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June Thomas @junethomas Brooklyn, NY

Slate culture critic, Outward writer/editor, Double X Gabfester. http://t.co/MViXTzz1ZS

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@ladyterrier RT @RadioTimes: ICYMI: This is what Lady Penelope and Parker look like now http://t.co/5aGwnsDm5V http://t.co/YVXFKiqnmK@DenisHurley I did not!
@winterjessica Printing this up in fortune cookie size for wider distribution.On this week's @NY1arts "Book Reader" segment, I praised @AlexBerenson's latest thriller, TWELVE DAYS: http://t.co/GpeOPvTpDN@Coops_tv I haven't been to a live sporting event in a few years, but last time I did, lots of GG music was played.@MisterJayEm Serious answer: I think this label can only be applied to Brits without stretching the meaning.ABC just greenlit "BlueAndBlackish".
Retweeted by June Thomas@JarettSays @LouisPeitzman Where Janeane Garofalo will slap Abby for forgetting all about her.
@TheSporkful I thought you had a strict structural integrity rule?@winterjessica It's blue and black!You had me at Phylicia RT @TheAVClub: Phylicia Rashad to play lesbian FBI agent in new CBS pilot http://t.co/YX9aqq4u5g@LauInLA The next standard stage is sudden death, so ...Being stranded in CA gave me the op to photograph how many books I get sent in a week, if anyone's curious. http://t.co/rE91Dmsj1M
Retweeted by June ThomasJust @mjs_DC being brilliant about media coverage of Aaron Schock: http://t.co/F8jvGS62TW
@JoshMBingham The final moments of this week's episode slaughtered me. So good.@RonPyke But she carries his DNA, sir!@webeneer Terrifying-er.Well, this is terrifying! The state of air traffic control software: http://t.co/kssoTsqOpj@ltg_jon Don't watch those. It's been driving me crazy for weeks. I was trying to avoid using IMDB, but I finally cracked.Also, I never noticed how many women have directed episodes of The Fosters: http://t.co/jzvhCMoKdNThe relief you feel when you finally remember where you've seen an actor before! (BTW, Sophia from The Fosters is Hillary from Trophy Wife.)Joy Division’s iconic album cover is actually based on a student’s chart from the 1970s http://t.co/9b2qzewgnh http://t.co/sej3MJ5ko5
Retweeted by June Thomas@DocBrown_TV It's the new "on fleek."@DocBrown_TV YOU'RE ...@DocBrown_TV Toure stronger than me.Ooh, big dental news, the Supreme Court rules against the NC dental board re teeth whitening: http://t.co/HTPxyyHV5e (Go, SCOTUS!)@rosegeorge3 When those two words came out of her mouth, you popped into my head!Oh, hey, here's this week's Better Call Saul podcast: http://t.co/6bUKUkdLPS@elgray I've already got amnesia for the pre-mobile-printing days.@katelinnea After years or sending docs to the one computer attached to a printer, it's revolutionary.Got a printer that allows me to send docs from my phone. Now I know how the cavewomen felt at their first barbecue.@Higgins_J Dang, I thought we'd kept that secret.Really impressive lineup out the gate for Panoply, the new Slate podcasting platform: http://t.co/BeIYhEWi6p
Retweeted by June Thomas.@chrkirk was so emmiserated by email, he built his own email app from scratch: http://t.co/gHcFfVmleiSlate is going even bigger on podcasts: http://t.co/0QGISEBN6E@DocBrown_TV I have so many final episodes unwatched on my TiVo.@nucAmbiguous @sueperkins Don't all right-thinking people?
@Memles You're a fastforwarder? I'd never have guessed it.@hhoagie I ... I ...Aargh, last few seconds of this week's episode of The Fosters, you're killing me.The penultimate Downton Abbey Season 5 spoiler, with @stevensonseth (Lord Dromedary) and me (Lady LaLa): http://t.co/UG7b3PDNIo
Everyone enjoys an emotional, blurty Oscar acceptance speech, but I wish Graham Moore had been more precise: http://t.co/5jHPYUezgV
We're living for this. 🙌 #Oscars2015 #JenandJen http://t.co/t3ZX3Ra3qy
Retweeted by June Thomas@thehighsign @Books_Not_Wooks Les Desplats are one handsome couple.Way to predict Best Score, @jbryanlowder: http://t.co/u279zhJ18uPage One of tomorrow's New York Times: Entire World Experiences Julie Andrews-gasm.Don't worry everyone, we updated it http://t.co/5SgnXJMqAK http://t.co/98QJUTRdFc
Retweeted by June Thomas@damianholbrook And Lea DeLaria's.Be *more* creepy, Travolta. http://t.co/n7uBN96iDv
Retweeted by June ThomasJohn Travolta's neckwear is serving lesbian chic circa 1986.@jessicalporter_ @stevensonseth @juliaturner More Bates!Empire spoiler from Terrence Howard's haircut? @oscarsTom Cross' hair is my favorite of the night. #highlights@junethomas Warren/Arquette 2016?
Retweeted by June ThomasWatch Meryl and J.Lo Nearly Fall Out of Their Chairs for Patricia Arquette’s Feminist Oscar Speech: http://t.co/2SMsdFdKqn@apsellers @thehighsign The worst.@nathanheller @thehighsign Closely followed by Jared Leto shoes.Hands down the best moment of the night so far: http://t.co/WnxnsUjFSg #Oscars http://t.co/MrlCdz1Cxi
Retweeted by June ThomasWatch Pawel Pawlikowski, hero Polish director, force the #Oscar play-off music to stop: http://t.co/t6gLKFhEQl http://t.co/zuwqP4BVHu
Retweeted by June Thomas@thehighsign Right now his body language is saying, "I almost got naked for you, and this material still sucks."@Chozzles Word!Bad night for amateur British humorists. #oscarsBummer, I was hoping it would be the Mott the Hoople Ian Hunter who won an Oscar for the Interstellar visual effects. #oscarsIs someone going to spray an aerosol on those diamond-protecting lasers surrounding Rita Ora? #Oscars@GailPennington I'd so much rather see some proofing going on.The Best Costume winner has more earrings in that Great British Baking Show's Chetna. #oscarsUgh, NPH, I don't care if this turns out to be a bit, I hate it.J.K. Simmons winning one for TV stars. Don't miss @jbryanlowder look at the use of homophobia in Whiplash: http://t.co/BcgA1AmgDC@jfuentes Sir Andy Karate-Dwyer if you please.
Every pic of these guys is like your boyfriend and his pal asking for a 3-way http://t.co/DKWk1A85Ym
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RT @ghweldon: "No, no, NO! Get me a BIGGER box of underwear! He's a GAY!" - EMPIRE's prop master, apparently. http://t.co/oGJqbKRSSWGreat reality check by @ejgraff http://t.co/Tx7oKeOuT9
Retweeted by June Thomas"I think Alison is my dream role." Sydney Lucas to @nytimes on her role in #FunHome. http://t.co/DEh4iXoOVc http://t.co/TBc1lBW9fR
Retweeted by June ThomasWho will stand up for audiophiles? @fmkaplan of course! http://t.co/ukQcZz2Jwj@marcparis @DoubleXmag @NoreenMalone Could serve dual purpose as tea strainer, perhaps.
@Chozzles It's going to be hard for me to argue with you there. Also super-high creepy factor.Brilliant comic novelist Joe Keenan is (partially) responsible for this execrable Odd Couple? That's sadder than Mrs. Wolowitz's demise.I spy, with my little eye, @kevinddaniels Longinusing it up on this week's Modern Family.@extremefriday @SlateGabfest And that's the important thing. I'm a stationery hoarder, relatively lean otherwise.@Robobear82 @davidplotz I'm terribly vulgar in real life and rarely swear on podcasts.RT @john_overholt: This is great news for @rebeccaonion, for Slate, and for anyone interested in history: http://t.co/fWWucNyD4PPorsha is the new Dorota. (And I love them both.)@chrisremo Ta! I think I'm allergic to Kondo-ing. I bought more crap this week just because I could.@FayebellineW @Coops_tv There are only 5 (I think) more episodes this season, so they'd best get a wriggle on. #whithersynergyWhat, what? The NYT Mag got @jackshafer, @AmyBloomBooks, and @kenji_yoshino to do a feature/podcast? I am so in! http://t.co/JmKssaO1IRDamn, #Empire is a fucking monster with its 12.9 million viewers and 5.1 in 18 to 49.
Retweeted by June ThomasOn this week's Double X Gabfest we talked decluttering, the new face of Hillary hating, and drag with @miz_cracker: http://t.co/s2Hj0uu6sW@FayebellineW Ah!@FayebellineW NG? TMP?@SebastianNebel Glad to hear that. He has always been very good about payoffs.@lahoare Only if I could be s Scottish Tory, which like being a LibDem before 2010, is a theoretical, far-from-power destination.
@Rhys_sPiecez No doubt!@drwitty_knitter True. Phew, thanks for talking me down.@drwitty_knitter It's very disturbing. I fear my ancestors might rise up against me.I hate to admit it, but I found this Scottish Conservative Party ad, featuring its lesbian leader, charming: http://t.co/TF3akn1RWpIs TV having a lesbian moment? Some thoughts from @trishbendix, @hhoagie, and me: http://t.co/lZ4QzcmaZN"Bennett Miller, Hollywood’s new Stephen Daldry." Preach, @joereid: http://t.co/Wv5RlsKVdfA really beautiful look at the portrait of parenting in @TheFostersABCF: http://t.co/n8Kn22r8MR@trishbendix BTW, if LTiH's Caroline is "just past middle age," so am I! Take it back!Thanks to @trishbendix, @junethomas & @hhoagie for talking TV lesbians in a new Roundtable on @XFINITY's LGBT site. http://t.co/F8cu0ReHpp
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