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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Mac editor, NSFW and profane SJW. Married to @fletchen. I write for the users.

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This week I was a guest on the @technightowl podcast:
When u get that one extra crunchy chicarron You have been eaten by a Grue.@mims Most Americans are far away from the reach of NRA lobbyists.@PenguinTweet No, that was done with the tax free weekend two weeks ago.@derekakessler @Ricker666 Homoerotic Virtual Montage is my Europe cover band. #itsthefinalcountdown@lukei4655 It’s tricky because it’s “vintage” (obsolete) in Apple parlance. Any part you’re going to get is used or old service stock.@lukei4655 likewise.@lukei4655 I’d probably go eBay or Amazon, in case something goes wrong with the sale.@abazoe The phrase “barking up the wrong tree” comes to mind.@lymond It’s got the right beat.@abazoe we had that this morning too. I was finally like, “You realize nothing’s going to happen without the management, right?"CHINA CHINA CHINA“Do you buy used Macs?” “Yes but you’ll have to talk to the manager.” “How much will you give me?” #retaillife NEWS first spy shot of Apple car gorgeous beach day, which means fewer browsing customers in the store. #retaillifeLooking for a Bluetooth speaker that fits in the water bottle holder on your bike? Check this out! General Protection Fault
@Angry_Drunk Dollar General Protection Fault.@rstevens it’s all about ethics in lactose intolerance@dlpasco Regardless of what happens, you are the rocker, you are the roller, you are the out of controller.@afwaller @jcenters JESUS TRUMP sounds like the most obscene obscenity ever.I was very disappointed to go into Dollar General for the first time and discover that most things cost more than $1.@afwaller @jcenters is this the opposite of godwin’s lawWhen life’s got you down, consider that your son Piyush could have renamed himself Bobby and turned into an utter asshole.There goes my love rocket red. are you down?@jareddipane It does, but only to a certain degree. People are confused about iCloud vs. onboard storage.For anyone surprised by the rumor that the 16GB iPhone will still be with us: up the Batsignal — @jdalrymple’s daughter and her BF could use some help! @jcenters I do. Regularly.@dvsjr @iMore I hate people with senses of self entitlement.@dalaen the aged.I don't expect people to sympathize with the plight of the independent Apple reseller but... about as perfect a late summer Cape Cod day as you can get!@dsilverman @JohnLegere @jyarow I’m only willing to put up with it because T-Mo customer service is great and I *hate* AT&T.@dsilverman @JohnLegere @jyarow I’ve said the same for the past two years. In fairness, coverage has improved. Still w/T-Mo, tho.
Looking forward to this coming to the Mac! tho I do use the Kindle software.@ronindotca oh hell no@lschmeiser We have a statuette of the two of them in an embrace (with Penelope squirming away) in our bedroom.@lschmeiser Pepe and Penelope are TOTALLY Bonnie’s and my spirit animals.@DavidScarth @JohnLegere @Jawbone @JawboneUP3 @TMobile Thanks for clarifying.@DavidScarth @JohnLegere @Jawbone @JawboneUP3 @TMobile good luck!@timothywoods07 if you’re using virtualbox, expect it to be slow. VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop are faster but cost money.@timothywoods07 right. things change.@timothywoods07 there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.@timothywoods07 your pro goes slow doing what?@robspodcastmug I have dopplegangers@timothywoods07 Windows 10 is released, so it needs a product key to activate.@sflomenb ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ we’ll see.@robspodcastmug not I@BongBong You’ll have to be more specific.“Hey, Siri, give us a break."@alexeheath purple or gtfo“I have been an Apple fan for years but this is the last straw” @Jawbone @JawboneUP3 @TMobile apple watch or gtfo@kappalouie acceptable@ApplWatcher nothing is worse than that guy and I think sharia law requires it to be under anywaySocial media tends to reward overly snarky, dismissive, constant negativity. That doesn't mean you have to do it.
Retweeted by Peter Cohenif u put the toilet paper roll under not over u are worse than hitler and stalin combinedInstal Ghostery. Tell it to block everything. Watch it count the number of blocked trackers like a video game.’ve noticed that with a few exceptions, the smallest humans carry the biggest iPhones.@carlosolin @themagician @iMuggle I literally find it impossible to have a bad workout listening to them.“That week I tried to unplug from Slack” hope LG has better luck with the Rolly than WayTools has had with the TextBlade… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ymmvI love #AppleMusic but my heaviest rotation for workout music is @themagician’s Magic Tapes. (thanks, @iMuggle!)’s all about ethics in hashtags. JFC SF Business Times, get a clue. ZOMGZOMGZOMGZOMsqueeeeee*faints*@mikemchargue ZOMG@MikeTRose zip line or gtfo@sethclifford back when dinosaurs roamed the earthRemember the good old days before every fucking thing in the universe was crowdfunded?Fan of Bernie Sanders? Dress up your messages with Berniemoji. @gte "@donmelton uncut" sounds like the worst. porno. ever.
OmniFocus 2 for Mac gets scrolling and switching speed boost in latest improvement. problems with Twitter video auto play with this tip from @reneritchie. to save sales tax and buy fireworks? That’s why Massholes like me go there.@BongBong shut ur dirty hoor mouth poutine is everything right with the universe.Me, Myself, and I. I fear and loathe that which I do not understand.Lead poisoning from the plumbing is to the Roman Empire as pumpkin spice foods will be to ours.@PhilNobileJr @superpixels I’d buy THAT for a dollar.Using Instagram on your Mac? Photoflow gives you easy access. forward to The Bastard Executioner, but I’d watch a Mayans spinoff of Sons of Anarchy in a heartbeat. @reneritchie @BHPhotoVideo Get AppleCare!@matthew_maurice @reneritchie Unexceptional but fair for a new sale, if AppleCare eligible (cleaning out old stock).@reneritchie @matthew_maurice New or used?Wall Street with your retirement money this week Hell is other peopleNuzzled by a wiggly puppy on my afternoon constitutional, which seems auspicious on #NationalDogDay.The tree that blocks my path is not metaphorical. There are days I envy you.@emarley replace it with this videos on Facebook on your Mac driving you crazy? Learn how to shut them off. a very long time, the all-in-one Mac *was* the Mac. @ismh looks back on the all-in-one’s history.
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