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Sometimes known as Anne or Ingrid. Not sure why. Twitter Commissioner. Surprisingly good in the clutch. Director of #ffthefilm, available on iTunes and Amazon.

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@erinscafe @AllegiantTravel we have tried diligently to get ^JR to reply to a reasonable query regarding hold times.
Retweeted by Scafe for CEOYOU GUYS. @eigenseide made me dairy-free funeral potatoes. This month of funerals has a soy-based silver lining. http://t.co/8RTeu7ZinU
To JR, the one employee running the @AllegiantTravel account: are you okay. Do you need help. Fav if you are being held against your will.@Chicago_Todd thank you :)Is @AllegiantTravel a parody account? Is this real life. http://t.co/NTjd4kx9ao@G_Pop2013 @nbc I'll do itHas anyone ever actually met @AllegiantTravel? https://t.co/tnlAFfdxEO@AllegiantTravel JR, are you still there?I guess @AllegiantTravel is the honey badger of airlines. https://t.co/43Hhzxkjs7Pretty sure I know where this is headed. https://t.co/t9T7vuhtc1@cmdrsue omg@AllegiantTravel yes, we didn't really get notice about the death#AskELJames Did you know that Vancouver, WA is not the same as Vancouver, BC, nor is it the site of WSU's agriculture program.Can't believe I missed #AskELJames while I was dealing with all this bullshit.#AskELJames are you aware that eyebrows can't actually do this http://t.co/5Fc6PI67ug
Retweeted by Scafe for CEOThis tiny print says to address customer service issues to Allegiant IN AN ACTUAL LETTER TO A PO BOX IN NEVADA. http://t.co/tVKzGoSjZm@sward92151 thanks :)@KWatkinsPC thank you. I'm ready for 2016.@cmdrsue a beer. :) We're good. Just have to get through this week I think.@AllegiantTravel we had a death in the family and waited an hour on hold to change my husband's ticket - they said they couldn't do anything@chickwithapen thank you@peppermintesse thank you- is 2015 over yet?Btw, that's 4 deaths in the family in the last month, and @AllegiantTravel won't change the flight. We won't be needing your travel club.I mean, Adam's aunt died and he wants to change his flight so sure, now is a great time to sell us your Travel Advantage @AllegiantTravel.Got through to @AllegiantTravel after an hour and 15 minutes. The woman was rude and wanted us to pay to sign up for a mileage club.Yes. There was no service. https://t.co/aGxUva4qOz@IamErikRussel @AllegiantTravel WUTI have been on hold with @AllegiantTravel for over an hour now. If anyone at Allegiant is reading these tweets, send help.@sdpowell1 umI mean, it took an hour to even find a customer service number for @AllegiantTravel so I don't know why I thought it would be staffed.@edcasey DED@erinscafe @AllegiantTravel Maybe if you printed out a phone and called them on that instead I don't know how things work I'm so sorry.
Retweeted by Scafe for CEOI've been on hold with @AllegiantTravel for 45 minutes now. I guess it would be faster to just drive to the airport? http://t.co/PBRi5sitaM
SAFETY. Oh football, I've missed you. #goArgos
But seriously who made this and can we give them a medal. It's made me laugh all. day. long. http://t.co/NVjxRS8gj4It's just been a really great day. Good work you guys. http://t.co/X1WFfHFAuEremember when SCOTUS ruled that the constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage that was pretty great tbh
Retweeted by Scafe for CEOMy marriage was v v holy before so this is a big adjustment for us, but we are surviving. https://t.co/5kRl4CykFCWe didn't lose, you guys.Remember in 2008 when we were all so pissed off about Prop 8 and everyone was like careful, don't push it, we'll lose this fight.History is made, and recorded by The New York Times on tomorrow's front page: http://t.co/NDwryGOTnv
Retweeted by Scafe for CEO@Dodgers can you guys get a rainbow LA avi? It's a festive night, and Glenn Burke deserves a shoutout from his team.Yesssss https://t.co/TRzIiDql0M@TotsAndBeer OMG he would make bankYou guys, I want this feeling to never go away. https://t.co/rMgrzfISddAustin police chief Acevedo to crowd celebrating #ssm on blocked off 4th Street: "This street is yours all night." http://t.co/Kh6UGdMYhE
Retweeted by Scafe for CEOTexts with mom, part I http://t.co/90lBPyfUSU
Retweeted by Scafe for CEO"Erin can you fix it?" "Puig? No, kiddo. Puig isn't something you can fix." http://t.co/a7JQO8smw7One time I took him on a road trip and he threw up on my head and we both had a great time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ https://t.co/PfR7r2qWoiOh dear god. LEGO discontinued Jabba's Palace? I'm going to have to get another job to pay for this shit.That's the other half of the year. There is no middle ground. https://t.co/aUKJAJQgANThis one's my brother. I hope he gets rich. https://t.co/cO5X2ChtSm@JVSylvester 75 and sunny or gtfo@complexin carryon onlyAdam: You don't really have a summer break. It's just summer. You didn't really have school. Kid: I HAD A GRADUATION FROM MY SCHOOL ADAM.@IamErikRussel he's hilariousThe kid might be spoiled, but he knows his audience."Erin I just want you to know that I still don't have LEGO Jabba's Palace and I need it because-" "It goes over the rancor pit. I got you."The kid got glasses and it's killing me. http://t.co/4GMoQ64qNH@IamErikRussel thanks friend!@IamErikRussel maybe Thursday, not sure yetIt's going to be 109 degrees on Sunday. It's like being back in Saudi, except I can drive. Lol let's be real I'm not going outside.@KK0618 @missambear OH MY GOD I AM SO TURNT UP RNOK NOW IT’S REALLY LIT http://t.co/jApHMGbElB
Retweeted by Scafe for CEO@TopGeekNJ thank you@LornestoToledo yessss@1stsentence if not, we're all deadThat plane was a death trap held together by duct tape and prayers."We don't do airplane mode at Allegiant." God help us all.It's called home. Eastern WA https://t.co/cdVvy6BdO5@ErinJMeier thank you@vmcny the realest.Oh cool. Looks like this trip should be fun. http://t.co/FIMRnhwuXwI kind of miss that car. I taped the roof lining back up with Jesus tape. http://t.co/MxazIlUikQThis plane smells like the Geo Prism I used to drive in college. That car broke a lot.@edcasey dammit Ed@cpfuchs I hope it's real. I'm on a plane."It's a $5 fee to print the boarding pass-" "I AM GOING HOME BECAUSE OF 3 DEATHS IN THE FAMILY JUST GIVE ME A GOD-" "Here you go." "Thx."@rowast eastern WAIf you saw a sweaty woman sprinting through LAX, don't worry. She got a fucking boarding pass on fucking paper like a fucking philistine.So it turns out Allegiant Air won't scan a screenshot of your boarding pass barcode.@JonathanLKrohn @Mobute no@Phylan @jnmcrms I volunteer to join the gaystapoWait. I don't really follow soccer but is this how they say good game or http://t.co/BcYTAzWPHu@jnmcrms dying rnBut srsly I just choked on my diet coke because gaystapo send help.Ah, my annual Facebook visit. NEVER. DISAPPOINTS. #gaystapo http://t.co/VkpqASG1FW☒ Affordable Care Act ☒ Normalized relations with Cuba ☒ Gay marriage legalized ☐ Daylight Saving Time repealed Step it up, Obama.
Retweeted by Scafe for CEOAnd trust me. You're gonna want someone in 2016 who changed their mind on marriage equality. The alternative isn't pretty.I'd always rather have a politician who admits to being persuaded by an argument rather than one who stands by his/her mistaken beliefs.Make a joke, but don't spend too long ripping politicians who "changed their minds" about marriage. Today happened because of changed minds.@A_H_Goldstein @jesseberney no berney don't give in. NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS SKINNY FEELSDude you're supposed to be writing please focus. https://t.co/5qJGIBnqSPI love everything about Justice Kennedy's opinion except, of course, the double spaces after each period. Our struggle is not over.
Retweeted by Scafe for CEOOMG WeHo is gonna be drunj tonight. https://t.co/5qYVYV16CXHey america it's okay to just have a big gay party all day today. Fucking go for it. https://t.co/KFmy8CqqOC@panic13B so trueYou know it’s a big deal when @erinscafe posts to Facebook. #lovewins
Retweeted by Scafe for CEOAt a Dallas comic book store. #SCOTUS http://t.co/jAdx9DRWc6
Retweeted by Scafe for CEO#POTUS #SCOTUS #SCOTUSMarriage http://t.co/mlrYIDtOM2
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