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Creative Director, Writer, Maker, Professor of Advertising, Advisor to Brands, Ad Agencies and The Next Generation. Boston University, Mullen and Beyond.

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Ad agency men's room goes viral. Lessons: crowd source suggestions, do a/b testing, try multiple tactics, hire peo… http://t.co/c7jaTQQWUy
@edubble_u Fat chance. On a relevant note, from a few years ago. http://t.co/pLNNDxSjrH
. @mrichtel meet @leoncrawl Leon wrote the texting piece I sent you re your texting piece.. @tim_leake Yes. It is an unchangeable behavior. Sent you DM. Hoping to talk soon. Next week?@mrichtel also, just saw your site and book. Will check it out..@mrichtel If you cover this you should know about these studies and why this habitual behavior can not be changed. http://t.co/jqUSmceZfO"You don't need six months to do shit anymore." Great quote from @megansworld in interview with me today. Post @ fast and good coming soon.Creative people can't help themselves, they have to create - http://t.co/fyFbk120xg Somehow Matthew Weiner got it right.Creative people can’t help themselves, they have to create http://t.co/PS46K05l2o
.@Randi_Fuchs Nice quote in the @bostonglobe today. Congratulations. Sorry I missed you. http://t.co/PRAgBGJL11According to Martin Ford within 10 years 90 percent of all news articles will be written by a computer. http://t.co/Oe0bkLcr4l
The ultimate selfie. Better than the stick. http://t.co/6KI2tpidSY@ionaholloway not sure."The true problem is racism - not Dr. Grundy calling it out." http://t.co/OzPhRBLO5i @ShaunKing on harassment of @saigrundy #IStandWithSaida
Retweeted by edwardboches@lexikon1 @AJStream what a great idea.
LIVE on #Periscope https://t.co/m7qjJBZJblHey students. We are ready. http://t.co/QiW0QcgeMKStunt dogs. If you need one for your next shoot. http://t.co/aVuoD2lFUiLucille is in mourning. http://t.co/DjqgH6VUBy
@andjelicaaa Good piece and perspective.The New York Times' Facebook Deal May Prove to Be 'Growth Hacking' at Its Best http://t.co/yyJV412Q7n Smart piece by @andjelicaaaYou can make work that IS digital. Or you can make work that GETS digital. But it better be one of the two."Content that matters at Internet speed." Great handle. @SleekMachineAdsHey @ericmontague Love what you guys are doing at @SleekMachineAds. #changetherulesExcited to see ex colleagues and their new agency changing the rules. Thanks for interview this am, @TimothyCawley and @SleekMachineAdsShoutout to @mancevic and @thefantastical for great new @getolympus work. Love what new Boston agencies are doing. http://t.co/zfU6h1vlSqWe've officially found a permanent home at One State Street. Psyched! http://t.co/6qpqAt4GWG
Retweeted by edwardbochesThursday Odds and Ends. Good work from @thefantastical. Like the mini doc. http://t.co/clqJA4233dThe merger is working already. Or, Mullen is just damn good. Congrats to Bruce Gold and all the rest of the team. … http://t.co/OultqY1nfv@Bucky_Todd won't be there. Good luck.You do not want DSL Arm. It is a horrible affliction despite people's sympathies. Fun Olympus campaign stuff from … http://t.co/FoapRY2Lrg
@IvyZied Hey. Great job on the Jeb Bush question. Kudos.We're using #EndangeredEmoji to save real animals from extinction. Please retweet to sign up and help. http://t.co/hX1p1GEDZ9
Retweeted by edwardbochesPretty soon you will never have to leave Facebook for anything. Except to go to Amazon. http://t.co/V8ShU7hm7LMore Change to the Digital Media Landscape. Facebook Begins Publishing of NYT Articles. http://t.co/hKY346Aw7a http://t.co/GUTp0ywU0JAmtrak train derails in Philadelphia. Five dead. More injured. Story in photos and captions. http://t.co/9BzRLnBopBIn many new offices, stairways have more than a walk-on role; they promote collaboration http://t.co/5qeL5y2b2e http://t.co/XCF1J5jaQq
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The human earlobe is an erogenous zone because of its nerve endings. Otherwise the organ has no use in a human body.
Retweeted by edwardbochesThe New York Times-Facebook Deal Is Here - NYMag http://t.co/JgrCAWCfpU via @nuzzel thanks @andjelicaaa
Retweeted by edwardbochesLast Call Ad Creatives: The final deadline for our 2015 Ad Competition is midnight May 15. http://t.co/IjLSXQLoSm http://t.co/LJ3nX6Tt91
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@Hospitality_Gal @socialmedia2day Very true in that case. Especially the no asshole one. I adhere to that. Makes life more enjoyable.Florida Man. Great story. “Los Angeles is where you go when you want to be somebody. New York is where you go when… http://t.co/WXyCsw7fKsGuess you can beat the crap out of your girlfriend or your kids. But you can't deflate a football. http://t.co/s0iRYDuxkuDoes artificial intelligence pose a threat? http://t.co/4WTWo3TDs8 via @WSJ @tedgreenwald @banavar
Retweeted by edwardboches@Hospitality_Gal @socialmedia2day Thank you.@oleg The economic laws of supply and demand. And taxes.Glad there are jobs. But disappointed that petroleum engineers get almost $130k to start and teachers get $30. http://t.co/YUA71xjAOT
@saigrundy Hi. White male, BU prof in support of your comments. But odd that your tweets are protected. Is that since this little Fox story.@bristei If anyone can save them in it is AL+team. IPG tried to push Lowe on Mullen for years. But Mullen name in front says something.
Funny. Years ago Mullen was acquired by Lowe. Now it comes full circle.Huge news for my ex partners and friends at @mullenunbound. Mullen Merges With Lowe Adams Mullen Lowe Group. http://t.co/htBj2lQocXAnd @dannijeanm I believe we need to lift a glass as well.@kristinarayya11 @eleanorrask So am I.My awesome 4X'ers. First students to take all four of my creative classes. @eleanorrask and @KristinaSaliba http://t.co/bdC2ZtOxAm
@cc_chapman @AQBlogGrill My first time too maybe you should do a guest video appearance sometime too.Just wrapped up a great episode of AQ with @edwardboches! Thank you Edward for joining us! http://t.co/C46lcpFIl0
Retweeted by edwardbochesDay 1 of shooting the new season of @AQBlogGrill! Starting early this morning with @edwardboches! #GrillingTime http://t.co/UVZtK4saXU
Retweeted by edwardbochesEver wonder how people talk about you when you're the boss? Or the quarterback? Or at least Brady? Check the text … http://t.co/qbF1aj5mK3
“Nobody knows what a good livestream is and what this medium is going to be. It’s important to give people a chanc… http://t.co/LluNMNHj1bMeerkat Launches Developer Platform To Differentiate From Periscope http://t.co/XPTBo2HYRb via @techcrunchDead boy kills CMO. http://t.co/uI4KBuWpW7Filming four episodes of @AQBlogGrill on Thursday. Great guests including Ann Handley @MarketingProfs , @edwardboches , @BruceBendinger
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@ionaholloway sweet.@DotDraper also @GlimmerGuy 's A more beautiful question.@DotDraper @faris 's new book. Paid Attention.From the epilogue of @faris new book Paid Attention. Great advice for everyone. http://t.co/zoSqRpzGBI
Great interview with Diane von Furstenberg: The Key to Success Is Trusting Yourself. Good read for recent grads. http://t.co/VOYOuPTd3v
This is brilliant. But how is that the Martin Agency does so many Boston based ideas? For years the Kennedy Librar… http://t.co/QI9GSVTqff
“Girl, Send Me a Frext” by @alanalevinson https://t.co/wciamBSytK Another new mobile behavior.
Smoker's black lungs turned into ink into art into ads. http://t.co/c2ApInRSfFThank you to all my amazingly talented and curious @comugrad students for an incredible semester. Sad that it's over.@stavziv good combination. Thanks.@comugrad Goid little case study here for ad students. http://t.co/j50ryC7dGO@stavziv Also good job weaving 3 opinions into a coherent story and offering different angles and arguments. Where did you go to J school?. @stavziv @Newsweek Good piece on Bud Light fiasco. http://t.co/HhoVTBjrrY. Cc @3PercentConf @katgordonMy take on Bud Light picked up by Newsweek. Good piece and the reporter actually got my comments correct. http://t.co/j50ryC7dGO“This isn’t like a tweet that went bad; this is copy on the bottle.” Advertising profs on #BudLight. http://t.co/GjvqnuF7B6 @Newsweek
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It is astonishing to think that anyone in advertising or marketing could be so tuned out and oblivious to cultural… http://t.co/OAZzca0spW
@ionaholloway needs a better headlineThe present meets the future at @comugrad Creative Cafe. @hillholliday's Mary Rich and @eirinnspekter http://t.co/EKgiIdxeQSImpressed CD @gocourage (Jonathan Plazonja) and impressive student @KristinaSaliba http://t.co/vLQ9hu3KmYThank you @mancevic for your support of @comugrad and Creative Cafe. Mwaa. http://t.co/oh5DBiThA7
@janicekrecruits @comugrad @meashy_c @TammySkuraton The event will be scheduled to fit your availability. Will check calendars in September.
@KenyanKeralite Samsung is a successful brand in U.S. But no Chinese brands yet.@KenyanKeralite be along time before they figure out U.S. Market and therefore cultural relevance. Need product and brand still.Have two confirms for first @comugrad panel: How to launch a creative career w @meashy_c, @TammySkuraton and hoping @janicekrecruits.Michele Corcoran @meashy_c killed it at my Portfolio class this week. Thank you and all the folks at @hillholliday who support the studentsApple Won’t Always Rule. Just Look at IBM. (But it was Apple that took down IBM; Q is who will take down Apple?) http://t.co/8Fpk3uzywhWho even remembers Brian Williams? Who even cares?
Black Mass trailer is so good it's getting rave reviews. Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger. http://t.co/jbs7m6y6uR@maddiefrancois @comugrad Of course January is a long time off. Hope the buzz lasts that long.. @maddiefrancois @comugrad Like this. Hope it's as good as the poster.Where do the most millionaires live in Mass.? Another example of scraping data to tell stories. http://t.co/96BPAvjZVR via @BostonGlobe
@ionaholloway between 11 and 1. Or at 2. Or at 3:30.Wow. Loving the cobbles. http://t.co/IKAprXQJ8z Great post on Paris Roubaix by @skinnytires@MarthaHiefield Great post in AdWeek. So true. I have actually hired baristas myself.Digital talent is everywhere. Maybe even behind the cash register or the coffee bar. http://t.co/UiTuai0eBn@ionaholloway I feel like we didn't all get a proper goodbye. Come visit on Monday. And let's plan a lunch or drinks.Last official class with @edwardboches. Tear drops on my pillow ... but at least I'll actually get to sleep on Thursday nights #TopProf
Retweeted by edwardbochesConfutaining. Via Tom Monahan http://t.co/ZhG5LnTy9T
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