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Blogger at La Petite Fashionista - #GirlBoss @ LPF Media & founder of the #SocialMediaWithStyle Workshop! Lover of coffee, arm parties & social media!

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What's inspiring you this month? http://t.co/GZocraXC23 http://t.co/v9OF0z127oMarch Inspiration Board http://t.co/iMfjrRWD8U on @bloglovin
@cmcoving ditto, pretty lady! Hope you girls have a blast! xoxoAbsolutely loving @cmcoving & @EmilyAnnGemma's colorful style on vacay in Jamaica! You girls have me dreaming of somewhere in the sun! xoWhen you write from your heart people listen. Everyone wants to not feel alone and know someone else is going through things too. #ellechat
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaSo many pretties at the @shopbop sale! Got my package today :) http://t.co/HbhemsF8A9 http://t.co/dGuS1gcu6p@worldmarket I love how colorful they are!Give your bathroom tile a bold pattern! Get inspiration from @themakerista: http://t.co/VnskVxXamM http://t.co/GA0ibNu85A
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaA date night idea & drinks inspired by Trivial Pursuit Live game night! #HasbroGameChannel #CG http://t.co/SV6f4hGkJy http://t.co/WXHleJn31lGame Night: Trivial Pursuit Live http://t.co/KK1Pl9Xi2R on @bloglovinGot this @rebeccaminkoff bag in "winter mint" today during @shopbop's sale (save up to 25% off w/ codeBIGEVENT15)! http://t.co/vc6BklHOGcThinking about starting your own biz? Read my tips (& save on our next #SocialMediaWithStyle workshop)! http://t.co/aFJfwV094nCoffee makes the world go ground: http://t.co/DWyl71IsCL http://t.co/rmyLWGB0SS
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Announced the blog redesign with a little bit of help from @lpfashionista & #SocialMediaWithStyle workshop! http://t.co/ooI2u6fAap
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaBought a "Winter Mint" Mini Mac bag as an early bday pres! See my picks for the @shopbop sale:http://t.co/uz9FxyB8je http://t.co/9Afo196tYG@lpfashionista I loved this post Lauren! Congratulations on 1 year! x
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@alovelylook Thank you SO much, it's gone by so fast! Thank you for sending along questions as well! :) xoxox@JoceysKitchen me too!! ;) I will tackle that question in our next post joce!@VelvetCrate hurray! This has certainly been the year of the #girlboss and i'm perfectly okay with that!! Cheers :)@lpfashionista congratulations. We are celebrating our first anniversary too.
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaSave on my favorite Mini Mac bag from @RebeccaMinkoff during @Shopbop's sale this week! See my picks… https://t.co/ikqPeYVS2e@KateyMcFarlan happy birthday lovely lady! oxoxoThinking about starting your own biz? Read my honest post about what I learned in my 1st year! http://t.co/DzLWRFp1fY http://t.co/F3ZQ9Nv7XZDon't ignore millennials. "They're using the platforms we'll all be using in 2-5 yrs now" (i.e. Snapchat) @lindaong100 #digitalhollywood
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaI'm SO excited to be celebrating my 1st year of being a #girlboss 💗🙌 I'm sharing an honest to… https://t.co/a77mEOGlaf5 Things I Learned in My First Year of Business http://t.co/LVUhJMawNA on @bloglovin
This doesn't surprise me at all! >> I got "Lover Archetype" on "What is your brand personality?" What about you? http://t.co/t8eBnE9VFx"Style Secrets from Surfer Girls"- this piece was made for me @whowhatwear @billabongwomens! http://t.co/KKot1jfye0 http://t.co/c9l5zhzkmv@alovelylook absolutely! I think I'm going to make tomorrow's more of a retrospective and then do a 2nd q&A- been getting great questions!@nuancenbubbles another great question!@alovelylook ah yes, that's a good one! I'll be sure to share Hannah!Questions about starting a business or growing your blog as a brand? Tweet me! I'm writing a piece for my one year #girlboss anniversary!Oh my goodness! Can't believe it's been exactly one year since I took the scary but exciting leap… https://t.co/aNjtEthRkKGoogle Is Slowly Phasing Out Google+ https://t.co/kah7wY9hj2 via @YahooTech
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@stelladot @IHOP LOVE me some breakfast for dinner!@searsStyle obsessed! We need some tropical florals to combat all this snow!@lpfashionista Love those picks!
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@fancythingsblog @shopbop aw thank you! I'm craving color right now :)@shopbop thank you! JUST placed my order. That package i's going to make for one happy mail day! :)I love the way that fellow blogger, entrepreneur, and all around #GIRLBOSS Lauren of @lpfashionistahttps://t.co/Djp6Opo3fn
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista.@kathrynelise aw, thank you so much for having me kathryn! I'm so inspired by you & your biz! xoxowe are back with another #gogettersguide interview! so excited to have Lauren of @lpfashionista! | read it: http://t.co/3obpDjhL4Y
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaSo ready to turn the page on winter! Dreaming of summer at the LPF office today! Anyone else obsessed… https://t.co/RZ1Q8iunbcLatest Lust: Sherbet Shades http://t.co/UWK7bMCx8m on @bloglovinSharing my sherbet shade picks from @shopbop's awesome "The Big Event' sale! http://t.co/ahc3R1xfLr http://t.co/N9E5ldKiPyMy favorite way to start the day! The coconut water facial wipes from @ilovepacifica are my go-to (&… https://t.co/WmenjJqA2A
@LifeModifier oh my gosh, don't depress me haha. Kyle is a huge college basketball fan so march madness will keep me busy! ;)@LifeModifier YES! That would be perf for FSU games too in gameday colors!@eleanorcutler I love that quote too! #StartSomewhere has been one of my mantras for the year!Have some fun with your coffee table! http://t.co/O7ZERni1yb Styling tips: http://t.co/xWVsiUsMLS #waitingonmartha http://t.co/2aJGpbnifM
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaSO recreating @LifeModifier's #DIY Kate Spade Earrings this weekend! So sparkly & simple! http://t.co/kzgMvd0tpN#mondaymantra: "dream big, work hard, stay focused & surround yourself with good people!"Today I'm talking about 4 bloggers who inspired me to start blogging http://t.co/mqAsbNa31L @lpfashionista @byEmily @galadarling @keikolynn
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@alovelylook @byEmily @galadarling @keikolynn oh my gosh, this made my day Hannah! I'm SO glad you're still blogging too sweet girl! xoxo@TwinStripe yay for March babies! :)Ready for winter to be over?! Me too. I'm sharing 4 ways to refresh for spring! http://t.co/QX1H3OtWvW http://t.co/KVI21W3GLU@GabbyBernstein my favorite mantra from your book! Love repeating in stressful moments :)@TwinStripe March 14th! :).@IKEA furniture will now wirelessly charge your phone: http://t.co/oeblezm31z http://t.co/dvRZAYDhLi
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaOn my birthday wish list! This Florida girl is missing the ocean after the winter we've had: http://t.co/ABJdvwI4W4 http://t.co/XGx92ync9EJoin the #Ambitionista chat tonight @ 9pm EST @lpfashionista @MakeupWhoreder @melrosaa > http://t.co/2FdnajAIuC
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaWhy gingham is quickly becoming our new favorite print. http://t.co/oV8FtuX7e7 http://t.co/4Njq1PbLUz
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” - Maya Angelou
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@_thebrunetteone @Boomchickapop I'm with you girl! I'm ready for some sunshine and spring flowers!These are a few of my favorite things..! https://t.co/Fd42kldOkK http://t.co/1IHsMD85ZDBuilding My Empire http://t.co/tu9hpxzNu5 on @bloglovinIt's a brand new week! Write down your agenda & make it happen! Carpe Diem! ✏️📚 XoX💋💋 (http://t.co/MnrLNxYb25) http://t.co/2pK7X3iC1G
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaThe latest snapshots - my favorite snacks (@Boomchickapop!) & adding color to a dreary winter! http://t.co/es2OgmD6d3 http://t.co/Od46SAn84l
A Detoxifying Yoga Sequence To Refresh Your Energy by @IAMYOUstudio http://t.co/75SxmcI92Z http://t.co/FCvQ6Q66mS
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaCan you guys picture me on a farm? It's my dream- I love the idea of a simpler kind of life! https://t.co/R2GsAL31wr http://t.co/lwIogkb3xESpring cleaning & starting with my closet! I'd love to know if you've had success selling through any… https://t.co/l3yxyAAbw3
@shopfrancescas whoa! must get into the store this weekend!@mad_madeline1 aw, hi nana!!Instagram Inspiration: February http://t.co/xNmbydDlg3 on @bloglovinLove a good deal? Me too! I've added a "Shop LPF" section with my latest lusts under $50! http://t.co/zdUxLSg0XV http://t.co/hHA8PXbZgPI'm usually not a #selfie kinda gal but I'm obsessing over this lip color! @NYXCosmetics:… https://t.co/iBbOHpZCWmSharing a fun preview of our @LakeAndCo magazine shoot: http://t.co/KCmPMVs8Bw. Can't wait for the Spring issue to be released next month!
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@EyeCandyCreate I love that your word is "today" mine is "balance" this year! :)Sick of winter? I'm sharing 4 ways to refresh for Spring on the blog! What are your fav ways? http://t.co/G9Vec4ikjU http://t.co/cGQFzknbZkStarting to get birthday month discounts in emails today! This makes for one happy fashionista! 💗 #marchbaby@LandsEndPR @LandsEnd sounds like fun!! xo@26NotCounting @HP Ready for spring any time now! ;)#DIY a floral bouquet, one of my tips to refresh for spring in my new post on LPF! 💐 @… https://t.co/Pd8ZHUey59
I'm sharing 4 ways to Refresh for Spring inspired by my @HP x360 today on http://t.co/awxhTlXQI2 💗… https://t.co/6XXXoaz6hVStuck in a winter rut? I'm sharing 4 ways to refresh for spring w/ @HP! http://t.co/G9Vec4ikjU #BendtheRules #spon http://t.co/K20dyKpRLK4 Ways to Refresh for Spring http://t.co/Tk0XmexSTD on @bloglovin
I loved your case study in @Pinterest's email today @mooreaseal (& of course your inspiring shop & boards)! xoIt might be snowing outside, but @lpfashionista's outfit gives off some much needed summer vibes!… https://t.co/w8wEghPI6k
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@MrsAlexGood jealous! that sonds SO nice right about now! :)Yesterday was the best mail day ever! So thankful to be doing what I love & lucky to work w/ amazing… https://t.co/6xIZ1TAJCx
@katieniemiec @Woodbury_Lane Love this post & supporting #smallbiz! xoCongrats to @Woodbury_Lane on the grand opening! See what boutiques I'm shopping right now: http://t.co/5AZb6PWsko http://t.co/KuMxzaSC0p
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaDoing some spring cleaning? Check out #pinspiration for organizing your home, closet & life! https://t.co/EDWLIKnqSj http://t.co/hC826vRJAjMajor wanderlust after checking out @mgustke6's BEAUTIFUL honeymoon pictures from Mexico! http://t.co/eILsm71vEf http://t.co/AZmdQTVAK2There may be snow outside, but I'm in a Summer state of mind in today's LPF #ootd post! http://t.co/OWScg3bLd5 http://t.co/8g7A8lBypOIt's snowy outside but I'm in a summer state of mind today on LPF! ☀️💗 @ http://t.co/awxhTlXQI2 https://t.co/zLgI398Adx
Summer State of Mind http://t.co/0IWnGUmJh5 on @bloglovinI officially need a new tv show to binge watch on @Netflix! Recs? What have you been watching lately?Feeling rosy cheeked & happy after my girl alimcwilliams' fitness class tonight! I love that she… https://t.co/aV9PGL5j2yDon’t just wake up with dreams back it up with action plans
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