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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan, Fire Island, 重庆

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches.

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@waltbtig "neither ESPN nor ESPN2 may be distributed in a separate sports package.” ok how about (ESPN + BloombergTV) bundle?@eric_analytics @waltbtig it's all about ESPN. Disney has most to lose in unbundling.@pkafka so Disney is afraid that people who are not interested in sports will finally stop subsidizing ESPN.@mgsiegler nah, DOJ just leaking info to pressure Comcast for more concessions. Staffers don't decide, AG does.@amir Europeans have been around much longer than Googlers and Americans. Not clear yet which system is better and long lasting.@amir not really. In the long run, we are all dead.@amir here in Greenwich Village, I'm NOT free to display anything outside my windows, it's reasonable for EU to dictate what Google can do.@amir and governments are free to regulate as they please.@eric_analytics @neilcybart but only fully released yesterday by wikileak.@eric_analytics “@barronstechblog: Time-Warner Drops 5% as Bloomberg Reports DoJ Prepping to Block Comcast’s Bid - http://t.co/ybNgdIeVU1@neilcybart maybe it's because those Sony email release by wikileak, not watch release? What did he say?@hunterwalk @maxrogo @benthompson @mims @qhardy if Box is acquired by XYZ, does that count as "lasting"?@mims same dynamics at work: holiday inn margin >> Four Seasons.@TheFinTechGuy @carney @WSJ awful performance for that much leverage!
@cnbcbernie I know you think Hillary is, right?@OhMDee @kfury no wonder they attracted so many creative types.@OhMDee @kfury Steve may not have realized it at the time, many employees probably thought so.@kfury @OhMDee so Apple was Out early.@OhMDee they will also be raising sheep on the same forestland for Apple Watch Edition Leather bands.@fmanjoo it's the same monopoly situation, government should keep the monopolist honest.@fmanjoo what if Comcast air NBC shows at faster speed than CBS shows?@hunterwalk I wish Etsy Williamsburg store had organic New Zealand lamb skin leather bands for my Apple Watch.@eric_analytics and organically raise lambs for Apple Watch leather bands.@WaltBTIG @emilychangtv that's the surest thing on earth.@hunterwalk too bad, they gave up half the value! The stock opened at 2x IPO price.when will Apple start mining its own Gold and smelting its own aluminum? https://t.co/d5oFLX8Fhm@mattyglesias you mean hand eggball?
@Kinder_Morgan your Investor webcast is not mobile friendly. Unable to listen to it. Why are you still using flash?@neilcybart I thought that is what GrubHub does. No?@eric_analytics Marisa Meyer needs to keep her job first.@eric_analytics yahoo doesn't have $3bn to spare.@eric_analytics don't renew/sign any deal till After google is convicted by the EU court. Then sign a deal with bing.@neilcybart if Apple replaces IOS default search with bing or yahoo, it strengthens Google's defense. Why throw google a rope now?@neilcybart Apple should NOT help out Google's defense against EU by removing it from iOS default search. Why give your enemy an excuse?@jandawson @inafried why does msft need carrier approval? Can Samsung install the apps in factory?@neilcybart @OhMDee depositions, emails, memos, Google better hire Ken Starr.@neilcybart @OhMDee too soon. Shipping April 24, and deliver a week after. (Till May 8 for the first wave).@pkafka sure, for $8, I'll have ESPN, MLB and cricket.@danielhsqr @CapitalLeverage just cancelled mine after House of Card and switched to HBO NOW. When HOC returns next yr, I'll pay $8 again.@eric_analytics never heard either.@eric_analytics @neilcybart no more time for Showtime, it will have to compete with HBO for my time with higher quality shows!@eric_analytics @neilcybart of course. Apple OTT + HBO Now + Occasional Netflix is what I'm going to do.@eric_analytics @neilcybart Hulu plus is for CC and a few other TV shows at my own time. I may still cut Hulu in the summer.@neilcybart I need to subscribe a whole season for GOT, and I only need to pay $8 for House of Card season 3 (only show worth watching).@neilcybart Netflix will have to reconsider releasing all episodes at once if they don't want to increase churns.@neilcybart and when house of Card return next season, I'll pay $8 binge watch it and then cancel again. There is no friction in switching.@neilcybart as much time as I spent on watching Netflix. My problem is time. Between HBO Now, Hulu plus, and Netflix, one has to go.@neilcybart just cancelled mine. Not enough time to watch both HBO NOW and Netflix. HBO has better quality shows, so Netflix had to go.@bgurley but HBO NOW started after Qtr. end. Netflix subscribers will take a hit. Not enough time to watch both.Just cancelled Netflix subscription, not enough time to watch both HBO Now and Netflix. HBO shows quality >> Netflix, $nflx had to go.@hunterwalk but look at all those US companies behind EU complaint, YELP, MSFT, Expedia,…. Google has no friends@benthompson yes. The absolutely could without regulators watching.@fmanjoo @ampressman @benthompson if msft was unchecked then, it could've blocked iTunes on Windows and doomed Apple, and hence no Iphone.Mario vs. GoGo dancer: http://t.co/NcUgoT9tqd
@fmanjoo "shit, google and cia are scanning our chats'@OhMDee @zcichy robot army controlled by Larry Page.@OhMDee @zcichy Google can't be bothered with mundane stuff. It's looking for moonshots.@eric_analytics Apple didn't pay for protection in DC.@JPMajor @SpaceX not a close call. Long way to go."Google’s bag of political tricks to thwart antitrust enforcement in Europe appears to be running out." $googl http://t.co/uEr0VNSZb4@OhMDee @osxusr earthquake in SF?Google's worst nightmare is just getting started, the beginning of the end... https://t.co/9xu7xm7mFi@ezraklein get herself elected > change the Supreme Court > over turn Citizen United > done.@CNBC wrong pic! windows PC doing badly, Mac doing well.@neilcybart if one rotates the logo 90 degree, it's invariant.@xinwenxiaojie @mattsheehan88 @WSJdailyfix last time HK defeated mainland, there were riots everywhere.The Watch http://t.co/OlAlYZS4Rt
Retweeted by Joe Zou@mattsheehan88 does he even know what 自由means?
@neilcybart notice most delivery time are still within FQ3 (end of June) as of now.@neilcybart same. I think apple started mass ramp production after this weekend. The first wave (4/24-5/8) was to collect data.@gak_pdx @eric_analytics @OhMDee vertically integrated, customized, proprietary lamb skin leather watch band.@gak_pdx @eric_analytics @OhMDee McDonald raises their own cows in New Zealand for Angus burgers, maybe Apple should raise its own lambs.@OhMDee @gak_pdx one is made in Italy, the other is made in morocco or somewhere. Not the same.@OhMDee android watches by individual makers.@gak_pdx @OhMDee I asked that question today during my Apple watch Edition demo. The guy said no. Very different leather.@OhMDee that's from how many OEMs?@OhMDee @gruber fashion is all about individuality, not conformity. Android watches have just one choice and very supply-chain friendly.@OhMDee @gruber ok if you say so.@OhMDee @gruber you heard it wrong from the same nerdy sites.@OhMDee @gruber no. First day buyers are mostly nerds and geeks.@OhMDee with all due respect , @gruber is not a fashion expert. I for one do not want to wear what everyone else is wearing.@neilcybart definitely no. I don't see a foot in the top one. Also rectangle vs. square.@theloop battery band? As long as it won't get too warm.@greenhousenyt @ChuBailiang how do you know some of the people in the video are NOT union members?
@felixsalmon wrong."I'm not a racist, I watch a lot of black porn" - heard in Silicon Valley (HBO show).@eric_analytics so far so good.Watching Silicon Valley on HBO Now. First impression: there are as many assholes in Silicon Valley as on Wall Street.@HeerJeet @sbredin H forward@cnbcbernie much better than Scott Walker for sure.
@arnoldkim while it was uploading, suffered painful slowness in my normal web activities. Seems photo uploading took all my bandwidth.@arnoldkim 150GB uploaded@Javi nice if you can make it the watch face.@watch_chess battery will die before the match is over?@charlesarthur @spolsky when I have to scan something, Scanner Pro app does it.http://t.co/mwWEXHLsq3 http://t.co/XFNJ1P3GvI
@kenli729 invented by NSA@gak_pdx @marcoarment why don't they make the modern buckle available for 42mm watches?@jonfortt the normal is 5-7 weeks because of China Mobile addition and other carriers. 4-6 weeks was w/o china mobile.@jonfortt right, it says below 5-7 weeks, not 4-6 week, but still below. So Channel fill will NOT be a headwind for FQ1 2016.
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