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We all have a role in ending slavery in our communities and worldwide. At End Slavery Now, we help you find yours.

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Catch up on #HumanTrafficking #News from this week: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV
Stories from @MSNvideo @HuffingtonPost @WSJ @MailOnline on #ForcedLabor #ISIS #SexSlavery #CottonCrimes http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVFashion that is #FairTrade and #Organic ? Sounds great to us! Check out @Indigenous: http://t.co/szQ9lXi5in http://t.co/xObchQfgVH@AndreaWaldrop7 that is so frustrating. What do you think could've helped them want to become more involved?What happened when you told someone about slavery still existing today? We want to know!The #FairFoodProgram Label is here! Watch this sneak peek of #FoodChainsFilm & RT to support the much needed label http://t.co/mAmLcUww9kToday's Headlines: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV Migrant Domestic Workers Face Beatings, Rape & Starvation Around The World. More on #ForcedLaborSlavery today takes many forms, learn about them: http://t.co/mLjSNyIJZZ http://t.co/9hnMeNQAVnDomestic labor and child labor abuses are flooding the headlines today: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV@AndreaWaldrop7 No problem!! Let us know if you need anymore help finding somewhere!@fabrilytweets info@endslaverynow.org !! Thanks so much.Need some beautifully crafted winter fashion items? @Indigenous has you covered, literally: http://t.co/szQ9lXi5in #FairTrade #FashionWe've featured some great #FairTrade companies. Here is a list, in case you forgot: http://t.co/SB7FbLJknn http://t.co/Q2s3syajuZ
Have you found an organization to volunteer with yet? Find one near you: http://t.co/BabDkmj7w4Human trafficking headlines:http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV #ForcedLabor #SexSlavery from @washingtonpost @ElaheIzadi @guardiannews @CBCNews @CNNAfro-Brazilian peasants have FINALLY obtained a type of reparation for slavery: http://t.co/dsEG63fF1AThe @CIW and @FoodChainsFilm are launching the #FairFoodProgram Label this Friday for #FoodDay help spread the word: http://t.co/TAl5dtzAYwWin $1,000 towards an anti-trafficking organization! Take a #SelflessSelfie and submit to @theendcrowd ! Do it: http://t.co/v9jjd1mQTmToday's Headlines: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV Labor trafficking in the U.S., did you know it was happening in your backyard?"Those communities, do they actually descend from runaway slaves?" Life for Brazil's quilombos http://t.co/dsEG63fF1A http://t.co/UbxJCD084dYou're going to be doing holiday shopping on Amazon anyways, shop Amazon Smile and they donate a percentage to ESN: http://t.co/eAMNTOe9sA
Children in Ghana are being trafficked into a life of hazardous forced labour SIGN to stop it: http://t.co/s0g9en7PwANever forget that JUSTICE is what LOVE looks like in public. http://t.co/WkiDFX07CdThe strongest often aren't those who show strength we can see, but those who've won incredible inner battles we know nothing about- @sevenly
Retweeted by End Slavery NowDon't know much about domestic servitude? Learn about it HERE: http://t.co/y0aBQyh3F0 http://t.co/Llhi8b43EyLive in India? Ensure that domestic workers near you are NOT victims of #HumanTrafficking : http://t.co/9KUltGkQQB @WalkFreeHeadlines: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV Forced Labor victims don't know where to seek help. More stories on #SexTrafficking #HumanRightsRT Big interest in story about girl freed from slavery in Mauritania only to be charged with a sex crime. http://t.co/ItQTnOxfQq @CNNFreedomSex workers speak out on how they think prostitution should be policed: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV What do you think?Take your #selflessselfie for a chance to win $1,000 for an anti-trafficking organization on… http://t.co/jXpau3QtxYDid you give @IJM a follow yet? Help them raise funds to fight human trafficking.
Escaping slavery is a crime in Mauritania. Nobel peace prize winners. Communities forced to pick cotton: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV #NewsAt @childrenatrisk Human Trafficking Summit @SharedHope sharing comments from abusers #stoptexastrafficking http://t.co/157bCj0MQZ
Retweeted by End Slavery NowWhile ISIS is enslaving women, YOU can fight back. Make sure this issue is taken to the Iraqi courts SIGN: http://t.co/hEjX1mJNqP @WalkFreeFormer CEO of @ProcterGamble writes on BIG business role in ending #HumanTrafficking: http://t.co/IxbnDvTpB9 #pginnovateHuge shout out to @Delta for their anti-human trafficking conference today. Even more so for training employees to spot trafficking!Headlines: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV ISIS defending their enslavement of Yazidi women. More stories on #NobelPeacePrize #CottonCrimes #PolicySumita was rescued from sex slavery at 14 only to find she was pregnant. Her story of survival will inspire us all: http://t.co/otZ0NePF5dMost trafficking victims in the U.S. entered the country LEGALLY: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV #HumanTrafficking #NewsWe will still be here tomorrow, doing what we've always done. - @A21 Founder, Christine Caine http://t.co/x7S2RqirC1
Follow @IJM !! For every one follower they get $1 toward ending human trafficking.Headlines: http://t.co/xjn9B3jjWt Stories on #ChildLabor #HumanRights #ISIS #RescueDon't forget about #BringBackOurGirls SIGN this: http://t.co/oqbuRzA7jP to keep pressure on the Nigerian President. @WalkFreeHow many of these #ModernSlavery facts: http://t.co/qm1dGQGQy9 did you not know? http://t.co/I1qGHKUoVlChild labor is a huge global problem, here's how to eliminate it: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV11 Facts about #ModernSlavery that you might not have known: http://t.co/qm1dGQGQy9 http://t.co/3k3xIwTKV2Why India? Why the sex trade? Why a magazine? CLICK: http://t.co/juxz2XuLto You have a chance to help: http://t.co/6wehY0WgqY
This is your chance to help give freedom to the enslaved. Take it: http://t.co/6wehY0WgqY
How did a CEO of a major corporation become a modern day abolitionist? Read his story, we can ALL play at part: http://t.co/IxbnDvTpB9Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. http://t.co/FyUMpbO35c
Did you know we have a library of movies/films on #ModernDaySlavery ? These are great tools for educating others: http://t.co/KHn1IsnhH6When you buy this beautiful magazine, 100% of the proceeds go to giving a new life to sex workers in India: http://t.co/6wehY0WgqY@compassion we would love to do a feature on your work for our site! Please contact us at info@endslaverynow.orgToday is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. One of the best ways to end poverty? Buy #FairTrade and ensure fair wages.Headlines: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV Deaf woman kept as domestic slave to receive compensation, plus #ChildLabor, #SexTraffickingYou have a chance to give women in the sex trade a way out. Will you take it? http://t.co/6wehY0WgqY http://t.co/2OrDSANfR9New report on the WORST forms of #ChildLabor plus #SexTrafficking #DomesticSlave http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV@freedomforother No problem. Thanks for sharing!!DID YOU KNOW there are 5 forms of #HumanTrafficking? Learn what they are from @EndSlaveryNow http://t.co/4MbchlWk7H
Retweeted by End Slavery Now@WorldVision we would love to do a feature of the great work you're doing! Could you please contact us at info@endslaverynow.org ?Want to eradicate poverty? Ensure those people making your products are paid a living wage: http://t.co/0wKLEVWyX1 http://t.co/exTFl5iT4KLooking for a JOB in the #HumanTrafficking field? @IJM has an opening in Texas: http://t.co/v9em4X4zZp
Quoted today: @ILO, @IndiaToday, @IBTimes and @BBCNews Headlines: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVWhat businesses can do TODAY to eradicate slavery: http://t.co/IxbnDvTpB9 New post from @jepepjr, former CEO of P&G http://t.co/AOvcx6qRqmS/O to some great orgs focusing on food security worldwide: @feedthechildren @FeedtheFuture @WFP @oxfamgb @ifpri #EndHunger #WorldFoodDayHappy #WorldFoodDay. Food insecurity can make men, women and kids vulnerable to trafficking around the world. Let's end it.VIDEO of kidnapped bride forced into marriage: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV #ForcedMarriage Men would rather kidnap bride than ask and be refused.Sex trade in India worth 343 BILLION, plus #ForcedMarriage #ChildLabor #SexTrafficking headlines: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVWhat is the responsibility of business to ensure people are free: http://t.co/IxbnDvTpB9
Daily Headlines: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV , featuring #childmarriage, #NobelPrize winner and #sextraffickingOctober is #FairTrade month! Though it does far more, anything marked "Fair Trade USA" certifies that the product is produced slave-free.“Hope, it is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective, a lot of hope is dangerous.”- Suzanne CollinsIf you found out your kids were tricked into slavery, how far would you go to get them back? http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV
Together, let's build a world free of slavery: http://t.co/bimR4l8QY4 @Freedom_Fund http://t.co/XDHLTuXyXsThere are large groups of people fighting to end slavery, see what abolition looks like today: http://t.co/Vi99gSFnfx http://t.co/VxUsvtGTeeTheir unique strategy to ending slavery gained global attention, find out why: http://t.co/rr7dUtUDUw @Freedom_Fund http://t.co/y48lgOmQNsWouldn't you want to know if the companies you were buying from had SLAVE LABOR in their supply chains: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVAsk your favorite brands to address forced labor in their supply chains. @madeinafreewrld makes it easy: http://t.co/aBkGcJgNf9
“Come friends, it's not too late to seek a newer world.” -Alfred Tennyson Join us as we seek a world free of slavery: http://t.co/9CEC62PTeeMore people are trafficked for FORCED LABOR than for SEX says new report: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVHe was a professor of electrical engineering and is now a champion of children’s rights: http://t.co/9lUurrD03L http://t.co/NdTbrRRkPDShamere was a college student trying to pay tuition when she fell into the hands of a trafficker: http://t.co/09mecRQcIX
Tell someone this week that #Slavery still exists today, awareness is key: http://t.co/ZLKvlk4HcGEvery weekday we post the top global headlines about #ModernDaySlavery and #HumanTrafficking to keep you informed:http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV
Congrats to @Malala @MalalaFund on the #NobelPeacePrice Thank you for the incredible work you've done and will continue to do! #IDG2014Did you know more than half of force labor victims worldwide are women and girls? #DayoftheGirl #IDG2014 http://t.co/1gDHouI6k4
Alleviating poverty one entrepreneur at a time with #HandmadeJewelry from @Bajalia http://t.co/bDHLKIFzzO http://t.co/3jWwTNNtzw“What people have the capacity to choose, they have the ability to change.” -Madeleine Albright What will you choose to do differently?@Mrmurraytweets That is great! What was the average number? What were the reactions from students?There ARE big businesses that have transparent supply chains SUPPORT THEM: http://t.co/mNDk0ATVDI@EndSlaveryNow Students at Walter Johnson High School found out how many slaves work for them today in AP World.
Retweeted by End Slavery NowThe TRUTH about Norway's 12-year-old child bride: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqV http://t.co/odOlMDIqpuSlaves are working for you right now. Find out how many: http://t.co/CwYWGpCrp3 @madeinafreewrld
We believe that buying fair trade PREVENTS #HumanTrafficking and that is something we can all do: http://t.co/EII4AoupwcWe want everyone to find their role in ending slavery. Share our page, together we can end this atrocity: http://t.co/ophzXr7pE7Consumerism drives slavery. We want cheap goods, so businesses get free labor to cut costs. We must shop differently: http://t.co/0wKLEVWyX1Some think international surrogacy is the new frontline for #HumanTrafficking: http://t.co/ws8ARfxQqVWant to help end slavery once and for all? Find an organization near you and volunteer: http://t.co/FSss8MbcyH
Have you seen 12 Years a Slave? Well Vannak had almost an identical experience with slavery in 2006, READ his story: http://t.co/Pp9M7QdbwN“Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” -Stephen King
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