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LeVar Burton @levarburton Los Angeles, CA

Actor, Director, Educator, Student

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Nych'all...@_Flawed_Beauty_ ✔️❤️
Nych'all...Yes! RT @readingrainbow: Found at the "What Are You Reading" board. Good choice! @latimesfob #Bookfest #RhinoBook http://t.co/WYyzeEFBgP@JackieWoodson You...I love!!! http://t.co/h980MpOpAhGood Morning, Y'all... Enjoy your Sunday!
This woman writes her ass off! RT @karlfenske: @levarburton @atticalocke @latimesbooks @latimesfob #LATimesBookPrizes http://t.co/ryku4oLHnnThank you for championing the written word! MT @latimesfob: Thanks for making us cry! #Bookfest #BookPrize #MakeBooksNotWarTrigger Warnings by Neil Gaiman... RT @AMStarkPhoto: @levarburton LeVar, what are you currently reading?It's always nice to come home... #almamater http://t.co/w1i7GxPSIGWhen @levarburton was studying at #USC, he was cast in "Roots" - he credits that with learning that TV has power to teach. #bookfest
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonAt my panel at the LA Times Festival of Books. Pat Morrison at the podium introducing our conversation. http://t.co/Pfi84BWlU0Today we're at the @latimesfob #LABookFest! Come by to see @levarburton & get your #RhinoBook signed! http://t.co/CV7zkRAFht
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonAt #USC RT @latimesbooks: Today at #Bookfest: @LeVarBurton keeps the sunlight shining through Reading Rainbow http://t.co/nN2e2hs4Se
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonThanks, Denver! Kunta has left the building... http://t.co/N2ylJH4KOrI love my job because... #BYDHTTMWFI http://t.co/bZ1R2KrlZb http://t.co/Mepe5Ysl1RHappy Saturday, Y'all...
Dear @kendricklamar I am loving the new joint, especially one cut in particular... #bydhttmwfi Sincerely, KuntaThis!!! RT @RealAvocadoFact: hey likewise, @levarburton 💚http://t.co/B55xwYDfL7 https://t.co/f4nkMGF8i1 http://t.co/VcKH1LK1ZaYou guys, this chipotle guacamole is changing my life...I'm in guacamole heaven! From L-R, traditional, corn & chipotle... #bydhttmwfi http://t.co/KaCrOEueso
@sproutingnewbeg Funny you should mention that... #bydhttmwfiHey Y'all, do me a favor and send my brother @BevanBell some Birthday Love. He's a... #really #good #man@nightfall00 @readingrainbow Tell him we're working on it now! #sooncomeDenver.... Kunta is in the house!Knock, knock. Who's there? Rhino. Rhino who? RHINO WHO SWALLOWED A STORM @levarburton @latimesfob Booth184 #LATFOB http://t.co/cYZkVZuA7V
Retweeted by LeVar Burton@MicaBurton @smosh @smoshanthony @SmoshIan Ahhh... Good times!Join #GoogleEduOnAir to hear @levarburton "inspire learners with the power of storytelling" http://t.co/hETjWslF7a http://t.co/fdnvGmHBUp
Retweeted by LeVar Burton
Found this old #LazerTeam set pic of me @AH_Michael & @GavinFree today <3 (featuring @levarburton creeping) http://t.co/EiAJRDvlNb
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonAmazing time! RT @Theaprilkimble: Thanks @levarburton for being so nice to @LyleLovett and me last night @WhiteHouse. http://t.co/gvmeJ4eVUr
#Bookfest Innovator Award Winner @levarburton & his friend Austin show off The Reading Rainbow app! https://t.co/oPCz7xKnJ5 #TrailerTuesday
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonEn route... #bydhttmwfi http://t.co/NniHYLuqdtToday is #NationalLibraryWorkersDay! RT if you love or appreciate a #librarian! http://t.co/dWLYldCZqS
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonAlso spotted this morning @amhistorymuseum... #BabeRuth #bydhttmwfi http://t.co/3gWZLaoAyV@RetMSgt @amhistorymuseum Yes! Pictured are wrist manacles. We had to scrape the padding out of my leg chains as my ankles became swollen37 years ago I wore these shackles during the filming of ROOTS. Thank you @amhistorymuseum http://t.co/dYiOSgpGso http://t.co/ISQCO2exMf
Hanging out today @NMNH WITH THE @readingrainbow cameras... #bydhttmwfi #rhodonite http://t.co/ieM1ME14uwPsyched!! RT @UMassLowell: So excited to welcome @levarburton to #UML for Commencement 2015: http://t.co/XteCFfd8kE #uml2015LA Times Innovators prize winner @LeVarBurton on his career from 'Roots' to 'Reading Rainbow' http://t.co/06mdzyilQh http://t.co/13MHZB6WiL
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonGood Morning, Y'all...
@nackle78 The more you know...Good Morning, Y'all...
READ RT @latimesfob: Check out what #Bookfest 2014 Innovator’s Award Winner @levarburton had to say to @paperhaus. https://t.co/oukeFUw0UVWe've been all over Manhattan on location for 3 days. Next up... @readingrainbow http://t.co/F1aa0kn8LYThe great @levarburton and @readingrainbow visited @tenementmuseum this morning... but don't take our word for it! http://t.co/i9IhRnCQjI
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonMUST SEE! RT @ragequeen6: So happy with my tattoo of @levarburton as Geordi! #startrek #georgilaforge #tattoo http://t.co/zBXNHRuEN6
How do we use energy of sun, wind, & water to power our lives? Find out in this NEW #uTech episode w @LeVarBurton: http://t.co/g1rhHE0fhh
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonAn amazing experience with @readingrainbow and @Kegan3D the founder of SOLS - I love my job because… http://t.co/CnOB5j6PlJ
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonIf it's Wednesday, there must be a new @ReadingRainbow #UTech video on @YouTube ... #bydhttmwfi http://t.co/GIdD7dOHTcTrue! RT @WUSTL: "I believe that storytelling is absolutely essential to the nature of being human."- @levarburton, http://t.co/jYwzuEFbb4
Actor and education advocate @LeVarBurton to speak at @UMassLowell commencement http://t.co/Gs5jJ6LCmf
Retweeted by LeVar Burton@levarburton is this year's @umasslowell commencement speaker! @readingrainbow @StarTrek #winning
Retweeted by LeVar Burton
Hello New York... http://t.co/uxj6RxHL8bNYC, Kunta is in the house...Thanks Ann Arbor! You were a gracious host as always. See you next time... #bydhttmwfi
@brentspiner God bless! ...and mi diabetes es Su diabetes! #sharing #is #caringAn Easter miracle! @micaburton has found a red wine to her linking... http://t.co/D8Nr8ORFPj@gates_mcfadden Did you say you are getting a lap dance in Dublin?Can I have some of yours? RT @BrentSpiner: Happy Easter, peeps. Be generous today. Share a box of peeps.Fittingly I'm indulging in some Greek tragedy for Easter... It's about the ultimate self-sacrifice. http://t.co/e969VlsBqAHappy Easter, Y'all...
RT @MicaBurton: Yahoo! Dad's here! @levarburton 💕 http://t.co/x9HfohUDQcRT @UCCS: Due to a change in scheduling, @levarburton's appearance at UCCS had been rescheduled to April 27, 2015. http://t.co/0HnLfxFXuvThank you #STL & #WashU for a great event last night. Luya'all, big time! #A2 & #UMich, I'm on my way... #Bydhttmwfi http://t.co/NVnAXMEbt8
@MicaBurton @StephanieCozart Break a leg, Kiddo! #opening #night #jittersWonderful news for you #RescueBots fans... https://t.co/TuID9NpTqoYou're invited to come see me tonite! RT @STLonAir: @levarburton will be in #STL on Thursday for a free event: http://t.co/TQ93lnbbghMe too! RT @MarkwRider: Thinking of you Joni. And wishing you well. #ThankYouJoni | SFJAZZ http://t.co/OgJCrHdz2b http://t.co/eLA1ywSsBpYou just did! MT @mkaufman811: It's also Autism Awareness Day! Please let your followers know of that too.RT @mashable: 7 inspiring children's books to motivate your young activist http://t.co/JvMfsNxmih http://t.co/xVAH0prXImHappy International Children's Book Day, Y'all...Early flight today to St. Louis. Wheels up in 5, 4, 3...Good Morning, Y'all...
Congrats to the wife @StephanieCozart on her #EMMY nomination today... #TheTalk #GlamSquad
@MrGuymurray @RickieLeeJones No worries. When I first heard the Orb cut, even I thought it was me! Thanks for putting it to rest.@MrGuymurray Finally, the source of the sample! Clearly, that's not my voice. @RickieLeeJones can you chime in here?@CanSpice I have brought you're to the attention of the team. You will be contacted, forthwith.Mid-week means a new @readingrainbow #utech video! Get it here... http://t.co/Ha9M3cFeld #bydhttmwfiSo proud to have been included! MT @OctaviasBrood: @blactivist Yes @levarburton is in there! Stay alive long enough to read his story.Happy Wednesday, Y'all...
@GarrettPopcorn @wrongbagels Do you deliver? I'm at gate K9...Been stuck at the gate for over an hour at O'Hare while the snow continues to pile up... http://t.co/TWL2chGaUDOh Chicago, wherefore art thou Spring? http://t.co/2nGDOt58aaGood Morning, Y'all...@phoenixjug It's all good!!!
@alexanderdeleon Extremely gracious of you. Only if you allow me to buy you a drink!@alexanderdeleon I was hyper focused on your boots. No wonder you have a clothing line.I was hyper focused on your boots. No wonder you have a clothing line!@feliciaday It's enough to put me off of the brand forever! #RayBans #youreblowingit
Yup! RT @MacAttackLean: @levarburton @hotairtours @readingrainbow did you go up? http://t.co/8FLAkYN46QOn location this morning with @hotairtours... @readingrainbow #agrapeescape http://t.co/0AYWD6h6BI http://t.co/jtcGfZpfYg@phoenixjug I'd very much like to finish this conversation privately.
Nych'all...I admit it. Sometimes people puzzle the crap out of me...@phoenixjug Brother, I neither blocked you, nor did I erase your tweet. Don't know how you came to that conclusion! #slow #your #roll@jettila @BrentSpiner Done!!!Ordering mine right away... RT @BrentSpiner: .@levarburton Check this out. What a bargain! http://t.co/v4PPl4KkJVA #Rainbow welcome at Lanai Rd Elementary, for an @readingrainbow @Kickstarter reward... #bydhttmwfi http://t.co/2ytlMBeTi3@MicaBurton Happy St. Paddy's Day, Kiddo... #youilove
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