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Ryan Bates @rbates Southern Oregon

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Please read for an updated status on RailsCasts: http://t.co/uoZeuQXyQa
I have decided to take a Summer break from RailsCasts. Subscriptions have been automatically extended. Read more: http://t.co/HjyW9X1UqM
@Serabe my email has been backed up, but I am trying to get through it today.@j10io glad to help, thank you very much for subscribing.@r38y @peterc Sorry for not communicating about the lack of content. I will post an announcement soon.@MarkVillacampa thanks for your concern. I’m alright, just needed a break from Twitter.@leeky I’m okay, thanks for your concern.@leebrooks0 I still have plans to get CanCan working in Rails 4, but it may be a little while. I suggest using a fork in the meantime.@MrJaba I’m alright, just working through some stuff. Thanks for your concern!@averyanov I’m sorry for the lack of content recently. Please let me know if you want a refund. ryan@railscasts.com@remmony I hope to cover jQuery mobile soon. Thanks for the suggestion.@minter I’m sorry I haven’t responded recently. I will respond to the email soon.@FluffyJack sorry for the episode delays lately. Working through some stuff.@acrogenesis @joseloya haha, I don’t really like my own voice either. ;)@MikDiet sorry CanCan has not been updated for Rails 4. You may want to use a fork until the next release.@Serabe I’m alright, thanks for your concern. :)@JoshDoody yes, it’s just a table with id and name columns.@tedpuntcom I haven’t found a reliable way to do this without flash unfortunately.@redrory please email me if you need further instructions. ryan@railscasts.com@redrory sorry for not getting back to you sooner. You can edit your subscription details to change the billing information.@alagu jasmine, and capybara with phantom js are my preferred tools for javascript testing.@th3mus1cman sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Please email me about a team subscription ryan@railscasts.com@sharadjain I’m sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Please email me and I will help with this. ryan@railscasts.com@tcollen I haven’t gotten around to CanCan fixes for Rails 4 yet, you may want to use a fork until the next release.@m_i_c_h_a_e_l_m I’m sorry for the delays, please email me and I will extend your subscription ryan@railscasts.com
@peterc I am here and alright just needed a little break from Twitter. Thanks for your concern! :)
@rafaelfragosom my email is a bit backed up, but I will try to respond soon.@lasseebert glad to help!
@Raz88 it’s worth enabling backups which are free so hopefully if disaster strikes it will be easy to get up and running again.@Raz88 that’s too bad about the crash. They’ve been really stable so far in my experience.@banyan that’s fine with me. Thanks for translating.@mrgenixus unfortunately my email is so backed up at the moment I don’t have time to look into this. Sorry.@RailsGirlsDK glad to be a sponsor! Keep up the good work.@nsehn I’m glad to help. :)@SRobTweets I’ll consider covering this in the future, thanks for the suggestion!@RailsGirlsMb welcome!@collettiquette best compliment ever. :)@eneskaya @railscasts thank you for subscribing!@DStansert @govsgo sorry this hasn’t been working. It’s on my radar but I haven’t had a chance to fix it yet.@Raz88 also they offer a lot for such a low price (such as SSD) that I wanted to be on the host I was recommending to others.@Raz88 sorry for the delay. I switched to Digital Ocean primarily because they were willing to sponsor video hosting.@doctorsparrot sorry for the delay in getting back to you. These deployment episodes can help: http://t.co/73UnTfhyWe http://t.co/O8mVbmKoqC@jorgebastias506 sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Have you tried subscribing without filling in the zip code field?
@zaksoup I prefer Carrierwave over Paperclip usually, but I will consider it.@bshakr thanks for the get well wishes.@EricRaio hmm, I’m not sure off the top of my head. Good question.@gabceb thanks for the tweet!@RyanMacG I haven’t used datatables recently so I’m not certain how to do it off the top of my head. Have you asked http://t.co/ApiL2aT1iQ?@davebradford I don’t have any plans currently, but perhaps when Rails 4 hits I’ll consider it.
@lenartr a few from eastern Asia have reported issues with download speeds, so you may want to choose their california location.@Raz88 thanks@mr_foto I’ve reopened but I don’t have a chance to fix at the moment.@DeanPerry I can’t recommend Dreamhost anymore, it was a terrible experience that resulted in many hours of downtime.@DeanPerry I used them to host the videos for a while, but they started throttling the bandwidth and all went downhill after that.@Nkburdick I record in very short takes, so if I make any large mistakes I can easily retake.@comaddox I use an older version of iShow U but you might want to try ScreenFlow or Camtasia.@_carloslopes I use CanCan, its current feature set works great for what I need.@lenartr Digital Ocean is kind enough to sponsor the hosting of the videos.@JoshDoody I do use Gmail as a client, but my host does a redirect. I should look into improving this.@bates_thomas it was dreamhost since I use them for domain registration. I’ll probably try to move it.
If you tried emailing me today and received an error, please try again. My email provider went down for a bit but seems to be working now.@multiscan thanks for letting me know. I’ll look into it.@tanvirraj glad to help.@movingahead thanks! :)@etdsoft thanks for sharing!@betacar yeah, I am using it for http://t.co/GMGXA4xbFp. It is just missing a few feature from 1.x which is why I haven’t released it.@disemvoweled I found it too easy to ignore repeating exceptions with other services.@disemvoweled it’s been a while since I’ve used either. I just use Exception Notifier and get the exceptions over email.@pixelstackcom I will consider it, thanks for the suggestion!@Nkburdick I talk as I code, recording the video and audio at the same time.@_carloslopes I am maintaining CanCan for critical issues, but at the moment am not actively working on new features.
@nbailey0920 you should see the code that I don’t show. ;)@bokmann nice job noticing that pattern. :)@ConstantOrbit glad you find them useful. :)@HyderabadK you can run pretty much any Ruby code in seed.rb, so you could use a gem like Populator there.
@timmillwood yes, probably the easiest way is to download through an RSS feed. See http://t.co/L0kPEcGlJk@thomasreidberry thank you for subscribing!@zzz6519003 would PayPal work for you? If so please email me and I can get you setup. ryan@railscasts.com
@jeremywoertink it should work if it’s on the same dev machine.@jkellie @steveklabnik CanCan 2.0 has been on the back burner or a while unfortunately. I do use it though.@steveklabnik I still use CanCan, but I did make an episode on authorization from scratch. http://t.co/ld7MyaITV9
@zefhous @mikegehard glad to help!@johnny_shields thanks for pointing me to the active repo.@dirksierd responded via email.@dirksierd hmm, could you email me that URL? Thanks. ryan@railscasts.com@johnny_shields I did take a look at that in preparing for the episode but didn’t cover it. I think because it doesn’t appear active.@dirksierd sorry that it wasn’t working. Is it working for you now?@i_pinkerton I encode the videos on my own and upload them to a VPS (hosted by Digital Ocean)
@MilesForrest thanks! :)@craftshape that’s an interesting idea. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll consider it.
Neat: Google for "atari breakout" and then click on 'Images'
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@nicorit yes, that is the plan once I get a chance to implement it. Shouldn’t be too hard to implement.@nicorit for now it’s best to override the loading behavior with a before filter and set the attribute params directly.@nicorit I have a plan in my head, just need to implement it. Trouble is finding the time at the moment.@ThibaultHagler glad to help!@rimian lol ;)@JouniKaplas glad to help!
@rubygeekdotcom thanks! :)@JoshDoody @elight I don’t consult, but thanks for asking.@happymrdave thanks!
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