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June Thomas @junethomas Brooklyn, NY

Slate culture critic, Outward writer/editor, Double X Gabfester. http://t.co/S1Uci1SeZi

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@katelinnea @guan MT @RadioTimes: trailer for #TheLegacy - new series from makers of #Borgen http://t.co/mWlCESsAIf http://t.co/NlFlkk8amQ@Brenshu That's true--I was imagining people being home alone not yelling at the TV.@BillChais @FrankandBashTNT That makes me so happy!@anglobibliofile I like him in a cinema setting--lots to yell about his lack of neck--but at home he's a must-FF.@mattyglesias I think teenage me might have just hacked your Twitter feed.There's more to Rocky Horror than a fishnets-and-bustier Halloween costume, children: http://t.co/XSdJsLpk6i
@moryan I swear, though, Charmonique's son Kevin from Selfie is the new Bert.BTW, the takeaway from the horror movie tagline quiz is that @chrkirk is AMAZING at writing horror movie taglines: http://t.co/LfMyALTxDd.@katherinebhowe, who is on this week's Double X Gabfest http://t.co/VYxelJ8aX1, on how to ID a witch: http://t.co/3V8G5gWYlAOn this week's Double X Gabfest @NoreenMalone, @HannaRosin and I talked murderous moms, gamergate, and witches! http://t.co/VYxelJ8aX1Nice to see my old pal @inigothomas writing about mushrooms: http://t.co/rTyOnUcALz@adam807 DUDE!Can you match these horror movies to their taglines? http://t.co/LfMyALTxDd (Knowing AP style gave me the answer to 2 of them!)@askyouranalyst Though Ilana would love it to be text!@askyouranalyst All excellent noms, but don't forget Abbi and Ilana from Broad City.@JarettSays That's how you know they're fake gay. Gays wear green on Thursdays. Fake gays have ampersands in their titles.The gayest show on television is Franklin & Bash. This video proves it: http://t.co/eFwfpckBdL
Thinking of my friend Jason Rezaian, now held in Iran for 100 days without charges: http://t.co/G4WZudZ8znSo thrilled to introduce the first video in our new series #TheLphabet. Watch it and let me know what you think! http://t.co/PNohCjCklD
Retweeted by June Thomas@Memles I think consideration should be given to the Big Bang Theory variant: Sheldon imbibes LITERALLY boiling tea.@PaNoAlMi That certainly wasn't my intention.@CharlesPulliam It is. I believe people ask it sincerely, too.If you're in New York tonight, come see me talking to @SarahAWildman about her amazing new book, Paper Love: http://t.co/04odtxLeD6On this week's Ask a Homo video, I take on the classic "If lesbians like women, why do they dress like men?" http://t.co/NjwxLfEAFb
Love that Mikulski is the source MT @JarettSays: Kathy Bates Explains Her #AHSFreakShow Accent http://t.co/9DXR3KSics http://t.co/oaLZTWYqFW@weinmanj Now I know where the idea for 2 Broke Girls came from. (And happy birthday, BTW.)@adam807 @TaraAriano I mean, even Franklin & Bash have the good sense to rent.Just @jbryanlowder being brilliant about the bottom shaming in How to Get Away With Murder: http://t.co/a6RB69K1S0
@emilynussbaum I want to work there--the uniforms are stylin'. (No, Twitter, not Stalin.)@Lynetterice It's both!@Lynetterice Hence, "Are you pulling my plonker, mate?"And finally, a better blonde haircut explanation than the show that was warming up the timeslot for them. #2BrokeGirls@crsbecker Just in last year's TV Club. http://t.co/3XDKn9BxETFollowed by the season's best lube jokes. #2BrokeGirlsIt's lines like this that make me love #2BrokeGirls: "Get up, your son needs to go out and take an 8-foot crap." #poetry@crsbecker It's one of my favorite shows!@crsbecker Bah, the opening monologue was the most forthright denunciation of income inequality on US TV this year. #team2bgOver at the Post, @AlyssaRosenberg celebrates TV's lezby boom: http://t.co/z6vpsPZWLfThe history of gay publishing as seen through one remarkable career--an interview with Michael Denneny: http://t.co/p1G693ulBOI'm pretty sure this is the only time I'll ever get a credit on a piece related to "classic hip-hop": http://t.co/oGVzgSurv9
Don't miss @Dahlialithwick's convo with Roberta Kaplan about what RK was thinking during the US v. Windsor argument: http://t.co/d1KoReHdUX
Men of America, whatever your orientation, take Miz Cracker's advice on Hallowqueen drag: http://t.co/twaqKxlYVGOoh, Season 3 of Scott & Bailey has arrived on Hulu. (If you like Happy Valley ...)@TaraAriano LA bedhead.
@ryanoneil @elgray @TVMoJoe my punctuation game is usually tighter.@ryanoneil @elgray @TVMoJoe Wait, I had the arrows going the wrong way! HE > Benched > Marry Me!@elgray @TVMoJoe Marry Me > Benched > Happy EndingsA lovely piece about the history hidden in Transparent's opening credits: http://t.co/kD441VwAgeA fascinating look at Walmart's entry into the health care business, by @alisongriswold: http://t.co/0ndW6gIEaO@TVMoJoe Give that man a contract! (As they used to say when a fan caught a foul ball at the old Baltimore ballpark.)@rebeccaonion You're the first. Ta!
Between Survivor's Remorse and Black-ish, I'm worrying about the secondary market for Hot Wheels tracks.@willapaskin Drop the Dead Donkey, I tell you. (It's the fall equivalent of the West Lothian Question.)Beware the gay gremlins: http://t.co/ZsGVkQM0KN@readinginak Ta!@katelinnea Ta!My pal Susan texted to remind me that today is the 17th anniversary of my becoming a U.S. citizen. #citizenversary@emilynussbaum @Jesselansner @dandrezner Ditto. I found Episode 2 v. snoozy. Like a MFA-product literary novel with no action--'cept ACTION.@emilynussbaum @dandrezner He did indeed. And never shuts up about it. F-i-L is an awesome asshole character.@dandrezner @emilynussbaum Yes! In his version, it's $12 and he tries to give her $20, which she refuses.@emilynussbaum @dandrezner He definitely wants to impress, but isn't having a rich f-i-l different from having a rich wife?@dandrezner @emilynussbaum It was $40. What kind of public school teacher with four kids throws down $40 on jam? (And CHUTNEY.)@emilynussbaum Whereas from my point of view (GEDDIT!), the real monster is the weirdo who goes to a jam stand and orders "one of each."
@jfuentes Right? It reminded me of Drop the Dead Donkey, a long-ago UK sitcom that added topical jokes the day it was broadcast.@vsjacobsen Now I'm mourning the untimely demise of TW one more time.@Jesselansner Big compliment!BTW, Charmonique's son on Selfie is to 2014 what Trophy Wife's Bert Harrison was to 2013.Whoa, Selfie's Renee Zellweger joke was positively Drop the Dead Donkey-esque: http://t.co/jfxmZyorjP@daibyday Truth!@ParraV Also, I don't approve of this Canada-bating.@ParraV PS I was just watching Madam Secretary. It is unworthy of the West Wing mantle. @ParraV would never show up in it.@ParraV WANTTOBEDONE!@ParraV Good. Just finished a big piece. Just the first draft, but still ...@ParraV That somehow makes me happy. (Not the rain, the sameness.)@ParraV It really is one of my favorite shows. How's DC?@sepinwall I would, but I'm allergic to Rick Mercer.I miss Rookie Blue and Motive.If THE BRIDGE had started with the vibrancy and loony originality of S2 there's no question it'd still be running.
Retweeted by June ThomasIf there's ever been any question about the power of Taylor Swift's name to move records, this should dispel it: http://t.co/G8EYMJcKfO
Retweeted by June Thomas@iambMEntel Absolutely. It's strong-arming consumers based on their ownership of both stores/pharmacies and benefits plans.Very sneaky, CVS, very sneaky: http://t.co/0Vsgu03aEY@katelinnea It's kind of spooky how much they're making Hathaway be like Morse. He hasn't started crosswords and opera yet, but ...@katelinnea Oh, thanks for that.RT @Coops_tv: RT @KatieWeasel: Great product placement @digitalspy http://t.co/W4fLa5FCWG || Yikes!
@katelinnea Morse is on Netflix. (I just realized that Lewis isn't, though.)@katelinnea PS Do you think Frasier and Niles Crane are related, too? They have the same accent!@katelinnea Ooh, we've been doing a rewatch, starting with Morse. I might suggest an episode out of order to watch that one.@katelinnea Wait. When?If you're a butcher shop in #Gotham and your slogan isn't "Got ham?," you're bad at your job.
Retweeted by June Thomas@HitFixDaniel @TVandDinners Go, Lancer!@katelinnea That's the Kate Linnea-est tweet Kate Linnea has ever tweeted.
@LauInLA More "WHAAA?"s than Scandal!I had a dream last night that predicted Phase 2 of Jake Peralta's misadventures on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. For realsio, y'all.@marymacTV I think of it as a Sharknado hood.@Memles @Clairetastic MAKE IT SO!@marymacTV Very LA! (And a little Seattle.)@Clairetastic Awesome and awkward: World's best combo.@Clairetastic Why is there never dancing at TCA? (Oh, yeah, working not werking.)
@jamaicandale Ditto. She could be played by a log marked with the words "plot device that keeps Icky and Abbie from doing it."Keanu ,Rossi y Pedro. http://t.co/PDWnhkj5SX
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