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John Gerzema @johngerzema Tribeca, or up in the air

New York Times Best Selling Author/Social Strategist. Fellow at the Athena Center on Leadership at Barnard. Advocate for Women & Girls:The U.N. Girl Up Campaign

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Feast Your Eyes on This Beautiful Linguistic Family Tree http://t.co/UsUQqFFDi1The Company That Banned Its Own Product http://t.co/6unz5IdQgTU.S. Newspapers Make $40 Billion Less From Ads Today Than in 2000 http://t.co/kC3PyIBIcM
Gartner's Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015 http://t.co/rxvgMa52ZVSouth Miami is so fed up with climate inaction, it just voted to secede from Florida http://t.co/EMg2gAgt7A
What if Age Is Nothing but a Mind-Set?, via @nytimes http://t.co/zo18sTePcn
To Siri, With Love, via @nytimes http://t.co/16Hz90rONlBen Bradlee, Editor Who Directed Watergate Coverage, Dies at 93. I had the honor to interview him. An American Icon http://t.co/yl1HemyDK2Check out "The Wearable Future," @pwc's newest consumer intelligence series #wearables http://t.co/igPycn9hAw @DeborahBothunAt 113, woman lies about her age so she can join Facebook http://t.co/0BUkKU2o82All The Wealth The Middle Class Accumulated After 1940 Is Gone http://t.co/xYHaff4DkRAt pop-up restaurant, customers wash the dishes instead of paying http://t.co/yb7yHHuzEbGreat meeting yesterday with longtime supporter @johngerzema , author of the @athenadoctrine !
Retweeted by John GerzemaParking Meter Activists Under Fire After Saving Drivers $80,000 in Fines http://t.co/ZsRwV421Dn via @po_sthttp://t.co/yc0tKc9SlQ: How to Kill Creativity http://t.co/GkTk7wQCAV
Tesla Starts Selling Model S on Alibaba’s http://t.co/mpu6nNTTED http://t.co/QBeptry4fN via @BloombergNewsThe Bottom 90%: No Better Off Today Than in 1986. And the top 0.1% owns more than 20% of all American wealth. http://t.co/FXI7NO6MewWhole Foods Asks Shoppers to Consider a Value Proposition, via @nytimes http://t.co/arMVkEc3qoWhere Young College Graduates Are Choosing to Live, via @nytimes http://t.co/ozTYvJTeUI
The Literary United States: A Map of the Best Book for Every State http://t.co/eXaBp6xxqISingle-family homes are going out of style. Thanks, millennials! http://t.co/Sk9O7wm45y via @voxdotcomI sent in my nomination for the 2015 @MarketingHoF today. Submit a vote for marketing leaders by 10/30 http://t.co/wePAGOdMI3 #MarketingHoFThis Will Make You Smarter: 151 Big Thinkers Each Pick a Concept to Enhance Your Cognitive Toolkit http://t.co/AsPui7NOTcSelf-driving cars will be safer than us. How long until human drivers are banned? http://t.co/u6J9gP4pFk
Threats to Americans, ranked (by actual threat instead of media hype) http://t.co/iS8qyRr5OXAmerican Schools Are Training Kids for a World That Doesn't Exist http://t.co/UnMVJYCYq9#FF #diversity @jenniferbrown @SAHewlett @wadhwa @JackiZehner @CarolynBuckLuce @johngerzema @A_WittenbergCox @EKelan @AnaDuMac
Retweeted by John Gerzema#FF Great connecting! @shwen @CMichaelGibson @xbrochart @EmilyFPeters @johngerzema @tvtongeren @lisabriercliffe @JimJosephExp @EdwardFrankel
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What’s Your Fitness Age?, via @nytimes http://t.co/C93hHHpPkjAt #CuriositySummit, @BensonImages talks about his new book "Cosmigraphics," profiled in today's @NYTimesScience http://t.co/l9MwpC9Eym
Retweeted by John GerzemaTrust in Government Nears Record Low, But Most Federal Agencies Viewed Favorably:62% Positive View of Federal Workers http://t.co/CRoSeO5V9KArtist Carol Milne Knits with Glass http://t.co/AR2MuHsMJtYour Instagram Picture, Worth a Thousand Ads http://t.co/bKPVeyAmJ1Beats co-founder says NFL ban turned them into superheroes http://t.co/TEqczdR28uPhoto of Grandmother's Last Day at the Ocean Takes Over the Internet http://t.co/joR4OF39AQ
Groundbreaking @WeizmannInst technology allows paralyzed patients to steer wheelchairs by sniffing:http://t.co/ptPQxwvuYj @CuriosityReviewAthena-like girls are powerful, and they deserve to be recognized. Share your #GIRLHERO w/ @GirlUp for #DayoftheGirl http://t.co/nFRuoC0IyRLone Geniuses Are Overrated http://t.co/UumkOkW5eUBest Infographics of the Year: Nate Silver on 3 Keys to Great Information Design & Line Btwn Editing & Censorship http://t.co/Epvle2RBp0An App That Lets You Converse With The Deaf, No Sign Language Necessary http://t.co/PIO6Msr3peBig Data Can Guess Who You Are Based on Your Zip Code http://t.co/wt0oLV60ZfWhen the Guy Making Your Sandwich Has a Noncompete Clause, via @nytimes http://t.co/jnyhjXlj1qMillennials really like watching TV on anything other than a TV http://t.co/KLEjYm9Tbe
The Homeland Generation http://t.co/UlM8BvsTzMBusiness Lessons From The Hells Angels http://t.co/SOeixVA2S7Beware of the ‘silent killer’ at your company http://t.co/m26NnG2fdn
Heralds of the Digital Tomorrow http://t.co/v2JQLvSNJtWhy Technology Isn’t Truly Wearable http://t.co/w17nq21g5cThe reading level of Presidential speeches http://t.co/MK4RDCQEZeWatch Old Baseball Cards Come To Life As A Stop-Motion Fastball In This Animated GIF http://t.co/CUOuGvnMARComing Soon: An App For Sharing Your Heart Rate Inside Instagram Photos http://t.co/AzYw9TrUCjAt Forlorn Urban Churches, Mass Gets Crowded in a Flash , via @nytimes http://t.co/G3vVwYxPl5Unequal Pay: Must be a lot of good karma out there http://t.co/2yaLEQqVSA
RT @AccentureCmty: ,@JohnGerzema talks #IWD2014 and Career Capital - @HuffPostImpact, http://t,co/M6kxyYWXTt
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What happens to baggage that's never claimed? http://t.co/7GTO7qEPv0I think I accidentally started an urban legend. http://t.co/kiK8QcnzjTThe Unsafety Net: How Social Media Turned Against Women http://t.co/BSRJrkTZxgRise and Shine: What kids around the world eat for breakfast. http://t.co/Wf2jKLekdXSuch good karma: Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi share Nobel Peace Prize http://t.co/ziBeaDQoN4How Coca-Cola, Nissan and Kraft mine selfies for 'invisible' insight http://t.co/mliths0ds2
Comedy club charges by the laugh using facial recognition tech http://t.co/1bLMQBdtD9Report: NBC Actively Pursued Jon Stewart To Host 'Meet The Press' http://t.co/vaVxK8wVcbScrew Cars, Meet the Google Street View Camel http://t.co/9HSaJibC9a'Grit' might be more important than IQ. Now schools need to learn to teach it. http://t.co/WcSsVk4lhI
What to do with dying suburban office buildings? Turn them into schools http://t.co/0bs7ZieG04How much Americans sleep, in one map http://t.co/9SkRBn6S0XMom Calls Out Target for Ridiculously Sized Girls' Clothing; Target Listens http://t.co/Ux6uJEK0otAthena-like girls are powerful, and they deserve to be recognized. Share your #GIRLHERO w/ @GirlUp for #DayoftheGirl http://t.co/nFRuoC0IyRNew @WeizmannInst technology could alter the way we understand physical reality: http://t.co/f6PgjO6AZS @CuriosityReview
"Instagram for doctors" to be launched in Europe http://t.co/b906u1lnGH@DaleEstey good one!Walmart Announces Ambitious Goal: 'To Be The Number One Healthcare Provider' http://t.co/5Scws3XJpA
The Brown sisters have been photographed every year since 1975. http://t.co/pOu3FEd9FoSmartphone apps let California neighbors report water wasters http://t.co/22SmU6GGrx
Sorry Scooby: Yesterday Was The First Day Without Saturday Morning Cartoons In Over 50 Years http://t.co/OlVfbbyEKG
Nike Foundation Launches 'Girl Effect' Accelerator to Combat Global Poverty http://t.co/xxa9K4DaMtPOLITICO's Lessons from Leaders Series http://t.co/E7ZxXkms54Read this: Voice captioning app for Google Glass is a boon for the hearing impaired http://t.co/Jhr35GPWmgHuge humpback whale waves at tourist boat as it leaps from the ocean http://t.co/NhGkz7A6wp
Why Ben Bernanke Can’t Refinance His Mortgage, via @nytimes http://t.co/RMgHI6k7PEWere There Dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark? A Visit to Kentucky's Creationist Museum http://t.co/zIdpgLzKI2Young, Brilliant and Underfunded, via @nytimes http://t.co/eF21jLsdOX
These 75 Iconic Photos Define The 21st Century So Far. http://t.co/KUyJMo5BB4Why Do Erasers Suck at Erasing? http://t.co/Tzu1XWrZ7F@Tom_Peters on leading the 21st-century organization #leadership http://t.co/cH2NKZSGBq"What It Says Is That We Don’t Value Women": Interview With Senator Kirsten Gillibrand http://t.co/LDLMD5eEXFWe can't wait! We'll be talking how tech can empower girls. RT @AOLBUILD: WATCH LIVE 10/3 3pm ET/12pm PT #AOLBUILD http://t.co/ali5yTYlY1
Retweeted by John Gerzema@johngerzema we’re so looking forward to having you! See you in Nov!
Retweeted by John GerzemaPavlok’s Wristband That Electroshocks You For Facebooking Or Skipping Workouts http://t.co/Lk99Cc5LfoSwedish Scientists Square Off Over Who Can Sneak In Most Dylan Lyrics http://t.co/Vk6mvmqzhJSlow TV Is Here http://t.co/PWWZBgyzP9Half of Our Planet's Wildlife Is Gone. http://t.co/4tnLS7wVWxNow vending machines sell local, farm fresh foods. http://t.co/6CKe7HBHQH
Eight Voicemails from My Grandmother, Who Is Very Upset About the Apparent Death of My Career http://t.co/WLPI21eSRYRanking Universities Based on Career Outcomes http://t.co/WJW8grnRvrNew @WeizmannInst technology could alter the way we understand physical reality: http://t.co/f6PgjO6AZS @CuriosityReviewGreatly looking forward to keynoting at the 3% Conference in November. Let's up the percent! http://t.co/gC5uLFrO7O @katgordon @3percentconf@johngerzema @nyhrps Thanks, received great insight on leadership characteristics and millennial entrepreneurs. #theathenadoctrine #research
Retweeted by John GerzemaKeynoting 3% conference John Gerzema 64,000 People Can’t Be Wrong! http://t.co/oEqbQdkaJF’t-be-wrong @katgordon @Johngerzema
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Iceland announces UN conference on women and gender equality http://t.co/JkJoOPO0bp
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