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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Mostly NSFW and profane. Managing editor, http://t.co/gmrsJYTSLK. Freelance tech journo. Husband to @fletchen, dad to three kids.

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@DacoTyan Indeed. Pretty cool, huh?@kennyhemphill greeeat@avvalentine Respect to your esteemed competition, but you wuz robbed.Anyone having a runaway kernel_task problem with Mavericks?.@FoxNews Obamacare made my dad vape with a Dell computer operated by a female "doctor" http://t.co/ZomGKzVRWQ
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@dalaen I’m seeing games with Metal optimizations, but even those work on non-A7 hardware.@dalaen I doubt very much you’ll see any A8-only games for some time. Most game devs cast a much wider net.@dalaen There’s no compromise in performance between an iPad Air (1) and an iPad mini 2 or 3. They’re the same processor.@dalaen There’s no difference between iPad mini 2 or iPad mini 3 in terms of performance.One downside of call relay on iOS 8/Yosemite: There’s no way to retrieve voicemail messages from your phone on your Mac.@y_sotomayor no, man. Egg McMuffin is my Waterloo, tho.@dhaval_km @reneritchie @iMuggle @settern I can’t find the buttons sometimes, but that’s because I herp when I should derp.@CoreyTamas First album I ever bought was Freeze Frame (hey, shut up, “Manilow” and “Best of ABBA” were gifts.)@dhaval_km @reneritchie @iMuggle @settern The Apple leather case is the one I use. It’s nice, but it’s soft. Already scuffed and scratched.@anedwar McDs?@lbutlr Too poor for one, too sensible for the other.Haven’t used Apple Pay yet because a) I’m a shut in and b) Most of the places it works aren’t places I spend money in.@dfconsult Thanks for reading!@dfconsult ugh, sorry to hear that. Clean install time?On @iMore 427 @settern @flargh @imuggle @reneritchie help you choose your next iPad and Mac! https://t.co/B9SJQ1Dq9p https://t.co/11MBwfpNpE
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@fivedigits I’m sorry, I think you’re rather missing the point.@fivedigits I think I just answered that.“Why does Apple charge so much for RAM?” Because it can. Best hardware margins in the business for a reason.@edddeduck Cynically, it’s an opportunity to upsell to higher-margin devices.@edddeduck Agreed.
@verso @y_sotomayor inside of /Library/Containers/com.apple.BKAgentService@adamdiehl There’s no default shortcut. You can create one by going to Keyboard system preference, click Shortcuts, select Mission Control.@homecomeexpat Is it working okay for you now? If so, stick with what you have. You’re not going to gain anything media center-wise.@g_mastropavlos Gotta respect the language’s roots! :)T-Mobile wants better coverage inside your home and it's asking the FCC for help http://t.co/z21fEsTSwC via @iMore@superpixels You get any weird slow typing problems?TestFlight lets developers send up to 1,000 invites to beta test apps http://t.co/9wcrCO4zl5 via @iMoreSexist bullying of any and all women in public space is not something we can 'just ignore'. It's not a minor annoyance. It's a culture war.
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@Spacekatgal D7 porn. HAWT@JamieMSmyth Always. iTunes is ALWAYS worse.@film_girl http://t.co/AgDpwZxIICLOOK I loved The Maze Runner but it was bullshit there was no underground sex economy in it | http://t.co/zW2QoL8d5l
Retweeted by Peter CohenTransformers: Age of Ultron looks awesome.@bobringer @imore Sorry I didn’t get back to you; sidetracked. Here’s the Apple Kbase article that confirms it, FYI: http://t.co/QuILTChVZq@GlennF Not all men is the new mansplaining.@mat @fmanjoo @zpower @joeljohnson How is babby formed?PSA: iHome iW1 AirPlay speaker for $50 http://t.co/LWUMe556xH A decent speaker, but a great deal at $50 http://t.co/LWUMe556xH
Retweeted by Peter CohenWhoever wrote the Guardian’s headline didn't bother to read the article. Fourth graf and hed contradict. http://t.co/zrCMOzstTE@BruceGMobiSol LOL, that’s great!@abazoe I’m beginning to reassess our friendship.@jackbrewster thanks!Apple and GT Advanced Technologies reach a settlement http://t.co/dVKb7K9Yaf via @iMore@Cyantiffic Yep, I hear that a lot.Few things in tech are as satisfying as cracking the plastic seal from a new Apple device.According to @lschmeiser today is Boston Cream Pie Day. I hate them. They don’t have cream in them and they’re not even pie. LIES! LIIIIES!21.5-inch iMac vs. 27-inch iMac vs 5K iMac: Which all-in-one desktop Mac should you get? http://t.co/icA30X81Dt via @iMore@JamieMSmyth yeah@jamiestockman @reneritchie Thanks! I’ll be revisiting it, now that the new Mac minis are out.@JamieMSmyth We have the eight cup model with the same handle.@JamieMSmyth love the chemex!Hit the ice with NHL 2K for iPhone and iPad by @SimonSage http://t.co/dyFUjIzlCm via @iMore@aaronmb Plenty, but this year is more ridiculous than ever.@stakwild The mid-range model gets 8, just like the rMBP.@stakwild 4 GB is what the MBA, which is identically configured, comes with - and that’s fine for most buyers.@blakespot iPhoto is the iTunes of photography@blakespot An abomination that will soon be cast back to Hell where it belongs.@kerri9494 @tbridge 18 year old HS students are probably going to vote Dem anyway, so better to just go ahead and suppress the vote.@aminorjourney I just watched crap on the DVR instead. Caught up on Agents of SHIELD. :)Tried watching the news last night - every ad was not just a political one, but a negative political ad. Citizens United ruined television.@dnanian @daveweigel bqhatevwr@ronindotca "Canada isn’t Hobbiton.” Worse weather, that’s for goddamn sure.@ronindotca "most of our government officials are not surrounded by phalanxes of armed guards.” Most of ours aren’t, either.@ronindotca I’ll be curious to find out if Zehaf-Bibeau has a history of mental illness as well.@ronindotca Glad to see _someone_ considering the mental illness angle.@krislord Depends on the use. As a server, sure. For most people, faster wifi, better graphics and better single-core performance are pluses@davidcaolo this show keeps getting more awesome.@jyarow Groucho?@iEBock I’m more upset about the absence of a quad-core option, but I understand logistically why Apple didn’t do it.@iEBock Having said that, when would you deploy a Mac mini without having it fully loaded from the get go?@iEBock Yeah, this is the one group I think have the most valid complaint about the new mini. People who would have used it for servers.@DJDarren So pedophiles or people who torture pets have an annual award?@mcelhearn @yodatom10 Yep. “What’s the difference” is one of the questions I get from my customers all the time.@Jon_Alper I don’t know any company that’s going to tell you what their product DOESN’T do. Word spread pretty damn fast.@yodatom10 You are SO right.THIS RT @yodatom10: @flargh most consumers don't even know what ram is.@stmcgill I’m not a supply chain expert, so I have no earthly idea.@danbenjamin and decide to go for replacing rather than upgrading. Good money after bad, etc.@danbenjamin I agree. But I’ve had plenty of conversations with my customers who compare the cost of upgrading with buying a new Mac...@danbenjamin Well, the lack of upgradability has certainly hurt sales of MacBook Airs. Wait what?I get that some people like to tinker with their computers. Most consumers do not. Ever.“I don’t recommend the new Mac mini because you can’t upgrade RAM,” say people who have no idea how others use computers.@nacran That is a distinct possibility.@paulbousquet @reneritchie It’ll be lightyears faster than what you have now. I’d go for the mid-range model to have enough RAM and oomph.
Every time I watch TV news, I feel like I get stupider.@virgiliocorrado @reneritchie Most people who bought the last Mac mini never opened it up.@flargh Nah. They didn’t meet the Title IX requirements.
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@CoreyTamas Yeah, but don’t read the comments. Anywhere. Ever.Is Islamic State one of those for prophet universities I keep reading about?I bet Islamic State doesn’t even have a Division 1 team.Islamic State sounds like the worst college EVER.@crumpy Familiarity breeds contemptsomething something Renee Zellweger something something Ebola something something ADHD something something America is stupid.@goldengateblond “Dipshit” is in the dictionary too.@DanFrakes I wish mine would. *grumble*@Hilldawgg @jinkies furry. hawt.
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