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Rags Srinivasan @rags Boulder-Berkeley-Bay Area

I ask questions. I #disrupt credulity.

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It is my annual end of year unplug. See you all in the new year.
Talent is a commodity available in abundance leadership is a differentiated valueAvailableDish defining product versions based on alternatives available to its customers. #versioning #segmentation http://t.co/eYbT6Fx6SNIrish Protest Paying for Water - ill effects of $0 reference price http://t.co/6wzCr8wVBs
“@elanazak: Instagram now has 300 million users. 210 million are outside the U.S. http://t.co/Z74rHgdsoD http://t.co/vTQJTgmZpx” +1@mims @WSJ yesHarvard Business School Professor Goes to War Over $4 Worth of Chinese Food : http://t.co/o145DaGcbp #epic
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan“@mims: 100% of my best ideas are someone else's. Everything is a remix.” You know to look them ChrisThanks to this https://t.co/H863mgD7a9 #hourofcode munchkin now asks "can I code?" Every HOUR! Here I thought she will be my artsy child.
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The Perils of Romanticizing Physics http://t.co/Ny3IWCUQjY#deepity if you are afraid failure http://t.co/2W7Anj3DQj@wimrampen bingo“@RaquelHirsch: We are doomed. The Psychology Behind Why We Can't Stop Messaging: http://t.co/dpQ2xeHkz5I posit, Those who say pricing is more art than science don't understand the science part.If someone you know sets up your job interview with their team you cannot cancel over email. #badkarmaReason #5 we love California so much, you are never too far from a place you look up and see nature's… http://t.co/6IE5PFjiYG
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanWhen an idea stands alone, separated from its originator http://t.co/RjTmmiTIaRWhen you separate the idea from the person who said it and their pedigree, does it warrant the attention you gave before?
Here is an idea- instead if resorting to gimmicks why not make better products http://t.co/qEpYlcPal3Frequentist would say all digits occur uniformly, Bayesian with Benford Law would refine that prior. #stat http://t.co/rBsCIqWnCq"Markets and economies are almost constantly in some state of absurdity" with perpetual booming or busting http://t.co/Gfpma1unmu
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan"The list of time-honored, moronic maxims is by no means tiny" http://t.co/RzhYgUslds@mims clearly you don't get innovation and disruption, $2B is cheap. :)
@rshevlin i was channeling my inner Yogi :)@chipoglesby glad you liked this. One of 3 articles that i licensed as reading materials to MBA classes@RaquelHirsch i was tempted to forage but didn't; there were so many all alongEt tu @gigaom? @om All these what can we learn about #startup from xyz are plain #bs (Biased Sermons) https://t.co/17NwEcis7u@rshevlin it is too crowded, nobody goes there any moreI'm at the very exclusive, by invitation only, shopping event at Nordstroms. With a gazillion other ppl.
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanWhen it comes to wild mushrooms what Rene Decartes said applies, I think therefore I am http://t.co/s3vO2T0lT3Too Many Cooks Spoil the Myth -Hidden Hypotheses Syndrome http://t.co/bAPT8h9xVN@MaelleGavet @mims @tomforemski shall we say valley is disrupting entrenched notion of morality?@grayj_ I have seen discounts bunched together near each tier thresholds regardless of account value - this is axing analysisTo Catch Fraud, Just Do the Math - digits don't occur at same frequency #measure #Analytics http://t.co/OHjLhO0Ryb
Wow every hiking area has a trail named "closed not a" http://t.co/td8oeEuCHtThe Fatal Bias https://t.co/tB7i3xhdoP
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanWhy do people take selfies? A behavioral economist explains: http://t.co/bdUPtZULpu question is why we are in Instagram, FB and here
Love is the biggest mystery in the world #HeardOnNPRLooking for Lessons From Movies | Product Strategy and Pricing http://t.co/MbDo5fSZlvUniversity of Texas Austin loses its brains. 100 of them. No, seriously, 100 jars with brains http://t.co/O1XKQ0uOuQ via @culturemapATX
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanStarbucks to Add Wine, More Foods - same customer segment and need. #jtbd http://t.co/eSTXMUnlJ2
@Pv @ryankuder if you are complaining you are not the target segmentMcDonald’s Menu: Supersized - a product for every price point causes choice overload and cognitive costs. #pricing http://t.co/RWC2Vsncr9"Trains are the new pipelines" - if @wsj can find them so can those with wrong intention - why the secrecy? http://t.co/KXwOwbW36r“@emeyerson: This is a good proper use of the word "entitled." http://t.co/f9hGsmO0Rz
@zachdillon @surdyksliquor @pappyvanwinkle u number 11?@KeHay :)Stop Wasting Everyone’s Time http://t.co/oAVFcuUWT4Nigerian Currency Slides to Record Low -- suddenly the money left for me by the dying prince is worthless http://t.co/gMjjXptkAlThere needs to be better predictive algorithm to turn lapel cameras on automatically. Or always on. http://t.co/IR3slhM1apHow Do You Solve a Problem Like Scalia? Set His Dissents to Music http://t.co/UhrL2C4uIb
It Wouldn’t Be a Holiday Without a Family Meltdown http://t.co/919nBvPzRAI am looking for evidence that techblog articles have availability bias, can you send samples? ( Get it?)@mims we still will have offices?@AnalystArun yes. let us re-connect@mims how do use recency, narrative, availability, selection biases and Dunning-Kruger effect in same sentence? That would describe thisCirque du Soleil’s Next Act: Rebalancing As Rarity Vanishes - throw away your Blue Ocean Strategy book #marketing http://t.co/3sCG7eva0gSometimes Kickstarter is a way to redistribute wealth from geeks with too much money to startups that deserve to fail http://t.co/mxyLCfN5kA
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“@rshevlin: This article is WAY too coherent and smart for TechCrunch. Bet nobody reads it. http://t.co/BrKpusGXHB@BW @mims endowment effect“@democzar: Even absurd hypotheses can be proved with data. Check the report about BAHfest. http://t.co/MwcCgvavy6 via @ragsData can fit any number of kooky hypotheses http://t.co/MwcCgvavy6@joshua_d yes https://t.co/Xs7sCyScuK
A product manager would never come up with iPhone. But only a product manager can come up with 16/64/128GB versions and pricing. #prodmgmt5 tenets of business experiments https://t.co/p9zxcFknydI see spelling lessons in your future http://t.co/kO5q1XnM4JI created this value bundle for @alexpozin https://t.co/6B7Le9BX3Q You might find it useful too. #pricing@AnalystArun did you help? :)If NFL coaches make evidence based decisions they will go for it on 4th more often when they don't need it than when it is the only optionGoogle Express sorting areas in stores starting to look like logistics opsI created "Making Most Of Business Experiments" with @HaikuDeck. http://t.co/d8FLrF2fI7It is safe to say almost always boycotts don't work these daysRT @planetmoney How stuff gets cheaper http://t.co/NSlHNRpauc http://t.co/rgtBNNzRdW Riding down cost curve and rising up adoption curve" @WSJ The best books for investors: a short list from a someone who has read a couple of thousand books on investing http://t.co/1LNvf1cYXy@mims is this trick question? Those who clicked on this are?
"The list of time honored moronic maxims is by no means tiny" http://t.co/pJS9K8MaFM$10K I wasted in 20 poplar stocks would've yielded less that same invested in S&P 500 index http://t.co/gC6bi9WiRG"Isn't it peculiar, Charlie Brown, how some traditions just slowly fade away?" - Lucy http://t.co/MYC8tXUxmx"@WSJ: Our voices change when we're trying to convey power. How to sound more powerful: http://t.co/f5LZzaz7Lb" also read @JeffreyPfeffer@avinash it is in Rancho San Antonio. Parking is hard. And if you have longer day you can continue all the way to Black Mountain@avinash PG and E, muddy but totally worth it@avinash which trail? We were out hiking as wellIn India Dunkin found customers didn't want to hire it for the job it was good at. So it retooled. #jtbd http://t.co/6APssOvXfo
Scientists Warn About Bias In The Facebook And Twitter Data Used In Millions Of Studies http://t.co/sZ1nWXczQVRevenue Streams http://t.co/fH2B8nLV7d via @newyorker
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan"The why of it being less pertinent than the why-not of it" - http://t.co/rrNiZrVD37Yes Virginia, there is such thing called critical thinkingFacebook is a pay-to-play marketing channel http://t.co/M3fBwREuSTBusinesses started by people who had lost jobs had a 42% higher probability of failure than those ... http://t.co/ltOCulyDcwIf @Target is giving 10% off on gift cards, ether the breakage or add on sale must be 15-21% #BlackFriday@sirujefihilih @chetansharma answer for which question?
If one is as active and fit as people portrayed in #fitbit Ad one doesn't need it http://t.co/DsYc5BRLgx product-market not #fit"Sometimes what you're looking for is right in front of your eyes" #deepity#Pricing different movies differently http://t.co/70OGgkvodY@CurtMonash grab a bit of consumer Surplus by offering it at a premium?Let the tactical not distract us from the strategic challenges: A short post: http://t.co/eIfkGrZnJe http://t.co/1s1ISrcKQI
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanI think vanity plates on Tesla is redundant #Conspicuous"You can't use caution as an excuse to not act on a decision" http://t.co/cB6aMgTel8What happens to the sweater from 6AM to 9AM for the price to double? #BlackFriday http://t.co/7pJkjMaJL8
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