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Luka Jones @lukajones Los Angeles, CA

actor. philosophy phd. enjoy emotional intensity and analytic rigor. do not have a strong reproductive impulse. instagram -- http://t.co/C2xbnjxMPq

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@DustinMartian sounds good@DustinMartian there are definitely complex issues related to this, tough to sort out@DustinMartian sorry about that. Sounds like we have stuff in common. Would be an interesting private talk sometime. (pound) (BlackBerry)@DustinMartian yes. And I'm not just talking about the severely I'll. Even just the "normal" ppl w depression/anxiety/deep self-esteem shit@DustinMartian felt responsibility for treating oneself when one has a condition that can negatively affect others (myself included).@DustinMartian I am deeply interested and somewhat well-read about mental illness. I am not the enemy of the mentally ill. I'm advocating...@DustinMartian I don't blame depressives for the underlying condition. But they need to get treatment. Can be their fault if they dont.@DustinMartian humans are vicious to varying degrees Some are quite vicious others arent. I wonder if depression&narcissism are incompatible@DustinMartian ppl feel empathy when they arent caught up in their sense of victimization by others.But not when they feel slighted/envy/etc@DustinMartian I believe you about narcissists. But I do think low self-esteem and self-loathing can be symptoms of depression. Depressed...@DustinMartian thank you for the genuine share@DustinMartian the more a depressive hates himself/herself, the more likely they are to lash out at perceived (but not real) slights etc@DustinMartian my anxiety stuff can make me feel certain things much more deeply so I relate some. I also think self-esteem stuff ties in...@DustinMartian yeah I agree. I've been on the receiving end of it & have seen others hurt too. That's why ppl are obligated to treat it imo@DustinMartian I didn't realize that most therapists won't treat that. I wonder why. I could see that being frustrating.@DustinMartian I believe you. But I'm not just talking about physical harm.@DustinMartian I have anxiety issues and am happy to admit ppl like me should get help partially due to how we can affect others.@DustinMartian less meaning in life. Tend to value life less during extreme episodes. And seem more likely to darkly lash out at others.@DustinMartian really? I'm not saying all depressives harm others. (also not just talking about physical harm.) depressives tend to see...Clinically depressed people have a moral obligation to seek help before they harm others.
RT if you think Jessi Klein (@jessirklein) should take over @TheDailyShow.
Retweeted by Luka Jones@NickMandernach gotta squeeze it in there any opportunity@NickMandernach BlackBerry 4eva
@zoeinthecities @pattrickymcd @ucbsunset great photo - loved that momentBrilliant improv tonight from @lukajones and @zoeinthecities, This is Not Funny @ucbsunset--such a sick sweet moment http://t.co/DWgkv3SXQ7
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@themillsap not these daysppl who are self-conscious but not self-aware disturb me@AdamSMcCabe first version of mickey mouse@AdamSMcCabe yosemite sam@AdamSMcCabe hello kitty@Tambone @laurenlapkus it means that they want you to take care of them bc you look so strong as a person@erockappel time to take the secondary surface streets@zoeinthecities you will be amazing. I will purposefully pee myself if you do to make it seem normal.TSINF tonight at 10:30 at UCB Sunset with guests Zoe Kazan (@zoeinthecities), Rose Byrne, and Zach Woods. Info/tix: https://t.co/WjNGiMt4LS@BillyMerritt I don't have a bag that is expandable. All of mine are just designed to be one size.@BillyMerritt okay. I guess I just prefer literal truths for the most part. Not as fancy as you I guess@BillyMerritt you are lying. You're being a liar right now.@BillyMerritt DONT TALK LIKE THAT THEY R STILL AROUND BILLY@joshfadem basketball buddy basketball@caseyfeigh @evafay man i gotta brush up on my nun shit@caseyfeigh @evafay that's not Sister Act?
I don't get why ppl don't wanna all be buddies with all the cool ppl they have been in relationships with.Pro tip: If you want my dork to be hard around you, be arousingAre documentaries journalism or entertainment? That's the question that HBO's "The Jinx" raises. http://t.co/GDrGdf3ciO
Retweeted by Luka Jones.@tnyfrontrow on “The Jinx” and why reënactments in documentaries are almost never a good idea: http://t.co/EvKwLtm2sL
Retweeted by Luka Jones@JohnMarkowitz #WeAreGonnaMakeThisHappenI am completely against hashtags. #NoHashTagsThis motherfucker has been staring at me like she wants to throw fists! http://t.co/HD7FkFeAck@justincullen12 No they'd be equally realThe two main intimate conversation scenes between Hannah and Adam in this season of GIRLS were beautifully painful and subtle and real.@justincullen12 psyche no such thingSo pumped for heaven you guys.
@nickthune @randyliedtke whoops! Sorry, Randy! :o@WebsterBlake would love for them to somehow get revenge on UK for last year@nickthune @randyliedtke wow can't believe you're outing him about such a personal issue on such a public forum. RL's sex stuff is private.@mshowalter I am really happy about that. If I can change the way even one person thinks, I feels like I am doing what I am here to do.@AnnetteLawless yeah I now wanna see Shox win. Thanks - parents from KS, but I did go to KU.@AnnetteLawless exhibition games are different. I'd like to see them play more but it's true that KU gains nothing while WSU gains a ton@AnnetteLawless Good win for WSU, hope they go far. Self has been honest about it not benefitting KU's program enough to do home-home seriesShox played fearless. They were the better team, today...but proud we've sustained success for decades. It's far from being over. #RCJH
Retweeted by Luka Jones"Said no one ever" or "because ________." Which of these hack expressions makes you want to quit @twitter more? #SMH The answer is #SMH.
Retweeted by Luka Jones@AndyMilonakis totally disagree@WebsterBlake not surprising result. This year's team was so inconsistent. Hope the Shox keep winning@mshowalter Thank you, I really try to inject each tweet w wisdom and humility. So happy ppl benefit from them.@lukajones That's so interesting. Your Tweets always make me think.
Retweeted by Luka Jones@kristenschaaled yes it is so goodgonna call my balls plums from now on@mikiannmaddox 7-11@emilymayamills @brandosornbo hang in there@benzisk still don't like it. and don't like 'fat' either. seems meanit is nuts how deeply and subconsciously i assume that platinum hair on a woman means that she is dtf@smellyi i hope this is a joke
@emilymayamills @brandosornbo I feel like my temporary mental wounds healed without scars within a week@jonboyer @TheTessMorris @missbarton dogs are so much better@NateCraigLive and it's definitely a big deal for WSU. Should be interesting to see how the players react.I am completely over college basketball coaches/analysts saying of post players that they are BIG LOADSYou guys ever masturbate? It's pretty compelling stuff!@jlsnedegar you are unbiased@annielederman @imandyhaynes your dad sounds funi ask my sexual partners to call me daddy in the bedroom and mommy out in public@annielederman @imandyhaynes yeah everything that'd be awesome@d_haggar just accept that he is a sexual and perverted being like the rest of us@NateCraigLive it's WuShock! And I love Wichita State, my grandpa went there...Very sad they have to lose so early. Rock Chalk
@PJSActor oh no, I really don't hate myself. I find self-haters mysterious.@moshekasher @brendonwalsh @kumailn thanks I love it :)@lukajones @kumailn @moshekasher here's a handsome picture of you, Luka. http://t.co/1itWwllffZ
Retweeted by Luka Jones@jennyslate so much presh to be a prince@kumailn @moshekasher @brendonwalsh you guys, he's handsome@brendonwalsh JK you're super handsome!Why do some ppl hate themselves? Is it always purely chemical?@brendonwalsh No.@jlsnedegar congrats. I like WVU. Might favor MD due to Turgeon being a Kansas guy. But either way, Cinci, you, or Maryland need to beat UK."If (we play) Wichita State it'll be one of the most talked-about games in state history, I'd assume." KU coach Bill Self
Retweeted by Luka Jones@tyshawntaylor Rock ChalkWith its win today, Kansas claims the most Round of 64 wins since 1985. http://t.co/YB05pswvh9
Retweeted by Luka Jones@Next718star @KUHoops Rock Chalk!Just bought two Taco Bell AM Bacon Crunchwraps. Started eating. Truly feel like I just ate one of them but they both seem to be gone :(@literallyafool @billburr but i like that he frames it all by mentioning his emotional issues@Gramerick2 err on the side of compassionI am wearing a Kansas hat to bed bc they play later this morning, I was born a Jayhawk, and they are the closest thing I have to a religion.
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