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Ryan Bates @rbates Southern Oregon

Producer of Railscasts - Ruby on Rails Screencasts

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@thomasfuchs out of curiosity since I have been gone, who said it wouldn't fail if one crashes?i don't see how unless there is redundancy.@rntaylor75 thanks!
@davidhopkinson thanks!For those who went to #RailsConf this year, what was your favorite part/talk?
So @KentBeck and I are totally BFFs http://t.co/OJU1zX8OwG
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@myfoolishness thanks@jbgutierrez glad to help! I do hope to start screencasting again, but it is hard to say exactly when that will be or how it looks like.Big congrats to this year's Ruby Heroes: @n0kada @sarahmei @samsaffron @_zzak @jeremyevans0 @eileencodes ❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@searls watched your talk on stream, great job!@nodunayo @AdamCuppy haha! Too bad I missed it.my railsconf keynote will be live streamed at 1710 EDT here: https://t.co/4sHb2i8v5Y. you have 7.5 hours to pop popcorn and stuff.
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@jcavena you have an awesome kid.
@robbyrussell strange the same thing happened to me. What's going on.@vircung no, maybe when they get built in support
The American date format, created by me it was.
Retweeted by Ryan BatesMoney saving tip: whenever you want to buy something, first wait a week. Often you will forget about it or realize you don't need it.Some creative street art: http://t.co/rIOPiTjfgl
@sandelius there used to be one. Not sure if it is still live.@andypike I haven't found any good tutorials. The trickiest part for me was learning what blocks get powered in different scenariosWorking on some redstone. http://t.co/CiXxzfupxT@tenderlove glad you're alright! <3
@effekt I plan to answer this questions some more soon. Possibly through RailsCasts@DavidEsmale @cmaxw it was a casual private conversation. Nothing too interesting. :)
@tenderlove I am afraid to visit my Animal Crossing town.@tenderlove have you been playing anything in particular on DS lately?@cmaxw I have only dabbled with game development. Nothing serious, but maybe sometime.@cmaxw thanks for asking, it was good to chat with you and catch up@chacon the best secrets are those you tweet.@qrush @willmanduffy I agree, GBA SP rocked. It's like the Super Nintendo of handhelds.@bketelsen @GopherCon I try to limit my number of conferences but will check it out@kurechii great job on Tiny Guardians. It is a lot of fun!I won't make it out to RailsConf this year, but I certainly hope to next year.@qrush is the Minecraft server survival only? How many members?@qrush I won't make it out to RailsConf this year@davidsouthard thanks!@davidsouthard I haven't focused on my open source projects yet but plan to.@searls :)@qrush looks like Sim City, cool!I found a gif of @coreyhaines tweeting http://t.co/a8LAnINbAm
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@amyhoy for a moment I forgot wallpaper is a real thing and not something you put on a desktop or phone.I have no desire to reinvent the wheel, only other things which don't work as well.@marclameu thanks!Programming is easy until you start typing. And then it's hard.@thomasfuchs love the background. Now I want to play Link to the Past.Is there a good machine learning book that doesn't slam one in the face with tons of math right off the bat? Haven't seen a good one yet!
Retweeted by Ryan Bates
@fladamd I haven't but will check it out, thanks@CelsoDeSa thanks@samurailink3 thanks!Watching some entertaining D&D live #CriticalRole http://t.co/TErHHJEMBY@Keloran yeah, payment is getting there but I want it for other things@applerebel @18F I think I would go crazy with the red tape that comes with government work.Instead of handing out personal, sensitive information, provide a unique token that a trusted source translates behind the scenes.I want an OAuth system for my phone number, mailing address, and credit cards with the ability to grant/deny access and change in one spot.@coreyhaines @sarahmei so many kitties! How many sardines are you bringing in a day?@kjswartz04 welcome, that's awesome!
@sarahmei me too thanks to @coreyhaines!@syedsarmadsabih hello, glad they helped!@robbyrussell and if it's Hulu you get to rewatch commercials.@bluescrn any chance for a Skyriders sequel or expansion? Love that game.Re-playing through Skyriders. It's a couple years old but still one of my favorite iOS games.@DigitalLawyer @tgaeta thanks for the heads up. I will look into it.Cool "code bubbles" style navigation and editing system for Visual Studio. Pretty amazing stuff! http://t.co/j6I48qSHbd
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@redhatpro @steveklabnik I should have grabbed the .net and .org variations when I started but unfortunately didn't :/
Music typewriter! http://t.co/74v17M41NM
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@dbrady how about @dbradyunfiltered?@rjhunter cool exercise@moizkmalik that said I am okay with forks since I have not been maintaining it.@moizkmalik I haven't looked into it yet so I can't comment@visavis_kid I have done zero marketing. If you produce good and useful content, word will get around.By combining Haskell + Unicode, you can write perfectly functional programs in Hieroglyphics. Beautiful. @aisamanra http://t.co/f7pTSTlLUK
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@visavis_kid I started by helping others on Rails forums and then transitioned into screencasts so I had an audience built up pretty quickly@coreyhaines I want to be a cat.@chacon I have only one credit card that I use for Amazon and gas. Decent rewards, and it is setup to be payed automatically.@searls I haven't heard much about DCI since returning, is it widely used at all?@MikeLHolford that is awesome!
@laughingmaus I will check it out, thanks. I don't write much.@Nafaabout thanks!@coetry @ryanbigg that would be too hard to summarize on Twitter.@spicymagpie have you seen http://t.co/nid80TBoGH?@dbrady I will need some more time to verify this.Yes, I came back after two years to retweet cat pictures.http://t.co/cTH4ccww2b
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@mexpolk thanks!@dbrady glad to see you haven't changed in two years!Refactoring in a nutshell: http://t.co/6sCKGymthV
Retweeted by Ryan BatesVector: Netflix's on-host performance monitoring tool @ http://t.co/CmwnhrHFxQ - system & app metrics in your browser! great stuff.
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@cam_stuart cool idea@voxdolo watching a video of myself works too.@olistik @worrydream followed!@marcelmorgan you don't like the video? I thought it was great. cc @olistik@olistik I have only seen the first 10 minutes of that talk, but so far it is awesome, thanks!@rbates https://t.co/0iAahXvMcL also books, movies, a walk, a bath :-)
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@kariemali insightful, thanks!Morning. This is genius. Un-cropped road signs: ⚠️ http://t.co/f5NXJENVkG
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@YujingZheng there are some crazy builds on YouTube and Reddit for this game, can't wait to see how they take it.@YadFaeq great talk, I'm inspired. :).@rbates check this out http://t.co/hwGNGBh5Ir
Retweeted by Ryan Bates@danabrit I'll check it out, thanks!@danabrit in general. Creativity is an important part of teaching and something I can work on.@SmedstadC never heard of it before, looks cool!
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