying something that I feel weird traveling in sweatpants now. #thisis30 (@ New York Penn Station) https://t.co/duqchIL3vdI'm smart sometimes. https://t.co/BTRglacTZH@wesleyverhoeve That sounds exactly like what I do.FAO Schwarz closing its 5th Ave store in July. In other news, Mrs Claus" divorce is almost finalized and Rudolph was hit by car last night.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyDuncan's Toy Chest is closing. I'm going to go cry under my desk for the rest of the afternoon.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyTrail mix is just m&m's with obstacles
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIf you're going to send me links to wedding blogs at least trigger warning that shit first my god.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyHow many of them are fruit flies? https://t.co/KTokbukPLH.@edzitron this exchange only gets funnier when you take into account my theory that you are @darthFurious about how guardians of the galaxy is pushing the misraccoonist agenda. They call him vermin. They call him rodent. Disgusting
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyThis is like your dad saying he just bought a pair of Vans sneakers. https://t.co/CsZ2ikZF4iSomething to which we should aspire https://t.co/4rQ1GD3XaJ"If New York City had as many breweries per capita as Vermont, who ranks first [in the US], we’d have 722 breweries." http://t.co/yGVtnqMyNyYes, this was in Florida https://t.co/5xclik3sOCOffice princess wants to know why all the humans are eating and she isn't. #puggle https://t.co/dEpa7eAigpSo is an activist investor just another term for very rich annoying man
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy.@pmarca on deal w/ Icahn: “Rumors that Lyft is spinning off ride-sharing business from mustache-licensing business are completely untrue.”
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIf you leave @peterbwarren to his own devices, he will convince children that Judaism was started by The Jonas Bros. http://t.co/L5sj5RTlKx
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyJust to mix it up, there should be a movie where there are *both* of the clichéd tyrannical bosses, a Wintour _and_ a Jobs.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthySo @TheAtlantic actually published a short story by "Ken Cosgrove" and it's so bad it's good. http://t.co/16Ck296IMV@sfsooz I will not judge.@sfsooz BRILLIANT.Sen. Schumer outside Penn Station giving press conference on rail safety. "Mayor Koch!" passerby shouts. "Not quite," senator says.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIs there orange Pedialyte? Yes? Well then! https://t.co/B3RfolNw2FReally good question, and one to which I do not know the answer. https://t.co/zgmvnxkrVD"A new social media campaign includes quips like Pedialyte goes well 'with both red and white.' Wine, that is." http://t.co/MWoabguu22More than one-third of Pedialyte sales can now be attributed to adults who buy the kiddie medicine to cure hangovers. http://t.co/MWoabguu22Mad Max: Fury Road achieves the rare DODECABECHDEL PASS. @ajaromano https://t.co/uBBM201VSt
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyActually, the greatest last line for Mad Men would be: "I'm Dick Whitman, and I'm an alcoholic."
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy
This is a bit obscene. http://t.co/rwuczMJTZz
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthySomebody #hack the #disruptive #MVP of an "Uber for birthday cakes" #startup ASAP!!!! https://t.co/of5yLLBnB4Time it took to realize that it was a bad idea to walk while drinking red juice + wearing a seersucker jacket and white blouse: 7 secondsAmerica’s worst CEO is being replaced via @FortuneMagazine http://t.co/bUGkQUPmXd
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyMeeting the @stuartcdschool seniors! (@ Stuart Country Day School in Princeton, NJ) https://t.co/5xXiyi8T3s@msuster If a successful startup is a unicorn or decacorn, is a failed startup a corn dog? ;-) #TryTheVeal
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthythis will never not be funny to me. http://t.co/GF8I24DBxr
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyStartup Castle's exit plan is to become a reality TV show
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy
I just earned the 'Dubbel, Tripel and Quad Oh My!' badge on @untappd! http://t.co/Hh7QaMdgDn
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