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Consultant Developer. Specialist in user interfaces and interaction. Director @ Digitalgravy Ltd.

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Fun fact: #Ireland has an Equality Minister. Funner fact: It's this person: https://t.co/VCzl1xB40N
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Fontstand makes doing ‘the right thing’ easy, instead of pirating fonts. Sustainable business model for makers. http://t.co/nlSbUBnmiM
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Current status: RegExp'ing email addresses: http://t.co/8fVR07wOZW
'A Waste-less Journey' is an informational One Pager bringing awareness to food waste http://t.co/USStTJH5BP http://t.co/8aYwbgUUpV
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreProject by @ZazzleMedia, featured on One Page Love, that I had a hand in building :) https://t.co/su80vvSOf9@Joffff hahaha! That'd be pretty incredible for a 1.4 second exposure :P@Joffff now there's an idea! Kinda like http://t.co/k8MsBcdbDV ?@Joffff amazing :) Would love to be immortalised in film for my code!Really enjoying this site at the moment: http://t.co/IZu11Cx4R1 Source code in movies and TVs! :D@liz_e more terrifying when you ask actually how many guns does each person have? I seriously doubt that there's one gun to a person :-/
Pleurisy hurts like a bitch :( :(
UK government quietly rewrites hacking laws to give GCHQ immunity http://t.co/cbMUg9IS5p (cmts http://t.co/wSYLLXFY4L)
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreAmazing Source Code Related Easter Egg in Ex Machina http://t.co/cLbdOqlgm0 (cmts http://t.co/cbWRk7aujw)
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Holy feminism, check this out. SNL Black Widow trailer https://t.co/IV64Bk0xWo 10 days later Supergirl reveal — https://t.co/qxYpJcUQuA
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This could be bigger than Ed Balls day: https://t.co/zvS8fANnmR
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore@stuartaelmore @seanuk Haha! OK, well my wife and I are very much looking forward to our stay at the Bloomsbury... :P@seanuk @stuartaelmore yeah the other one's a radio presenter oop norf!Beginning to really wish @stuartaelmore would stop using my email address...@Sips_ I was hoping you were going to drive to Scotland again in Euro Truck Sim /kappaWhat David Cameron said actually seems perfectly reasonable if you're a comic book supervillain. http://t.co/EHWIDq7k5F
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreWow, that is a lot of chocolate blocks! Also like the Minecraft goodie bags that you could sell: https://t.co/lmbYP8aMKI
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@version7 @mike_armstrong actually, would it work with a SS Cert?@version7 @mike_armstrong true, but that assumes you've got ssl set up and working correctly on your site :(Just for a moment I got really excited... http://t.co/KZd42NKmWb@DavidDarnes @rmlewisuk @hover nice! :) I got a few generics and a specific one to me> Unsubscribe from LinkedIn > Delete email account > Sell house, live in woods > Find bottle in river > Has note inside > It's from LinkedIn
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore@mike_armstrong pretty much guarantee that! They often try and inject ads. Recommend getting a VPN I use http://t.co/bXD2yjKJ9c - v good!@DavidDarnes @rmlewisuk @hover thanks guys! I just bought 5! :)@goddardlewis I've actually really enjoyed talking with you :) so tell me, how are you involved with the project?
@whoatemycrayons no that was my other account :p@whoatemycrayons sorry! ;)@goddardlewis oh ok I thought you were suggesting a nag prompt.@goddardlewis I agree. However, having a bugging system for an optional payment does feel a little like extortion...@goddardlewis Hmm. Gotta say, that'd put me off :( Nice idea though.@goddardlewis So what would happen if I paid money after the prompt and then installed it again for a friend?@goddardlewis So *that* would be a donation? Personally I'd welcome that, although what if I'd 'donated' once and installed twice?@goddardlewis Don't you think that's the better place for it? After? As in once you've actually reviewed the product? Like demo->purchase ?@goddardlewis not to 'tip' for the software. Also one other point - do you know how many users tried then bought? How many were unique?@goddardlewis for it if there was a charge. What I disagree with is writing guilt-trip blog posts because 'customers' legitimately decided@goddardlewis Look, don't get me wrong: it's a pretty thing that's clearly been influenced by other designs. I'd have no problem with paying@goddardlewis so, it's like a tip then, right? I think the issue here is I'm British in the UK :-p@goddardlewis .. donations then don't complain when you don't receive much recompense.@goddardlewis Sorry, 140 characters != good wording :-/ I have no issues with charging for OSS - I welcome it. But if you want to ask for..@goddardlewis The closest you can relate it to is tipping. That's a donation for 'good work'. PWYW @ $0 is optional donation, not a charge.@goddardlewis it's not charging if there's an option to pay nothing - that makes it an 'optional donation'.@goddardlewis Either charge or don't. OSS is based around community, collaboration and support - not charging for everyone's work.@goddardlewis Hmm. To many people it sounded like a complaint. Like I said; charge or don't moan about not getting donations.@goddardlewis Then if they feel they deserve money then charge for it. If not then don't moan when no-one 'donates'.@goddardlewis this: http://t.co/EHMXA4EiI2@goddardlewis Side note: Redhat has completely re-written software and features, rather than just re-skinned.@goddardlewis http://t.co/hASjptLGWk if they feel like they deserve payment (ala Redhat) then they should charge, if not then don't complain@goddardlewis and right there is why I have issues with it. They've built their entire business model on charging for other people's work.@goddardlewis What, they re-wrote the rest of Ubuntu? Or do you mean that it was built from scratch by Canonical?@goddardlewis I appreciate the sentiment of making a decent player, but surely you can see why myself and others consider it's just a skin?@goddardlewis I'd say less so for Nuvola/Banshee/Rhythmbox, but I would agree with Clementine. You've gotta admit you can see similarities?@goddardlewis iTunes vs Elementary Music app http://t.co/eKZcqDtv9J@goddardlewis iPhoto vs Elementary Photos app http://t.co/BsdwF11aBm@goddardlewis Absolutely. However, Elementary *blatantly* copying the UI from Mac OSX isn't 'being influenced'...@goddardlewis @elementary well, I think 'plenty' might be an overestimate, or they wouldn't have been writing a post about charging for it.@emb1k @elementary If anyone was to say that KDE's UI wasn't influenced by Windows Vista, then they are clearly lying.good article on why @aral is choosing to move Ind.ie out of the uk after the #Tory election win https://t.co/L54lEuT8lN via @LindsayMakes
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreLooks like @elementary are having issues trying to convince people to pay money for their OSX skin for Ubuntu. Maybe re-think the model?
I, for one, welcome our Google overlords. https://t.co/ZiDYT8FUJ7Lol. Darth Vader with Child Anakin's voice http://t.co/MhpvUd7gIb
Retweeted by Stuart Elmorelol wtf? Nigel Farage will STAY as #UKIP leader after resignation rejected. http://t.co/uZh1qxLIZ9John Whittingdale, new Culture Secretary YYYYYAAAAAAAAYYYYYY: http://t.co/S8hS2Kl4Yp
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An addendum - sometimes being wrong can be unexpectedly sweet. #bbcqt #GE2015 @campbellclaret @paddyashdown http://t.co/9CWgZKfwjK
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git reflog saved my bacon. Stupid rebase. http://t.co/x0waEmlbQwWell I’m going to be £100 a month better off, so that’ll be going straight to charity and good causes.
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore@liz_e @Joffff Sadly I fear you're both correct.It’s insane how a party with just 184,000 votes wins the same number of seats as a party with 2,200,000 votes #GE2015 http://t.co/P3nfu28JzB
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreI've woken up this morning saddened and embarrassed to call myself British.Nearly five million people voted Green or UKIP. They will have two or three seats combined. Shocking. Please join @electoralreform
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreWe've got to really start fighting for our NHS, fighting for welfare, fighting for FAIRNESS. Because we damn sure aren't gonna get it easily
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreRemember when we laughed at Americans for voting in Bush for a second term. Seems less funny now. Turns out we're morons too #GE2015
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreWell there we have it, say goodbye to the NHS, goodbye to the EU and goodbye to the UK. :\
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The news is boring now, I'm going to watch this on a loop instead, always makes me laugh https://t.co/tebyin1EM1
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreSunderland: more people voted for #ukip than #conservative! Holy balls!This us like the exit poll equivalent of the Red Wedding #ExitPolls #GE15
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreThe #ExitPolls can not be right, or I am living in a country that does not care about the poor, the ill and the needy; just about themselves
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreI REALLY hope that exit poll is dead wrong. I really don't want to be leaving the UK tomorrow afternoon.Microsoft I love you http://t.co/BpkAhwABgI @KTHopkins http://t.co/AJApAyjejV
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreHere's petition demanding Sun remove Hopkins https://t.co/J3u8uUUeyv I don't sign that kind of thing lightly.What she wrote was intolerable.
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreSIGN! A repulsive woman who is mindlessly abusing her influence. Remove Katie Hopkins as a Sun Columnist https://t.co/TquKyaVFxN via @Change
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreKatie Hopkins has reiterated she WILL leave the country if Ed wins, just in case anyone needs a last minute incentive to vote Labour.
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreHoly pants! Finally replaced my USELESS BT HomeHub 5 with a Billion 8800NL and my VDSL connection is incredible.@whoatemycrayons @DPiPboro psh no pleasing some people :PThanks to everyone for coming to listen to me ramble last night at @DPiPboro! Love to know your thoughts! :D#IVoted http://t.co/cCDNSf9w9I
@whoatemycrayons lolz :P@kersley @liz_e Hooooraaayy! :D So glad he's ok!@kersley lol?! RIP GitHub. Any - I don't mind!@kersley Sure - you know where I am! Come find me on Skype?@kersley hahaha yes! And I love the fact that when I quit Sublime 3 without saving a file it's still there when I reboot tomorrow!@kersley yeah that's a good plan! Clean files = clean mind :P@kersley NB: that uses a plugin called require-dir in the gulpfile: require('require-dir')('./gulp'); https://t.co/AMukZHe4Hs@kersley :D You can start splitting your file out into multiple files if it gets too complex, I've done this before: https://t.co/xUPKso0SSBWow. Good job #UKIP. Another day, another suspension. This time after a death threat! http://t.co/DS6ZBay4uT@kersley hahaha :D You're welcome! This might help? https://t.co/zv5NICGUAj@kersley ahhhh yes. Then you might want to try run-sequence: https://t.co/NhYVO2FNRI / http://t.co/iVuqNkdNlA
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