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@politico. @glensgardenmkt. philly sports. Big Money: $2.5B, 1 Suspicious Vehicle & a Pimp: http://t.co/hLkpfZ2UZC

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It’s been two years since @GlensGardenMkt opened its doors. And it’s been two years since the local food scene really upped its game.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogelif worrying = intelligence, i must be a genius. http://t.co/KQaeFfw7y0Meeting of the minds, @POLITICOEurope edition, with @JimVandeHei @mikeallen John Harris #makingofpolitico http://t.co/XREiafAnE0
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Getting ready for the big Earth Day Birthday event tmrw @GlensGardenMkt. Live music, samples + beer garden. 12-4 pm. http://t.co/sHZE8gIYBk@McCormackJohn ahead in terms of timing@McCormackJohn thx, tho rove made his comments 3 days ago, so looks like he was ahead of the story, right?See the love behind your dog's gaze? http://t.co/OEfnzQ5cXD
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@EamonJavers only about 17the new star wars trailer has 23,381,217 views on youtube since it was posted yesterday. https://t.co/XGl9pkXeuQ http://t.co/ncpkearXAd@TheTruthMonkey huh?@MichaelLaRosaDC not to one-up you, but i have a randall jersey signed by randall, reggie white and jerome brown@MichaelLaRosaDC that used to be a thing -- for athletes & celebs to get candy bars. can't imagine they were any good.@MichaelLaRosaDC the same one who benched ron jaworski & installed my all-time fav eagle randall cunningham as qb.Karl Rove lets slip that―in addition to Norman Braman―another donor “has put $10M in (to Rubio's super PAC) already.” http://t.co/pUydsyZT5u"Most of us get only one chance to make a first impression. But Hillary gets as many as she wants." @politicoroger: http://t.co/rthNEBzd3D"Neither Israel nor Vogel seemed incredibly concerned about the peril that Hughes unnecessarily Washingtonians in." http://t.co/351RO5nz1othis one's my favorite i think http://t.co/N0CHuAz3Wq http://t.co/BN1V3fS4uQJeb Bush actually responded to that exciting Nigerian investment opportunity. http://t.co/N0CHuAz3Wq"if you understand why Sidwell Friends might be a cause for people leaving govt then you understand how DC works." http://t.co/ry4O3IJCbfThe Capitol Hill #gyrocopter pilot was protesting campaign finance. @kenvogel @RepSteveIsrael http://t.co/CutEociozA http://t.co/BzCizWBwiH
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@KingofPolitics it's not my foia@MadG0d not if they're civil & insightfulare these actual jeb email addresses or is this a foia fishing expedition? http://t.co/wp410y25i1cc @daveweigel https://t.co/2JNOR1kVsWNH GOP doesn't want @lessig's money. http://t.co/6FdRj7oWIuVirginia asparagus with @chefryanwheeler - a spring favorite at Restaurant Eve! #EatLocal @VisitVirginia #loveva http://t.co/ebMMqrU5Mp
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogelsource thinks rand paul's repeated predictions that hillary will be wounded by a major scandal allude to coming @peterschweizer clinton bookRand Paul, sounding a little Harry Reid-ish, keeps saying that a secret scandal will wreck Hillary Clinton “soon”: http://t.co/F2qCsLagQSunfortunately you can't wear it b/c there's no left shoe https://t.co/me7huIbZAINo https://t.co/eh1YAQGHyTGreat catch by @kenvogel + @hflynnpolitico: House quietly passes tax exemption for megadonors http://t.co/sWhnI1eogd http://t.co/mRi9iaBFz0
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel"American news website @Politico wants European policy making sexy," according to Google translator. https://t.co/8vlKtcC0gtprobably easier to do that than to renounce editorials from a month ago, since writers from 150 years ago are dead. https://t.co/sFpR5hCsNIProof that you don't need to understand role of the press or how journalism works to make a living as a media critic https://t.co/R5pmdmfhAA
Democracy Alliance liberal $ club, which tries to court communities of color, criticized for not funding Latino orgs. http://t.co/7wR64qDKoM@michi83 just reminded meremember when @glennbeck was railing on obama nominees' tax problems while he had his own? http://t.co/Cz497HSALq https://t.co/4wqH9ZrYfShis light touch & calm rapport with reporters will serve uber well. https://t.co/F63T6sLBZEHouse quietly passes bill exempting mega-donors from gift tax on 501c4 donations―finally, Rs & Ds agree on something! http://t.co/ivl8fuKXHGEXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton Said to Hire Former Wall Street Cop as Campaign CFO http://t.co/RLqmkWgJKf via @bpolitics
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@anne7076 thanks!it's a super exciting topic! https://t.co/ZmY34lT406talking gyrocopters & what it'll take to pass campaign $ reform (hint: more than gyrocopters) w @RepSteveIsrael on @hardball. tune in!Hillary’s Bad Campaign Finance Ideas. Leading campaign $ scholar @rickhasen on HRC's call for a const'l. amendment: http://t.co/nho0xBRRQKdon't forget to mention how you unearthed that $1M donation from the moroccan govt owned phosphate company ;) https://t.co/UhjxdlvefcTonight on @hardball: @davidaxelrod @RepMarcyKaptur @RepSteveIsrael @kenvogel @shermancourt @PaulHendersonSF @howardfineman @johnbrabender
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogeland rising star @gdebenedetti, the lead byline! https://t.co/x42cweKqKc@ezraklein here's harris talking about the subject of her paper on monday with major donors at the da mtg in sf: http://t.co/65x0Mg7RDqGeroge W. Bush never quite emerged from George's shadow. https://t.co/HupDnKcnt0Little noticed provision in IRS bill would shield billions in 501c4 donations by Adelson, Steyer, etc. from gift tax. http://t.co/8mppz2g44u@Zac_Petkanas i think you see the difference here, but maybe not.Clintons cast cancellation of Greek CGI as bold move to limit foreign $, but actually fundraising for it was lagging. http://t.co/r8qQ5EhzvG@Zac_Petkanas "NYT Reporter Acknowledges He Doesn't Know How Other Agencies Responded To Issa's Email Inquiry" little more than a quote, no?Politico's state capitol expansion “could fill a void left by daily newspapers”―former @latimes editor James O’Shea. http://t.co/SVJHsxkuBNHillary enforcer @mmfa getting personal in Clinton email push-back, goes after @nytimes reporter @michaelsschmidt. http://t.co/UaKsIAoH98.@MileyCyrus tweeted my article & I didn't notice until now. This whole time I had achieved the dream..retiring now http://t.co/7KCdwq0cgV
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelSome Clinton fndtn officials did not want to give up foreign $. @joshgerstein go inside the debate w exclusive deets: http://t.co/xYcoxKn6cS
Sixers missed getting Miami's 1st rounder by one pick and OKC's first rounder by one pick. Rough night for the Hinkie Truthers.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@AnnieLinskey @mviser turn it into a vaca!At Clinton Fndtn staff mtg Mon., Bill & Chelsea worked to reassure, but some fear CGI is too big a liability to go on http://t.co/xYcoxKn6cSSCOOP: Bill Clinton wanted to proceed w/ June CGI event in Athens, but $ was lagging & it was seen as toxic for HRC. http://t.co/xYcoxKn6cSWall Street neither surprised nor worried about Hillary Clinton's populist rhetoric. @gdebenedetti @kenvogel and me. http://t.co/bfWVm4pfLR
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogelgee, wonder where the @wsj got that bit about a moroccan-govt-owned phosphate co donating $1m to the clinton fndtn. http://t.co/6eyutbKnf2Hillary's Wall Street backers are shrugging off her populist attacks, b/c they don't believe she actually means it. http://t.co/U0Z096i1lXfrom your friend in the burrito biz https://t.co/nubfgzvcZXsuch an engrossing lede on this @apalmerdc/@tparti story of k st intrigue. http://t.co/6raEHbiPmI http://t.co/JcTrMjbCh5@kenvogel This is a very interesting book about the Jewish Brigade, fascinating stuff. http://t.co/SeyMFFJufl
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelAt a cocktail party celebrating merger of a lobby shop w/ a law firm, a top lobbyist was served w/ $16M lawsuit. #DC http://t.co/6raEHbiPmIAhead of Yom HaShoah, a soldier in UK's Jewish Brigade who scrawled "Hitler's Gift" in Hebrew here (Italy, 1944/45). http://t.co/6yV5p5hArA@sam_baker @daveweigel true, but i bet they often end up making more than chipolte staffi'm all for tipping at chipotle or starbucks. more work to make a burrito or a latte than to pour a beer, so why are tips expected at a bar?"…a private security co. shields prying eyes from speeches on political accountability…"―@lachlan on paradoxes at DA: http://t.co/gzk7zaa1Lhentitled prick https://t.co/rWtR5aPDt1Bill Clinton has collected $16M in taxpayer-funded benefits since 2000. Bipartisan bill would cut $ to ex-presidents. http://t.co/MkKKssGQbK@kenvogel And when I started yelling: STAND ON THE RIGHT, WALK ON THE LEFT!!
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelTourist season in Washington: when people running to catch the metro scream "Wait! Wait!"Spring! http://t.co/ajaLg7fEKr@AnnieLinskey @davelevinthal Would be bold, but I've already put in a request to be bureau chief of POLITICO My Living Room.More: @capitalnewyork + @politico merging their media desks/coverage under @tmcgev as editor - http://t.co/Cq0WY6tYOf
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelExciting expansion news: @politico N.J. launching this year, plus Playbooks in Calif., Ill. & Mass. & @capitalnewyork becoming Politico N.Y.@kenvogel This is the 4th day in a row that the paper is all about Rubio, as if the primary already happened.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogelinteresting. except adelson has repeatedly told ppl he wants candidate w/ "executive experience," which rubio lacks. https://t.co/SwxbNYKrvu
Congrats Barb! How many Clinton campaigns is this for you? https://t.co/xqsVjBCluWcleveland? more like cleveland state with those unis. https://t.co/6UOYlGY1rMholy smokes! just realized i wasn't following the 11th most influential journalist on twitter @blakehounshell. fixed. http://t.co/q83cyez3yhForeshadowing: day before @MayaHarris_ was named top Hillary policy hand, she urged major donors to embrace... https://t.co/dXaHucEjn0Hillary's new top policy aide @MayaHarris_ on Mon. told donors that $ makes it tough for women to win elect... https://t.co/57Y5dGStWSThe couch-potato pundits, then: You guys never ask HRC any questions. Now: Why are you running after HRC's van to ask her questions?
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogelawesome https://t.co/aGL1IsBXtmnot a coincidence that 4 of the top 10 most influential political journalists in the center work or worked @politico. http://t.co/q83cyez3yhdamn you twitter! i'm trying to work here.Happy Anniversary @GlensGardenMkt! Thanks for moving to the neighborhood 2 yrs ago! http://t.co/vowgSz0D6B #YearOfLetters
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel.@aseitzwald, hero. http://t.co/LPcxI47ej31.) not true. 2.) disingenous. https://t.co/l5Mtn7cPwyAsked about @prioritiesUSA, a superPAC raising millions to help her campaign, Clinton shrugged & said "I don't know." http://t.co/ranAT5U4fE"would you date a blind woman with small breasts over age 37?" https://t.co/5MX9wp4xA8As Dems get #ReadyForHillary, Dukakis film by @WillRabbe of @hardball has reminder about inevitability. http://t.co/sTsFRUSWLk
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelGOP trackers @AmericaRising catch @davidbrockdc ordering drinks at Democracy Alliance donors conf in SF. #gotcha https://t.co/xkoG22Kk9Rare we about to see a wave of liberal scam pacs raising $ off hillary? @joshgerstein tracks one doing robocalls: http://t.co/wQFaEfvGtg@JMacNYC @justkarl http://t.co/m31FXjSIDz http://t.co/ShjNOqygND http://t.co/o1XfzbIDFv etc
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