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Software Engineer in NJ and sometimes NY, @fitocracy, helplessly hopeful individual. Specializing in iOS Development. Available for freelance work.

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Today I am sad. R.I.P. buddy. http://t.co/uuMt0T7K0b
Today in things that are pretty fucking inconvenient: UITableViewDelegate inherits from UIScrollViewDelegate. What about composition tho“This parameter cannot be nil.” Hey, then maybe you should throw an error or something instead of failing silently. http://t.co/JaHnw9PP8M@alexnaj buy a real phone and end your suffering@alexnaj ty you know if you were a real person I could give you the beta!
Though I guess the jokes on me ‘cause you can’t reliably `po` an object in Objective-C either 😜I get the “it’s the future” arg, but until you can reliably `po` an object in Swift we shouldn’t be telling people to build new apps with itTestFlight Mac app is broken in 10.10 😞"The Daleks seek power. The domination and extermination of all other life!" "NO, DOCTOR, IT IS ABOUT ETHICS IN VIDEO GAME JOURNALISM."
Retweeted by jpMore fun with CALayer masks. Refactored the code so I can make similar effects easily with any of my scroll views. http://t.co/kb8nouw3Q9Now, if this turns into a well-built UI components library… then they have something very valuable in their hands. http://t.co/14pnulE43v“Mobile Development, Solved.” O_oDid we get this right? #GamerGate http://t.co/jjz0L0inQp http://t.co/GP1Q67V5Xx
Retweeted by jpstartups http://t.co/oTwOhx4W7N
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Well, shit.
@alexnaj inb4 you don’t get it. Lumbar != Lumber, Lumber == Wood@alexnaj dude gross no one wants to hear about thatThere are three stacked views there. The top and bottom have an inverted mask to allow the background (a UIImageView) to be seen.TIL you can pretty easily invert the path of a mask on a CALayer like so: https://t.co/jjcX0SRkcL http://t.co/Csxm2hIxQpOculus is terrifying and trippy. Sackhoff scares the living shit out of me in every scene. Dig it.Watching Oculus. At what point exactly does the Doctor come to save the day?
Make plans a full seven days in advance. Everyone still bails. 👌
That company is gonna get the BEST people, lolRecruiter sends arrogant email then literally replies “lol” to my quoted rate.Direct more and write less that is. I like his style but too much of these plots are cliche riddenWish I Was Here was fun. Just as weird as Garden State with a slightly less cheesy plot. Would like to see Braff direct more.So very curious who watched the Curious George Halloween special on my Netflix account…
@alexnaj haha I was just kidding bro I’m jealous@alexnaj fatassHave to open Spotlight twice on Yosemite because my eyes look for it in the upper right corner and ignore it on the center of the screen.Jon Stewart talking to O’Reilly makes me happy
Pumpkin Ale. Love this time of year.@_Jordan wow ya I like it. Missing a way to increase text size though or am I blind?On the fence about Reddit owning Alien Blue if only for the lack of competition.Is it time for Snoobot, @tapbot_paul?
@_Jordan @Javi this also works but it wraps fooBar in an optional which is sometimes more cumbersome@Javi just for beginners though. In practice I’ve found the type system to be explanation enough and do: `if let e = error`@Javi well I’d probably explain the purpose of optionals & the syntax behind `if let` first, then use names like `error` and `optionalError`@Javi with better variable names I would thinkHahaha thanks Apple http://t.co/rLGdRIpkZ0Also, lmao if you want to share a video on Twitter.Today’s neat effect. Brought to you by excessive use of KVO, CALayer’s mask property, and a bit of simple math. http://t.co/OfUANH5vfg@merowing_ yep. But there’s so many other avenues for performance optimization that I’d pursue before adopting something like thisWatch Facebook iOS engineer Scott Goodson walk through AsyncDisplayKit at NSLondon. https://t.co/ahRfeSlkJw
Retweeted by jpGranted, the talk they gave about it was really awesome and worth watching. But as a dev I’m not interested in doing more work manually.Not really sure I want anything to do with this http://t.co/EI51I5wf2x#StopGamerGate2014 because HOLY SHIT read this: http://t.co/SeuTqjt2aE
Retweeted by jpThat’s from the Adventure Time comic btw. It’s fantastic and written by @ryanqnorth which explains why I pretend Finn has short, stubby armsSaving this for later http://t.co/cliERkLDK2Jesus christ. http://t.co/IXTiqi0i90 and all because someone wants to do some critical thinking about games.
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What a cool feature of iOS 8 where the screen stops working until you do a hard reset.@engers that deck one is so so goodWow, UIUserNotificationSettings is extra convoluted. Couldn’t think of a simpler way to expose this functionality?
#GamerGate is a hate group. Well reasoned and researched. http://t.co/gZm7sLH3fi
Retweeted by jp@cbarrett #fistbump #ifeelya@Stammy @sandofsky Core Data should be used as necessary. If you don’t require querying than there’s no problem with using a simpler method@TheJakeSimpson you should track it on @fitocracy! :)@joshriker I’m a better narcissistic than you areSunday Bourbon Day is my favorite day.SO GOOD.Heart’s already racing. Great opening sequence.The Walking Dead time. Hell yeah.
Holy crap that Doctor Episode was fantastic. And next week looks great, too. Man, I love this show.
Jesus Fucking Christ.The police just came by. Husband and I are going somewhere safe. Remember, #gamergate isn't about attacking women. http://t.co/ZU6oEVxMGL
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@dave_perry oof that generated code is dirty though@jc4p nice! And afraid not. Been too busy to get enough sleep & wake up early enough for the train the last couple weeks@jc4p this is not downtown sir get back to workA depressingly large portion of my job is correctly formatting attributed strings.Having friends that have gone down the same road, my heart is breaking for Amanda Bynes
Retweeted by jpBacked The Magazine's 2nd Anthology. @GlennF is awesome. Looking forward to whatever he's up to next. http://t.co/d5mVMTt5pDAnd don’t settle for just UIPanGestureRecognizer. You get the built in bounce physics if you build on top of UIScrollView.UIScrollView powered interactive animations are a very low hanging fruit that make interactions in apps just “feel right”. Take the time.Working on an article that explains how to use a scroll view to make cool animations like this: http://t.co/DnYndxKhyv (from @fitocracy)The whole “forgetting to use the custom getter” thing is actually pretty interesting. Check this out. Compiler magic? http://t.co/cwP2FBjBzc@frankus it’s specified in the property decl. But yes that’s what I meant. I use “hidden” when I mean “isHidden” by accidenthttp://t.co/OPN5E5kOmhBTW I wrote some words about interfacing with old C APIs in Swift for @sitepointdotcomhttp://t.co/mCUintojAjDrink every time I forget to use the “is” prefixed getter for a property. if(view.hidden) // every freaking time.
@dave_perry nice! I like my approach ‘cause I can just subclass from LENibLoadedView and it will mostly just workUIView+LENibLoading — the category I use for loading UIView subclasses from nibs https://t.co/JqiYHy8tFI@bpapa yeah it supports UICollectionViewCell, too. Seems so backwards not to support a basic UIView though@dave_perry not perfect, but it gets the job done@dave_perry https://t.co/JqiYHy8tFI this has served me well@bpapa you sure it was for UIView? It supports it for UITableViewCell, I know that. I have a category for nib loading but it’s pretty janky.Xcode 6 and this is still greyed out. http://t.co/40eb4fybYL7 Year Old Girl Explains Gender Stereotype Problems In Letter To LEGO http://t.co/LRxrXwxVWx | http://t.co/VP3W2U4Gts
Retweeted by jp@jc4p you win, I can’t think of a good comeback to that@jc4p I am not amusedSo @adriarichards's timeline is chilling rn
Retweeted by jp@jc4p oh wow awesomeness@jc4p the “An IoT operating system that runs in the Cloud.” section on the homepage doesn’t make it sound like that, but very cool@jc4p but code is executed on a web server? Or am I misunderstanding@jc4p i’m so confused by this what am I looking at
I regularly find some seriously ridiculous pictures of myself on my phone that I don’t remember taking. Not even mad tho
Swift Playgrounds are very well suited for validating & testing small bits of logic before integrating with app code. http://t.co/9H8ALkUbMn
Frustrating that UIToolbar will position its items nicely and then not provide an API to let you know where it put them.@jc4p this was such a guy in tech tweet I’m not going to address it@engers so many favs@indragie always if it requires any kind of interaction, static cells are fine as simple UITableViewCell subclasses
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