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5 excellent shop tips & 9 nifty videos from @JimmyDiResta, one of our favorite celeb #makers for a #makercamp Challenge? Try this Sound Automata, courtesy of @CSWNet! #FunandGames
Retweeted by Make:Review: Sculpey Medium Blend Oven Bake Clay by @emilySculpts of Catan fans? Make this awesome board game box organizer to keep pieces tidy: Quest to Build a Simple Air Quality Monitor by @dalepd High-Performance Electric Vehicle Kit Can Be Built in a Week Q/A with Keith Newstead, Automata artist and creator -- Fire away at 10 AM PDT!
Retweeted by Make:Inside high-altitude launch: Students from @SDSU build a 27 ft rocket that flew to 13,000 feet Draws All 100,000 Objects in Grandpa’s Shed by @donald
I’ll be @Make Magazine’s #3DPrinter Testing Weekend in San Francisco. Come to the post Q&A
Retweeted by Make:A2B: My kids & I have been doing #makercamp all summer. You should have seen our domino tries tonight! #ctedu @make
Retweeted by Make:We're stoked for @makerfaire Tokyo 2015 this weekend. Can't wait to see the crazy innovations! Whack-a-Mole? Yes Please --> Reverse Whack-a-Mole Knocks Players on the Noggin via @make #FunandGames
Retweeted by Make:Get ready for your #WeekendProject: Build a sturdy notebook with Coptic book binding the "Truck" of the wooden scooter world that can haul hundreds of pounds project: Build a Mortarless Stone Retaining Wall a robot that moves like you? That's what #maker Danny' #Lego Exosuit does the best! know you are up for this challenge 😊 Get started! #makercamp & alcohol should never mix. However, this cutting board ends up looking "drunk" giant playable wooden #GameBoy Advance is 300% bigger than the original! Eases Path from Prototype to Production #Manufacturing
Rube Goldberg would be proud of these #makercamp Marble Rollercoasters! Share yours at
Retweeted by Make:Inside Blade Runner’s Model Shop by @garethb2 #BladeRunner us this Sunday for a lively discussion w/ top desktop fabrication experts on 3D printer review & more. RSVP now: on the cover of this months @make pg58 Excitement is building!!! #TheForceAwakens @R2Builders
Retweeted by Make:How to Make Custom Shields for Your #Microcontroller Board: by @DIY_Hacks a handful of #RaspberryPis? Build this neat rack to organize a cluster of 6 Pis @donald review from @bookwatchiprog of @kathyceceri's 'Making Simple Robots' Thnx for the fair + balanced!NEW Beginner-friendly project: Make these laser cut new enclosures for desktop speakers you up for the challenge? homemade retro 6502 computer gets a beautifully handcrafted wood & steel case @TensorFlux #coffeegeeks: 3D print this elegant cold brew coffee maker by @sophiuhcamille #3Dprinting how to remotely monitor your beer fridge on the web using a @Raspberry_Pi week @makercamp: Roll out the fun w/ games you make yourself! #makercamp #FunandGames your creative kids entertained for hours w/ this fun #DIY invisible ink recipe!
I just backed Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire 2015 on @Kickstarter
Retweeted by Make:WATCH: check out the thrilling #drone races at #makerfairedetroit! @thehenryford has the best custom rides! won Blue Ribbons at this week's #MakerCampCountyFair? Find out LIVE at! #Farmstead
Retweeted by Make:LIVE on #Periscope: Drone races at Maker Faire Detroit
Retweeted by Make:watching LIVE on #Periscope: Power Wheels racing at Maker Faire Detroit
Retweeted by Make:The Physics of the Latest Record-Breaking Hot Wheels Loop by @rafe #makerfairedetroit @mister_caitlin crochets beautifully creepy skeletal creatures cool! #makerfairedetroit
. @Rafe, Editor and Chief at @Make Magazine, is about to answer your maker questions at Q&A @ Drive-In Theater #makerfairedetroit
Retweeted by Make:So excited to have @mwmedvinsky join the #MichEd #MakerFaireDetroit booth and sharing his 3D Pen!
Retweeted by Make:Yup we adore #BB8! 🙌 #makerfairedetroit dad Wes Swain has come up with this incredible & over-the-top #Mario Kart-themed nursery @donald & @make ppl at #makerfairedetroit love BB-8 too! cc @makerfaire
Retweeted by Make:Happy #NodeBotsDay! Save 15% on 'JavaScript Robotics' thru 7/26 in giddy celebration. Use code NODEBOTS2015Woohoo! Can't make it in person? Follow @thehenryford and #makerfairedetroit for exciting updates!
Curious about urban gardens? Ask Eric Maundu of @kijanigrows all you want to know!
Retweeted by Make:We have a party! Come make polyhedra w/ talented @cubesandthings on 8/6 at our lab.Sign up now how to make a unique & customized wooden mouse from the electronics in a cheap USB mouse Q/A with Eric Maundu of @kijanigrows -- creator of Arduino controlled urban garden! Live at 4 PM PDT.
Retweeted by Make:Design a countertop ice maker for nugget ice lovers to enjoy it right at home! @firstbuild These Meditative Embroidered Zoetropes will you do if you lose your wedding ring? This #maker immediately fabricates another one'll reveal new images & science from the @NASANewHorizons #PlutoFlyby at 2pm ET tomorrow:
Retweeted by Make:Campers, it's #FieldTripFriday! Learn all about smart gardening from Eric of @kijanigrows!
Retweeted by Make:Have a quick treat without interrupting your day w/ this smart #DIY hanging tupperware tower this CHEAP & EASY #StarWars #BB8 puppet & bring it to life with magnets by @calebkraft
This simple notebook hack allows you to quickly index & organize important content you up for the challenge? #MakerCamp first-ever drone-racing national championships brought the best FPV pilots to the air Your Tunes Through This Waveform Display Headphone Amplifier by @JeremySCook, that's us! --> Summer camp targets next ‘maker’ generation via @cpsj #makercamp #Farmstead
Retweeted by Make:Designing & building this cute Chibi-Mikuvan go-kart was no easy feat bare-bones “Skeleton” amplifier sounds ridiculously good. Build your own:, potatoes, coins -- #makercamp presents Batteries from Everyday Things! Light it up at
Retweeted by Make:This Rancor costume is the most realistic #StarWars cosplay ever at #ComicCon2015 an awesome wall-mounted hook system using common materials you find around the house: Soutache: Braid-and-Bead Embroidery Jewelry
BREAKING: @nextthingco's CHIP is more than just a "$9 computer". It is truly #OpenSource! inspired to stitch? Check out this wonderful upcycled jeans quilt tutorial @makermama Got #Lego parts lying around your house? Sort your Legos w/ this giant machine! #AugmentedReality with @vuforia and @unity3d for #3DPrinting Press-Fit Parts how to use a #3Dprinter and 3 brushless R/C motors to create your own toy #hovercraft! modern & sophisticated cello takes a creative spin w/ Styrofoam to amplify sound of the Day with @make! HOW TO - Make a geodesic dome #Farmstead #makercamp
Retweeted by Make:NEW Project: Take your paper planes to the next level with this fighter jet-inspired glider next wall decoration: This giant #papercraft mammoth skull takes 50 sheets of A4
Time is running out: Grab your early bird tix to the World @makerfaire NY 2015 by 7/31 #WMF15 Clever Tool Hacks by @garethb2 project: How to Reverse Engineer a Design by Measuring Pictures of the most quirky creations we've seen: Giant fog-breathing & laser-shooting robotic crow maker "recipe" for additive innovation. Video interview at 4YFN in Barcelona. @make #PeerProduction
Retweeted by Make:Are you up for the fun @MakerCamp challenge? engineers move to the desert to launch rockets. From the ashes of a crash grew a company:'s largest hot wheels track, power racing series & more at @MakerFaire Detroit Jul 25+26 an old unwanted microwave? Transform it into a spot welder by @TensorFlux is not your typical crochet: It's an anatomically correct heart. It's wire. And it’s 3D.
Don't miss @Make Speaker Series tomorrow! Join us to explore how to make ideas into reality. RSVP now: for a challenge? Try this Wind Powered Music Box from @make: #makercamp #Farmstead
Retweeted by Make:Make your own #Pluto globe using @NASANewHorizons #PlutoFlyby data @gregsmyerumsby #papercraft energy, food & architecture: It's the #Farmstead Week at @MakerCamp. Check out the fun projects. can you do w/ 2 old CD drives & a @Raspberry_Pi? Maybe a portable CNC drawbot? Find out: #Lego parts lying around your house? Sort your Legos w/ this crazy 5-ft x 10-ft machine! to make jewelry or other intricate metals? Learn the basics of lost wax casting
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