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Jen Joyce @knitpurl Capitol Hill, Seattle

Captain of Makin It Happen. @Uber Sr Marketing Mgr - WA! Knit when I have time to sit. Always needs more tattoos. Music. Cats. Fun. Also, @Uber_SEA.

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(989): I apologize in advance for the amount of cleavage I'll be exposing your boyfriend to.
Retweeted by Jen JoyceSometimes your head is so full of ideas and things to do that sleep is not an option. πŸ’―πŸ’@mshannabrooks OK. πŸ™†
Today I’m all like http://t.co/aXQLscwwS2@christengreene Greene for Sheriff.
Would it be horrible of me to Postmates something that is one block away? #SICK #REALLYSICK
➑ http://t.co/lMo3klqOZI
@Abashima thank you!!@girlandcoconut Thanks boo ❀️❀️❀️Working from my couch the rest of the day because sickness. 😐@MarshallOsborne @AndiPim http://t.co/Vvlx8Lnwa1@AndiPim Marshall or MaxSince today can go to hell I’ll just be over here watching this on repeat https://t.co/n5gyt4zaNN@krows54 https://t.co/9y1CgLN6RePARTY TIP: We must decide to follow our dream no matter how hard it feels. We must commit!
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Giving @HelloFresh a whirl! Save 20$ on your first order with my code LYLCXS at http://t.co/JgLaS1EXemOH: Fuck no. I think that was Tori Amos. I'd rather listen to bag pipes.New beebees. πŸ’ͺ http://t.co/4bC0569mhSI will only buy this if someone will wear it with me ...@krows54? πŸ‘― http://t.co/2TDH8fV9JlReally want to keep it positive here so I'll set my phone down now. πŸ’™πŸ’š Oh and here are some cute corgis: http://t.co/u7TLnDStzjπŸ’™πŸ’š @DougBaldwinJr πŸ’šπŸ’™This game is going to give me a GD heart attack.Proposed name change: Seattle Yellowflags@andy_hurst yup. Same here.@howiecohen she just can't watch anymore. http://t.co/5ckToqML1nBella's reaction to this game so far 😾 http://t.co/uLf5fpY8HQSweet Pete’s gum smacking is a little more aggressive today. I wonder why… πŸ˜β€œ@thomasonphx: @Percy_Harvin last interview before leaving #Seattle ? @TerezOwens http://t.co/J3YOSnd85u” @paulaaio @JessEstrada πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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Carson's 1st FaceTime and he is completely unaware of it. http://t.co/NRxHqb5T0d@yelahbrown He’s obviously high or something.Apparently i’m a slut that can’t get a job. I’m so boring, mentally ill, & I won’t care for you when you’re sick. http://t.co/ZyfgUc9qOOHAPPY BIRTHDAY @SOURCEME! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸ˜˜
@wryanturner some day... Some day...2 burritos. One day. Fuck yea.Just in case you are wondering, our celebrity couple name would be "Ben".WHY IS MY NEPHEW THE CUTEST THING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD OMGGGGGG http://t.co/94VnjteagbEveryone in Seattle right now is like http://t.co/nWzU3Sp708Sorry about that Percy Harvin Seahawks jersey you just bought.
Retweeted by Jen JoyceWhat. http://t.co/Hri7P9pvLA@christengreene read that as β€œboobs"@SourceMe ALL OF THE SMOOCHES!2 years ago today I flew to SF to surprise @SourceMe for her birthday. We totally interrupted an Uberversity but whatever. πŸ’—
@rebekahahubbard Thanks, girl!@jonhumbert I will take that as a yes, but don’t feel like you need to confirm. πŸ˜‰@rebekahahubbard What does β€œheavy mileage” mean to you? hahahaPLEASE tell me that something HORRIBLE happens to King Joffrey. Actually don’t. Just know I hate him. #GoTDear Internets, @Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit or Nike Free 5.0? #DISCUSS #INEEDNEWSHOESYALLI like my staircases like I like my women: brassy and supportive.
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@SarahLovrien hoooooooome why?! What am I missing.So does this mean my order is coming in a moving truck? http://t.co/toLqeR57eJI love you, @waitwait http://t.co/u4oyqsPfZs@JoannaLord @nicoleevents 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘@evonnebenedict I read that as #EbolaCat and got very sad for the cat with Ebola.BLUSHINGGGGG RT @nicoleevents: Great example of a brand... @Uber_Sea and @KnitPurl! "They're being a brand" β€” @JoannaLord #MakeLove #SIC2014
@SarahLovrien hahaha on this one yes 😘When you think a tweet is pure gold and it only gets like 4 favorites http://t.co/T9OCkuEMB945 mins to get all dressed up. Uber gon get you to this club RT @honorarygiraffe Partition came on in my Uber & I never felt more like Yoncé
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@omsandhoney I am so down. Just say when, @humcreative. We’ll bring the booze treats and such. 😘@BrianWestbrook @JessEstrada πŸ’@JessEstrada Brings a whole new meaning to SIC 😝.@catsampson droppin some sick beats right meow.@davidhoang @VirginAmerica puuuurrrrrrrfect@drewbarth http://t.co/4421Kg2SeCI COULD REALLY USE A GD NAP.There is always two sides to every story. #TheMoreYouKnowWhat's next for Mark Driscoll? WE HAVE SOME IDEAS. http://t.co/4Em5wJrdhw #MarkDriscollForHire
Retweeted by Jen Joyce.@PHOXBAND – β€œ1936β€³ (Carousel Remix) | Hillydilly http://t.co/kVkXVLoyxU via @hillydilly
Retweeted by Jen JoyceMissin @DinoKnucks mucho grande.
It’s back, bitches. #PASSWORDFOUND RT @ShitJenJSays: I don’t need coffee, I need wine.@TommyPierucki HAHAHA #FAIL / @coridecoSometimes you just have to be like http://t.co/8PpKwg4Kot
Fuck a thigh gap winter is coming.
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@knitpurl haters gonna hate, hate, hate hate
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@girlandcoconut I am ready.@girlandcoconut I will help you. β€œOH I DIDNT MEAN TO RT FROM THE UBER GLOBAL ACCOUNT OOPS”@girlandcoconut TWEET AT DELTA. hahaha@girlandcoconut What airlines?@girlandcoconut NOOOOO!!!! Gurl you could have locked that down.@aviel #superfan@aviel It’s been a bit! How ya doin!?@aviel oh hey!OK. I ADMIT IT. I HAVE LISTENED TO T SWIFT SHAKE IT OFF LIKE 50 TIMES TODAY. WHATEVER. LEAVE ME ALONE.@girlandcoconut ooooooh gurlFor the last 2 1/2 years, we haven’t had a single second without a trip. Wuuuuut. http://t.co/lYU0SnPXmm
@IsabelArcelia @ConorTripler @Uber pls tell that person to email supportla@uber.com ASAP so we can make sure everything is handled properly😐Hey Russell why not you
Retweeted by Jen JoyceEvery fast food commercial is now about lunch-shaming someone at your nightmare of a job.
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@rebowers he seriously is. I cried like a little baby leaving him!!! πŸ‘Ό@rebowers hahaha I am at Redwood and will not be leaving this seat!!@philipothy apparently they were waiting for me? πŸ‘Ό"NO. MINE." -the @Seahawks RE: the football*DOES NOT MOVE* RT @nickf: @knitpurl whatever you do, stay there!! :PPlane touches down in Seattle. Straight to watch the game and HELL YES TOUCHDOWN. #GOHAWKSTears and Top Knot Searches: The Jen Joyce Leaving Phoenix Story@SourceMe I LIKE THAT FACE A LOT.@christengreene I don’t think there is anything to discuss here.Since he was 3 weeks early, I wasn't quite done with his blanket. Look at that model pose, tho. http://t.co/0NXpB5s70k #WIP #shareyourknits
How Uberites do Auntie Duty. http://t.co/OqSpsnXuPz@keridwyn Thx girl!!!
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