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Moderator of @meetthepress and @nbcnews political director; Covering politics since '92; And, yes, I tweet about sports too.

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See more from my interview with @tedcruz Sunday on @meetthepress. https://t.co/3DdmDZyyzt
@stuartpstevens @JeromeElam so they don't have a double coupon plan?Am rushing to finish up a bunch work and errands so that I don't miss a Scherzer pitch. He is THAT much fun to watch right now. #NatsReport: @MiamiHEAT sign Dwyane Wade for 1-year, $20 million #NBA #Heat #DWade #NBAFreeAgency http://t.co/g7Gwk9IeBk
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThat's a lot of blue in Texas. https://t.co/3WVISC8o9cI know he isn't the first to do this, but this is a fun way for Ray Allen to connect w/fans. http://t.co/26KGy5m2sqSome very good Cruz questions on our @meetthepress Facebook Q&A. Will be on for 10 more mins.https://t.co/nABGUGtiuV@IowaGOPer best Twitter typo of the day.At this point 8 years ago, Barack Obama had 180,000 donors in his successful primary campaign against Hillary. Today, Sanders has 250,000.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddCelebrating @jkuhnhenn on his last #AF1 voyage pre-retirement - a great journalist, colleague, friend. @AP http://t.co/OO3DlfZi16
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Ladies & gents, please meet the newest #Nats Racing President: Calvin Coolidge! Welcome to The Show, Calvin. http://t.co/ZWox6RpSYB
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@thoughtsnprayer @Ourand_SBJ ha.In sports and politics, when athletes/candidates are complaining about the refs, it usually means they are losing. And it is NEVER becoming2 #GOP brackets? Your morning #mustread via @ChuckTodd, @mmurraypolitics & @CarrieNBCNews >> http://t.co/Tn2butTgTN http://t.co/l23q5PDKzS
Retweeted by Chuck ToddVery good list. Only movie missing for me is Casablanca. https://t.co/uxehGV0R7e
Having watched the NY1 interview, clear BDB has decided to treat Gov Cuomo essentially like a Republican, a rival, not an fellow Dem ally.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddFull @AP story on today's extraordinary @BilldeBlasio's news conference about @NYGovCuomo: http://t.co/eCpkWNfbPa
Retweeted by Chuck ToddI talked to @USATODAYsports about @AaronRodgers12, @marcorubio, & Washington's football team. http://t.co/Hl4sSkKv1X http://t.co/15nnqPcYfpChris Christie No Longer Looks Like Mr. Electable http://t.co/T3YDCirSlN
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@ananavarro @Timodc you don't pay state or city income tax so they have to get revenue anyway they can@GOPBlackChick @HillaryClinton @meetthepress as soon as I can.This Sunday's @meetthepress political panel: @kathleenparker, @CharlesOgletree, @newtgingrich, & @michaeledyson.This week's #Nerdscreen is all about how rural America sees this week's big news: http://t.co/hKZWFbRjfF http://t.co/9q6lObEjGFAnd I'll continue to meet the candidates. This week, @BobbyJindal joins me on @meetthepress. http://t.co/rkBg11DIVpThe president gave a moving speech Friday in Charleston. We'll discuss how that speech is a part of his legacy. #MTP http://t.co/0VppSxlMVICalls to bring down the Confederate Battle Flag grew louder. I'll talk to @LindseyGrahamSC on this issue and more. http://t.co/1BYTRdKfTDAnd @PeteWilliamsNBC will join me on @meetthepress, to help us understand many of the moves the Supreme Court made this past week.On #MTP, a landmark week for progressives. I'll talk to @gladlaw's Mary Bonauto abt the #SCOTUSMarriage decision. http://t.co/ErfwpFt6Jn
Gov. @bobbyjindal is on tomorrow. We've added his announcement speech breakdown to the guide: http://t.co/vxPepDaxxf http://t.co/9NKWcAZKlX
Retweeted by Chuck ToddIf it's Saturday... Your @meetthepress preview. https://t.co/1q0gtqEAfo
If you are maxed out on news tonight, then check out MASN and Max out on Scherzer. #yaneverknow@CriderJC no more excuses now!NASCAR's Dale Earnhardt Jr. backs ban on Confederate flag: http://t.co/JAW8MEbjMj
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHappening now: Lively debate on my Arlington, VA, neighborhood listserv about whether to rename the Jefferson Davis Highway.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddBig news day means a super-sized @NBCNightlyNews Tune in for a special one hour broadcast.This is a moment. Pure and simple.Florida AG @PamBondi says SCOTUS "provided the clarity our state and country was seeking" on same-sex marriage http://t.co/KFC3qbiUBV
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe swift changes in same sex marriage and the Confederate Flag issue, both driven by social activism not by elected pols.It is two Justices appointed by Republican presidents who are causing various conservative groups angst today. Kennedy and Roberts.David Brooks says it's time to rethink the ways Robert E Lee is memorialized in public spaces. http://t.co/HyJ8zpeAqx@hodakotb subtle
@OKnox @rorycooper my 8yo loves uptown funk. He has no idea who Michelle Pfeiffer is. But he belts out that lineIt's official: There are now more millennials (83.1 million) than baby boomers (75.4 million) http://t.co/Ay962rabPJ
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@TimJGraham the other side of the ornament http://t.co/FGxxFGqFxnSquatting in @MarkPotterNBC office before @NBCNightlyNews and I find this fantastic "Conch Republic" ornament. http://t.co/yxGeeSlh6N#Nats' rotation has thrown 37 1/3 consecutive scoreless innings, longest streak since the Giants' rotation had 36 consecutive in June, '12.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@scgopvalues I'm looking.Approximately 0% of people are intellectually honest when it comes to procedural arguments.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddOnce again, ideology of a critic drives the definition of the phrase "activist court" or "activist judges."Curious if there are any anti-Obamacare conservatives who want to repeal law who think SCOTUS ruled correctly on intent issueGlenn McConnell, a Confederate re-enactor & state sen turned CoC president, breaks silence: flag should come down. https://t.co/G4UhArgx1Y
Retweeted by Chuck ToddA 6-3 ruling on health care could de-polarize the issue a tad with the public. Will be curious to see post-ruling reaction.@davidmwessel @jameshohmann will be fascinating fight for the right if Rubio or Jeb is on GOP ticket. Sugar is big in FLWhat's making Clinton camp smile today? O'Malley's SuperPAC doing their dirty work. Attacking Sanders on guns. https://t.co/4il1btMatkDoes GOP really want to "win" in King v Burwell? Party divided on how to handle fallout if they do. https://t.co/GJRQIJ8fnH
BREAKING: Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley orders Confederate flags taken down from state Capitol.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddA true man-bites-dog story: Obama/Boehner/McConnell/Ryan all working together -- and sticking together http://t.co/AvlYaa4KUs
Retweeted by Chuck ToddEx-Senate GOP Leaders Lott/Dole pen a love letter of sorts to McConnell. http://t.co/zCvFZJgmKu // Implicit shot at ReidBetting this is a NC tradition that ends soon. http://t.co/1hp82pv3ZO
VIDEO: Strom Thurmond son SC Sen. @PaulThurmond: "time is right" to remove Confederate flag & "put it in a museum" http://t.co/d892wPOgwm
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSmart piece by @perrybaconjr on how the new grassroots civil rights movement has pushed electeds to speak out. http://t.co/OobhWufattWe are polling Mississippi lawmakers on their support of changing state flag. @royce_swayze is spearheading the effort.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddBernie Sanders' biggest shortcoming in Dem field: He doesn't catch fire w non-whites http://t.co/AagEe1aqqh
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Excited to join @LesterHoltNBC for his first official broadcast!We'll discuss race, guns & POTUS' frank comments about both @NBCNightlyNews
Retweeted by Chuck Todd.@DoctorLeRoyH @soledadobrien We’ve heard you. We clearly got it wrong and we are sorry.
I wrote my take on Father's Day for @TODAYshow. It wasn't always my favorite holiday, but it is now: http://t.co/XS32115AGtToughest Fathers Day of my life. My wishes & prayers go out to @JoeBiden @matthewjdowd and all who have lost a child
Retweeted by Chuck ToddCan't ever remember the Nats having a first inning like this. The #nats certainly fluctuate between hot and cold. #natstreakersHuckabee: Confederate flag controversy is not a presidential election issue http://t.co/Z0RAojOAKa http://t.co/FIsp70m9Yd
Retweeted by Chuck ToddMayor Joseph P. Riley discusses hurt and healing in Charleston, South Carolina: http://t.co/ELc5vjd3mH http://t.co/zfIQs18QRF
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@chucktodd @meetthepress Thanks for taking the time to write such an honest and considerate response. It matters.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@kbhrchris I don't insert my personal opinion in questioning. Isn't about me. But person being interview. As I noted, half the country does.@CitizenXTX @meetthepress thanks for reading@kbhrchris huh? Where do u draw this conclusion. Bizarre statementThe gun violence video we aired on @meetthepress has upset some and I felt those comments deserved a response: http://t.co/T5hs8vKauO@stilljnc @meetthepress today was a great example of why social media is important. Inspired us to extend the discussion.Thanks to @danslepian for sharing the gun violence piece with @meetthepress. Watch the full version here: http://t.co/uWeBojffguThe essay, "We Need to Talk About White Culture" @chucktodd quoted, was written by @joshuadubois for @dailybeast: http://t.co/MTTyqX8Bu4
Retweeted by Chuck ToddIn today's #MTP #NerdScreen: a new @nbcnews @WSJ poll has some good news in it for both @JebBush & @HillaryClinton. http://t.co/3tEXKhT4PvAnd today's @meetthepress political panel: @nytdavidbrooks, @helenecooper, @Eugene_Robinson, & @GeraldFSeib. #MTPAnd we have a piece that shows the regret imprisoned men have over picking up a gun and committing murder. #MTP http://t.co/GpnxlLw9iII'll also be joined by @GovMikeHuckabee where we'll discuss his 2016 run as well as the violence in South Carolina. http://t.co/y31cTgnDaBI’ll be joined on #MTP by the family of Rev. Daniel Simmons Sr, 1 of 9 who died in the horrific church attack. http://t.co/YI3hbisbXPAlso, I’ll speak with Rep. Jim @Clyburn (D-SC) about gun violence, race and the confederate flag. http://t.co/r9orOxaWkFHappy Father's Day. Some may think this is a Hallmark creation, but it is now my favorite holiday and proudest title.
Best back-to-back games ever by a pitcher?
Retweeted by Chuck ToddBy Washington rules, Max was perfect enough. Amazing last 17 innings by Scherzer. #hersheysyrup
Updated candidate speech breakdowns w/ @JebBush and @realDonaldTrump: http://t.co/cPmJSNwAET (cc: @deborahturness) http://t.co/gvXD10OpL4
Retweeted by Chuck ToddLooking forward to being on @meetthepress Sunday; SC shooting, Rep Clyburn, Mike Huckabee, & of course @chucktodd: http://t.co/vLGD2WM1R0
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAs of today, neither @realDonaldTrump or @GovernorPerry qualify for the debates. No FEC Form 2 http://t.co/YX5o4aeTUw
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@DerekGCole @docrocktex26 as I've said on numerous occasions this morning on numerous outlets.@docrocktex26 not sure where you are getting this. I've been saying from the beginning this is about race. U may only have cherry picked@DerekGCole @docrocktex26 context was missing in that tweet. Was not an either or.@Keethers @docrocktex26 and I think the attempt to make mental health part of this is nonsense. That seems like a way to avoid race@docrocktex26 the point was that it is not an either or. It is bothWhy I've Done a '180' on Father's Day, via @chucktodd @TODAYshow #ParentingTeam http://t.co/6Ip44N8iVD http://t.co/hoOTzU8R7O
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This might be the strongest interest group candidate questionnaire I've seen. http://t.co/2rsnbSsQfn@JksnBrntt See you Sundays!Promised my family I wouldn't think about work during vacation. Just got the ok to break that promise. Excited and grateful for new role.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAccording to @mmurraypolitics, Trump still hasn't filed statement of candidacy with the FEC. To date, every other candidate filed same day
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