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@HannaHanra πŸ”˜ πŸ”˜ ❗️ 🚬
@HannaHanra πŸ™ πŸ™ 🌟 βš“οΈOscar Issac,Katherine Keener Paul Haggis and David Simon?! I think I just died of happiness. #Showmeahero@HannaHanra πŸ‰ πŸ‰ πŸ‘‡πŸ» 🌸@HannaHanra ⭐️ ⭐️ 🍨 ⚑️
@TheGossipGuy cute πŸ’@macadamiawhore @xdarkling no worries just curious stand down everybody@xdarkling what record store and where? Exact details please this is a bootleg@HannaHanra πŸ‘€ πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ 🎀@DerpNuggleston Let us know when you decide.I fear I might be turning into a BLOB. No edges or intelligent thought. Just an amorphous sprawl.A bit like thisπŸ‘»but with no features.@DavidGArnold You are a good boy. I love you. πŸ‰Must commend @nytimes for putting videos of these racist atrocities on the top of the homepage. Everyone must watch:
Retweeted by Garbage@DavidGArnold You must be making top dollar. Unusual for a musician. Feel lucky. Build more hospitals. πŸ’@freja_dam They start writing the scripts.@garbage Shirley please help getting the word out for Sunday, 3 Aug. We have a lot of dogs in the shelters
Retweeted by GarbageTix are now on sale for our 2nd DC show at @930Club on 10/29! Excited to see all of you there! @TripleMMelb Thank you sir. πŸ’
How can anyone justify killing these magnificent creatures? It makes me SICK to my stomach. I must assume from your tone, that you are not feeling quite so excited. πŸ‰
@TAMARYNmusic Oh I got that covered. HAH.These days it seems,dumb wins. Intelligence just brings pain.@Eroticonic Us too Thundercat!@aidenzero I fucking hate mights and maybees. I’m into no hesitation, headlong, waist deep.@cherrera177 @DeapVally @peaches Hmm, thats a tricky one.But they are all young β€˜uns. I’d say come see us play. We might be dead soon.@bridgeduffy πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ@RavenQuinnMusic πŸ’@Fredsablan @930Club Then you must come Fred. XWe are delighted to announce that we’ll be playing a 2nd show at @930Club on 10/29! Tix on sale Thursday at 10am. ⭐️
Thankyou @joeycultice for your artistry and generosity. It is hard for bands to exist these days. Thank you for understanding the reality.@FilipR79 That is because she is unforgettable. She is the most amazing young lady I have ever known.@EITMonline Dude. Thanks for supporting us.@BretEastonEllis I love you Bret Easton Ellis. So suck on that. SxSHIRLEY MANSON/THE BEE PODCAST: Kanye, Amy Winehouse, sexism, female flameout, Taylor, bullies
Retweeted by GarbageIts so hard not to let the insanity of the world invade the mind….the world really can give you the creeps sometimes…..@JavierVazquezQu we haven’t yet hit our prime my friend@balkankraut What a coincidence! So are We.
Dear @pplmvr I hve becum OBSEST with u Yeti FRKS. BetR Wtch Owt. I pridikt SUKsex. LV frum yr grl ShRLπŸ’–Woah. That's weird.
Sometimes you just have to be like......... Ha! Bisous bisous bisous. πŸ’‹
Opinions are great, as long as they're not factually wrong. Reality doesn't care about your opinions.
Retweeted by Garbage@elliottwdavid Yes darling. There is.@elliottwdavid No it’s not.Please keep retweeting this so we can get these horrible collars banned!!
Retweeted by GarbageOk so….. I tried it…… I didn’t like it….. Back to black. πŸ‘»@bence3000 Me neither! πŸ’@meliperr I told you….i am trying to be nice!Update: I’m finding it a real challenge to be nice. Some people are SUCH assholes. Then I remind myself I am just practicing so its ok. πŸ‘»Barge your way to the front of the queue and pre-order Chrissie's book #Reckless here OUT SEPT
Retweeted by Garbage@ChrissieHynde I am on it. I know I have said this beofre but I will say it again. You inspire me endlessly you bitch. Love always, Sx@DearNoDoubt This shit is bananas.@curtismcauliff I got that one covered. I’m a big girl now so I’m moving onto the more difficult parts of the curriculum.@NoDoubter2383 helloPractice makes perfect or so they say. I am going to practice being nice today. Lets see how I get on.🍌
β€œI looked into the mirror. What did I see? I saw a big black beast looking back at me.β€œπŸŽ€@ROC_Captures πŸ’πŸ’‹πŸ’@KITTENTHEBAND You have beautiful eyebrows. Sx@stonecoldpiper πŸ’
πŸ’Bouncing back up on my trampoline shoes. 🍌I can take another punch, going to πŸ‘€fu#king show YOU! πŸ‘»πŸŽ€πŸ‘»πŸŽ€πŸ‘»πŸŽ€πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸŽ€πŸ‘». Nobody puts this 🐯in a corner.πŸ‰@livincurious I would be quite sad if you didn’t. X
Oh ....pretty girls are ten a penny. What else you got?@Just_usLeague oh god you just really made me laugh with this tweetI have problems. I just chugged down half a small jug of Maple Syrup. Sucked it down like it was a bottle of beer. #WTFsavemefrommyself.@torreslovesyou @brandicarlile We are so lucky and excited to have you. So looking forward it. Sx@Higgo74 Oh Higgo. πŸ’
Today's mind numbing task. To sign every one of these. This is only a small percentage of them! #whatIdoforlove
@browning_sydney @jaanneeeee What show are you girls coming to? We shall have to do a re-enactment of our laughing pic! Sx@NintendoRev @Stevethebearcub Being that it is clear you do everything together as loving equals get a MWAH too. Sx@Stevethebearcub Ha! MWAH!@PK_Pulse @930Club Yes. Me! Sx@ALICEGLASS is a bonefide BADASS. A phoenix rising from the ashes.⭐️STILLBIRTH is now available on iTunes All proceeds go towards helping victims of domestic/sexual abuse
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Sweet dreams are made of this. And nightmares too.
Just got back from seeing the documentary "Amy". It is devastating to watch. Be warned. But at her best, what a girl.πŸ’”There is little in life a good Michelada Cocktail on the deck with friends can't help make a little more bearable. you. Yeah you. Without you we would struggle more. Laugh less. Worry more. Out of all the bands in the world,thanks for supporting US. 🍌@derrickgibson35 Why not just listen to what she has to say? Is there any harm in that?!
Just sobbed my way through Caitlyn Jenner's moving + powerful speech at The ESPYS. "Go baby,go baby,yeah we're right behind you, GO!" πŸ’We are not all in it together. MPs to get 10% pay rise. Nurses deserve a 10% pay rise, not MPs. RT if you agree.
Retweeted by Garbage@TobyAmies So happy for you and your tender, sweet documentary..........very impressive. SxWoah! @tatianamaslany receives long overdue and well deserved Emmy nomination! Whooooo hoooooo.#ShirleyManson wearing The Jagged Cuff by J.ELSTER Private orders at #onstage @garbage…
Retweeted by Garbage@JELSTERNYC ❀️@marykarrlit Cherry. Fullstop.I win.@RealJoeLevy Oh. There you are. πŸ‘€@marykarrlit Mary Karr, you just slayed me. #hero@BixbyOfficial dying of cuteness@chantalclaret @pancakemountain Right ON guys. πŸ‘€Pls watch our @TobyAmies movie! It's on @Film4 in the UK tonight at 12:30am. It's a bit hardcore but so sweet. #Themanwhosemindexploded@garbage please let your people know that tonight at 12.30 AM #Themanwhosemindexploded is on @Film4 #TMWME
Retweeted by Garbage@TobyAmies oh shit got itMy trainer this morning,in all earnest: Where did I go wrong in my life 2 end up here right now,in this room with you. #liketrainingawildhog@TobyAmies HUH??!?@pancakemountain @chantalclaret sssssshhhhh don't tell anyone! XOn this day in 2007 @garbage released Tell Me Where It Hurts on CD,DVD+7" b/w Betcha + Bad Boyfriend @butchvig remix
Retweeted by Garbage@TobyAmies Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner Toby! But I tweeted the link to our people! Hope they don't find the toenails too scary! xPls watch our friend @tobyaimes movie! It's on @film4 in the UK tonight at 12:30am. It's a bit hardcore but so sweet .
.@garbage Shirley Manson sat down with @BretEastonEllis for @PodcastOne Stay tuned!
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