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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan, Fire Island, 重庆

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches.

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Born Red http://t.co/otjy9SigPM via @newyorker@abdophoto surprised, no elliptical android watch face yet?@carlquintanilla @karaswisher @CNBC china doesn't discriminate based on race or sexual orientation. It violates everyone's right equally.@danielhsqr @BenedictEvans and they have a parliamentary democracy which is incompatible with rapid modern development. No?
@arnoldkim also most android users either don't have access to LTE or can't afford it. So no point for apps like meerkat which are data hog@arnoldkim and VC big wigs are on iOS too.@charlesarthur maybe $AOL should buy Blackberry so those still on dialup can upgrade@neilcybart Dr. Pol?@amir @Android @YouNow but most are on 250mb monthly data plans and meerkat will kill that in 10 minutes.Exclusive: Pro-discrimination "religious freedom" laws are dangerous http://t.co/3VST5hkWK4 by @tim_cook
Retweeted by Joe Zou@amir @Android @YouNow not in India and Indonesia. You need LTE to stream live events in the wild.@amir @Android @YouNow doesn't matter. Most android users either don't have access to broadband/LTE or can't afford it.@scott_nighthawk @asymco never gift clock unless you wish death to the receiver. Clock, 钟, sounds the same as 终 (dying). Watch is ok.@mims op-ed tweets@dtellom @charlesarthur many Wall Street analysts will never bother to check this and their estimates will be off 8%.@tim they are trying to be inclusive, I guess. There are some people who are defined by "elitism" and Apple love those people too.@neilcybart the other 90% smart phone users either don't have access to broadband/LTE, or can't afford it. So they're irrelevant.@ericjackson YouTube is so last decade@ericjackson google should pay $10 bn for meerkat now.@fmanjoo she is running for VP or a cabinet position.Very cool http://t.co/n1Gk79hQEb@reneritchie almost decided to join. maybe next year.@gruber “@Reuters: Germanwings crash co-pilot may have had detached retina: newspaper http://t.co/Pss9wvIbQc
@fmanjoo the author is right.@neilcybart was he naked or something?@Kosmatos @BenBajarin dialogues on Twitter can quickly degenerate into name calling. I try to avoid them, not always successful.@LatneyBlunk what you think is irrelevant. Don't make "moral judgement" on things you know little about. And this is the last reply.@LatneyBlunk @Kosmatos @BenBajarin you are the one with a self-claimed "high moral" altitude. It's neither moral nor rational.@LatneyBlunk @BenBajarin @Kosmatos I can and I feeling good because some poor village kids get employed as a result.@LatneyBlunk @Kosmatos @BenBajarin millions of Chinese workers don't yet live your life style, but they are making progress.@LatneyBlunk @Kosmatos @BenBajarin it's called progress. Not everyone in the world is born like you. Apple moves millions out of coal mines!@LatneyBlunk @Kosmatos @BenBajarin the working conditions at Foxconn are so much better than the alternative coal mines and rice fields.@LatneyBlunk @Kosmatos @BenBajarin have you been to the factory? The working conditions at Foxconn are better than Amazon warehouses.@LatneyBlunk there are about 15 suicides per 100k people in Switzerland. There were about 10 suicides among 1 million Foxconn workers.@LatneyBlunk @Kosmatos @BenBajarin https://t.co/rOYgOSRf3R@LatneyBlunk @Kosmatos @BenBajarin you missed the point. Suicides happen in all places. Some has nothing to do with Apple.@LatneyBlunk @Kosmatos @BenBajarin by the way, Foxconn workers suicide rate is less than Switzerland's national average suicide rate.@dtellom occasionally use my old square iPod nano (the original  watch) when running.@FortuneMagazine let me guess: Fortune magzine is the stupidest magazine in the world?@NYTimeskrugman that's what the late Lee Kuan Yew said about Singapore's riseAttention: arbitrage opportunity by employing mules carrying Gold Watches: http://t.co/V9PqUMu3rh
@eric_analytics @mattcharris @OhMDee no debt, nothing. Zuckerberg can such on my toes and still no nothing.@dtellom @jjhikes why do you care what apple users do with their money? Go pound sands with your cheap $50 plastics phone.@mattcharris @OhMDee right, I'll never give Zuckerberg my cc.@mattcharris @OhMDee free till Facebook is hacked.@evankirstel @stevesi they can have any tools they want as long as they are Microsoft tools.@xhnews hey, Flash is so last century, time to upgrade to HTML5!@turleymuller where?When people first sued big Tobaccos, they suffered many "complete losses" too. @ekp laid a pebble on the long road to equality. #EllenPao@WaltBTIG @rjonesy copy right? Licenses contracts?@WaltBTIG @rjonesy NCAA will soon ask Twitter to block this. Can't imagine professional sports leagues allowing this.@rjonesy can't even load@anildash @periscopeco no more self censorship unless Twitter starts censoring.@Recode when people first sued big tobaccos, they suffered many complete losses too.@fmanjoo do you pay the restaurant directly or you have to pay OpenTable?In Andreessen's utopia, everyone is a part-time servant who works all the time.
Retweeted by Joe Zou@fmanjoo can't you FaceTime them like Apple does in commercial?乌鸦笑猪黑 or Kettle calling Pot black, Google vs. Rupert Murdoch http://t.co/HlJqwsoQSnThe Japanese just rearrange office chairs at work? “@EconBizFin: http://t.co/EmN9S8UGvK http://t.co/9CjRHSDrK1@TheDomino I think the verdict was 9 to 3 and one of the juror changed mind when the judge polled.@BenBajarin I think it's just that you are paying more attention to watches.@abdophoto so he lied. http://t.co/INKXREY54i@abdophoto didn't he use an android phone? How did he get on Meerkat on android?@fredwilson thought you switched to Android phones, how did you get meerkat on Android?@BenBajarin why? Does AMD have foundry that Apple needs?@dtellom love this illustration. It's like the mighty Yangtze, started as a stream on the Tibet highlands, heading to the sea.@anildash it is still not music.@reneritchie link?
@GovPenceIN bigot@felixsalmon dude, that's before she pays her $5000 one-bedroom apartment rent!@asymco I am convinced Samsung employs an army of trolls to bash Iphone.@amir @rabois google's trouble is not over in Europe.@amir @rabois not yet.@rabois @amir the real question for share holders is whether Amazon's revenue growth is entirely due to zero profit.@rabois @amir maybe true in US, but European Laws and Chinese "laws" are another story.@amir @rabois "predatory pricing" in pursuit of eventual monopoly?@WaltBTIG @rjonesy it's possible twitter's matching system runs in batches. So you may get updated following list every few hours.@WaltBTIG @rjonesy something not right with your setting? I am auto following you and I did not manually do it.@WaltBTIG @rjonesy I think they do.@WaltBTIG @rjonesy when I signed on today, The App had me follow everyone I follow on Twitter who are also on Periscope.@rjonesy @WaltBTIG it seems the case for me.@WaltBTIG @rjonesy people you follow in Twitter must be on Periscope first before you can follow them, I think that is the Logic@MacRumors @rsgnl still not using Amazon. It it costs nothing per GB, it means it's worthless piece of junk. No?@neilcybart or maybe Apple is too busy to notice the violation and Messenger will be yanked once Cupertino's app police wakes up?Do I delete @AppMeerkat now that I've got @periscopeco ?@neilcybart location tag@alexaguiluz_ @BrianRoemmele no, but i don't have to spend money in your store.
@alexaguiluz_ @BrianRoemmele laugh is on the merchant who's losing sales.@mattsheehan88 that's a bad rap.@mronge nobody wants to write with a Crayon.@raykwong in what official capacity is this CCP hack meeting with Obama? The guy does not have a government title.The Crash News Network, also known as CNN, beating around the bush on the pilot of #Germanwings, all but said it's a murder suicide.@tculpan people who buy Gold Apple Watch Edition don't need trade in. They worry that the watch price is not high enough.@tculpan I thought you were going to report Apple Watch Edition would be on sale in China's top Department Stores or something.Early screenshot of new Facebook media platform? http://t.co/4pOagQzqei
Retweeted by Joe Zou@fmanjoo @MikeIsaac @SarahNEmerson One Direction is not One Republic, so don't care.@CNBCClosingBell who does @cherian_abraham work for? Why aren't banks complaining if the "frauds" are wide spread? @PatrickMoorhead@CNBCClosingBell ask this guy spreading FUD on apple pay who he works for? Where did he get the "number"?@tim that's because many of the said things are not going to be a thing?@waltbtig @squawkstreet never exercise call options before expiration date.
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