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Experience design is transforming the way things are into the way they ought to be http://t.co/StXL2Y9k9JThe IoT will require systems that can process and unlock massive amounts of event data - @bigdata explains: http://t.co/dlwfhNc0QVFrom factory to data center http://t.co/qHfXBdbsBO New @Radar podcast w/ @nateoostendorp @TimOReilly & Rod SmithApproach compatibility nimbly & solve confidently when faced with web uncertainty. Join @roblarsenwww live training http://t.co/oRTyTHEXVnOrganizations that treat design as a corporate asset increase their odds of success. @marytreseler explains http://t.co/StXL2Y9k9JRT @mikeloukides: Visualizing The Explosive Growth Of The Robotics Industry http://t.co/Kx80LP0YWPWell done, Tim Cook: "We pave the sunlit path toward justice together, brick by brick. This is my brick." http://t.co/3t0JE5fWC0
Retweeted by O'Reilly RadarBring up algorithms, and a discussion on AI is sure to follow http://t.co/dlwfhNc0QV @bigdata on Intelligence Matters in the data landscapeThe web is different and better, quirks included. @jensimmons delivered "A Love Letter to HTML" at #FluentConf 2014 http://t.co/wjVv41WcrbSecurity and Privacy, ISP Measurement, Github for Education, and Mobile Numbers http://t.co/eadNuFpxz8 @gnat Four short links
If you believe experience design is changing what we have into what it should be, you'll love our new newsletter http://t.co/VCQnwPAGNjWe've launched our new experience design area with explorations into IoT and design as a corporate asset http://t.co/StXL2Y9k9JRT @mikeloukides: Microsoervices in Production: the good and the ugly: http://t.co/GD2UZki99KOur interest in cognitive augmentation stems from the many tools that democratize analytics - @bigdata explains: http://t.co/dlwfhNc0QVBeginning Python developers can explore the features of Flask and some of its extensions with @miguelgrinberg http://t.co/NVYeUhnaNUMT @LizaK: Interested in #wearables? Check out the latest issue of @ConnectedIOT, incl an article from yours truly: http://t.co/1uL10lQUfDKeep up with the latest analysis and developments in the data space through the O’Reilly Data newsletter http://t.co/GfxSjONPAqTweet Parsing, Focus and Money, Challenging Open Data Beliefs, and Exploring ISP Data http://t.co/HX50EJVGOm @gnat Four short links
“Companies who use data and analytics...continue to outperform their peers.” http://t.co/dlwfhNc0QV @bigdata on the data landscapeBig data’s big ideas http://t.co/dlwfhNc0QV @bigdata looks at the major forces shaping the data space.The Three Breakthroughs That Have Finally Unleashed AI on the World http://t.co/WY3x9n3pFJ @kevin2kelly "AIs will help define humanity"RT @mikeloukides: Bioprintable Ebola tests #synbio http://t.co/gZu7dmNAIiYou know how to engineer & optimize systems. What happens when you think of teams as systems? @xaprb @VividCortex http://t.co/zYwNvT5VzyRT @mikeloukides: Excellent article on silent privilege: http://t.co/6GfaxfnldOThe next industrial revolution http://t.co/raq5dCKnSN @JonBruner "It's all about software, but it's a little harder than that."RT @ipoupyrev: Blast from the past: Lev's Red Wire, one of the first fashion wearables: http://t.co/3A29GQMUyMContinuous Delivery, UX Resources, Large-Screen Cellphone Design, and Scalable Sockets http://t.co/ZyKtGR1dw0 @gnat Four short links
Engineers start upping your front-end comfort level for free! UI Dev http://t.co/B5s2dR59cv video course @mkivikoskiRT @madlabuk: "We are at the start of a revolution." The new issue of BioCoder is out now from @OReillyMedia. http://t.co/sTjo3sMBGIRT @mikeloukides: Biological circuits: next step will be practical, printable biosensors http://t.co/YLXuJ3GlPDRT @mikeloukides: Crowdfunded project for patent free cancer drugs: http://t.co/EthiWEVVum
RT @mikeloukides: Published for the First Time: a 1959 Essay by Isaac Asimov on Creativity http://t.co/lw8JFe3ul6Not just for reporting, logs power systems integration. Read more in I ♥ Logs http://t.co/CHtbNKsd7p by @jaykreps now available in print!When Women Stopped Coding http://t.co/GjCggfMxAS "in 1984, something changed" // HT @rroumeliotisRT @mikeloukides: A very complete list of open source replacements for Audio/Video Apps: http://t.co/VMd45843tQParallel Algorithm, Open Source Bio, 3D Printed Peptides, and Open London Data http://t.co/gd3OwOxl4K @gnat Four short links
Avoiding the tragedy of the anticommons http://t.co/4HGSB9R3rD @mikeloukides > "What does (or should) open source mean for biology?"RT @MaryTreseler: Where’s the profit in the internet of things? Hint: not in the things http://t.co/fPEbrug1xLIf you're new to JMS, Mark Richards' introductory course will teach you core messaging concepts - Get Started Free: http://t.co/eRnQe4q7mrRT @mikeloukides: Yes, this is a big problem. Software installation is worse than ever, on all OS. http://t.co/UdRtLdWMvJIsomorphic JavaScript with LazoJS http://t.co/KMPOH6tkNa @StrimpelJason on the creation of a new isomorphic JavaScript web frameworkThe end of apps as we know them http://t.co/mn7USvgyne "Designing systems not destinations" // HT @rgrchenHard Javascript, Responsive Progress, Software Experiments, and Facebook Emotions http://t.co/WPnw29ro3i @gnat Four short links
BioCoder strikes again http://t.co/VSHurTHe0Q @mikeloukides on the new BioCoder issue, and a call to action for format & story ideasKnow your blind spots. Still time to register for Lies, Damn Lies, and Metrics w/ André Arko @indirect This week - http://t.co/NZin363w02Commodity data analytics for health care http://t.co/nvKJQ03DJM @praxagora on Predixion "a step toward universal application of analytics"Intoxicating machines http://t.co/y8cfa2A4jA @JonBruner on the fast democratization of hardware and an era of easy experimentationRT @mikeloukides: Yes: The key to selling the smart home is open standards. This is the only way forward. http://t.co/yrYqScebRsDocker Patterns, Better Research, Streaming Framework, and Data Science Textbook http://t.co/GZwiaQ39o7 @gnat Four short links
RT @mikeloukides: Gene Spafford on the Growing Tide of Anti-Intellectualism: http://t.co/98EJ83QA8LArt of Application Performance Testing by @IanMoly will help you plan, gain approval for, coordinate, + conduct tests http://t.co/67Dwx4WN3MOpen data for open lands http://t.co/mSMlARYENZ @TimOReilly & @alyraz > http://t.co/hadKHMk09x should be a platform, not a siloMT @mikeloukides: @codinghorror on building a community with real standards for behavior. It's your house. http://t.co/YdIK6zuRPXData Delusions, OS Robotics, Insecure Crypto, and Free Icons http://t.co/YhaXnksFPf @gnat Four short links
National Cyber Security Awareness Month - learn the hacker mindset, protect your systems + improve forensics skills. http://t.co/tdL9ls1QPfThe Internet of Things is here, but the rules to run it are not http://t.co/4A5YNz5DN6 Should “privacy by design” become a safety standard?If computers think for themselves, should they have human rights? http://t.co/lkzsXAnWdz Martine Rothblatt on legal rights for AIRT @mikeloukides: Excellent article about coding for all movement: http://t.co/WrJfSnmyrtLeaky Search, Conditional Javascript, Software Proofs, and Fake Identity http://t.co/m1x7PrCdHe @gnat Four short links
MT @globalmoxie: Yosemite's Handoff is only the beginning. My seminar on designing interactions between devices: http://t.co/kI8fuqgnIVUse data or be data http://t.co/oqIxIYdpMT @trinachi: "If you’re not learning about data...you’re going to be left behind"Early Release @intensivedata: Designing Data-Intensive Applications by @martinkl http://t.co/0ibfM4Xjoo2FA, Copy Image Text, Electric Garbage Trucks, and MSFT's Q http://t.co/14EGhC3SNm @gnat Four short links
What happens when fashion meets data? http://t.co/HoHwXZ0sbB New @Radar podcast w/ @LizaK on data & fashion, and @firt on mobile & IoTHere are five thought provoking essays to discover the whys & hows of the new #Distributed frontier Free book http://t.co/gkNfg8lsSqEye Catcher, Exoskeleton, Homebrew Cray, and Information Architecture http://t.co/vkZpAZQNkz @gnat Four short links
The human side of Hadoop http://t.co/5J6AF301rA @cutting on applications of Hadoop, origins of "Hadoop," and his optimism about data privacy
Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day http://t.co/rRNaHMTyyd The O'Reilly community shares stories of inspiring women in tech — who inspired you?Science Startups, UAV Platform, Distributed vs Scalable, and Multiplayer Spreadsheet http://t.co/1NVyaGLk0h @gnat Four short links
Watch @rogerm's conversation w/ @cutting about favorite uses of Hadoop, data ethics, #Strataconf #HadoopWorld & more http://t.co/tpTMqzgmfERT @make: This glove can translate sign language into text! http://t.co/V7cmzqC47MRT @mikeloukides: Nice: measuring very low currents with Raspberry Pi http://t.co/bwIdDwzzuOInterview w/ #StrataConf #Hadoopworld speaker @mithunrk on #Hadoop at #Yahoo by @odbmsorg Editor Roberto V. Zicari http://t.co/cGfBkKBLFMPerform statistical analysis computationally w/ 'Think Stats: Exploratory DataAnalysis' by @AllenDowney http://t.co/rNhmMVHy7zResume Driven Development http://t.co/K23q5zQOKS @mikeloukides "the problem is that it probably doesn’t work"Angular Style, Consensus Filters, BASE Banks, and Browser Performance http://t.co/fgugw041mu @gnat Four short links
RT @timoreilly: Fascinating post about tipping points: "When can becomes must." http://t.co/PYMLiVMLFp via @acrollIt’s time to call time on nerd culture http://t.co/MUx92dLNxz @petewarden "We need to value being a decent human being more than we do now"For code as elegant as the API it powers, check out @miguelgrinberg's video on Building Web APIs with Flask: http://t.co/6OtznnmNC2 #pythonRT @mikeloukides: Excellent! The dangerous gap between those who make software, and those who use it http://t.co/HphG6QRDu2RT @jafurtado: Tim Berners-Lee: Data sharing needs accountability,by Cliff Saran / ComputerWeekly http://t.co/4Eoeq0Gd0eEvolving Malware, Male Advocates, Every BU is an Internal Startup, and Amazonian Warehouses http://t.co/Od3fDpPvxa @gnat Four short links
Why we live in an anti-tech age http://t.co/Y9xkq8422J @peterthiel on "how hostile our society is to technology"Learn @ArgyleData's approach to develop real-time fraud analytics using anomaly detection http://t.co/KRTkRdBZe1 Live #Strataconf WebcastRT @nytimesbits: Disruptions: Wearable Technology That Feels Like Skin http://t.co/FifPxBdOuIRT @techreview: Generator Produces 25,000 Watts without Consuming Fuel http://t.co/FLK3IkQiAGAPI Docs, Top Trends, Byzantine Fault Tolerance, and Devops in Practice http://t.co/vF2MR2i2nj @gnat Four short links
Solve configuration management issues in enterprises large and small w/ Learning Chef by @misheska + @sethvargo http://t.co/1B4LaL86kRNew #Strataconf report: What the data world can learn from the fashion industry http://t.co/moN2KyzOmt "the beginning of a growing trend"Inside Solid: what won’t drones do? http://t.co/6jTrHaBCek How Moore's Law applies to drones—a backchannel meditation on drone limitationsRT @mikeloukides: Do you really want to automate all the thingz? http://t.co/pASyVYBOvWNew #Strataconf post @mike7pilot: Survey shows the market is ready for cloud-based #bigdata services http://t.co/o5JGIqvpid #teradatacloudRT @WIRED: Three wild concepts for the future of money http://t.co/RpMVQp4ti9Tracking Awareness, Simple GUIs, Service Design, and Pull-Based Development http://t.co/CEaak3dmh2 @gnat Four short links
MT @mikeloukides: Floodwatch: Track the ads you see, and how advertisers monitor & use your browsing behavior http://t.co/ovB3Xgkk1rGreat article by @cshirky on the Maker Movement in China http://t.co/mVaYz8M8Rr HT @ginablaber @gnatDon't have an intelligent data strategy? You're missing out on what the World Economic Forum called "the new oil." http://t.co/if8WUJkq4ZRT @mikeloukides: Wireless network performance in the real world: Uplink Latency of WiFi and 4G Networks http://t.co/wpVCuiCJPSRT @Hinman: Join me next Tuesday for my free O’Reilly webcast on wearable technology. http://t.co/r6V0cTNKLq #wearabletechChinese Makers, Code Projects, Distributed Data Structures, and Networked Games http://t.co/9pM9NXnCaS @gnat Four short links
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