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#powermove "@NYMag: "I wanted to break up. Then he got a tattoo of my name." http://t.co/q89fBCOKE6 http://t.co/pza0snnVp0"What happened to the guy who portrayed Kim Jong-Un?For @griersonleitch, I wrote many words about "The Interview." http://t.co/x4Rcct5ygE
Retweeted by _Metlife surpassing Goldman in assets #damnitfeelsgoodtobeaSIFI | http://t.co/QAbTSAMa5lTotal game change. "@WIRED: Review: This dual screen smartphone gets incredible battery life http://t.co/Xe8rdEI4vm http://t.co/WH6PVfjeQd"@k_ved probably your best joke everReport: 58% Of World’s Japanese Speakers White 23-Year-Old American Males http://t.co/zVpdoC7JDR #OurAnnualYear http://t.co/t4JVgIXp7J
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Interview cancellation means I may never understand the origin of this "PEANUT BUTTER AND JEALOUS" promo shirt. http://t.co/mpRIlSDwi0
Retweeted by _Hope Sony at least releases it online. Via iTunes/Google Play would be great. Like calling in the digital cavalry3d printed limbs as a replacement to conventional prosthetics: awesome.Pretty sweet implications for future "@dodo: Dog runs for the first time in his life, thanks to 3-D printed legs http://t.co/jsFR2eD8BZ"@dfledderjohn @Gawker death machine. The only consolation is you can get dumplings if you survive the ride@k_ved today is my synthetic Thursday. Joke's on youJesus, this is bleak. "@Tyrangiel: The pessimist's guide to the world in 2015 http://t.co/1TPTLMuzQK"@IvanTheK meant to tell you yday that I really enjoyed that...and subsequently requested one via prime
@tjmpb if your dad's name is Santa, the world is at your fingertipsI'm 99% sure I just saw a man buy a whore for his sonI am alone tonight...and cool with it #steakfritesIf you were the Sony CEO what would you do? Buckle to threats of terrorism/forfeit $ or play the movie and, not impossible, risk ppls livesWhen I die, make sure my ashes are scattered along the west side highway. If you don't understand why...you're not invited.@pollyNYC @SoBendito she's the next honey boo booTotal BA #powermove "@mashable: 7-year-old football "legend" sends NFL superstar J.J. Watt an autographed jersey: http://t.co/tj8Xxy61tg"@qikipedia @dfledderjohn I do the same thing with whiskeyGasoline prices have little effect on how much people drive. http://t.co/Nv0ht6GNst via @EIAgov http://t.co/Z5eCyNDt7u
Retweeted by _Deontay Wilder faces Bermane Stiverne on January 17th on Showtime. He is promising a short night. http://t.co/gwbpT01MIW
Retweeted by _Hannover Re completes capital markets mortality swap http://t.co/jsGODTll5P
Retweeted by _@_MissVP I heard that science a little while ago, fascinating
Despite what this article says, champagne is best enjoyed out of the bottle. | http://t.co/jO7jWeY79SThat next 30 for 30 is going to be legendary.The miracle we remember is the one they want to forget. Our next 30 for 30 #OfMiraclesAndMen: http://t.co/Bsk9JXKH6S http://t.co/AGfcf1hnBu
Retweeted by _Andrew Luck: phenomenal troll. "@WSJSports: Andrew Luck’s unique brand of trash talk: over-the-top compliments http://t.co/u1Go2tQD6K"Idea: why not apply Uber's surge pricing algo to marginal tax rates in order to tackle inequality? (Not crazy - Shiller prop'd sim idea)
Retweeted by _Dude can't win. "@DNAinfo: .@BilldeBlasio kept more than 100 passengers waiting when he showed up late for a flight: http://t.co/o7iKHGhdNd"
@k_ved wonder how much of that is placebo effect@pollyNYC better think twice before biting into that spicy tuna rollChanning Tatum sends the only emails worth reading ever: http://t.co/p3yPCkhci8
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@dfledderjohn look at that tongueCome on! Do it! Do it! Come on. Come on! Kill me! I’m here! http://t.co/ZSWMTkOhxp http://t.co/dpNoVfDDQz@BossLNS technically not his wife in that case. He's freeYou have to wonder how many children need to get shot in order for something to change. Pretty terrible world we live in.@k_ved @Ryan_STT chrome's autofill for stuff like that is lifesaver@k_ved I'm guessing they've had paperless for a while, it's just that their site is so horrendous nobody could find where to opt in@k_ved I've been doing everything ConEd related online for the past 3 years...Waiting for the 'JK about the whole swaps pushout project' email to hit the inbox.@k_ved say that again? As in paperless?It’s Probably Too Late Now, But I Think I Could Have Saved Enron http://t.co/l0r7paGZxo http://t.co/cXGLMD4zjv
Retweeted by _@ShanersMD @discovering_NYC that account is incredibleOn Dec. 12th, 1658, cobblestones were laid on #Stone Street, making it New Amsterdam's first paved street #NYC http://t.co/mB7Y7ws2Gj
Retweeted by _#LRT 'unleash' is the perfect verb to use thereGame over. "@EaterNY: Momofuku to unleash spicy chicken sandwich very soon. http://t.co/tcjTMKhkLV http://t.co/IRnWS3TjaI"ISDA ruled CDS sellers don’t have to pay on RadioShack. More than $25Bln contracts affected. http://t.co/KvpT7Dwv1u via @WSJ
Retweeted by _So you can avoid them. "@NYNightlife: Here's a list of participating SantaCon bars http://t.co/NM8CkJ05Ut"@jvposter @k_ved @KWALRULES @ShanersMD @dfledderjohn franchise, you won't@ShanersMD @KWALRULES @k_ved @dfledderjohn there's a fireplace. The joint oozes class.@nataliyanyc @KWALRULES @dfledderjohn the worst thing to happen to Christmas is that it starts November 1st. Don't take it out on the ass@dfledderjohn @KWALRULES dominick is an idea and ideas never die@dfledderjohn merry christmas!This is the third best xmas song out there. | http://t.co/OpJyCaI4LAWatched Grand Budapest Hotel for the first time last night. I wasn't expecting to enjoy that movie as much as I did. Awesome movie.This was an ultimately meaningless piece of reg that lawmakers could point to as them saying they 'did something' | http://t.co/nf2o3ErjLA@bobivry @BloombergNews whether a swap sits in a LE that is insured or not seems silly, as it's still the same holding company
Greatest trailer. | http://t.co/mTd5nW9ZHZToday is the greatest @MTA failGood lord this is gorgeous. "@Kotaku: The future of video game physics is kinda messy: http://t.co/mSlf6s5zLy"@ShanersMD check this out from earlier today. Total nightmare. http://t.co/Sg7L7aJxvz@pcdunham sorry to hear that. I'm confident you'll be back at it very soonA+ leadership. "@FortuneMagazine: Twitter co-founder: 'I don't give a sh*t' if Instagram has more users http://t.co/DfMsVheb30"@LadyFOHF always 20 steps behindRisk weighting for ABS increased to 15% from 7%. http://t.co/4ml3ENkALQ@_MissVP Somm. Wine is more of a backdrop, less so the focus of the film itself. One of my favoritesBloodsport *is one of the best movies ever. Might give it a rewatch this weekend.'Bloodsport' is the 'Citizen Kane' of pit-fighting movies http://t.co/8CE9ZjYYdG
Retweeted by _Astronomers may finally have detected a signal of dark matter. http://t.co/r2K1TTymUQ http://t.co/X7Re81NyAV
Retweeted by _@Cthursby @k_ved casino chips would be the ultimate findThis is the harrowing reality of domestic abuse... http://t.co/9TIz4aeWN3 http://t.co/QnGKAA38Cs
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YES. Thursday night might be party night. | http://t.co/pKQxYfrEAkPeople like this are the reason that people are terrible. | http://t.co/rspV1Dr6TtAaron Rodgers now the NFL trolling champion http://t.co/TXaPJG7L0P http://t.co/5udHSMWVgr
Retweeted by _LRT: That's some pretty amazing technology.I talked to @morninggloria and @ProfJeffJarvis about a new tool to permaban trolls. http://t.co/stATE0gSNH @Newsweek http://t.co/FvKwZsBrfq
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#teamMascot "@Lana: #stopmascots2014 https://t.co/UoNl0qE8pc"The most dangerous combination is an infuriating work day followed by a holiday party after hours. Today is that day.The CIA tortured its own informants by accident. http://t.co/KodHWB7K7N
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@_MissVP I support this. Culling is imperativeMore like Dr. Dome.@ShanersMD http://t.co/aXEggx1oIsSEC Said to Seek Standard & Poor’s Suspension From Rating Commercial Mortgage Bonds http://t.co/Y5SUXnC3Dl @robinsonmatt @davidamichaels
Retweeted by _#teamDB@erinscafe the only time to truly freak out about age is during the Olympics. Can't sweat the small stuff
I'm tuning in to watch some guy feed himself to an anaconda. It's what you should be doing.So Jets.
I stand with @ironmikegallego.Odd seeing Downton Abbey cast members in Black Mirrors@erinscafe movie turned out fantastic. Congrats to you and the crew, bud@KWALRULES jingity jing #allday
@KWALRULES jingity jing #allday@dschorrnyc everyone mass canceled on you. Sorry dude...@KWALRULES why do you harbor such animosity towards the ass?@KWALRULES there are other xmas songs besides Last Christmas by Wham!.No contest: Dominick the Donkey is the greatest xmas song of all time.
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