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Eva C Scanlan @ThatEvaOne NYC via Ireland.

Dubliner in New York. Theatre & Events Producer: @terranovaNYC, Darling & Company, #24HrDub @abbeytheatre. All controversial/hilarious views my own.

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@FlyFrontier Is it correct that it's cheaper to check a suitcase ($20) than to bring carry-on ($30) on a domestic flight?
Is Donald Trump's mouth upside down? Can someone photoshop it the other way round and let's see if that looks different / better?
Listen to the brilliant @LisaGarvo and @SharonMannion2 on @Davefanningshow. Funny ladies being funny. http://t.co/6bTizdpZ0J
Scotland created 49.8% of its electricity from renewables in 2014. Even better: the nation's goal is 100% by 2020! http://t.co/dg4iLzmEl9
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanSon respect the ocean, don't fear it. No reason to be afraid of things that can turn a whale carcass into bones before it reaches the floor.
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@TheBigEasyofOz @justabloodygame This is goddamn terrifying.People need to cool their jets with the hyperbole. Kayne played an 'earth shattering' set at Glastonbury? Uh-huh. Reel it in, hystericos.@TheBengsons I'm channelling my inner Dolly Parton via Abigail B with my listening choices this weekend. It's Too Late, etc! :)@DublinTown Way harsh, Tai.For the day that's in it, I wrote about the role of the arts in the lead-up to the referendum: http://t.co/slwWMfNs0O http://t.co/6z6zY4Z8dD
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanHappy Pride, everyone! Must be especially sweet in Ireland & America - 1st Pride post #MarriageEquality. #LoveIsLove
Oh btw America, your hashtag for tomorrow morning is #hungoverforequality. Ireland warmed it up for you.
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanAnd so, to bed. After a long, long, long, long, long ass day.@McMahonPhilly Maybe he's good at 23 carrots? It's good to know one's limits.What does it say about the field that Chris Christie seems the most likable Republican candidate? :/The pearl-clutchers who are outraged at #SCOTUS #MarriageEquaility would be the very ones nodding happily if it had gone the other way.@McMahonPhilly Did you see the Buzzfeed article where they're all 'I'm moving to Canada! Raaah!' - Canada legalised gay marriage in '05.Bloody Supreme Court stealing my thunder on my last day at work. Congratulations, America. You nailed it! :)
I'm going to spend my weekend listening to and singing along to @TheBengsons. It's gonna be that kind of weekend.Planning hols in New Orleans, Paris, and Scotland. ANY time that permanent, pensionable, soul-nourishing job wants to appear would be grand.
Not that I'd ever WANT a 5pm sharp clock-out, but that smacks of someone who HATES their job.Just got dinged by an 'office is now closed' message at 5.03pm makes me wonder if I'll ever have a job where I can (and will) leave at 5pm?@ImSomeDad These are the suddenly silent men on the issue of #repealthe8th?@AEO True that you're discontinuing the Hi-Rise Artist jean? Any plans to make something similar?To paraphrase Tina Fey, more grey-faced men with $2 haircuts. https://t.co/9phJyVmijA
@DarrenMcMahon54 @Oireachtas_RX Deadly buzz.(10000)@Oireachtas_RX @DarrenMcMahon54 Let me guess... Have those unwanted babies by any force necessary but then you're on your own?@ireland My teacher ONLY spoke to us as #Gaeilge, even outside class = fluent by the time I did LC, but I've lost most of it since. :(How are they STILL making Spiderman movies? What on earth is left to show? Spiderman moves to the country and gets a big dog?.@RonanMullen Given the shameful scaremongering that we endured during #marref you might reflect on your own tone & contribution to debates.
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan
Six tweets away from 10,000. That's... something.@Seamless Yep, did that. Auto-subscribing is a bad idea in general. It annoys people. Otherwise, thumbs up on the redesign.New @Seamless website is pretty. Being auto-subscribed to receive 'up to 5 messages' per order (msg & data rates apply) is highly annoying.@NewstalkFM Is that noted ginge @ConanOBrien top row, second from left?
@MissKeelyD @obrienmark Nor the odd blue LED lights, or the mish-mash of crap on the window sill. But still, lovely get-away. :/@obrienmark @MissKeelyD And it's not as if it's a bath for two, so you can be grossed out together. One bathes, the other watches? Thanks?@obrienmark @MissKeelyD Tetanus shot included? :/
I'm so tired, the thought of walking 1 long block to the subway is filling me with dread. So I'll just stay in work a little longer.Painters in the office are playing the best (worst) 90s Eurotrance dance uuuuncha-uuuuncha music. Off to stab out my eardrums, brb.
@McMahonPhilly They got to you, Philly? Say it ain't so!Where do the buses GO when they disappear off the @MTA #BusTime tracker? #Q39 @JimmyVanBramer any ideas?Free ebook on office management / organisation systems? Uhh, YES PLEASE. #NotEvenSorry@kyleharry @Fuckface_Von_C Yknow, I don't 100% WANT to leave NYC, but this makes it a whole lot easier. :)@kyleharry He supports Clownstick for Prez, too, so...I think I'm getting poisoned by exhaust fumes on this bus. @MTA might be trying to kill me.
COULD this #RachelDolezal thing be performance art?@PresClownstick Tell us, Mr Clownstick, how DO you get the candyfloss to stick to your scalp? The people deserve to know!@ireland Now I have a mental image of Trump licking his snaggle-tooth and acting all sexy-like on the phone. :( Cannot unsee.Bijou! @ireland https://t.co/iq6FY7724KAhaaa. Von Clownstick REEKS of new money. So gauche. https://t.co/YcmfieEi1W@TophHooperton What is GiffGaff? Sounds like it's for youths. And you, Christopher Hooper, are no longer a youth.@Deebodee @realDonaldTrump *head explodes* so so so so so so SO glad I won't be here to witness this disaster unfold.Constantly on the look-out for extra bonus reasons to leave the US (to make an easier transition). @realDonaldTrump is providing in spades.
@TophHooperton Let me know how you are afterwards. Once your jaw is relocated.@TophHooperton Put the kettle on, love. It's gonna be a long hour.I need some Silicon Valley to wash the Game of Thrones out of my head. Then bed, and the weeping.Holy shitting shit. #GameofThrones brought it.
@racharl She's very cute!
@OwensDamien Hmm, needs more victim-blaming. Try harder, Indo.
@McMahonPhilly Grand!@McMahonPhilly When are you away, PMcM? Any availability tomorrow for a hello? PN is looking to say hello!If this is my dinner going home on July 11th, it'll all be worth it. https://t.co/Z9XBkrda1rMy fav thing about being friends w someone who works @BuzzFeed is definitely making his head explode when I suggest he is Head of Cats.@AODhubhshlaine @AerLingus Wha' haaaapened?@McMahonPhilly There's a pair of ye in it.
Getting out of bed at 11pm to write an email to make sure it'll be there by start of business in Ireland tomorrow. #TransatlanticProblemsAfter 2 hours in the gym, my #FitbitFlex is showing just 35 active minutes. Screw you, technology demon.Goddamn #MrSoftee van has been plaguing my neighbourhood for weeks, and now that I'm gasping for ice-cream, the bastard is hiding.@keatsara I GET IT, Mercury, if that IS your real name.Guy at the gym has a Hitler moustache. It's a look, I suppose.@McMahonPhilly @IrishArtsCenter @PantiBliss Congrats to all!A well deserved rave after an incredible opening in New York at the @IrishArtsCenter last night! https://t.co/N0V0CcVr6a
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanGood lord, Lemon. https://t.co/HsNt6bI8rG
@ImSomeDad The ol' ToddlerCage 2000. A classic.
@McMahonPhilly @PantiBliss Break legs tonight!That there's a 'backlash' and 'outrage' over Beyonce announcing she's vegan makes me want to weep. Also, that I'm writing this Tweet. :(
@ireland I've discovered the elliptical machine and [here's the shocker] don't HATE it. Gonna see how long that lasts!@hlinehan Wait... what?@peterdaly10 Witchcraft, Peter. Burn it with fire.A horse won a running competition! Good horse. Have a... carrot?Oh the pictures of the Biden family are just heartbreaking. What a tragedy.
Post-gym pizza (so what?) and soothing voice DJ lady is dropping truth bombs while spinning soothing 80s classics. I need to leave. #Delilah@InHollywoodland Old Daario looked like a cut-price Michael Bolton cover act, though?[doctors exam] "I'm feeling a lump here. Here's another. You have several lumps." -uh oh, what does that mean doc? "it means you're fat"
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@McMahonPhilly The city is on lockdown.
Every time I see a picture of those Duggars, the wife is staring at the husband with a look of fear/adoration/desperation. It's terrifying.I handled a container that held some garlic oil for .04 seconds and now all I can smell is garlic EVERYWHERE. Get out of my nose, garlic.
Can open, worms everywhere.@PeterHoare Never not funny.
Caitlyn Jenner looks amazing, more power to her. But the pose / text combo make her look like a double-amputee at the elbows. Can't unsee.@LisaGarvo I don't either! I was doing my Mrs Heslop impression (ask @killianmccrea!). But yes to something alcoholic, too. xx@gronya A DAY!! The cheek, like. Queue at lunchtime like the rest of the plebs, or join the 21st C and get direct debit! Drives me mental.@LisaGarvo It's lashing here today too, but the temperature is down, thankfully. All well w you? Let's have tea* in Aug! *Tea. Yes. Tea.@gronya The fact that it existed at all, let alone in 2010!!, is so shocking to me. Mad perks!@brettgoldstein It doesn't HURT that he had fancy things, I hear what you're saying.@McMahonPhilly Google 'banking time' re Irish civil servants. Only scrapped in 2010. Back on July 12, back in Dublin Aug 1. Cannae wait!@McMahonPhilly Ah. Is that the same as the extra paid day off some ppl get to cash their pay cheques? Or that's different perk? #OhIreland.@McMahonPhilly What is this 'bank holiday' you speak of? I've been away too long.FINALLY an interesting episode of #GoT (#ComeAtMeCrow), and @SiliconHBO proving, yet again, that it's the funniest thing on tv.
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