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Sean Cook @theSeanCook San Francisco

Now: Head of Product and Engineering, @Layer. Then: PM, Fabric @Twitter. Lover of mobile. Sucker for yellow dogs. #WDE

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John Grisham's latest novel: "The Pelican's Brief Glimpse of Hope"Steph. Curry.
Umm... No. http://t.co/5DMlzj1fF8
Yeah that's cool and all, but does anyone know who finally won the cricket match? #NewTwitterHomepage
We live in a magical time and place. Enjoy it.
Great to meet a member of the Auburn Family today! Enjoyed visiting with @chrismoodycom and his family. #WarEagle https://t.co/sjBx2EzsjB
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@MikeIsaac #freestartupideas
@sandofsky you betcha!@sandofsky dude, the view from your place is really nice when the sun comes up@miradu #twentitled@r2r fair point@r2r isn't that the premise of hacker news?
I wish that @alt_j would influence a whole generation of copycat bands just so I could learn how to type more special characters on OS X.
To beat Goliath, don't play by his rules.Walking to my office through San Francisco on a beautiful sunny morning with big ideas in my head. I think this is why we do it.
@dougw @isaach @jazzychad would love toHmm...@tomhanks, Bruce Willis, @chrishemsworth or @theSeanCook? Tough call. http://t.co/rRbuk5EW93
Retweeted by Sean Cook@manuel @bswift I'm still pissed they didn't give me $ for my life story
"That's why I don't go on the Internet. That's where idiots go to feel important." - Charles Barkley
@manuel have we met?@manuel ...meanwhile, Lego Land is like Epcot Center for pedophilesGoogle's campus is like an Epcot Center for adults."So…I was born; I blinked; and it was over." http://t.co/9EgOkU2saO
@mikeisaac in the uber world, i like to think it's really just ayn-gressive.@mikeisaac they should hire that detective in NYC. think he's looking for work now, yeah?@_jordan yep. left out the part about end-user experience being anything that doesn't look like iOS7+ :)Developers shipping products that impress and delight other developers while ensuring the best possible end-user experience.
Impressed with the # of dev tools that @facebook shipped at f8. Soon, it will be hard to find an app (web or mobile) that they're not in.
When you were here before Couldn't find you on the menu… You're just like a pancake Your taste makes me cry. - Radiohead, Crêpe
@flyosity well deserved! Loving it so farCoach Smith willed his trust to send a $200 check to each his former players following his passing. #DeanSmith http://t.co/NyiBhU9taQ
Retweeted by Sean Cook@gotwalt yeah, it jumped the shark with season five: the incessant in-stream ads@gotwalt followed by season four: what i had for breakfastEdTV 2: Meeriscope (2015) - A regular Joe brings his mundane daily life in San Francisco in to the homes of millions via livestreaming.
Big ups to @vicsingh and @kanvas this morningWOW! All food served at f8 was single-handedly slaughtered by the leadership team.
Congrats to @webbizceo and my friends @banjo! "The social media company that's about to change everything" http://t.co/IYXrQbpJEf
If all you have is a Hammer, everything looks like parachute pants.
@auroberjo i just realized that i misspelled your name. i'm an idiot. sorry about that. -shawn
The best job recommendation in the world is "I want to work with this person again".How do you know a basketball player went to Harvard? They tell you.@episod that's some bullllll-shit, man. world needs more episodic music@isaach i swear that you and @buster's tweets have single-handedly made me want to grow up and have a family@kristink thanks Kristin!@auroberjo @layer thanks Jon. Been way too long. Need to remedy that.@dtboyd indeed. my therapist tells me it's ok to cry.@joshelman @layer @RonP thanks Josh!@andray @tomazstolfa thanks Andrej!@KillCreek @layer excited to be here!@wil thanks Wil! Keep that October 5 '09 class memory alive as long as you can@ShilohNoelle I'm like a creepy Mr. Rogers@magicpixx you're my conscience@magicpixx UGH AS IFWant favorites, RTs, and replies? Leave a job. Want MORE favorites, RTs, replies, and follows? Start a job. #socialmediaexpert@episod thanks bud. Miss your DJ'ing. Need more mixtapes.@Javi thanks Javi!@yusukey thanks Yusuke! Hope you're doing well@jaakkosf thanks Jacob!@nihalmehta @layer @vicsingh thanks Nihal!@SheetalJaitly @layer thanks Sheetal! Need to catch up soon man!@wm @layer thanks William!@samn heh. Thanks Sam!@lientm @layer thanks Lien!@rallat @layer thanks Israel!@wademvaughn @layer thanks Wade!@moxon @layer thanks Drew! Incredibly excited to see what we can do as a team@bonnell @layer thanks Mike! You're an inspiration for all of us@ShilohNoelle @layer thanks Shiloh! Miss our laughs about inappropriate jokes@tsmith @layer thanks Ty! Keep fighting the good fight@janamal @layer thank you Jana! Couldn't have gotten to where I am without you as a leader and fellow N*sync backup singer@vicsingh @layer thanks Vic! We got to catch up some time man@akarhodes @layer thanks Allison! Happy to be here@icofyre @layer thanks Pat!@elkpga @layer thanks elk!!
@RonP @ryanchris @layer thanks Ryan!@miradu @TheKimmySchmidt omg you've made it worse :)@miradu @TheKimmySchmidt agreed! I've had the intro song in my head for daysThe future is here, and I get to help build it. Happy to announce that I've joined the team @Layer as Head of Product.@rsarver @tomazstolfa @layer thanks ryan!@_jordan it got moved to april@mccv better late than never, yeah? (will clarify…)@tapbot_paul the delighter becomes the delighted. i like it.@harmophone @recode thanks, tyler!
@Javi good luck! You'll do great@Wayne @twitter now THAT'S a liquidity event I'd invest in@Wayne @twitter same here. let's get drinks next time you're out here@hemal @twitter miss you already. keep up the good work!@bonnell @twitter thanks! you're an example for all. Keep up the great work with customers@chrismpls thanks Chris!@tyip @twitter southern gents never leave, the bourbon bottles just stay at the same levels@Arun_UKBrat thanks Arun!@stevewilber @twitter thanks Steve. It's been a pleasure!@kang @twitter thanks for the kind words. You're a great engineer and even better person. Keep up the good work.@episod I LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU, ALRIGHT?@MarcRichards @twitter thanks for helping me start my mornings on the right note. Keep on truckin' brother@tapbot_paul thanks Paul. It was always a pleasure seeing the high quality work you guys shipped@mdb two words: plausible deniability. Thanks for everything last year. Love you, man.@isaach thanks Isaach! I've already lost 8 lbs and my grey hairs are slowly disappearing@andypiper thanks! keep the torch burning for devs@Reeve thank you Reeve. Let's get drinks when you're done drinking in Austin ;)
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